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  • posted a message on The Official NBA Thread
    I'd just like to breakdown the reasons that reasons that the Miami Heat are struggling so bad this season.

    1. This could be my most important point. People need to remember that the Celts "Big Three" (Im a C's fan so just relating to something i know very well) was not assembled by KG, Pierce and Ray, rather the whole team was orchestrated by Danny Ainge, who is a GM that knows and understands how to build a team with what wont/will work together. The Miami Heat on the other hand were brought together not by a GM, but by Wade, Bosh and James, 3 people that know nothing about putting a championship team together just three great players who want to play together.

    2. The two most important positions in basketball are PG and C. While your PG usually runs the offense, calls plays, handles the ball (similar to a quarterback), your C is supposed to anchor your defense and establish your post presence on offense and defense. So what would would you say are the Heat's weakest positions? Answer, PG and C. Joel Anthony, while a decent shot blocker, he is in no way, shape, or form a deterrent from heading into the paint and is routinely abused by average/above average PF's and C's. And at PG you have Carlos Arroyo who i believe is their starting PG. While Arroyo isn't terrible he cant run an offense and is a poor defender. This causes Lebron or Wade to handle the ball much more than they would like and causes the ball to stick and not move around.

    3. Lastly this is something i heard that i can completely agree with, that the Celtics "big three" would not have worked if they were all in their mid 20s/prime solely because at that point of their careers they hadn't received all their individual accolades and wouldn't be able to put things like that aside and sacrifice numbers/stats in hopes of a title. What I'm saying is that when the team was brought together KG, Ray and Pierce had scored the points, had the all-star games and everything and had been through the hardships, bad teams, and the years of no shots at a title which allowed them to succeed as a team.
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  • posted a message on Cowboy Bebop [the live-action movie]

    I think that Keanu has the look down pat and the voice is pretty close IMO.
    Also when Spike isn't fighting, isn't he usually a pretty laid back... dude?
    I'm not saying that he is the 100% perfect choice, but when i think of anyone else in the role no one else comes to mind. And hell i think that he has the potential to do Spike justice.
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  • posted a message on What are you listening to right now? [thread rule in first post]
    3OH!3 - dont trust me
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  • posted a message on What are you listening to right now? [thread rule in first post]
    shiksa by say anything
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  • posted a message on The Official NBA Thread
    i agree, im a huge Celtics fan and have been one for the majority of my life time and i hate kobe.. i absolutely loathe him but he is one of the best players ever and has been the best since MJ (as much as i pains me to say it).
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  • posted a message on Books - What are you reading? What do you recommend?
    im not reading it now but awhile ago i read the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King and it is my favorite series of all time
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  • posted a message on Gamertags (XBox 360/One, Wii/U, PS3&4)
    stashXmoney i play nba 2k8, halo, gears, cod4, and a bunch of singleplayer games
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  • posted a message on kithkin

    i was just wondering if this would be a semi-decent deck to use at FNM and if you guys have any suggestions on making it better please tell me
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  • posted a message on Heroes Volume 2
    Quote from gypsieking3280
    I know the picture of the twelve disproves Kensei as a villain but the possibility of Kensei living thru time manipulating events maybe even manipulating the twelve into joining. It just has such great implications & does so much to Hiro especially if he was the catalyst that wrought this change. Lots of story room there.

    But I kno I am reaching now.

    On the whole I enjoyed the almost everybody makes a dark choice. I like that Surresh actually choice the good path and didnt compromise himself that badly. Moving forward I really hope they get to a point where it is a group of the "good" heroes vs the company ie Kristen Bell's char., Adam Monroe, etc. It would feed my inner Xmen fan so much.

    maybe kensi is the one taking the picture of the twelve and maybe kensi is adam monroe, sort of like a new identity:D
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  • posted a message on The Official NBA Thread
    Quote from Monopoman
    Im not sure Boston is that good theres still alot of talent in the West.

    Yes in the east they can probably dominate but don't act like this is the new god team of the league.

    In my opinion theres 3 teams in the west that could prob deal with them fairly well.


    Yes the Celtics aren't the best team in the league but that doesnt mean that the best teams in the West could own them.
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  • posted a message on What video game are you playing right now?
    Splinter Cell Double Agent
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  • posted a message on The Official NBA Thread
    Its official/unofficial Kevin Garnett is coming to Boston!!!!

    (The TWolves and Celtis are just waiting till Kevin McHale gets back from vacation in two days)

    We will have to give up:

    Gerald Green - Gerald i will miss, but although he is a player that has alot of potential, he is a player that could be a star in the league or be out of the leaugue in a few years

    Al Jefferson - I will miss Jefferson I really liked him and im sorry he had to go, but im sure he will continue to grow and is a potential all-star. May never be as good as Garnett but he will be a great player none the less

    Theo Ratliff - Solid veteran player, just a throw-in and he never did anything for us but suck up cap space

    Sebastian Telfair - Never did much for us, more trouble than he was worth he was also never as good as he should have been

    1 or 2 Draft Picks - could be risky

    EDIT: 100 Posts!
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  • posted a message on How do i get me an Xbox 360.
    i played Halo 1 on my 360.

    If you still dont have a next gen console than something is wrong with you

    the gameboy games.. you'll probably get a buck or two for each one

    for all your other games yuo will proabbly get 5-10 dollars for each one if they arent scratched

    as for the PS2 (the slim one?) you could get aroung 50-70 dollars for that so a base astamite would be like 205 dollars.

    i would get the premium one for 400 dollars cause i comes with a wireless controller

    the 360 is definitely worth it.... as for any problems well... i have currently sent in my 360 to get repaired becuase i got the "three red lights of death", but Microsoft has taken acception of the problem and givien all 360 owners a automatic three year warranty!:D! where i think they fix the TRLoD for free!
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  • posted a message on Harry Potter Book 7 Discussion
    Quote from loran16

    One question is bothering me....what on earth happens in between Books IV and V when snape comes back?

    Lets look at the timeline.

    1. Snape is a death eater.
    2. Snape hears that Voldy is goin to kill lilly, runs to dumbledore, becomes a double agent.
    3. Voldy dies, Snape agrees to help raise harry.
    4. Snape hinders Quirrell/voldy from getting the stone in book I.

    Now, Book IV happens, and voldemort knows snape is now close with dumbledore, and has not been helpful in book I. So how does snape go to voldemort and suggest to voldy that he can be a double agent working truly for voldemort?

    Seriously? Think about it, what's he go, "Oh , after you died i got chummy with dumbledore by pretendin i was betraying you back then, but i wasnt, really!"

    How on earth does voldemort trust him so much in the end, ti doesnt make sense!!

    Maybe Snape was one of his most revered Death Eaters before the books... also i think he didn't see Snape betray him because he never thought that his actions would have consequences with the Death Eaters because he didn't see them as people(or equals) with feelings, he saw them as blindy loyal servants. He never for a second thought that one of his own would ever turn on him and thats why he was so taken aback when Harry told him Snape was on their side after he killed Lily.

    Also didn't Joe say that a Squib would do magic in the book???
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  • posted a message on Recommend a book?
    i recommend I Am Legend by Richard Matheason. It sabout the last man on earth and everyone else is a vampire. The book inspired writers like Dean Koontz and Stephin King.
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