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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    Hey all, I just read that MTG salvation is closing replies to forums sometime in the near future. I'd like to invite you to continue discussion on the facebook group: MTG - Modern Ad Nauseam

    We have over 1500 members and we'd love for you to be a part of the fun!
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    Quote from 13055 »
    With the return of the London Mulligan, I'm thinking about sleeving up Ad Naus again. Has there really been any development in the deck in recent months? I don't think the last few sets have given us anything, really. I don't think we have the Blue or Black cards maindeck to justify the pitch spells.

    The new Jace is very strong, we play it over Labman now. Other than that, no.
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    Cost does not matter
    Being skill intensive doesn't make it a good choice right?
    Being a minority doesn't necessarily mean that this is a good choice right?
    I agree that the deck is fun to play, but that doesn't make it a better choice over something else.
    Sure, the mana in this deck is great, but every deck has access to tons of duals right now, don't think this point is too strong.
    I agree that the deck is consistent, but is it strong enough?
    Can you explain more on how it can beat anyone/thing
    What sideboard options would you suggest?
    I agree.
    this is probably true, but does it win these events?

    Thanks for your time, looking forward to reading what you have to say. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I love this style of deck and would be happy to take it with me to Cleveland if I feel it is a strong deck.
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    Hey all,

    Is this deck an advisable choice for the PT in 2 weeks? why or why not?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    My team got 15th at the modern open. My personal record was an INSANE 14-1.
    You can see a full write up of my weekend by going to the facebook group mtg modern ad nauseam facebook group. Im not going to post it here as its too much work.

    Good luck and keep comboing!
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    Quote from Shiin1601 »
    i have a question to who is really experienced with the deck.
    Is it too risky to try turn 1 spoils for lotus bloom?

    Nope. Think about it.. are you winning that game without bloom? I would argue its too risky to not spoils for bloom there.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    Quote from ElectricEye »
    Donkin, what is your sideboarding strategy against humans and spirits?

    Do you like Sphinx of the Final Word over Dragonlord Dromoka?

    My sideboard strategy for spirits is to bring in removal. I think two pact is an appropriate amount as they do side in a few counter spells against us. I like taking out some artifacts as they usually have stony silence. Most people will know that they are favored and try to not overboard though. If it looks like they're bringing in a plethora of cards, expect artifact hate.
    +1 Thoughtseize
    +2 fatal push
    +2 Bontu's last reckoning
    -3 pentad prism
    -1 mystical teachings
    -1 sleight of hand

    I will say again I do like the grand abolisher tech, and its something I definitely want (maybe even need) for this matchup.

    Honestly, I hate the fatty backup plan. I play sphinx because it can actually stick and also is an automatic win vs UWX. no other card does the job quite as well. I only side it in vs control, and wouldn't leave home without one in my sideboard.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    Quote from Jonhy77 »
    Great point! Will totally try it, but why do you run 4 Prisms instead of 3 with 1 Ritual?

    Mainly the reason is because prism is a more powerful card. I also run only two spoils. The % points you lose to playing ritual, a bad ramp spell, vs prism, a great ramp spell, compared to the % points you gain if you happen to cast spoils and you happen to exile two SSG and happen to not be able to play a land.. Yeah I'm not sold.
    Add in the fact that most people play and side in damping sphere and the ritual starts to look even worse. I did try it at one point though, just not a fan of it now.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    any of your 8 mana rocks can cast echoing truth. Being able to cast your white cards will buy you time to get there. Also if you get field of ruin'd, you'll never be short on blue mana, only black or white. basic island just doesn't do enough in our deck in my opinion.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    Quote from ElectricEye »

    Why did you choose to play 2 plains rather than 1 plains 1 island?

    I play two plains because it is the strongest basic land you could possibly play. Basic Island cannot cast either of your important spells needed to win the game. Without basic plains, you need atleast two mana rocks to win through a bloodmoon, only needing one mana rock to win with basic plains. Every single land besides basic plains taps for blue mana. If I were to cut any number of plains I would probably play a temple of enlightenment.
    Quote from ElectricEye »

    How important was the mainboard Echoing Truth?

