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  • posted a message on Pioneer Banned List Speculation
    They finally figured it out.

    Looks like I may start playing MTGO again.

    Good Riddance to:

    Inverter of Truth
    Underworld Breach
    Walking Ballista

    I guess I'm also good with Kethis, the Hidden Hand as it combos with who knows what???

    Combo Winter/Spring/Summer is now basically over. Grin

    I'd say its evolving. There's already a new Lotus Field deck crushing leagues, and its the same basis that existed before Underworld Breach came out.
    Back to Lotus Field + Thespian's Stage.
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  • posted a message on Amonkhet remastered
    Quote from Flisch »
    I don't understand why they bring back only a subset of cards. The Amonkhet cards were in the beta. The code is still there. (I mean, even if it isn't or the code architecture has changed since. As soon as you program in the block mechanics, which they do, then the rest is a nobrainer...)

    I really don't understand this move of purposefully expluding cards you already have from the game. Arena was supposed to retroactively add more and more sets going backwards, over time...

    At least that's what I hoped they'd do.

    +1 for "expluding".

    They're doing it for balance reasons. Which they suck at recently. So, they've got that goin' for them. Which is nice.

    I imagine they're just going to leave out draft chaff. I mean we don't really need anything with brick counters. There are a number of cards that I would be disappointed not to see though including the monument's, Vizier of Many Faces, God-Pharaoh's Gift, Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, Champion of Wits, Adorned Pouncer, Earthshaker Khenra, Glorybringer, Abrade, and Never // Return. All of these cards defined the environment for me, and I would be greatly, greatly disappointed if they were excluded. New Perspectives would be the greatest travesty to me, if it weren't included, because it was my favorite deck at the time. Now, I famously got roasted in the official MTGA closed beta forums for "wasting" all my wild cards on the deck to prove a point. (I like to think of it as donating them to science.) I knew that the MTGA client was not going to handle the combo deck very well, but I spent all my wild cards on the deck including New Perspectives itself, the bicycle lands, and Shadow of the Grave. I recorded a number of videos of me playing the deck and pointing out that no matter how fast you tried to act, your turn would time out, as activating abilities wasn't counting as an action to keep your timer at bay. You would always lose the game, even though you were a few actions away from winning. I lost a couple of games with Approach of the Second Sun on the stack. I loved the deck in paper. You really had to know how long you could survive against aggro without going in, or you'd risk whiffing, and it was good fun. I took it to a number of events. I really love the deck, and we recently had Ikoria that had more cycling cards, so I think even more could be done with it. At least, for the love of god put Approach of the Second Sun in. It was such a fun card to grab, and it gave me a solid win condition with Lich's Mastery.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar rising first look on July 25th
    Quote from Urabrask »
    I hope we get a Jace that isn’t hooded. Come on show me his handsome face Frown

    could the dual lands be the enemy tango lands?

    I wonder if the mechanic is DFC lands

    Found a better resolution of the key art Wink

    I also added the boosters, I'am still wondering what that black smoke on Nahiris picture means.
    Quote from Urabrask »
    And here is a better look at the theme boosters, all taken from the wizards wpn page.

    We had Jace the Pirate, now it looks like we have Jace, the Alpinist?

    There's our 4 color Omnath. First green, then added red, followed by blue. Looks like he has a white arm in the image. Maybe Omnath, Locus of Zendikar?

    The black swirls behind Nahiri remind me of the Blackblade.

    That goblin makes me think Warren Instigator for some reason. Hopefully its not Raging Goblin.
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle— Mana Cost: R preview
    Quote from m_pathogen »
    Oh damn, reprinted Arixmethes already? That's a bit random. We needed a Thrasios and Kynaois and Tiro of Meletis reprint before this one if anything.

    Those do need reprints (Thrasios especially, DAMN), but Arixmethes needed a foil treatment.

    Also, you’re the last person I’d expect to have to “sell” this idea to.
    Quote from m_pathogen »
    Oh damn, reprinted Arixmethes already? That's a bit random. We needed a Thrasios and Kynaois and Tiro of Meletis reprint before this one if anything.

    Those do need reprints (Thrasios especially, DAMN), but Arixmethes needed a foil treatment.

    Also, you’re the last person I’d expect to have to “sell” this idea to.
    Haha I actually do not like foils. However, I am excited about the idea of getting Arixmethes foil and having multiple versions. I just want a Non-foil thrasios and Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis

    Lol, I read this thread specifically to see what Tiro of Meletis's, Worshipper of Arixmethes response was. Laughing
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest and Skirsdag High Priest— Raphael Levy previews
    Isn't this the first time Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest is availabine IN FOIL? Also, this makes me hopeful, with all these commander reprints that I'll finally be able to get a Skullbriar, the Walking Grave foil! C'mon, WOTC! GIVE ME A FOIL SKULLFERNMAN!
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Reid Duke - Dark Confidant (aka bob)
    Quote from April »
    I'll probably be in the minority here, but I actually like the borderless art version. I like seeing it actually look like a "Dark Confidant". It's nice to see someone whispering sweet evil plans into someone else's ear.

