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    So, I played in the Maine SCG Modern States today, finished X-2 for top 16(after losing an extremely close win-and-in).

    My list:

    Round 1 vs. Hexproof Auras 1-2

    Game 1, I mulligan to 4, keep Ghost Quarter, Thought-Knot Seer and double Bob, and I'm dead on board by the time I see a second land.

    Game 2, I win a very close race by Flickerwisping a Kor Spiritdancer with a lot of auras on it.

    Game 3, managed to lose with my opponent stuck on one land, due to a bunch of Spirit Links and an Etheral Armor. Never saw a Flickerwisp, so that was kind of rough.

    Sideboard: -4 Confidant, -1 Path, +1 Worship, +1 Spellskite, +3 Inquisition. I decided that Path was fine, as it deals with Spiritdancer, and keeps my opponent honest(Don't know if she had Fencing Aces in her board, but some people still do it...), and Bob wasn't spectacular, since my opponents trying to go big on one dude, and Worship is great, until I'm at one on my upkeep with a Bob in play...

    Round 2 vs. Burn (with Cats) 2-1

    Game 1, I play Sculler turn 2, Arbiter turn 3 and blow up a land, Quarter to blow up a second land turn 4, and that sealed it.

    Game 2, I lose to very fast curve and some great sequencing by my opponent.

    Game 3, I start on Vial and have turn 2 TKS followed by a second TKS and a Thalia on 3, and that was all she wrote.

    Sideboard: Game 2, -4 Bob, +2 Kor Firewalker, +1 Worship, +1 Spellskite. Pretty obvious. Game 3, -1 Mindcensor, -2 Sculler, +3 Inquisition. I decided Inquisition was probably good on the play, and while it didn't exactly do work, I already just had an insane start game 3.

    Round 3 vs. Blue Moon (with Thing in the Ice) 2-0

    Game 1, I hammer him with Thalia and Scullers, he resolves Blood Moon, but I flickerwisp it and eat with Strangler to kill a Thing the next turn, and that brought the scoop.

    Game 2, I'm struggling a little bit, I can't remove his turn 3 Moon and I have nothing but red mana, but eventually I get a Vial to 3 and start laying out threats, and his draw was too counter-heavy to keep up.

    Sideboard: -2 Path, +2 RiP. He had very few creatures, but had Jace, Vryn's Prodigy and Snapcaster, so I hedged against those cards slightly.

    Round 4 vs. Affinity 2-0

    Game 1, I was able to grind my opponent out of cards, and being a newer Affinity player, he didn't realize that my Eldrazi Displacers could block his Etched Champions, which may not have mattered with my draw, but was unfortunate for him.

    Game 2, I'm fairly far ahead despite my opponent having Torpor Orb in play. Unfortunately, the win feels a little tainted, because I Pontiff'd his board and neither of us caught it until the turn I killed him, and the judge ruled that the board should stay as is, and gave us both warnings. I don't know enough to say I think the ruling was wrong, but I do feel bad for making the mistake when I might not have won the game otherwise.

    Sideboard: -4 Bob, -2 Arbiter, -1 Mindcensor, +3 Stony Silence, +2 Kataki, +1 Spellskite, +1 Pontiff. Not much to say here, all just generally good hate cards. Decided to cut down on search-hate, mostly because Affinity rarely cares to search, and only plays one basic, so Quarters and Paths are already pretty brutal.

    Round 5 vs. Affinity 2-0

    Game 1, pretty close game, managed to close it out with Flickerwisps and Stranglers.

    Game 2, land a turn 2 Stony Silence into a turn 3 TKS, and my opponent just couldn't come back.

    Sideboard: -4 Bob, -2 Arbiter, -1 Mindcensor, +3 Stony Silece, +2 Kataki, +1 Spellskite, +1 Pontiff.

    Round 6 vs. Merfolk 1-2

    Game 1, I get run over. Turn 2 Spreading Seas my only colored source, and then all the lords.

    Game 2, I lead on Inquisition, into Thalia, into Inquisition, into Path his only guy, and then run him over with TKS.

    Game 3, I'm still fairly salty about. I keep a good 7, I have a good start, and for most of the game I'm in the driver's seat. The turn before I can kill my opponent, he topdecks Master of Waves for just enough tokens to kill me through my board. I have 11 colorless sources in my deck to be able to activate Displacer to fog him after hitting with a Flickerwisp to(most likely) win the following turn, 3 Flickerwisps that do the same, 3 Stranglers that end the game on the spot, and a Worship(count them: 17 outs), and I draw Thalia and die.

    Sideboard: -4 Bob, +1 Worship, +3 Inquisition. I wasn't sure about the discard, but it seemed better than Bob, and was definitely very solid in the matchup. I think the matchup is pretty favorable, I just bricked on some pretty important drawsteps and my opponent did not.

    Overall, the deck feels fantastic. There are so many little interactions to think about, and it seems like there are outs to most board states. I wasn't 100% sold on Bob going in, but he was fantastic every game that I played him(even the one time he drew a Thought-Knot Seer), and in the matchups where I was protective of my life total(especially any matchup where I boarded in Worship), I just boarded him out. The only real issue I have with the deck is that the landbase isn't quite as consistent as GW or Mono-White. But overall my mana was very solid, except against Merfolk, where I got double Seas'd 2 different games. The sideboard looked very different before I went to the event, but I decided to forego some of the cuter or more specific hate(I removed Tempest of Light from my board and played against Hexproof round 1, so that felt bad, but I didn't miss the Big Game Hunters much), and go for just a more powerful board plan. I did not lose a game that I resolved a Worship, so it gets to stay for now, and the Inquisitions were absolute houses. The biggest card I'd like to try and fit in the board right now is Sin Collector, but I'm not sure what to cut. Maybe the Mindcensor gets cut from the main, and we play him main?

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