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  • posted a message on Welp it’s finally happening for black/rakdos players...
    Phew, black was pretty underpowered in EDH and needed the boost. And before I read the blog post, I was concerned that he might make the mistake of letting some of the currently overpowered colours such as white or red do new things too - thank goodness he had the sense to contain them before they break the format.
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  • posted a message on Creating custom text on altered cards
    Hey guys, I've been tinkering with painting cards as a hobby, a mixture of extending art on some of my favourite cards and more recently, taking really cool old card art, extending it, and then attempting to put the text of newer cards onto it to be custom proxies for those cards.

    But I've hit a problem. Painting on the text is hard. Crazy hard. I'm wondering if anyone here knows an easier way then attempting to painstakingly paint on each character with a paintbrush? Is there something easy that I'm just overlooking? I also tried various calligraphy pens, some of them work but writing on (even dried) paint seems to wreck the nibs very very quickly and those things are expensive!
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    Does the deck manipulator affect Best of Three? I always seem to draw tons of lands even if I drop to 18 or 19.
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  • posted a message on A million game study says shuffler is rigged
    Makes sense that there is something weird about the lands. My 26 land deck gets way more 1 lander (mull) 1 lander openings than chance should dictate
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  • posted a message on State of Standard Thread: bans, format health, metagame, rotation, etc!
    I'm increasingly hoping for a Teferi ban. When this card is seeing even legacy play, its hard for the other potential late game control stuff to compete as Teferi is so far above it all that the alternatives are just a joke.
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  • posted a message on I strongly suspect their is some deck-based matchmaking happening
    First tests showed no effect, but now I'm playing temur ramp garbage and barely any tier stuff coming up at all. Maybe its a time of day thing.
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  • posted a message on I strongly suspect their is some deck-based matchmaking happening
    I typically have big streaks of say, six or seven wins then six losses to drop all the way back to gold 4... maybe they match you up if you are winning alot? It happens very consistently and its incredibly frustrating.

    Right now I'm playing a 250 swamp deck to see what the matchmaker does. Played monoblue, gruul aggro, monowhite.

    So tried a deck which was one of every multicolour uncommon in standard. Got mardu aggro (never seen this) and then monoblue again.

    Doesn't really seem to be considering the deck.
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  • posted a message on Why does blue have the best aggro deck, the best control deck and the best combo deck?
    I feel its more "its too easy to add blue to Orzhov" rather than "Orzhov does nothing". Been playing a ton of esper control and that deck feels heavily BW and runs blue because Teferi and the presence of such a strong manabase.
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    So, what do you guys bring in or take out for the mirror? Seeing more and more of this deck in arena ranked and we lack the obvious answers (ie 1 mana removal)

    Also, how many lands is too few? I'm running 19 and still feel like I get too many, too often. The only time lots of lands is good is for the djinn, but as great as the djinn is, its not worth having multiple extra lands instead of disruption
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  • posted a message on [GRN] Esper Control
    Quote from Fred Bear »
    In order to offer advice, what's your goal?

    Fair point. My goal is to get out of Gold and into Diamond. My highest placing is one win from Gold 2. I've gotten there several times, and then had a string of losses in a row to crater back to Gold 4 baseline. Its really frustrating with a deck where the wins are slow and the progress is wiped out in half an hour.

    Quote from Impossible »
    Well the biggest thing I can see in your list is the lack of draw spells. Not a single copy of either Chemister's Insight or Precognitive Perception in the 75? And only 2 copies of Teferi? I can't say I'm a fan. I can't say I'm a fan. How do you pull ahead after trading resources early?
    This is a solid point. I often find UWx matchups to be difficult as they pull ahead and filter bad cards using Chemister's Insight. I'm not sure how I feel about Precognitive Perception - thats a very expensive draw spell!

    The two copies are partially because I like to run different wincons and partially because I feel gross playing Teferi tbh. Running two instead of four is like a middle ground that I feel happy with.

    I pull ahead mainly using Azcanta and Dawn of Hope. So those decks where I can 1-1 them long enough I do fine. But those control decks with better draw end up pulling ahead of me and locking me out.

    Quote from Impossible »
    I mean I see the Dawn of Hopes but honestly they seem pretty loose to me. They're slow, take forever to start providing any extra cards, and even when they're finally 'on' they're extremely mana-intensive. Are they actually good for you?