    I've always disliked the Dark Confidant artwork that wasn't the Bob Maher, Jr. art. This box topper art is the first new Bob art I'm actually on board with. Orzhov is my favorite guild, so maybe that helps.
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Grim Lavamancer and Champion of Lambholt— Giga.de previews
    Wish they at least had new art or something.

    I wish Grim Lavamancer had the Jim Nelson art.
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Karn Liberated and the Tron Lands— Gamespot previews
    Found this on Twitter. Apparently the panorama Urzatron art has a lot more Easter eggs, namely:
    1) Strip Mine
    2) Defense Grid
    3) Extruder
    4) Urza's Factory
    5) Mana Matrix

    Playmat when?
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Grim Lavamancer and Champion of Lambholt— Giga.de previews
    As a person that loved Grim Lavamancer during Torment-era Standard, is it even good, anymore? I don't follow anything outside Pioneer, Standard, MTG-arena formats these days; so I'm unsure of if its played anywhere.
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  • posted a message on The real reason reserved list is climbing
    Quote from SpeedGrapher »
    I don't think they need to purchase anything. They could secretly print the cards. Then just put them in the packs. It's not difficult to make up paper work. O yeah, we purchased all of these from lots of Cards big game store. Which is a fake company Wizards made up. That ordered the printed cards from their regular printer.

    Wizards could print reserved list cards again in secret, but someone eventually could figure out when it was made. Like carbon dating for cardboard. If Wizard did this and were caught, it would cause a huge uproar in the Magic finance community. I don't think a "secret" like this could remain secret forever.

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  • posted a message on State of Brawl: Bans, format health, and more!
    Quote from Xcric »
    i've been playing this format a lot on arena over the past 2 months, and i have to know: how do you guys contend with that this format actually sucks and is extremely unhealthy?

    it has none of the joy of edh, and all of the frustrations of standard.

    over the past 2 months every single deck that's successful has devolved into nothing more than a pile of removal with almost no wincons. every game has just turned into remove everything and whoever keeps a 2/2 the longest wins. ashiok, illuna, narset, kenrith, its just the same deck with a different commander.

    on top of that, because its 1v1 often if they disrupt your turns 2/3/4 you lose. you get put so far behind that you just can't get back.

    the disparity between a strong brawl deck, and a more casual one, is extremely wide too. if you've a more casual build, or a less removal oriented commander, forget it you'll get blown out against any of the others every time, no contest. the games are largely miserable. if you go the same removal heavy route the game is an interminable slog, if you don't you lose because of the sheer volume of disruption people pack. despite the abundance of commanders the large majority just don't do anything worth building around if you can just jam a ton of removal - and there is a ******* ton of removal in standard right now.

    in normal multiplayer edh, you can escape all of this by flying under the radar, your opponents can run out of steam because theres too many targets, you can politics your way through... you can't do any of that here.

    almost every game is decided by about turn 4. if you're pressing ahead with advantage, ie removing threats, your opponent scoops. if you're dropping threats and they keep getting removed, you get pushed down so far you can't recover. there is zero balance.

    i'm not at all surprised that this format failed in paper, and if it wasn't for covid + brawl being temporarily free i'm sure it'd fail on arena too.

    I have to agree. The format sucks. I only face 2 deck archetypes. Turn 3 Nissa.dec and 5-Color Niv. All of these 5 color Niv decks are Removal tribal and I just can't do much of anything. One game having had my opponent drop Niv on turn 4 revealing Tamiyo, 3feri, and Casualties of War was an insta scoop from me. The consistency of seeing Nissa on turn 3 is dumb-founding to me, as well. Why let degenerate cards like Nissa run wild and ban Sorcerous Spyglass. Drannith Magistrate banned? If my opponent can't kill a 1/3, they don't deserve to play their Commander. A lot of my decks can't come back from a turn 3 Nissa, and Sorcerous Spyglass would go along way towards helping me come back.
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  • posted a message on Sorcerous Spyglass legality
    I think Sorcerous Spyglass should be legal. If my opponent's can drop a turn 3 Nissa, Who Shakes the World every game, I should be able to play an answer to it. At least make them run some artifact removal. I don't understand the philosophy of letting degenerate strategies go in Brawl, and then banning answers to those strategies. Planeswalkers in particular need more cheap answers available.
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  • posted a message on [M21] Unleash Fury— AliEldrazi preview
    If you attack with a creature with Trample, it's basically copies 5-8 of Ram Through.
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  • posted a message on [M21] Ghostly Pilferer— Masters of Modern podcast preview
    Quote from findogul »

    Yeah, for sure, I realize this is finalized long before the other stuff happened, I was just pointing at that at this point that middle line of text is basically moot. I mean it shares the same problem that Drannith Magistrate now has, in Standard at least. It's basically useless.

    the creature half of adventure cards cast from exile. also i’m not saying the deck is great but i’ve seen a mono u build on arena recently that features gadwick, maybe it has a home there? i also agree with the idea that the discard outlet could be its main function and every other feature just extra goodies.

    You're right. I had completely forgotten about adventure, lol. All I have played against on Arena lately is either Anax Embercleave, 3feri/Narset, or Temur Reclamation. I haven't even seen Rakdos Sacrifice, lately.
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