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  • posted a message on [SHM] Official WotC Preview 4/7: Shield of the Oversoul, Augury Adept, Safehold Elite
    Quote from volcom
    I'm gonna go ahead and quote myself cause everyone seems to miss that part.

    White Über-enchantment 1W
    Creatures and enchantments you control have shroud.

    That's a rumored card, and coming from the imp it's fairly certain that it's real. So back to the original question, how the **** will you get rid of a WG creature with Shield in a situation like that? Of course the shield would have to be played before the other enchantment, but it can still happen. No Nameless, no God/damn, no maw etc etc... the only thing that comes to mind is Cruel Edict (as long as they have no other creatures on the board) or Evacuation, which noone plays. Anything else that might work?

    Nameless Inversion works just fine, as does Peppersmoke, Festercreep and any other card that uses -x counters. Giving a creature -1/-1 or +1/-1 will kill it if it's a 1/1 even if the aura is on it, since the -1 part of the counters that affect toughness kills the creature as a state based effect. No creature can have a 0 toughness in the game at any time, it'll die as a state based effect.

    So, there's more than enough things to kill the creature even with the aura of indestructability on it.:D
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  • posted a message on [SHM] Prerelease Playmats
    The faerie one looks really cool.
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  • posted a message on [SHM] Prerelease Playmats
    Quote from riddle
    looks like faeries shave "down there." Uhh

    Or maybe they're born with hair only on their heads. Grin
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  • posted a message on [FNM] Prize March 2008: Eternal Witness (scan post 80)
    Quote from HeavyMetalKing
    Wow terrible art...maybe it looks better when your holding it in your hand

    No, it doesn't. They've already received them at our local store and have then in the display case waiting for next month.

    They don't look much better at all.
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  • posted a message on [SHM] Packaging Images
    I sure hope there's zombies in this one. Maybe even zombie shamans, and treefolks and warriors. Oh my!!!
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  • posted a message on New player rewards promos: Damnation, Incinerate, and Tidings
    Quote from Skeeter Green
    Has anyone in Ontario received a Damnation yet? I'm getting kind of worried with this Wrath talk.

    Got mine a couple of days before christmas, one damnation and 12 textless cards. Grin
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  • posted a message on Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII
    I love camarid tokens, i actually played homarid spawning bed way back when mirage came out and i started playing magic. It's not that bad of a card.

    Homarid Spawning Bed
    Cost: Card Type: Enchantment P/T:
    Rules Text (Oracle): , Sacrifice a blue creature: Put X 1/1 blue Camarid creature tokens into play, where X is the converted mana cost of the sacrificed creature.
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  • posted a message on Prices of the Old version of Timeshifted Cards
    One per booster is pretty good...if you're really lucky you can keep opening akromas and psionic blasts, or voids and mystic snakes or other playable cards.
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  • posted a message on Will be "Purplies" legal?
    I'm pretty sure they'll be standard legal, there's no point to reprint cards in a new set that won't be legal in standard...it kind of defeats the purpose of type 2 and new sets.
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  • posted a message on Reprints Legal?
    Wizards is reprinting cards with no mana cost, and you think that reprinting disenchant and psionic blast is crazy?

    Would you have ever thought of cards like Evermind and Lotus Bloom would ever exist, until they actually did?


    So there's 121 old cards that you can play again in type 2, who cares...are we all going to build decks around wall of roots, consecrate land and void now?

    I doubt we'll be building decks around shadowmage infiltrator and akroma either...so live with it.
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  • posted a message on [TS] A handful of purples...
    I'm guessing these reprints are really meant to bring back some old players to magic. I know i'm going to start playing again after this set is out, even though i haven't been playing much the past couple of years.

    It's unbelievable, even if these cards are only limited legal, how exciting it would be to open a pack and see a Void, or Psionic Blast or Shadowmage Infiltrator in it. It's like having 2 rares in one pack...however i don't think they're going to have one per pack, maybe one per box. It seems that one per pack is too easy to get...i don't know.
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