    Yes. I feel Dawn of Hope is a very strong card. It works well in this deck as I end up going into draw-go mode late game, and using the surplus mana for tokens. It also triggers draw off of many of my removal spells and Kaya. It is slow to get going, but this is a slow deck that goes late so I'm not feeling too bad about that. I love that I can drop it safely with counters up, long before larger threats like Teferi can do so.

    Quote from Impossible »
    I don't really do the Constructed Events so I can't tell you how well it does there, but I've been pretty steadily climbing the BO3 Ranked queue since I started playing this list. It is unfortunate that Mono-Blue Tempo just won the Pro Tour because I think that's the only significantly unfavorable match up I've run into so far.

    As a long time U-Tempo player, I feel like this match comes down largely to luck. If they have the nuts any control deck is just screwed that game. I will use some of the ideas from this deck when I rebuild the list I have - love seeing another player running Kaya!

    How do you feel your matchups vs Jeskai control, Gates or the Nexus deck are? Those are my biggest weaknesses at the moment and I feel your counter/draw heavy build is a better match for them.

    Also, how is Ethereal Absolution in the SB? I have considered it due to the synergies with Dawn of Hope. But it just feels so big and clunky and often does nothing the turn it comes down.

    Quote from Fred Bear »
    As I said, I've not been impressed with [Dawn of Hope] in the mirror. The creatures turn on removal and it also gives Mortify a target.

    I feel that if your opponent is using removal on tokens, your probably in a good place, and not really giving them 'much' of a target for it. As for Mortify, it has targets in Azcanta and Eldest Reborn already. We can't fully shut that removal off. Neither of these feel like strong reasons for me personally not to run it or for it being a weaker card. Its probably worse than Teffers in the mirror, but that card is friggen Legacy playable so pretty much everything is worse than it all the time =/

    Quote from Fred Bear »
    A good starting point would be either Ikawa's list from the Mythic Championship or Michael Hamilton's 10-0 list from the same event.

    Will take a gander.

    Quote from Fred Bear »
    tune to a specific match-up (something you face more of - a real effect based on time of day on Arena)

    Is there a guide to this somewhere or a rule of thumb? I play at different times, have noticed I sometimes randomly get strings of the same matchup or play against much better or worse players, but haven't figured what *time* is likely to get what opponents.

    Quote from Fred Bear »
    Not being sure of your budget, it's also hard to make specific suggestions, but Sorcerous Spyglass isn't going to be as good as The Immortal Sun (especially with Dawn of Hope in your deck). I would not waste time on Unmoored Ego in BO3. Thief of Sanity is much better. 4x Thought Erasure is well worth it as it disrupts and smooths your early draws. I prefer 2x Search for Azcanta as I really don't need the 2nd. Nexus isn't worth it to stop mill. You'll win before it gets to that point or you could use 2x Devious Cover-Up as mill protection. Mastermind's Acquisition is probably too slow, too. You are better off going for greater consistency. I mean, I get being used to it from EDH, but in constructed queues, the return will be greater on consistency. That's how the RDW guys make it to Mythic, right, the same thing, over and over and over and over again reduces their variance...

    Budget isn't an issue.

    Is sun worth it with Teferi in the deck? I have been disappointed with Spyglass so far, partially because of the same question - I keep not bringing it in.

    I have found myself bringing Unmoored Ego in less and less, even for the supposedly clutch matchups. I will give the Thieves a try. I know that card is kill on sight when my opponent drops it and that it is a frequent game 2 appearance from UBx control matches, so will probably work well here.

    Nexus started as mill protection, but I have found that I get good value from the single copy.

    3x Azcanta is because I desperately need the draw, will cut to 2x after adding some chemisters insight.

    Mastermind is coming out. Was fun while it lasted =/

    I will try 4x Erasure in the maindeck. I forget about the surveil, which would go a long way to solving the mana problems this deck sometimes has. Also can't help but notice every other deck on the last page is running four so seems like I've made a bad call cutting it out!

    Cheers to you guys for the suggestions, will make some alterations and see how we go
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  • posted a message on [GRN] Esper Control
    Been doing pretty well with this list in the Traditional Constructed event. Probably more cute than it needs to be but I'm an EDH player at heart and like one-ofs.

    Looking for some advice to improve the deck. Firstly it tends to lose against UGx Nexus combo and Jeskai control. Secondly, even with 26 lands I am getting a lot of 1 land openers, often into 1 or no land second hands. I am not sure what to do about this - do I need even more lands?

