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    posted a message on RGx Assault Loam
    It's kinda hard to say what the best deck is right now. Because of the Looting ban, the deck has to adapt to different play lines.

    The Jund list is the most solid right now because it has a real easy replacement for Looting in targeted discard spells like Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, and Collective Brutality, a switch that many decks were already employing once Wrenn and Six was printed. I'd say this is the deck to play for now because it isn't really affected by the looting ban and it's more traditional than weird RG lists testing out cards like Magmatic Insight which have big downsides.

    That being said, you can go even deeper into the individual card choices for each archetype and the deckbuilding gets deeper. Right now I'm on Pox Loam, an archetype that looks like this: There are a lot of one ofs and weird numbers in this list, but let me run through some of the card choices real quick, and you'll see why I use it for my metagame.

    My lgs is pretty large, like 60-70 person FNM each week with a pretty diverse set of decks. The most prominent decks however are creature-based strategies like Humans, Spirits, Company, Vizier Combo, Infect, and Bogles. Aside from that, there are a bunch of UW players alongside random UB or Grixis control strategies.

    Smallpox is really good at decimating these decks that are trying to curve out on creatures. If I cast Pox turn two on the draw against a Storm player who went t2 land land Baral, casting a Smallpox puts them behind on threats, behind on mana, and behind on cards while we can discard any land and sac a land with Loam or Wrenn to get them back. The effect in this deck is symmetrical in the short term, but by one or two turns later, we're back ahead on cards and, in a weird way, tempo.

    To quickly delve into the other parts of the deck...the manabase aims to get double black on turn two every time, and since Seismic Assault is only the late game plan and a 3 of, we don't have to worry too much about t3 RRR every time and we can focus on just casting pox and moving from there. I'm playing 6 fetches because I think that's a good number with all the extra cycling lands and other stuff we have to find spots for, and Polluted Delta is only in the list because I traded away a Bloodstained Mire plus some other cards for a Wrenn and Six. Either way, the important part is that you have a few black fetches to fetch basic swamp when you need to.

    Now if your meta was more combo based with decks like Ad Nauseum, Storm, Valakut, or any "critical mass" deck like Burn or Mill, you might want to cut Smallpox and play something with more discard spells and Liliana of the Veil. Raven's Crime is a hoser against any midrange deck or combo deck - when you can have cast 3 discard spells by turn 3, you really can ruin someone's day. With 9-10 discard spells plus Liliana of the Veil, you can play the gameplan of strip all of your resources, then use AssaultLoam to finish off the board then your opponent. This strategy can be kind of slow vs a Burn deck, but usually to combat that you play extra maindeck copies of Collective Brutality and bigger threats like Tarmogoyf, which you can't play in Pox since you have to sac a creature to the namesake card.

    I haven't built one of those decks post looting ban, but if you think that's better for your metagame, I can help you build something in that shape.

    RG is typically better against aggro in the sense that it deals less damage to itself because of its lands. In the past, the only thing the deck had to do on t1 was play Looting or "bolt the birds," but now the biggest t1 play is gone so we have to find something else to fill its slot. Because of this, for the moment I would stay away from RG and look at something more set in stone that has stood the test of time in Jund Loam, which is the deck that won a GP to put this deck on the map years ago, and is stronger than ever with cycling lands and Wrenn and Six to power it out into the late game.

    TL;DR - I think some version of Jund Loam is the best choice right now because the other colors need to replace looting somehow. Let me know what your metagame is like and I can help you find a good list for you.
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    posted a message on RGx Assault Loam
    Wrenn and Six was a big addition to this deck from Modern Horizons, but the deck existed before it and we have some new tools from that set to help the deck in its place. I haven't made a new Wrenn and Six-less list, however, it would probably be similar to some of the pre-MH1 lists I have stored on my desktop. Most of those also have Faithless Looting, so I'd have to make some changes.

    If you have a playset of Dark Confidant, those fit pretty well into Wrenn's slot though it's not exact. Confidant dies to removal way easier, and can deal you a bunch of damage - though with the amount of lands we play, it's less than usual. That being said, Bob has it's own advantages in being able to beat in and draw you spells as well as lands, which can't be overstated.

    A playset of Confidant is somewhat similar to a playset of Wrenn though, so if you don't have them then it would almost be just as hard to get those. Still, the deck can function without either one and perform fine, just with a slightly different build.

    Right now, imo the three playable "archetypes" of AssLoam right now are (in order) Jund, RG, and Naya. Jund can go in many different ways, currently I'm on a low creature count Smallpox list which you can see above. Instead of Wrenn and Six in that deck, you can play Bloodghast which is just a great threat in this strategy especially when combined with a spell like Pox. Bloodghast also makes it so if you are forced to cast a Pox late game, you don't have to sac a Tracker and lose value, you just sac a BG and get it right back. I couldn't find room for the card before, but BG just like Wrenn gives you fuel to get back from Pox, as you can discard it to that side of the card then play a land to get it right back.

    If you want, DM me with your specific needs and I can help you figure out a decklist that seems good. We're technically not supposed to go too much into budget talk on this part of the forum, so it would be better to talk there. Hope this helped!
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    posted a message on Army of the Damned
    I'm most concerned at the number of lands here. Most decks that are hoping to get up to three drops and four drops to curve out play upwards of 23 lands, I'd play 24 myself. You may not want to cut spells to add lands, but if you want your deck to be consistent and to be able to battle other decks at FNM, you will greatly appreciate the change.
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    posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    You mentioned the "singleton" deck that came to mind, Esper Gifts. That deck can typically function without its graveyard because you run so many singleton copies of spells but I haven't seen lists for it in a while.