    MB Truth is just a concession to humans. Its good against random aggro decks as well. I don't love the card but I also don't love being completely cold to meddling mage game one even more.
    Quote from ElectricEye »
    Mystical Teachings - better than simply playing 3 Spoils?

    I really liked spoils at the tournament. It often felt like a strictly better ancient stirrings. The reason I don't like 3 is that your hand can get awfully clunky when you draw multiple spoils. I don't like that, so I try to avoid it by playing two. Mystical teachings is great, and its even better post board because I play clique and settle. I used to play 1 peer over teachings in the main with the teachings in the sb, but I wanted more SB slots and I also wanted my deck to be stronger vs the grindy decks as I saw a lot of them at regionals. Maybe that was incorrect. TL;DR I would not leave home without a teachings in my 75. where you find the space for it is up to you. for me, spoils number 3 is not as good as teachings number 1.
    Quote from ElectricEye »

    To prepare for the spirits matchup - what, if anything, would you change?
    I probably would run more spot removal to deal with the mausoleam wanderer. don't forget to bring in thoughtseize to check for spell queller. Some people are testing grand abolisher as an out to spirits as they cant sac the wanderer or tap the vial. I like that technology and I think it should be explored further. Would I change anything right now? No. AdNaus isn't my focus on the moment so I haven't put in enough to time to really think of a solution for spirits. Would I test the abolisher plan? yes absolutely.

    Thanks for the great questions, I'd be happy to answer anyones questions about my list or the tournament.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    studying for finals, don't have a ton of time to go in depth right now.

    this was the list I won the RPTQ with.

    2-0 KCI (also qualified)
    2-0 Living End
    2-1 Jund
    2-0 Titan Shift
    2-1 Amulet titan (Im on the draw)

    I owe my success to every spirits pilot losing round 1. Everyone came prepared to beat that deck (except for me) and it really showed round 1. Once I was in the X-0 bracket every matchup was great for me.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    Quote from Donkin »
    I've taken down a PPTQ with the list and will most likely be slinging this deck at the RPTQ next week.

    I went 4-0-2 in the swiss of the RPTQ, and won in the finals for top 4. I'm going to the pro tour! woo!
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  • posted a message on Counter-Cat (Nacatl Delver)
    hey all, I've gone 7-0-1 between the past two tournaments with this deck list.

    2-0 ad naus
    2-1 GW value
    2-0 burn
    2-0 bant spirits.
    Modern Monday
    2-1 Dredge
    2-0 Amulet
    2-1 G tron
    ID VS living end. (played for fun, won 2-1)

    Any input on the decklist before I go head first into my first RPTQ with the deck? breeding pool feels awkward, but its almost like a necessary evil. I'm still not completely comfortable with my UWx matchup, and don't know if I have enough for pheonix. I usually play Ad Nauseam, should I play AdNaus at this event even though I have an 80% win rate (insane!) right now with the deck above? Give me something to think about, I have a few days to make up my mind.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    I think a lot of your sideboard is too interactive and generally not powerful enough.

    spell peirce should be pact of negation. no question. Grafdiggers cage does nothing to help us win the game.

    EE is a decent SB card, but you need to look out for stony silence. I'd rather just see another wear tear in that slot.

    Unlife should be in the main, and you should go up to 3 bontus.

    These are my opinions, I've taken down a PPTQ with the list and will most likely be slinging this deck at the RPTQ next week.
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  • posted a message on Counter-Cat (Nacatl Delver)
    Quote from Mikefon »
    Sideboard question @ anybody who plays the deck.
    Against UWx do you keep path post side? If so how many copies?

    I like keeping 2. By the time you see it, you'll need it but likely no sooner.
    On another note, I've been really liking pithing needle against UW. it hits colonnade but more importantly it hits their nasty planeswalkers. I've been trying a few different artifacts in my SB as a way to hedge against our own mana base but I think Needle and cage are the keepers.
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