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  • posted a message on Current Modern Banlist Discussion (1/19/2015 - 7/13/2015)
    Nothing will get banned. Amulet is a fast but inconsistent combo. You need 4 specific cards in order to combo turn 2. Infect can also kill turn two, are you going to ban it? Same goes for jeskai ascendancy. Amulet bloom is not going to get banned

    the Modo meta is currently full of twin which is such a bad matchup. I've been jamming bloom in the 2 man's and as a combo deck you're supposed to be winning a high % of game 1's but I just keep running into turn 3 blood moons the matchup is so horrible. While twin is so popular bloom is a really poor choice of deck and I think this is a reason enough to not ban anything from the amulet deck. If twin got the hammer then I'm positive amulet would also need something banned to stop it dominating.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Burn (1/2011 - 11/2015)
    Quote from ashtonkutcher »
    I've been testing the Command as a 4-off alongside 4 Skullcrack and just about every hand with exactly 2 lands (and many with 3) win by the end of the 3rd turn. oops

    So the next banlist update is before dragons of tarkir comes out... unless they were to emergency ban something (and treasure cruise wasn't) we're going to have months of turn 3 burn you out. The modern burn meta % is going to be through the roof. Get your burn cards now and also a playset of kor firewalkers for the mirror lol.
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  • posted a message on Antici... (Blake Rasmussen Twitter preview)
    Quote from Cambriel »
    Quote from lukey52 »
    Also it's never going to replace serum visions. As much as we all hate having to rely on this clunky card, decks running serum visions have better things to do on turn 2 and losing the ability to have a turn 1 play that sets up your next draws doesn't seem ideal.

    Flash or hardcore control decks (and with all the new spoilers I really think Esper will be one of them) would much prefer this to Serum Visions. You can pass with Spell Snare up on turn 1 (or Thoughtseize if necessary), and then hold up Remand/Leak mana turn 2 with Anticipate as a backup.

    Furthermore, in the late game Anticipate is MUCH better because you can dig for an answer at instant speed. In response to whatever threat, you can Anticipate for a Mana Leak, or Cryptic Command, or Snapcaster for whatever spell you need from your graveyard. If you whiff, you're still 3 draw steps closer to turning the corner, and you run no risk of a fail-to-find like Peer Through Depths.

    But proper control decks are not running serum visions anyway. Decks that use serum visions tend to be combo now that delver is gone. I don't see decks like storm wanting this.

    I agree that this card would be nice in a control deck though I'm not sure what you could afford to cut to make space for this since the basic control shell consists of so many must includes already. I also stand by what I said that telling time is better as it gives you the chance to take 2 good cards and fetchlands let you get rid of the top card of it's junk yet it isn't played in control decks.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Burn (1/2011 - 11/2015)
    I honestly think this new command pushes burn too far against other decks. Turn 3 wins seems very real without even requiring a god draw. Trying to hose the deck with lifegain will be so much harder with up to 8 potential cards after board that negate it. We'll have to see but not only is the deck already popular and capable of winning but it's cheap to build as well. If even more people move towards it it will make for a very boring meta where everyone has like 5-6 sideboard cards specifically for burn.
    WotC really showing their lack of testing older formats with this new command.
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  • posted a message on Atarka's Command - Facebook preview
    As I'm sure this has already been mentioned, this card is broken in modern. Burn just keeps getting better and better. They're already running green for destructive revelry out the side.

    Here have skullcrack 5-8 oh and by the way if the life gain is irrelevant dome your opponent for 3 and pump your goblin guide + swiftspear (+ trigger) and have a 2 mana hit you for 6 damage.

    T1 Goblin guide (2)
    T2 Swiftspear x 2 (4) (6 total)
    T3 Command (12) (20 total)

    Turn 3 kill and you're not even living in magical christmas land needing 4 cards in your opening 9 or 10 cards. Plus you even have 1 mana left over on turn 3 to bolt a blocker or w/e. Even if you only have 1 guide and 1 swiftspear a 3 damage spell on turn 2 (or rift bolt suspend) is still 18 damage on turn 3 which likely kills your opponent in the face of all the fetches.

    I am not looking forward to modern burn matches that is 100% sure.
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  • posted a message on Antici... (Blake Rasmussen Twitter preview)
    I like this card. Goes nicely with the -2 of new narset. UW Control looking up now for sure.

    I doubt this sees play in modern though. Telling time feels like the better card. If you reveal the top 3 and have 2 great cards having to dump one to the bottom sucks. The fact that decks running TT also have a lot of fetches mean you can always set up to shuffle away if you hit 2 junk cards while this will never get you the 2 cards you want.

