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    posted a message on Merfolk
    Yeah, I've never tought Merfolk wasn't a viable option, but in the last year I struggled to see a reason to play my beloved pet-deck (from the legacy standstill era, something like 10 years ago) over other better positioned tribes (AKA Spirits).

    Today with the canopies and the much needed card selection from benthic biomancer, we are less likely to flood and force of negation will be a premium tempo play; a play that Spirits will make less consistently for multiple reasons:
    1) their lands don't double up as threats, while we can play up to 8 (unlikely, at the moment 5 to 6 seems to be the right number) cyclers and 4 manlands: a minus 1 in a spirit shell is much more punishing.
    2) they play from 11 to 18 non-blue spells, and more lands, so the forces are less likely to be active.

    Now the matter on the other premium tribe, humans, is much more complex
    . They use to lose from spirits but have fairly good mups across the board, the fact is that they gain ALMOST nothing from the new set, except maybe from the pseudo kira changeling wich is surprisingly underwhelming in the nowadays field.

    All these things together brought hope to my little shattered fish player's heart and might be the factors to a second merfolk rising.

    I'm sorry for my bad english.
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    posted a message on Modern Humans
    The changeling is very good, it has many other application over the obvious cursecatching.
    But it's good cause it adds consistency to what we do well yet, not as a standalone threat.
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