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  • posted a message on Fleshgorger (simple black design)
    Hmmm... I tried adding on a life loss mechanic that should help hem this thin in for its intended use in Commander.
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  • posted a message on Gavin Verhey's Ikoria Commander Hints
    ...Insect Wurm?
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  • posted a message on Ikoira - Design a Card based on MaRo's Hints
    Huh... how about this?

    Thundering Footfalls red mana green mana
    Enchantment (R)
    Whenever you draw a card, you may reveal it. Whenever you reveal a creature card with power 4 or greater in this way, put a Foreshadow counter on Thundering Footfalls.
    Remove 8 Foreshadow Counters from Thundering Footfalls: You may put any number creature cards from your hand onto the battlefield.
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  • posted a message on Gavin Verhey's Ikoria Commander Hints
    Quote from Avatarof »
    If they do delay Ikoria do you think they will delay an Arena release too?
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    I might have some idea for the mechanics

    Evolve (there’s just no way it’s not happening)
    Cascade (unless maelstrom meant something else)

    Those are what I can think of that could be in The commander decks

    Monstrosity seems like having the most chance of those,Enrage too thanks to the teasers we know there's a good amount of dinos,Devour looks legit too, dunno about Cascade,Evolve,Prowess, Meld kinda has a chance as well

    But yeah looks like a good list

    I doubt meld on the grounds that wizards has never put a 2-sided card into a commander pre-con (it removes the ability to play the deck out of the box). Even if two partner commanders get meld, it would force someone playing out of the box not to use any secondary commanders.

    The rest of that list could work, though.
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  • posted a message on Gavin Verhey's Ikoria Commander Hints
    So... since I don't think anyone has said it outright yet, I imagine that the more cartoonish style on the most recent poster will be the art-style used for the showcase cards. Heck, that red monstrosity and the yellow badger-dinosaur thing from the initial pictures may be the same exact card.
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  • posted a message on Fleshgorger (simple black design)
    I just thought of a remarkably simple card that I'd love to see in a commander set or similar environment one day.

    Fleshgorger 2 mana black mana black mana
    Creature- Zombie Horror (R)
    At the beginning of your upkeep, destroy target creature and you lose 2 life.

    While it's a bit too good for standard play, there are too many commander decks that revolve around throwing out the exact same threat each turn and magic isn't great at letting players control those resilient threats without throwing additional removal at those cards each and every turn. I'd think that its slow speed and vulnerability (2-toughness 4 drop that doesn't do anything until next turn)... and its limited utility in a multiplayer setting... and the fact it will eventually kill itself... make things pretty reasonable in commander.
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  • posted a message on Mutate not the only crazy mechanic
    Personally, I would be over the moon if the other crazy mechanic was for mounts.

    On a plane of crazy big creatures, riding atop of them to victory like pseudo-vehicles would be kinda nuts

    Plus, it would give a way for the intelligent races of ikiora to relate to giant beasts that doesn’t feel like the beast worship of naya/jund or simply running away from everything constantly.
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  • posted a message on Advantages for having lands
    If you are going for goofiness, scute mob and dragonmaster outcast are both right up your alley.
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  • posted a message on 'Mystery Booster' product
    Ultimately, each card in this entire set has the approximate rarity of a normal mythic in a normal set (from what I am told, at least).

    While the somewhat higher price of these packs matter, most $20 cards here would have their prices impacted if they were printed as mythics in a normal set.

    It all adds up.
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  • posted a message on Chandra's Spellbook and Secret Lair Ultimate Edition (Enemy fetches) announced.
    Have we confirmed that the “second printing” isn’t the one random fetch you get with the full summer secret lair bundle? I wouldn’t be surprised, sadly.
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  • posted a message on 2 brand new keywords for older abilitys (potentionally)
    These keywords seriously confuse me.

    You can’t base a faction around these mechanics (for the most part). They are just too narrow. They are too narrow and rarely used to be called evergreen, either.

    Other than Protection, I can’t think of any deciduous mechanics that are too narrow to be one of the premier mechanic of a faction/guild/wedge.

    For back-bone in particular, the ability has only really been used as an A-B mechanic with enablers and pay-off cards. Printing a 0/4 with Backbone is certainly possible but would feel really odd.

    Edit: while I know that “big butts” has been a draft archetype in several sets like ravnica and ixalan, these decks have always been based on hoping to get a single uncommon enabler, not on assembling a wide array of backbone cards. Unless they want to print cards with backbone... which feels a bit odd to me... It would likely feel like Ingestors-Processors if it was used as a faction’a ability

    With all of that said, it sounds like these abilities were key-worded for the sole purpose of letting the commander decks include additional keyword tokens... which seems like a really silly reason to keyword an ability.

    The net gain on these changes, from what I can tell, is freeing up a bit of space on no more than a dozen cards printed each year... at the cost of additional cognitive load for newer players.
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  • posted a message on Chandra's Spellbook and Secret Lair Ultimate Edition (Enemy fetches) announced.
    I’m sad. There was a big part of me that hoped we would get the enemy lands later this year.

    I mean, the narrative fit so well. We would be returning to the plane that first gave us these fetches... a plane that now needs a HIGHLY compelling hook to sell cards after what happened last time... right as shocklands were marching out of standard...

