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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2XM New reprint product
    You are right. Was probably thinking of the Masters 25 inclusion that fell around the unbanning.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: The Path Not Travelled (Alternate Lives of Planeswalkers)
    Something about Ajani's belt reminds me of the custumes from Thundercats of all things...

    Dang, haven't thought about that show in years. It certainly fits him, though.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Drop "Birds"
    Uh... is there a card missing here? The cards are numbered 91, 92, 94, and 95. There's no 93 that I'm seeing, unless that's intended to be a super secret surprise or somesuch?
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2XM New reprint product
    I will point out that the Mox Opal seems odd. These lists were emailed out as early as February but the Mox was banned in Modern (it’s primary home, to my knowledge) in January.

    I’m wondering if we should take that as a sign of an impending un-ban (as with JTMS in eternal masters) but that would imply that wizards started planning to unban the card one month after they banned it... which would be all kinds of weird.

    My best guess was that the list was taken from early planning from the set and that Mox has since been replaced with something else. Will be kind of funky otherwise.
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  • posted a message on Core Set 2021 Speculation
    I hope that mythic rare is real and I hope that it and smothering tithe represent a new shift in giving white resources.

    Instead of "breaking my rules is hard/impossible", giving white some "breaking my rules gives me benefits" seems like a pretty great concept.
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  • posted a message on Core Set 2021 Speculation
    Hmmm... Knights or Illusions, maybe?

    I believe that flanking was pretty present thing last time we saw Jamuraa, though my memory may be mistaken. Of course, illusions may be more associated with good old phasing...
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2XM New reprint product
    Personally, I feel that booster packs can only exist as they do because of limited formats. Seriously, the excuse that booster pack randomness powers limited is arguably a major part of what makes booster packs “not gambling”.

    If something were to happen to correct the problem, and I do feel that the problem exists, I truly think that it would need to take an entirely new form.

    For example, let’s consider a hypothetical mix of Secret Lair and the infamous Disney Vault. Let’s say that wizards kept a list of singles that you could buy from them at all times, that the list is frequently changing, and that all cards on the list (whether it’s a squire or scalding tarn) has the exact same purchase price (let’s say $10 or $15). While this would “officially” cement all cards as effectively even in value, power differences would naturally drive up some prices and sustain the second hand market when good cards go back into “the vault”.

    Meanwhile, individual magic packs are treated as special promotions for their newest set and as enablers of limited formats, essentially giving you $150 of product (kind of) for the normal cost of a pack.

    Something like that seems a bit more likely than a set with no bad cards... and this isn’t particularly likely on the whole.
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  • posted a message on a cycle of XXC hydras
    I feel that the blue one needs to be based on the Hydra's power rather than X. 3 mana for a 2/2 with force spike is not a good value and the 5-mana version is not much better.

    Otherwise, this seems pretty good as an uncommon cycle.
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2XM New reprint product
    For me, the wallet problem is pretty simple.

    Wizards says that fetches will be printed this year (outside of the secret lair and presumably outside of the secondary secret lair giveaway if you get the full summer set). With that in mind, I have to measure all singles I want to order against fetches. Do I want a blightsteel or do I want a Fetch? Do I want a mana crypt or do I want two fetches?

    Et cetera.
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  • posted a message on Double masters reprint speculations
    Mana crypt was printed in mystery booster. I don’t think we’re seeing two reprints in the same year, sadly

    Edit: never mind. I saw the picture. Gleefully choking on my words.
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  • posted a message on Double masters reprint speculations
    This seems like a counter-centered master set in the same way that ultimate masters was a graveyard-themed set (the three spoiled cards have counters, the 0-mana card that would be spoiled on that twitter poll is likely a suspend card, and I’d be willing to bet that the human on that poll is champion of the parish or Thalia’s lieutenant). so I guess that I’d expect:

    skithiryx, the blight dragon
    Lighthouse Chronologist
    Inexorable Tide
    Kalonian Hydra
    The entire reflection cycle (mana reflection and friends)
    AT least one of the following: (Alhammaret’s Archive, Doubling Cube, extraplanar lens)
    Contagion Engine
    Kargan Dragonlord
    Hex Drinker
    Living Death
    ancestral Visions
    champion of the parish
    thalia’s lieutenant

    Not the most exciting predictions but I think there’s a chance that some will be in there.
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    Mystery Boosters
    Theros: beyond death
    Ikiora Lair of Behemoths
    Core 2021
    Jump Start
    Zendikar Rising
    dual masters kaijudo double masters
    Commander Legends

    ...That’s a lot of sets for one year, especially when 4 of them are special non-standard sets
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation

    At this point, I think that I might be more interested in the potential mechanics of the set than with the identities of the legends within (while I might be interested in the actual legend cards, I'm not Vorthos enough to worry about who gets printed over what gets printed).

