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  • posted a message on Speculation: Lorwyn [Peanut] Color
    I thought this section was speculation, not idiocy...
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  • posted a message on [Peanut] Major Rule Broken?
    How about a new card type like Events that change how certain things work such as:

    Global Warming 3R
    (Events cannot be countered)
    Global Warming can only be played if there are 4 or more mountians in play
    all plains become islands
    all forest become swamps
    any player may play BBBB or UUUU to destroy Cardname
    "screw the environment, I'm cold NOW!" - Drew Carey

    or maybe:

    World War 3RG
    (Events cannot be countered)
    All Players may declare attackers during any opponent's attack phase
    If 5 or more creatures enter the graveyard during one turn, Destroy World War


    Feast for Enemies 3W
    (events cannot be countered)
    Green Creatures gain protection from blue and black
    Blue Creatures gain protection from red and green
    Red Creatures gain protection from blue and white
    White Creatures gain protection from black and red
    Black Creatures gain protection from white and green
    If there are more than 4 creatures of one color in play, destroy Cardname

    I know they're very much like enchantments, but I could see some type of variation of this...
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