    Card Breakdown;

    -Dawn of Hope: An amazing win condition, closes things up faster than Teferi/nexus mill (I still haven't needed to do that one) and generates a ton of cards in the late game. If you can stabilize then this will create chump blockers until the end of time. Resistant to removal as an enchantment, and due to its low cost can often be played while keeping up counter magic. This card is the reason I play the deck, if there was a better DoH deck I would be playing that instead.
    -Search for Azcanta: Everyone knows what it is. Strong card, that is extra strong with Nexus and with Teferi.
    -Teferi, Hero of Dominaria: Everyone knows what it is. I feel gross playing even just two copies so haven't got all four. I also find running four leaves you open to Ixalan's Binding or Unmoored Ego, hence some of the diversified win conditions.
    -Kaya, Orzhov Usurper: A utility piece and alternative win condition for the deck. I love this card as while it is lacking boring effective abilities like Teferi, it has a ton of utility in a ton of matchups. Always dies on sight to my opponent - a three mana PW eating removal for Teferi is great.
    -Discovery / Dispersal: I am unsure about these. I didn't run cantrips before, but I have consistent mana problems with the deck and like the smooth draws these give you. Some value against Carnage Tyrant and other single, sticky win conditions.
    -Mastermind's Acquisition: Probably too cute. I just find it funny and sometimes getting a silver bullet or a strong sideboard card is great. Can even get you a land if you are desperate.
    -Nexus of Fate: Everyone knows what it is. I originally just added the one so I would not mill out. Found that the first NoF in your deck gives you great value as you start to increasingly draw it late game, while being less likely to clog your hand early.

    -Moment of Craving, Absorb, Vraska's Contempt: In best of 1, the lifegain from these cards almost makes red rush a good matchup - its that good. In Bo3, I'm facing less aggressive decks and thinking maybe MoC and Absorb can be changed out.
    -Kaya's Wrath & Cry of the Carnarium: I do not know the best ratio of these. Cry is mainly good for Golgari and because sometimes we trip on WWBB (not that often). If Golgari Krasis wasn't so difficult I would probably cut the Crys for Wraths and a Cleansing Nova.
    -Thought Erasure: Only a two of as games often go long and into top deck mode for the opponent. Could be a terrible mistake?

    Skewed towards picking out particular cards in Uxx control matchups. IE removing Teferi from Bant Nexus. I don't consistently beat these decks so apparantly my plan sucks.
    -Negate: Any control matchup is pretty much auto-boarding creature removal for these
    -Sorcerous Spyglass: For the Teferi matchups. I will even cut my own Teferis so these are good. Just hate Teferi really.
    -Sinister Sabotage: 5th counterspell to board in with the Negates
    -Cry of the Carnarium: More boardwipes for the aggressive matchups. Brings us up to seven wraths in the deck.
    -Mortify: New addition, finding that a stuck Wilderness Reclamation can be game, so needed more removal that can hit that. Maybe should be mainboard.
    -Unmoored Ego: Name Teferi, Nexus or Hydroid Krasis
    -The Eldest Reborn: Comes in against PW decks mainly. Can win you the game by eating then reanimating a strong walker, Carnage Tyrant etc.
    -Chromium, the Mutable: Came in after several Esper decks boarded it against me and laid waste. Super strong in a control vs control match after they board out the Wraths

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  • posted a message on Is there a land manipulation feature for Bo3 like Bo1? // How many lands to not get mana screwed in Bo3?
    Currently running 26 lands, approximately 1/4 of my games are no lander opening hands often into 1 lander second hands. Wondering what the appropriate amount of lands to not have this happen is in Arena? Thanks
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  • posted a message on Can we play Bo3 for free?
    I thought that Bo3 ranked was going to be a part of the second ranked season, but I can't find either ranked or free play of Bo3 - currently there is only an expensive single elimination version which isn't great for someone with mainly Bo1 experience! Am I missing something that gives easy access to traditional match style games on Arena?
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    Is anyone else finding an ungodly amount of mono-red in ranked? Been finding that at least 2/3rd of my games are vs red and almost all of the games start with the damn 1 damage sacrifice goblin.

    Surge Mare seems like the best card in the deck vs red by a mile. Carried me so many times
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  • posted a message on Mono-blue Tempo
    I'm very excited to play Quench and Sphinx in UU Tempo. The Pteramander is questionable. A bad Mist Cloaked with a bad Djinn stapled to it could be where we want to be, but it excites me more as a Djinn replacement in a Ux tempo deck where it can fill the same role of undercosted beater in the later game. The Sphinx seems especially awesome as it would slot into a lot of other cool blue decks in the format too.
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