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  • posted a message on Card Name Word Chain
    The Japanese have a game known as Shiritori, where they try to match the ending of one word to the beginning of another and see how far they can get before running out of ideas. This is where I got the idea for this game.

    The rules are simple:

    1. Post a card name (of at least two words) that begins with last word in the name of the card posted above you. For example:
    Person 1 - Captain's Call
    Person 2 - Call to Mind

    2. Don't post a card name that's been posted before in the current chain.

    3. Card names that begin with words with apostrophes, hyphens, or suffixes are fair game. For Example:
    Person 1 - Herald of Serra
    Person 2 - Serra's Blessing
    Person 3 - Blessings of Nature

    4. If you can't find a card name that begins with the last word of the card above you, pick a new card and start a new chain.

    5. Try to keep the chains going as long as possible and have fun!

    Here's a simple one to start us off:

    Curse of the Cabal
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  • posted a message on build some sentences one word at a time

    I seldom
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  • posted a message on MTGO Public Beta is Now Live
    The big problems:

    The UI isn't intuitive. I want to play a game and it takes me nearly a full minute to get to that point after logging in. This shouldn't happen. In the current version there's a nice, big PLAY button right there that I just click and it brings up a window with all the relevant variables. In the new version I'm simply redirected to a screen that feels like I'm looking through a database. God forbid I actually want to play a game of Magic.

    Gameplay looks and feels awful. From the start, your match chat window starts off in a part of the screen that's in the way of the game. I couldn't find a way to resize the game window so that the match chat could fit nicely on the side like it does in the current version. I had a hard time figuring out my opponent's hand and deck size because the information blends into all the other information. In the current version we have icons on top of which the numbers are placed. Want to know how many cards are in your hand? There's a very obvious graphic right there. Everything stacks and I can't find a way to get it to unstack. I don't want all my creatures of the same card type to stack up in a pile so that I can't easily tell how many I have. Their idea of how to rectify this is to plop a big ugly number on top of each stack, which makes it difficult to tell which cards are underneath and it's just misery. Don't even get me started about tapping lands. I don't want to have to rearrange my eyes every time a permanent enters the battlefield. Having everything centered and having their position be reliant on so many factors (how many of them I have in play, how many other permanents I have in play, whether any are tapped, how many 'stacks' of a card I have on the field) was an absolute headache. I don't want a big red line to ERUPT in the middle of the battlefield whenever the combat phase happens. It's ugly, disrupting, and unnecessary.

    I have yet to try out drafting, so hopefully that'll be better. It just seems like they've taken a number of steps backwards with this. Hopefully they'll look at what they have now and observe what works instead of trying to reimagine the entire client into something that's clunkier than the original was. (Remember actual tables you'd click on to find a match? This, in my opinion, is worse than that.)
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  • posted a message on Hunted Horror + Overburden + Tainted Aether = ???
    Overburden is not triggered by token creatures, therefore you would be the only player returning a land to his or her hand.

    Because of the above, if you were to have Tainted Aether on the battlefield when you cast Hunted Horror, your opponent would only have to sacrifice a creature or land for each Centaur token.
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  • posted a message on Opposites attract vs. common interests
    There are many studies that show that people look mostly for similar qualities in their relationship partners, and that relationships that begin based on opposing personalities generally tend to fail in the long run.

    Yet another reason cloning should be allowed.
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  • posted a message on [ISD] ChannelFireball Preview: Skirsdag High Priest
    Fragile? Yes. Convoluted? Yes. Will I play it in as many drafts and casual decks as possible? Of course. Neat card.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Wee Dragonauts
    Any thoughts on Pact of Negation? It would probably only be useful on the turn we 'go off' but it seems like it might be helpful in protecting against straight up removal.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Wee Dragonauts
    As far as the sideboard goes, we should probably have something to deal with Melira-combo/Graveyard-tech decks, 12Post (Blood Moon?), and Affinity. I'm sure there are other 'competitive' decks out there but I can't recall/don't know them at the moment.
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  • posted a message on Modern Daily Results
    Brand new format, so of course the top decks are the ones no one plans to play against. Then again, I'm really glad to see such a diverse and fun list.
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  • posted a message on Ways to deal with aggro?
    Beyond the numerous Wrath effects available to both black and white, I've found Dread and No Mercy tend to do a good job discouraging attacks. But really if you're running enough Wraths, aggro won't really even have a chance. Here's a quick list to get started. Keep in mind that there are also cards in both colors that do similar things without actually 'destroy'ing anything (Final Judgement, Black Sun's Zenith).

    Good luck
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  • posted a message on Which country is the best country in the world right now?
    Since 'best' is a very vague term, I'm going to go with the biggest, that's usually the best, right?

    So either China (most people overall) or Monaco (most people in relation to size). :p
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  • posted a message on U.S. Presidents: which was best for the U.S.?
    Well I'd have to imagine it'd be the first, wouldn't it? Why, if we didn't like ol' Washington I don't think we'd have stuck with the idea for this long. :p
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  • posted a message on Do Concepts "Exist"?
    If you wish to determine whether something exists or not, you must first define existence.