    My baseless predictions (in varying levels of "educated") include the following.
    1. I predict a large set size, following in the footsteps of Mystery Booster and Jump start. A 400-550 card set would allow each of the 70 commanders to have their own support cards and would minimize the problems of having too many multiples floating around in a fundamentally singleton format. It would also allow more high-value reprints for commander to be put in.
    2. As we already know that these packs aren't fully random (2 legends per pack), I could imagine each legend in a pack may be packaged with 1-2 support cards for that commander at lower rarities.
    3. I don't think that it's a very controversial statement to expect a bunch of the legends to be uncommons as they were in Dominaria (I could even imagine that one of the two legendary creatures in each pack will be an uncommon). Otherwise, there wouldn't be much/any rare/mythic slots for general commander tech/high-value reprints.
    4. I think a few Vorthos players will end up disappointed by the uncommon commanders. A niche character that few people remember may make more sense to print as an uncommon and I can imagine people getting upset that a character they waited decades for ends up being underpowered/boring. I don't imagine the outcry being too widespread but I think there will be some complaints regarding how characters are portrayed.
    5. I imagine that there will be relatively few specialized commanders in this set. While generalized themes such as lands matter, spellslinger, enchantment/artifact love, reanimation, swarm, voltron, or aristocrats are relatively easy to fill out, there are a bunch of "archetypes" that are far more challenging to support.

    Consider a possible "Discarding matters" legend, for example. In a normal set, you could draft that card and pick up every copy of mind rot and burglar rat that you see. If you end up playing a 60-card singleton commander deck, however, you would preferably desire at least 10-13 distinct cards to make your opponents discard... which is a lot harder to count on. Even if the commander is self-contained and has an activated/triggered ability that makes your opponent discard (and I imagine it would need to), you wouldn't have enough fodder to make a satisfying discard deck.

    For the same reason, I would expect that aura decks, equipment decks, life gain decks, tribal decks, token decks and similar archetypes that rely on something more specialized than a general card type or loose strategy seeing little support in this set. While I could imagine a couple of rogue legends giving some lip service to specialized decks (or who give specialized outcomes to generalized triggers, such as opponents discarding a card whenever you cast a creature spell with high converted mana cost), I wouldn't expect many of them as wizards will likely not want to put in too many legends that players aren't able to build around as those would risk misleading players who choose them early on.
    6. I would expect no more than one truly colorless legend (a la Traxos) as I doubt that the set will be capable of supporting a truly colorless deck and wizards probably wants to make as many of the legends possible build-arounds. For the same reason, I wouldn't expect too many legends with only one mana in their color identity (Getting ~36 cards of just one color after drafting 60 cards would be a bit of a challenge). I would expect a lot of off-color activated abilities or even text resembling "If this card is your commander, your library may include cards with a (insert color) color identity".
    7. I personally expect some sort of "solution" for smoothing out color identity in this set in the same way that changelings smoothed out tribes in the Lorwyn block... especially as Maro was asking a whole bunch of questions about how color identity works in his blog a few months ago. At the very least, I would imagine a higher-than-usual count of colorless cards at common/uncommon.
    8. Assuming that players are drafting 60-card decks with this set, I imagine that this set will have a generally higher power/complexity level at common and uncommon level with fewer dead picks (as with Battlebond). Otherwise, getting an additional 13 playables when you only get +15 cards per draft is a bit of a tall order.
    9. I expect at least one card printed in this set to be banned in either commander or dual commander. WotC does not always have a good track record of printing pushed cards for specific formats...

    So, those are my wild predictions.
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  • posted a message on Duplicate Sealed 'cube'
    As most of my multicolor picks were cards that would see play in real cubes, choosing the ones that best meet the needs of the cube and its archetypes was pretty simple.