    In the end, though, I can’t say I’m surprised. Just disappointed.
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  • posted a message on New info about ikoria
    Yesterday's Update for Arena includes changes that might hint at two irregularly returning abilities getting keyworded, possibly to be available as options for mutate keyword counters:

    • Cards that deal damage based on their Toughness now use the term "Backbone" in ability hangers.
    • Cards that can assign damage as if they had not been blocked now use the term "Unstoppable" in their ability hangers.

    Excellent find. Props to you.
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  • posted a message on [C20] Apparently new cards and Merge mechanic; source link in thread
    Quote from Creedmoor »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Quote from Creedmoor »
    Okay first and foremost I would like people to take a look at this article Wizards wrote on Commander 2020:


    Here are the highlights:

    "Oh, and we're doing five decks instead of four, with 71 brand-new cards—more than ever before.

    What's the occasion? Well, for Commander (2020 Edition), we're trying something new: we're aligning the Commander decks with Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. They'll release with Ikoria on April 24, and you'll even be able to try them (in casual play, of course) at the Ikoria Prerelease April 17–19!

    All the new cards in the decks are set on the world of Ikoria. (The reprints can be from anywhere.) This is a way to dig even deeper into this wild new world of monsters! You can still expect the same power level of years past, and the cards are only legal in Eternal formats like Legacy, Vintage, and, of course, Commander. These didn't have to be built with Standard in mind, and they have their own expansion symbol to set them apart.

    And just to quell any doubts: the 71 new cards are not also found in Draft Boosters; these are not cards from the rest of the Ikoriaset. They were made just with these decks in mind!

    There are a handful of cards from the Ikoriaset in these decks in the "reprint" slots, but the number is fairly small. Those cards are mostly just there to help make a couple themes work. (Imagine, for example, if Kaladesh had done this: if we had an energy Commander deck, you would definitely want a couple energy cards from the main set also in your deck.)"

    Judging by this article, the supposed leaked decklist does, matches up with those qualifiers. 71 new cards, which would mean each deck gets around 14 new cards, not including cards from ikoria (those are counted as reprints). I would assume those bogus commons would be the few cards added from ikoira main set. This leaves the "good cards" in the deck at 14 (+1 for the land which I assume every deck will have).

    If it is fake, it is a well done one because it is underwhelming. The reprints are rather lackluster and the decklist is kind of all over the place.

    Merge initially seems bad. Perhaps it's just the cards they're showing, but why on earth would I pay 5 mana for First strike? It's definitely a common card, but why is this in the Commander deck? I know they were adding cards from Ikoira since the decks are themed around the set, but you think they could have added some better cards. Merge has the potential to be interesting, but I feel like the cards are really lazy.

    The new cards are weird. Although I like the idea of a mothra type legend in these colors, the card itself seems really weak. 5 mana for a 4/3 flier seems really unplayable. It does nothing when it first comes out, and doesn't come out nearly fast enough or initially strong enough to be a plausible threat.

    I also think it is weird they chose to throw in Anafenza as the 4th legend and made it a big deal on the deck boxes. "4 foil legends!" Anafenza doesn't really strike me as a good fit for this deck, and it's not like it was a card you could previously never get in foil. It doesn't really work well as a Commander for this theme.

    The only reason I believe they would have left them underwhelming is because they know people would want to buy Ikoira packs to upgrade their Commander decks with the themes that are somewhat present.

    That’s a good explanation but it’s still recommended to assume fake until proven real other wise by the horses mouth

    But anyway two big problems

    1 would they really reprint triumph of the hordes ina casual pre-con deck (infect in a casual deck) and also this card has serve salt level since it can just end games the moment it’s cast

    2 one of the new cards is called “whiptongue frog” however.....that name is already done on a card so they gave a name already done it’s suppose to be a reprint not new only possiblity it could be from a forensic language page and it’s a mistranslation

    Now the ultimatum that doesn’t work as a reason that this is fake yes same name yes somewhat same ability as the “mad Gary” guy here on mtgsalvation but it’s easily just a coincidence it’s preditable ability for abzan second you guys made a mistake it’s not the same it’s saids permanent there’s something missing from his list.....Planeswalker so this leaks version can get walkers while the mtgsalvation version doesn’t

    Yeah it still doesn't make sense to me. 

    Also, we are missing information for Wardshell Tortoise. 

    This decklist is pretty rough. There are cards that care about sacrifice and gaining life, but also trying to do an aura voltron thing at the same time? It's all over the place. 

    Also, this still leaves the aforementioned "keyword counters" ability out of the question. So unless we are seeing two different types of mutations that augment creatures with abilities in this set, I would almost call this fake. 

    This would mean Mutate would be a similar ability that just adds keywords onto creatures in one way or another, making Merge seem like just a different version of that by just turning creatures into auras.

    I would find it hard to believe that WotC would do two abilities that are so similar in the same set

    this is where I am with things. Not sure the set is big enough for mutate with ability word counters and mutate with similar functionality.
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  • posted a message on [C20] Apparently new cards and Merge mechanic; source link in thread
    I am going to laugh my butt off if loading all of your merge creatures onto one dude before casting shatter the sky and returning them to the field becomes a legitimate strategy in standard.
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