    If by 'exist' you mean something you can sensorially interact with on the physical plane, then no, they do not exist. The electrochemical processes of the brain that allow you to conceptualize them exists, but ideas themselves have no physical form. This is not to say they cannot have a great effect in the world. Where would we be without nations or religions? Just because something is not physically in existence does not mean we have to disregard them. Another example would be 'future generations'. They do not yet exist, but many people go to great lengths to ensure the world they may end up inheriting is a decent one.

    Think of it like this: Some things exist on the physical plane, and others exist in the imagination. As for a word that describes imagined things, there most certainly is one. They're called 'Ideas'.
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  • posted a message on Tips and Tricks for MTGO - A few techniques you may not be aware of.
    Sure thing, go ahead. It's my fault for not reading the stickies. Someone in another thread mentioned they'd appreciate a guide for things like this so I thought there must not be one. :p
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  • posted a message on Tips and Tricks for MTGO - A few techniques you may not be aware of.
    Are you tired of putting endless triggers onto the stack? Have you had enough of clicking 'OK' a seemingly infinite number of times in multiplayer games? Do you want to make MTGO more streamlined and enjoyable for yourself and those you play with? Then you, my friend, have come to the right place. Listed below are a number of tips and tricks that might be new to you. Some of them may seem scary at first, but don't worry, if used correctly these hints will do much more help than harm.

    Section 1: Hotkeys

    Once in a match, click on the playing field (to make sure your cursor isn't in the chat box) and press the following buttons in the appropriate situations.

    • F2 - Click OK. Instead of actually clicking the OK button, you can press F2.
    • F3 - Remove autoyields and autoyes/autono. (This will make more sense in a bit)
    • F4 - You are done for the turn, but if you need to attack or something occurs that you can respond to, you will be prompted to respond. If you are prompted to respond to something or you attack, the effects of F4 are cancelled and will have to be re-initiated if you want it to continue.
    • F5 - Gives you a brief look at your own face down cards.
    • F6 - Completely autoyields you for the turn. You cannot respond to anything that occurs. The only times you will be prompted for the remainder of the turn are to make choices (Yes or No) and to declare attackers or blockers. (I find this very useful for the first few turns of a game where nothing much happens)
    • F7 - Puts all triggers with the same text that occur at the same time on the stack automatically. For instance, if you have a Rampaging Baloths and Harrow into two Forests, both triggers from the Baloth will go straight to the stack, rather than you having to put them there. This will not work with effects that target (as those require a target before they are put on the stack).
    • F8 - For the rest of the game, if there are no actions you can perform, you pass priority. This means that if you have nothing but tapped lands and 4 Grizzly Bears in play, then you will not be asked to click OK in response to opponents' actions and will yield priority during phase changes (Main phase to Combat phase, etc). However, if you have any ways to produce mana or to perform an action (such as an untapped land or an activated ability) then the effects of F8 are nullified.
    • F9 - Click YES
    • F10 - Click NO
    • Alt + U or Ctrl + Z - Undo a mana tap. (ie. tap a forest, decide you didn't want to do that, press Alt U and that land will untap and the mana will be removed from your mana pool). Note that you can only do this while you are currently tapping for mana. If you tap for mana and then pass priority, you will not be able to untap your mana source.
    • Hold Ctrl while casting a spell - This will give you the ability to respond to it. Want to Reiterate your Lava Axe? Hold down Ctrl, tap your mana and cast the Axe, then you will be able to respond to it with the Reiterate.

    Section 2: Right Click

    When an ability is on the stack, you can right click it. Depending on what type of ability it is, you will be given a number of options.

    • If the ability is not a 'may' ability, such as that of Soul Warden, you will be able to click either 'Always yield to'... the ability or 'Yield to...' the ability. If you click 'Always yield to...' then you will not be prompted for the rest of the game anytime that ability triggers. This is very useful if you have the abovementioned Soul Warden and cast Supply for 100.
    • If the ability is the triggered ability from a 'may' affect that you can say yes or no to, like that of Soul's Attendant, you will be able to click, in addition to the Always yield and Yield, 'Always yes to...' and 'Always no to...'. If you click Always yes, then whenever the ability is put onto the stack it will automatically click 'Yes' for you. If you click Always no, then it will automatically click 'No" for you. However for these may abilities, you want to select whether or not to be Always Yes or Always No before you make the decision to Auto Yield.
    • If you want to remove any Automatic Yields you have on the game, whether from clicking on an ability or from pressing a Hotkey, you may right click anywhere on the playing field and click 'Remove Auto Yields'. This will remove all automatic yields you currently have.

    I hope this has been somewhat informative and will enhance your experience with MTGO. If anything seems confusing or if I've made an error, or if the thread itself is poorly worded, please feel free to leave a question or comment. Most information was taken from http://wizards.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/646/~/magic-online%3A-hotkeys and personal experience.
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