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  • posted a message on The DIY Combo Challenge - Today's Card: Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger
    Is it cheating to just use Doubling Season? (sorry, haven't really read the thread)

    Sekki, Seasons' Guide + Doubling Season + Blasting Station + Any Creature.

    Sac the Any Creature to Blasting Station, deal 1 to Sekki and put 2 tokens in play. This untaps Blasting Station twice, but you only resolve one and leave the other on the stack, and tap your Blasting Station again to sac a token to deal another damage to Sekki. Repeat until you have a dead Sekki, which results in you having 9 untap triggers on the stack for Blasting Station, but also 9 spirit tokens in play, which you can sacrifice 8 of to bring Sekki back, and have one left over to restart the loop. And because of Doubling Season, now comes back with 16 counters instead of 8. This means you can run the same line of play back, but have an excess of tokens at the end. Eventually you will have enough spirits and untap triggers to just Blasting Station everything into oblivion.
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  • posted a message on Oracle's Vault, Archfiend of Ilfnir, and Glorybringer
    When you cycle or discard? So is there a new form of cycling that won't cause discard?

    Possible but more likely this is what I call clarification text - additional rules text that is not strictly necessary for a card to work under the rules, but helps players to play the card correctly and with more confidence, less hesitation.

    Yea, this is probably it. To make it clear that you don't get the -1/-1 counters from cycling the Archfiend itself, or if something makes you discard it, only if you discard some card for any reason while the Archfiend is on the battlefield.
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  • posted a message on Energy Casting...
    Quote from grid_monitor »
    can you boomerang energy tokens ?

    They aren't tokens, they are counters. There is no permanent to target. It'd be like trying to Boomerang poison counters.
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  • posted a message on Permeating Mass Maro Twitter
    Quote from Ink-Treader »
    Quote from Morphling »
    Does anyone still play Lure these days? Shrugs

    Wouldn't you need to pump its power at least a little for that to be maximally effective?

    Yes, otherwise it'd only have just the 1 combat damage to assign, so it could only send it at one creature.
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  • posted a message on Emeria Shepherd
    The part about returning the permanent to the Battlefield is optional, so even if you play a Plains you could return Quarantine Field to your hand and recast it.
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  • posted a message on Reddit preview: Gruesome Slaughter
    Quote from Kaiseresc »
    horrible. It's not even that great in limited because you need to be sure to have colorless creatures. this is just horrible.

    Yea, there's definitely not half of the creatures in the set being colorless. Its going to be IMPOSSIBLE to ensure that you have one Rolleyes
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  • posted a message on Twitter Spoiler - Dust Stalker
    There might be some kind of thopter/eldrazi deck to take advantage of all the colorlessness. It doesn't have to be a Devoid creature if you want him to stick around, Hangerback and his friends work.
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