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  • posted a message on D&D: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms MtG Set Speculation
    So... what do I expect/hope for?

    I expect a vanilla or french vanilla creature with the typeline "Creature- Bird Bear"
    I expect a white or blue blink dog that's literally a 2/2 dog for 2 that flickers itself for 3-4 mana.
    I expect a reprint of bag of holding and potentially ring of three wishes (or maybe a MV 6 equipment with the same effect built in called "luck blade")
    I hope that we get another kobold.
    I hope that we get a mythic card witht he name "Planeshift".
    I hope that we get tiemstop as a reprint (as this set is taking the place of a core set, getting more reprints than normal may make sense).
    I predict at least one black elf to represent drow.
    There is no chance in hell that we aren't getting Drizzt
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  • posted a message on Spymaster’s Search
    Spymaster’s Search 1 mana blue mana
    Sorcery (R)
    Council’s Dilemma- Starting with you, each player votes for either cooperate or conceal. Each player who votes for cooperate reveals their hand and creates a treasure token. You draw a card for each player who votes for conceal.

    Even if this looks like a pretty simple choice on the surface, I think that this card can cause some serious formats in combo-heavy environments (where showing combo pieces may paint a target on your head or showing a lack of interaction may clear the way for combos).
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  • posted a message on heart stone, Pentavus, and coat of arms as a combo?
    Also,coat of arms doesn’t give +1/+1 COUNTERS (which is what I believe you think makes the combo infinite). You can’t give up the bonus from coat of arms to make more pentavites.

    For that, you need cathars' crusade
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  • posted a message on Massive stockpile
    So... as far as getting bang for your buck, the best medium for getting all of those cards out is filling those cardboard containers you can get at game stores (like this one) and sell those for $20-25 a pop. It would probably take a while, though, and there’s no guarantee how many would sell.

    Going by common trends for MTG lots on EBay, you could probably make item look more appealing with some time and research. If you spend the time and effort locating the best cards in your lot and can list those front and center as “possible wins”... well, it’s kind of scummy but a whole lot of people do that (again, that might be a reason to have the collection assessed, though that would be a sizeable up-front cost if going through everything takes several hours).

    I’ve heard that some card stores (online or in person) buy bulk for tiny amounts so that is also an option.

    If you have the patience, going through the collection to know what you have and then blatantly undercutting other sellers on TCGplayer so other shops buy your things might work (as the customer would be paying for shipping).

    I don’t know too much of the nuts and bolts of collection selling but I hope some of that may give ideas.
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  • posted a message on Massive stockpile
    the question is what you want from the situation.
    1. You said that your child wants “those”. Does those refer to the comics and Pokémon cards (where you don’t know what to do with the mtg card)? Does those refer to the binders and boxes those cards are in? (Meaning you’d have nowhere to store the magic cards)? If he wants the magic cards... what else would you need to do?

    I know that there are people who can do collection appraisals (such as what you’d need if you want insurance on your newfound collection). If you want to contact one just to verify that your child wouldn’t accidentally be playing around with a card worth as much as a used car, go ahead. Are there any other concerns you have?

    I mean, if you just want to free up space and get rid of the cards, you are free to put them up on eBay and quite a few people would probably pay something for what is essentially a random lot if that’s not an option.
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  • posted a message on Your Opinion on Theme Decks, Intro Packs, and Planeswalker Decks When You Started Playing
    It seems that the problem here is less “I want more preconstructed 60-card decks” and more “I wish WotC made a magic format that was monetized to my tastes”.

    1. No booster pack lottery or buying singles because everything comes in a precon deck.
    2. Doubling down on no buying singles as the codes in product would incentivize buying the actual product.
    3. Accessible to all because the product would be sold at a “fair” price point.
    4. Released regularly rather than once a blue moon so you can enjoy each element of each set even if you want to be playing the budget version.

    While the ability to create a “kiddy pool” format with fair pricing within the larger ecology of MTG seems possible, it would represent a tremendous shift in monetization and would cause some possible problems.
    1. Especially with such a small card pool, it is easy to imagine the meta of any given format being solved within a couple of weeks. Along these lines, a single underestimated card design could decimate the format for months and banning a card would be more significant in this format as there would be fewer cards to work with in the first place. Imagine if the you want to get some commons from a pack (which you can’t get from the other intro packs) but knowing that the rare in that pack is banned. Serious feel-bad moment.
    2. The format gives no real way to transition out. There’s no reason for a player of the format to ever get a draft booster. Even if they get something that they think is cool, they can’t ever use it without leaving the “kiddy pool” and likely getting steamrolled. MTGA kind of solves this problem as you are still getting money to get packs and wild cards but... those rewards mean absolutely nothing to players of this format. Until you save up enough boosters/WCs to build a full standard deck, being rewarded with booster packs you can’t use in your format isn’t really worth much. Ooh, or they could join drafts... and be rewarded with more cards they can’t play...
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  • posted a message on [C21][CUBE] Pest Infestation
    Quote from kingneb »
    Quote from steve_man »
    I haven't seen anybody mention this combo, but this is my new favorite Channel payoff.

