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Magic Market Index for April 19, 2019
  • posted a message on FS League - Awesome Cardpool or Not?
    Im surprised Boldwyr Intimidator isnt being used in the 2 decks you guys made. While it costs alot I still think of it as bombish. It can usually make itself unblockable if you have enough red, and maybe do more.
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  • posted a message on 24 Hours of Magic - a Limited experience
    I played at the same event as fridge there and that was some fun stuff. Doing 24 hours in a row taxes on ya and there are plenty of stupid mistakes abound. I know, personally, in the release tourny I couldve won a few games without the few mistakes. In one I was on my way to an easy victory so I thought, what the hell and did a huge wurm via wurmcalling with no buyback. I not only lost the wurm, but that game as well. Overall it was a fun experiance tho.

    In hindsight I would just recommend keeping up on the eating so you have energy. I only ate sometime early in the morning and I starting dropping toward the end.
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  • posted a message on Nacatl War-Pride
    A very insane limited card. I got 2 of him in my sealed pool and I just won the game everytime it was able to attack. I also had an Akroma's Memorial and was hoping to have both at the same time for real fun, but alas that never happened. I went 4-0-1 in my flight, drawing the last round to a friend of mine.
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  • posted a message on techy plays
    Quote from Mno
    So declare as blocking the Calciderm, damage on the stack (* damage to you, 2 to Calciderm). Than blink, so Shambler leaves play (3 damage, Calciderm) comes into play (4 damage Calciderm). Calciderm does have 5 toughness...

    He does 2 through blinking the shambler, then 2 from combat and then the shambler dies doing 1 more as it leaves play for a total of 5.
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  • posted a message on New MPR Rewards FOIL Textless Wrath of God and Condemn
    I got lucky too with mine, though it came REALLY late considering I LIVE in washington. Anyhow I only played in about 30 events since I signed up for the program and got-

    3x Textless Foil Wraths
    1x Putrefy
    1x Oxidize
    1x Mana leak
    1x Mortify
    1x Reciprocate
    1x Hinder
    2x Condemn

    So needless to say Im quite happy.
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