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  • posted a message on Where to find commander legends previews
    I dont think its at all fair to label the leaker as evil when wotc's method of spoilers creates a culture that pushes leaking.
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  • posted a message on Commander legends Leak...the Precon decks and the 3 new cards and 2 reprints in each
    Feels like super lazy design.

    Tatyova already exists and that new guy is marginally different. Any deck that wants one also wants the other because theyre basically the same card. To me that limits brewing options instead of expanding them.

    The r/w guy is... okay, its still just redzone. The draw is nice but i dont think its necessarily what the color pair needed. It still needs its portion of the color pie expanded a little more meaningfully since its so far behind almost every other pairing.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    Sure it's not "official" spoiler season, but we're still getting lots of new cards, on the same schedule as before, with the same volume as with most draft-based supplemental sets. This might as well be spoiler season already.

    Okay but theyre leaks and the set is delayed... so no, different circumstances
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    Quote from m_pathogen »
    That Mardu commander is great, but I wish it were Abzan or Esper Frown

    That Temur Cascade commander is totally awesome and may *finally* inspire a Temur deck
    (either under this dude or Maelstrom Wanderer).

    What’s less great?
    All of these comments coming under a mess of a single post thanks to these leaks.
    Not a fan!
    We'll still make threads for the new cards, if people want to continue. Stuff like the new Kodama would have lots more discussion, they're just being erased from people's minds by the new stuff. Note the complete lack of complaints about how non-white cards suck in this thread. Magic players love to complain about Magic cards, and some really bad cards are thrown into the leaks here. Plus, outside of Reddit and three ongoing threads right now, people seem to really be avoiding these leaks.

    What I do find weird is how we just got around a hundred cards in three days, and yet no one's calling for product fatigue yet.

    They did when the product was first delayed.

    We're thankful for the breathing room the delay caused, and this set has been known about for awhile. Plus these arent official spoilers, so spoiler season for the product, and its release, are far enough away to make the feeling of product fatigue subside.

    Dont confuse the delay in this, and the decline in product fatigue as a result, as there not being any problem at all. Were things going off on time you bet your ass we'd be complaining about fatigue.

    Plenty of logical reasons youre not seeing that complaint here right now.

    If anything the lack of complaints on that end demonstrate that there is a indeed a problem, and that it is easily solved with more time between releases.
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  • posted a message on More leaks commander legends scroll racl reprint
    Quote from Urabrask »
    Quote from Xcric »
    Where are we seeing a rebbec leak? Ive been waiting for her to get a card since the book was published

    Here on the left:

    Oh well she sucks as a commander.

    Im disappointed given her importance to the story, and feel the emphasis on artifacts is a huge flavor fail given her status as an architect not an artificer.
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  • posted a message on More leaks commander legends scroll racl reprint
    Where are we seeing a rebbec leak? Ive been waiting for her to get a card since the book was published
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  • posted a message on Secret lair - New life 2020 (no unique cards here all reprints)
    While i still absolutely hate the secret lair model of business and product distribution, this is at least a very solid list and its always better when even some of the greed goes to charity
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  • posted a message on Anyone else salty at Wizards?
    salty? well yeah a little of course

    in general i'm just so tired of being bombarded with products and then seeing the flagship format polluted in such a way by broken ridiculousness that people don't even want to play it. the past year has exposed that something is broken between departments when it comes to card design. either the team playtesting is bad, or more likely isn't even listened to.

    i worry for the future because edh has seen a massive uptick in players. what else were you going to do during toxic standard environments and covid. that growth has caused them to take notice, and we're slated to get many new cards aimed directly at that format. given how bad standard has been almost the entire year that does not bode well for the stability of any other format they choose to design for.

    it'd be nice if they took some of the resources being dumped into product bombardment and toned it back, instead dedicating more time and money toward creating balanced, fun, sets once again.

    i don't need a new product every 2 weeks, i need a reason to buy existing product.
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  • posted a message on More leaks commander legends scroll racl reprint
    Their approach to spoilers has been crap for years. They create their own problems with their approach thats pretty regularly resulted in leaks

    Its also always a little suspect that theres a leak every time the community is angry at some bull***** decision but eh..