    While I was tempted on using soulherder for Azorius, I figured that the focus on forcing out gigantic creatures with ETB abilities makes Fractured Identity a better card... and it helps with the low removal count... and gives white a decent payoff card for spell-matters. While boros charm would have been a more powerful choice for Boros (and would have given white another decent spell), I wanted to make sure that the enchantment deck had at least one win condition card that wasn't based on cheating out bigger creatures.

    In the end of the day, lots of eyeballing was involved.

    As far as land balancing goes, I guess that's a toss-up. If my build didn't have any lands and had +3 extra cards per color (or 1 extra card per color + 1 extra card per guild), it would be notably easier for players to build 2-color decks and smoothing the mana would be less important. Because I put so many lands into the pool, however, players will often need to go three colors and will have far greater need for those lands. Kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy in that way, I guess.

    If you want to do something budget, do a lorwyn/morningtide seal. Have multiple tribes and jobs spread across colors with changelings acting as the glue. The same sort of complexity that made the set a "mistake" in the eyes of WotC could make it a very compelling duplicate seal.
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  • posted a message on Duplicate Sealed 'cube'
    Huh... this is a really interesting concept.

    While I wouldn't call myself an especially talented cube-maker, I wanted to see if I could design something along these lines and see what I could come up with...

    DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    1 Ephemerate
    1 Enlightened Tutor
    1 Thraben Inspector
    2 Stoneforge Mystic
    3 Oblivion Ring
    3 Monastery Mentor
    4 Academy Rector
    4 Moat
    4 Restoration Angel
    6 Sun Titan

    1 Delver of Secrets
    2 Search for Azcanta
    2 Snapcaster Mage
    3 Tinker
    3 Forbid
    3 Show and Tell
    4 Phyrexian Metamorph
    4 Thassa, Deep-Dwelling
    8 Treasure Cruise
    9 Inkwell Leviathan

    1 Stitcher's Supplier
    2 Scrapheap Scrounger
    2 Bitterblossom
    3 Recurring Nightmare
    3 Yawgmoth's Will
    4 Languish
    4 Ravenous Chupacabra
    6 Grave titan
    7 Gurmag Angler
    8 Griselbrand

    1 Grim Lavamancer
    1 Faithless Looting
    2 Young Pyromancer
    2 Abrade
    3 Seasoned Pyromancer
    3 Trash for Treasure
    4 Sneak Attack
    4 Flametongue Kavu
    5 Siege-gang Commander
    6 Inferno Titan

    1 Birds of Paradise
    2 Satyr Wayfinder
    2 Tarmogoyf
    2 Oath of Druids
    2 Scavenging Ooze
    3 Reclamation Sage
    3 Kodama's Reach
    5 Verdurous Gearhulk
    8 Woodfall Primus

    0 Engineered Explosives
    1 Retrofitter Foundry
    1 Expedition Map
    2 Smuggler's Copter
    2 Umezawa's Jitte
    2 Cranial Plating
    2 Thaumatic Compass
    3 Foundry Inspector
    3 Bonder's ORnament
    3 Mimic Vat
    4 Solemn Simulacrum
    5 Batterskull
    6 Steel Hellkite
    12 Blightsteel Colossus

    2 Assassin's Trophy
    2 Izzet Charm
    3 Oko, Thief of Crowns
    3 Knight of Autumn
    3 Kolaghan's Command
    3 Vindicate
    4 Hostage Taker
    5 Fractured Identity
    5 Assemble the Legion
    7 Dragonlord Atarka

    0 Hallowed Fountain
    0 Godless Shrine
    0 Sacred Mesa
    0 Temple Garden
    0 Watery Grave
    0 Blood Crypt
    0 Steam Vents
    0 Breeding Pool
    0 Overgrown Tomb
    0 Stomping Ground
    0 Volrath's Stronghold
    0 Tolarian Academy
    0 Serra's Sanctum
    0 Gaea's Cradle
    0 Castle Ardendale
    0 Flamekin Village
    0 Inkmoth Nexus

    While my lack of expertise is pretty clear with this thing, I feel that the general idea of having each color trying to do very similar things in different ways is the general way to go about it (All colors have ETB abilities to be reset. All colors have some degree of artifact support. All colors have at least one decent enchantment. All colors have something halfway decent to cheat out. Nearly every color has a way to cheat things out. If you want to force a cheaper naya deck, you can. If you want to force a grixis spell-slinger/reanimation deck, you can. Lots of possible variations). I had to use sub-par cards (especially in regards to artifact ramp) to prevent auto-includes but things feel fairly usable at the moment.
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