    Also it's never going to replace serum visions. As much as we all hate having to rely on this clunky card, decks running serum visions have better things to do on turn 2 and losing the ability to have a turn 1 play that sets up your next draws doesn't seem ideal.
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  • posted a message on Mothership spoilers 3/4 - NARSET! And many many more!
    Narset seems sweet as a sideboard modern option for control.

    I can see this coming in in the control mirror. Land it, +1 and suddenly your opponent needs to fire 3 bolts at it or a colonnade/bolt. Works just as well against splinter twin and probably even junk due to their small number of answers. Most control decks are running half their deck as non creature/land cards so 50/50 chance to draw an extra card every single turn. Firing off the ultimate is also gg against twin/control. I can't see much use for the -2 ability. Getting your opponent to cooperate on a rebounded counterspell is impossible. I suppose if your facing a couple of creatures you can get 2 path/bolts etc but just going up the elevator is much more appealing.

    I really hope it is playable.
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  • posted a message on Mothership spoilers 3/3 - Intro pack rares! New "Command"! More!
    Loving the command card.

    Trying to figure out if it can slot into my modern UWR deck. It's no cryptic command but perhaps as a sideboard over a timely reinforcements since online burn seems to be fading off.

    The individual modes are not thrilling but gaining 4 life isn't insignificant vs burn, countering tasigur/rhino/gofy is fine vs junk, bringing back snapcaster value will always be good and to top it off you can always choose 1 of those and then have the card replace itself with the draw option. Also having UWX on turn 4 is a lot easier on the mana than UUUX.

    We'll have to wait and see
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  • posted a message on Current Modern Banlist Discussion (1/19/2015 - 7/13/2015)
    There seems to be a lot of scaremongering over bloom titan.dec

    It's currently 2.38% of the online meta. If the deck was consistently killing on turn 2-3 I'm pretty sure that figure would be far higher. I mean other than scapeshift and burn it's the cheapest deck of the 10 most played so it's not like costs are holding it back.

    I remember when the ascendancy combo deck was just starting off everyone was screaming of bans due to being able to turn 2/3 fairly regularly but that deck died off before TC got banned.

    There's only a limited number of combo pieces in the deck so hand disruption is strong and a post board blood moon is even worse than stony silence against affinity.

    I hope it doesn't get banned since it's the only true combo deck having any success unless you want to count infect as combo.
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  • posted a message on Current Modern Banlist Discussion (1/19/2015 - 7/13/2015)
    Banning pod makes sense.

    It restricts design on all ETB creatures. Rhino is such a great value creature and restro rhino is filthy. I'm glad to see this happen even though my deck was heavily favourite against pod.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] UW Control
    I want to start by saying I'm by no means an expert at mtg, heck I'm not even that good. However I have been running UW 'control' on modo the last few weeks. I'm going to start running it in dailies soon however testing so far has been pretty positive. UR delver is a long way from being impossible or even hard. I'm playing 4 wall of omens, 3 finks, 3 revelations and 3 supreme verdicts maindeck among others which makes it really hard for them to get ahead on cards. They just can't get ahead on cards with a decklist like this. When you go turn 1 path, turn 2 wall into turn 3 finks there's no way you can lose. They are forced to 2 for 1 themselves to remove your creatures and with plenty of card draw and 3 verdicts main you're very likely to have one in hand if young pyro starts pooping out to many dudes.

    The best thing is the deck hasn't made sacrifices to be good against UR delver. All the maindeck wraths put the deck in favourable position vs robots, pod, junk and other creatures decks. There's a maindeck final judgement and another in the board which is nuts against pod (and finks + path help get you to 6 mana)

    Even discard decks like junk are simple enough to get through thanks again to the sweepers and cards like snapcaster and think twice that are great to recover from.

    The main card in this deck is sphinx's revelation. Now from what I've seen people are raving about DTT in control decks but I just don't get it. If you have it in your opening hand you can't cast it for like 5 turns anyway so why not have a revelation? Not only do you not get blown out by remand but when you top deck a revelation on turn 10 and draw 5-7 cards and gain 5-7 life it's just not even close to how good DTT can be. The whole aim of the deck is to just hold off the opponent until you can rev for an obscene amount of cards which more often than not is enough to get them to scoop. Only getting 2 cards just isn't enough of an edge in my opinion.

    A last thought. Obviously all these wrath's and the general build towards creature decks does make the deck soft to combo. If (when?) treasure cruise gets banned the deck will need an overhaul. Jeskai Ascendancy is really hard though with the counter magic, paths and tectonic edge it's not unwinnable. Storm is another difficult matchup as you lack proper answers and scapeshift has the same problem. Twin isn't so bad and neither is tron thanks to path and tectonic edge. All the matches get much better post board when you can remove a mass of dead cards and get access to lots of cheap relevant spells.