    Still not seeing anything exciting. Scroll rack and rings are cool, but are you going to get them consistently enough for it to really matter?
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  • posted a message on Share your most epic Set Booster experience from ZR! :)
    i love your enthusiasm and i would hate to destroy that.

    my experience with set boosters has not been a positive one. while i have gotten cards from "the list" they've been mediocre and uninspired at best. the extra foil has never been anything remotely interesting or worthwhile, and the rare hasn't been anything stellar either. art cards are neat, but not worth the extra cost to me. i've only purchased 6 and i understand its luck of the draw. a total gamble cranked up to 11 because of the foil, possible extra rare, signature art cards, and "the list". these will be the only 6 i ever purchase because that was enough to make me disinterested given the cost vs. contents.

    this one will be a hard pass for me in future sets.

    i'm glad you're enjoying them.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    Will the etched foil cards also be cards in the set itself?

    oh hooray... ANOTHER variant to pull... as if we were hurting for those.

    time to start including inserts for gambling addiction
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  • posted a message on Twelve commander legends hints from gavin
    Quote from m_pathogen »
    Ghost of Ghost Council of Orzhova?

    (Ghost of Karlov actually seems possible)

    Quote from fleshrum »
    my hope is sterling grove or false prophet, but its probably the seb cuombajj witches

    OMFG... Stasis?!?!?
    I’ve been waiting on a new version, like, *forever*!
    (I suppose that’s very fitting all things considered)

    I’d love to think that’s the card, but they seem to want to forget it ever existed.
    I guess we did get Winter Orb in EMA, so maaaaaaaaayyybeee?

    why do people keep pushing this idea that the ghost of card has to be the ghost of a... ghost?

    i just don't understand it. karlov is already a ghost, does it make sense to have a ghost of karlov if he's already a ghost?

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  • posted a message on Twelve commander legends hints from gavin
    "Ghost of Agrus Kos" makes perfect sense and fits the clue. It doesn't need to have a title from a previous card, just the name of a legendary creature previously featured on a card.

    Yup, too many hyperfixated on the notion it has to be ghost of and then exact existing legendaru card name, but it doesnt at all

    My money is on agrus kos too

    Hes also the most obvious option from the story. No other existing legendary card has existed in the story as a ghost after death so it really doesnt make sense for it to be anyone else
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  • posted a message on Potential upcoming set leaked for 2022
    Could be really neat.

    We've seen how magic blends tech and magic before with sets like kaladesh, so its not very far fetched.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
    Quote from ChariSays »
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Quote from ChariSays »

    I'm saying that the deck wasn't built to be competitive, that it was made to validate some whiny point, and has done exactly that.

    You keep insulting the point as whiny when your "argument(s)" have probably been more whiny than anyone else's here.

    You've yet at any point decided to actually discuss things and only insult others. Again, if you want to discuss things then do so, but you need actual points and not "you're all whiny that are missing out."

    Quote from ChariSays »

    The asking price for the cards is hilarious though, all of the idiots who bought in hard as a speculation bet are going to get absolutely hosed on this. There's too much hype around it and that means there will be too many copies on the market, which will dramatically outstrip demand in the longrun. I do sealed product speculation with some regularity and I'm not touching this one with a 1000-foot pole. Got one for personal use, one to part out for friends, and I'm done.

    I doubt prices will go down on this product. SLs have been a really easy way to make a quick buck on the investment and this will be more so, even if the cards are not playable.

    What have I whined about? I've stated that, for the 5,000,000th time in it's history, despite the loud crying of some segmemts of the fanbase,
    , the game is not dying or being harmed by a minor decision to release an ignorable product. Thatre emotional reaction of some people is strange and uncalled for. Scroll up to see people creating bizarre strawmen and fighting them instead of addressing my points for proof on that. He'll, you really only need to scroll up to where it says "quote"

    Who have I insulted? I've not pointed at a single person and levelled the types of insults I've received having been on this site for a week. Other communities have also leveled insults at me simply for stating that I'd purchased this product. I haven't insulted anyone here or otherwise. If you feel personally insulted because you relate to a side on this so much that by me calling the argument whiny, you feel that I am calling you whiny, that is your own set of problems. Anyone who feels that way should try and emotionally detach from their hobby a bit, it's unhealthy.

    How have I not engaged in discussion? Simply because I disagree with most of the 12 people still on this sinking ship? They'll live.

    EDIT: I laughed so hard at the idea of "insulting the point" that I choked on my coffee a bit. Hilarious. Have the point fill out an HR report or something.

    A product can sell well and still damage the game.

    So theres that.
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