    Interesting. All you need is GGG and you can get a ton of dudes. Haven't run Channel in a long time but this card is definitely a point in its favor.

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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Subscription/Membership Survey
    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    How does one get surveys from WOTC these days? I used to take surveys on the mothership homepage after each set, but it's been years since I saw one.

    This survey was sent out to people who have bought secret lairs. The past few have just generally been online and I discovered them when someone posted on the forum with a link.

    As far as this survey:
    1. Subscription: Flat out not worth it unless you were planning to get everything anyway. The lack of shipping costs will basically make 1-2 pairs effectively free each year but I’m a bit too selective.
    2. Membership: Not worth it for me at the $200-250 price point. The 10% discount only really works out if you plan to buy multiple sets of these lairs (going on past data at least). At the $99 value, I would absolutely jump in as I’m willing to bet that the exclusive releases in the first year will be godly (as Wizards tends to put in extra value when doing things for the first time) to lure in people who missed out the first time (I’m expecting some top-tier offers like imperial seal or a set of all five allied fetches) Will likely jump out the moment the value is gone, though.

    Note 1: If wizards ever produces enough secret lairs that it basically becomes an offer of the week program, I would join a $99 membership program even with ho-hum exclusives as the lack of shipping costs is more likely to be cancelled out.
    Note 2: The survey asks if special gifts would be an incentive. If Wizards is willing to send out monthly promos to people in the membership program or if membership unlocks a second, superior insert card (such as Lucille or the stained glass walkers) in secret lairs, I would likewise be inclined to keep membership.
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  • posted a message on [C21] Witherbloom Witchcraft— LoadingReadyRun preview
    So... Sproutback Trudge reminds me a bit of Panglacial Wurm for some reason.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Subscription/Membership Survey
    For people who do not believe in secret lairs, I would still advise that people who receive the e-mail fill them out.

    People bought a lot of the initial secret lairs so we're getting a lot of secret lairs.
    People bought a lot of Secret Lair: The Walking Dead and now we have Universes Beyond.
    This is an opportunity to directly tell wizards that you would not purchase a Secret Lair subscription/membership program. If the only people who complete this survey are the people who REALLY like secret lairs and you just ignore it, you are going to live in a world where the best value reprints of the year end up being locked behind a $250 FOMO gate.
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  • posted a message on [C21] Silverquill Statement— MTG Muddstah preview
    @neuroticneurok: fair point. I feel that this type of deck is aupposed to finish out with a combo when fully realized... though fairly few precondition could be called anything close to “fully realized” out of the box. This deck just spams flying tokens and slowly strengthens its creatures until it can take out does the slow and inefficient way.

    Also, am I wrong in thinking that Combat Calligrapher can trigger multiple times per combat if multiple opponents are attacked (as it doesn’t say “if one or more of your opponents” or “at least one of your opponents”)? If so, throwing this down for 4 mana and instantly pooping out 2-3 attacking inklings isn’t terrible even if this card doesn’t last a full round. Not optimal for any competitive builds but still fairly cost-efficient.
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  • posted a message on [C21] Silverquill Statement— MTG Muddstah preview
    Quote from DanzBorin »
    This deck looks like a PITA to play against. Too much to remember about who can attack who and who can't attack someone. I'll politely not want to play against this. Magic is supposed to be fun.

    Dude, all the cards stop aggression just toward the player of this deck. I’m not seeing anything that stops attacks against any other player.
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  • posted a message on Ephemeral (An Evoke Variant)
    lul at a keyword based ETB triggers. Every one needs one of these triggers. That's some dreary design space.

    I think you just wanted to make a single cycle here.

    1. You are aware that evoke (which this is clearly based on) exists in more than 5 cards and that this ability also works with “leaves the battlefield” triggers, right?
    2. There is precedent for mechanics getting reboots such as Chroma/Devotion or Fading/Vanishing.
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  • posted a message on Prismari Commander Deck
    Doomed through. The reusable red mana acceleration looks pretty good, as does the X-spell mana rock.
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  • posted a message on [C21] Lorehold Legacies— The Command Zone previews
    Quote from FlossedBeaver »
    So... white and red each get decent commanders with card advantage for MV 3.

    White and Red each get ho-hum lategame beaters with land cycling.

    We get two white pieces of ramp for MV 3 and get a red mana rock for MV 3 that is decent in the late game (plus another MV 3 creature that can cheat out big artifacts from your library).

    We get a game-ending boros spell that isn’t just taking extra combat steps.

    Putting all of that on top of some really nice reprints, I can tell the sheer amount of effort that was put into this deck.

    You forgot about the super easy-to-bust Wheel of Fortune on a stick. Drop it with Sneak Attack, bring it back with Daretti, Scrap Savant / Goblin Welder, etc and ad nauseum.


    I honestly don't think much of the regular set, but so far this commander deck is just oozing with flavor.

    I mentioned him for his landcycling, though the reusability is certainly another factor to consider.
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