    Having just 2 colours makes the mana a breeze and not running junk like bolt/helix/electrolyze vs all these stupid swiftspear/rhino decks is a blessing. UWR wants double red on 3 for anger of the gods, triple blue/double white on 4 for cryptic/verdict. This doesn't happen without a lot of pain and often just doesn't happen which leads to losses. On top of that blood moon sucks against you and thanks to the colonnades and glacial fortress's choke is also useless against you.

    One of the most important things (for me) is the control mirror. UWR just doesn't match up well. Finks is so powerful against them. They either have to path it (and put you at land advantage + remove answers to colonnade) or use 2 burn spells so not only do you save 6-7 life from that but gain 4 from the finks ability as well. If they don't answer you just quietly hit away for 2-3 damage a turn.

    Apologies for the long post. Just wanted to get more people onto this deck because it feels so powerful. If you like making you opponents life a misery by shutting them down at every turn but not actually winning for 20 turns this is 100% the deck to play.

    I hope to report back positive results on modo in a few days.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Current Modern Banlist Discussion (7/14/2014 - 1/19/2015)

    Banning Glittering Wish would not do anything to stop this deck.

    I don't even believe the Wish build is so much better than the other builds.

    In legacy wish would be the first card I would cut since you have better library manipulation and having jeskai ascendancy in hand is much more important so having 4 in the main is needed. With the Wish build you slow down your combo by having to use a turn to wish from the sideboard.

    Banning Wish would only result in playing more dig, mulling more aggressively towards ascendancy and running alternative non-combat kill conditions like Brainfreeze and/or Grapeshot in the main.

    Wish increases consistency but makes the deck slower. You can play this deck without Wish, no doubt about that.

    This doesn't sound correct. In legaacy TES runs 4 burning wish which effectively gives the deck access to 7 maindeck infernal tutor's. How is that any different with glittering wish here? On top of that it gives you access to a bunch of wish targets. The deck loses a lot of power if it is not able to wish for help in G1 and becomes far less consistent if it's having to put hate answers in the maindeck where it only has 1 'copy' rather than 4.

    If people are saying the deck violates the turn 3 rule then surely making it slower/less consitent with the removal of wish does this without killing the deck off. What alternatives are there? Banning things like treasure cruise or the mana dorks is not realistic and removing the deck completely with a ban on ascendancy is not needed. Sure some fringe decks have fun with wish but it's not like it is killing any of the top decks by doing that.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Jeskai Control / UWR Control
    That is true I hadn't thought about that. Will have to see what the uptake is on the delve cards in the meta. I just wasn't sure what else to cut and I find myself siding out remand a lot. I currently have 2 maindeck thundermaw's that are from the days of BGx running riot which I suppose are slots I could free up but I find them to be such great finishers that it would hurt to cut them. It's a tough one to decide and I'm a long way from qualified to make that call. Still if the deck keeps performing as it has been I'm willing to give up the benefit of remand in those situations for the benefit of the pseudo tutoring.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Jeskai Control / UWR Control
    Just thought I'd add my opinion. Decided to rebuild UWR on modo to test out DDT. I know it's a small sample but from the 5 games I tested against (mono black aggro, merfolk, UWR Kiki, WB Tokens and some random self mill deck) 4 of them were won on the back of end of turn DTT. Digging 7 is just nuts and far more useful than treasure cruise. One of them hit 6 lands and a bolt so it would have been gg without dumping all the land. Another game I was able to delve all 6 took 2 bolts and went bolt bolt, untap helix, snappy bolt for 12 damage while they were tapped out. My favourite by far was against merfolk he had a stupid number of dudes out and my 1 out was wrath. Was able to cast DDT for all 6, hit revelation and verdict. Cleared his board and next turn drew 6 or 7 and he conceded.

    I made space for 2 copies by removing remand from my list and haven't missed it so far. I look forward to further testing against tier 1 decks.

    I know that there is bad synergy between delve and snappy but honestly with 8 fetches + dead snapcasters it's not unreasonable to be able to cast it for full value. If the game is grindy enough you can even delve your dead mana leaks and other stuff. Heck even if you have to pay full cost your opponent has to counter it or risk you hitting a revelation or planeswalker or whatever other win condition you're running. The fact you can do this all at instant speed and at the end of turn is what pushes it over the edge. Tapping out 8 mana to case cruise can't even begin to compare.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Current Modern Banlist Discussion (7/14/2014 - 1/19/2015)
    From what I've found playing against this deck IF (big if) something of this deck needed banning it would be glittering wish. When the deck was first spoiled I was all for banning it but having played against it now it does not win consistently before turn 4 provided you actually play hand disruption/counter magic/bolts etc. My only issue with it is how boring it is to play against. Once they start comboing off you gotta hit f6 and wait to see if they kill you go make a cup of tea or something. At least regular storm kills you in 2 or 3 minutes once it goes off.
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