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  • posted a message on Pure Grim Nihilism (re-vampired)
    the funny thing about this deck is no matter how the meta just shifted, my deck is still on top of it all.

    I accually run 2 decks both Black & Blue, One caring soley on what the opponent is doing (Teferi Teachings) and the other caring nothing for what the opponent is doing (PGN), i tell you this PGN beats Teferi most days of the week
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  • posted a message on The top 5 decks in Standard
    Pure Grim Nihilism doesn't care whats in the top 5, and it doesn't descrimanate it kills em all the same, and solar flare can't do nothing to Mystical Teachings decks
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  • posted a message on Inquest #149 out- Some new Lorwyn info - Pic added
    Nagas and Night elves!!!!

    i bet theres even some Blood elves and other warcraft looking stuff in Lorwyn

    Warcraft bit off MtG now MtG bits off Warcraft

    what a combo, i wonder if the 2 companies are in cahoots
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  • posted a message on [10] Funeral for cards who left the base set.
    i thought Levitation was in Xth and had new art?
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  • posted a message on [LOR] Shriekmaw (Release Promo)
    there must be sorceries, mainly i always thought sorceries should be powerful spells, and way more amped than an instant conterpart but the thing about evoke is once again teferi comes to mind, granting it instantability, which Sorceries are harder to grant instant speed.

    This thing Looks Freaky I like it alot I see a mixture of many things
    Butterfly Wings
    Frog lower Mandible
    Falcon Upper Mandible
    Serpent Body
    With a Cheetah lower Leg portion
    And Tentacles wtf?

    kool chimera, i don't see how its an Elemantal though

    i wonder what are these guys smokin? And I hope the pass the peace soon.
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  • posted a message on Best secondary splash/second color for elves? (Xth)
    well Green could do pretty much every thing White could do (destroy Enchanments and Artifacts Good cost of Creatures) so I wouldn't think that would add much.

    But Red Is very mana Hungry And would boost more from what green does best. adding Rahda

    but if you want some good control with your green, Black is the way to go giving you cheap Creature Destruction, and Hand Disruption.

    Blue is not the way of the wood, and greens got Card Draw now, so adding blue would make Green the splash is you no what i mean
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  • posted a message on Pure BURN
    Bump, I made a mono burn deck played it a bit, I beat a teferi/dralnu Deck with it, but who cares about that, so i won't post a list if none care
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  • posted a message on Elves are Going Goin Going Gone!-Speedy G
    try this deck gains insane amount of life, martyr of sands style.
    Could get to 50life with a turn 1 essence warden followed by a nicely played Phospherescent Feast, witch with a full hand gets about 20-26 life

    sideboard is mostly against green's rival BLUE

    but this deck aims to beat down with a shape of wiitigo'ed creature then casting overrun with some sentinels out, and if all else fails you will be up on life so you can Squall Line your way to victory
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  • posted a message on What cards make creatures unblockable/
    dust corona on a flyer is completly unblockability, but Flash Foliage blocks everything sorry
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  • posted a message on Pure BURN
    I was thinking is a just burn deck finally viable in t2?

    sudden shock
    Brow Beat

    are quite good stuff

    or is there still a need for creatures?
    Char Rumbler with with anvil gives +4 power in one turn pumping him for 2 more would do 10damage if let alone

    But i think wizards is trying to make all archetype possible in this rapid changing format

    Does anyone know of any good Straight Burn decks from ever?
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  • posted a message on Is Lorwyn Tribal?
    I believe Time Spiral had a more BALANCED POWER
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  • posted a message on There is no way that I am the only one exited that Phage is back.
    dread return a body double on turn 4 copying Phage then remove simian spirit guide to play rite of flame to play Emblem of the warmind gg

    Almost as bad a DStorm hehehee (is seething song still in T2?)
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  • posted a message on Meta infested with Project X! What deck to play?
    i have a deck that gives that gives Project-X, a run for its money, it runs bounce and discard, with counter spells. So as soon as they try to go off you can bounce a combo piece or just counter the combo piece, plus stripping them of their hand.And it ain't that expensive to build.

    check it out here , http://forums.mtgsalvation.com/showthread.php?t=80408
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  • posted a message on Pure Grim Nihilism (re-vampired)
    Quote from bloodydoves
    Looks great. It's pretty much what I've been running, though I still shuffle the Nihilith's off to the board most games. Still, it looks really good.

    If I have the chance to hit up a regionals or something, I will be sure to do so with this deck. Smile

    he Bloody i know how you think Nihilith's could be replaced with more control

    so try 2 Nekratals and a Tombstalker

    Nekratals can kill alotta things without dying Groundbreaker & Giant Solifuge mostly

    and we run so much bounce could get multiple uses of its CiP kill
    and its a target for clutch transmutation

    Tombstalker could cost 2 replacing the Nihiliths general cost, but mostly a back up finisher in case things are looking grim
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  • posted a message on [10th] Podcast: Seismic Assault In, Persecute Out
    Its kind of annoying to sit here and listen to everyone complain about phyrexian arena and persecute not being reprinted. Personally, Ive won tons of games solely on the back of persecute, and phyrexian arena is a black staple, as well as an amazing card. But, it seems that everyone is overlooking the fact that just recently, cards like Extirpate, Korlash, Heir to Blackblade and especially, Damnation have been printed. On top of that, Wizards is pushing towards more MC decks, or MC deck with a small splash of another color. If Persecute were to be reprinted, it would probably be a little overpowered. As far as Phyrexian Arena, Im not really sure, but by the looks of it, Wizards is printing alot of good Zombie creatures, along with Graveborn Muse, so possibly they want black to have aggro decks that can compete. A deck with Undead Warchief, Skirk Ridge Exhumer, Korlash, Heir to Blackblade, Twisted Abominationand Graveborn Muse, with good cards to support it like Tendrils of Corruption, could be pretty competitive. Oh yeah, I forgot Bad Moon

    ditto to that

    even in my Megrim deck i took out persecute from the main deck
    and i havn't seen black rack use it either, and i knida thought arena was Meh

    so mwaahaahaa i'm already for the change

    I welcome shifting plaines
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