    Aside from that, I'd say you could build an Esper Control shell that's a bunch of one-ofs, one Supreme Verdict, one Damnation, one Kaya's Wrath, one Terminus for example with the wealth of removal and countermagic you can choose from. New cards and old cards alike from Kaya's Guile to Esper Charm could be options there.

    You could also play a toolbox deck, which would probably be the most competitive option. With the newly printed for modern Eladamri's Call alongside Chord of Calling, Collected Company, and Finale of Devastaion, you could build a pretty solid Naya or Bant creature deck, even some sort of Kiki-Chord / Vanifar shell. Here's a list from a few months ago from Jeff Hoogland: You might be able to add even more spicy one-ofs to this deck like Breaching Hippocamp or Wall of Blossoms along with more copies of the new cards from WAR and MH1.
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    posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 08/07/2019)
    Quote from SandmanNess »
    Is this really a conversation about the actual numbers of a deck in MODERN going off on turn 1? Is there any deck ever in modern that was even capable of winning on turn 1 at all, much less at a 10%? A deck that's winning 10% on turn 2 in modern has a fair shot of getting banned, and no, it was on MTGO, not paper. Not to mention it's a deck that can combo turn 1, that can dodge any way to stop it outside of a 1 or 0 mana blue answer even if you actually get a turn to play something. It's unaffected by graveyard hate, unaffected by a chalice on 1, only slightly affected by a chalice on 0. You do nothing and they either have it or they don't. And for a deck that wins on turn 3 that wouldn't be a problem but it isn't winning on turn 3, it's winning before I play my first land. And I'd love to see your <10% data, make sure it's post London Mulligan.
    In the past, there have been decks like AmuletBloom that have a turn one nut draw (amulet, summer bloom, spirit guide, bounce land, hive mind, pact, x) but never really consistently. The only other deck I can think of is Goryo's which can exile a couple spirit guides, Faithless Looting, play a black source, and Goryo's, but there are likely more behind a bunch of apes. Never at "10%," but it has been possible.
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    posted a message on [Primer] Assault Loam
    Soiled myself on this spoiler. We have so many new tools, so many new builds to test now.
    Quote from Arget »
    The only bad matchup (I can think of) where blood moon doesn't do much is Storm...
    If you are looking at RG Loam, Storm isn't a bad matchup for the list. Our creature disruption can mess with their cost reducers well, which makes them have to go hard mode most of the time. Scavenging Ooze is really important against that deck, and is one of the most critical cards to include in the current metagame. Game 1 it is still likely storm favored as you need these pieces to do well, but it's only 60/40 at best.

    Postboard we have more ways to deal with the gameplan of storm, which pushes it slightly into our favor. Just make sure to bring in either Anger of the Gods or Engineered Explosives to deal with Empty the Warrens.

    The allure of the loam archetype is that you can shift to different color combinations to fit the metagame. The best versions against noninteration are Jund and Temur, Jund with hand disruption and edicts, Temur with countermagic. RG is very limited in its disruption, but Blood Moon works to fill a possible slot. Let me know how it does.

    Quote from Kathal »
    -Arboreal Grazer is great on turn 1/2, but absolutely garbage afterwards. His highs are really high, but the lows... . Still not sure about if I want him or not, so far I lean to a slight "no", but definitely needs more testing.
    -Trade Routes: *droll*, want a third one if possible

    Manabase: Need 2 Blast Zones in there, the U lands were no problem, want a 7th Fetchland though.

    I've found grazer to be a less than stellar card to say the least. The tempo lost from being on the draw is pretty well solved by big removal spells like Lightning Axe though, and that's what has been doing me wonders recently. I had been freaking out about losing on the draw, but after reading a few theory articles on the topic of tempo advantage, my recent list's removal package has been pretty stellar in smoothing out a lost die roll.

    I feel like all interactive decks in modern have to play this polarized game plan of "Do I have this card that really matters in this matchup?" Most of the matchups you faced last week seemed to be that way. The Amulet matchup is pretty good - that is, if you can line up Ghost Quarter against their Simic Growth Chamber and other bounce lands, or if you can kill their Azusa. I'm leaning more and more heavily on Ghost Quarter, as it is a land that is necessary in a lot of matchups in modern, and can be turned into colored mana if need be for the cost of a land. I feel like we need to run 3 of them.

    I just finished finals so all my time is going into the new primer. I'm gonna leave out the new cards for now as we need to test them still, but it should be up by this Wednesday. Cheers.
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    posted a message on [Primer] Assault Loam
    I went 4-0 split at my last modern tournament on monday with Living Twister.

    For RG, the twister gives you exactly what you need vs control in the long game. 6 mana twister off the top with Seismic Assault lets you dome your opponent for 12 over two turns, basically giving the deck a combo finish. Before, I was struggling to fill the last two slots of the deck with creatures like Bedlam Reveler and Huntmaster of the Fells as inevitability, but nothing seemed to fill the role great. Twister gives you a way to win without Loam, pushing down the number of Loams you need to play, and lets you win on the battlefield and not scoop to graveyard hate. Twister is good in the deck, but I wouldn't run more than 2.

    Here's my list, heavily adapted for my metagame:
    While Twister is great in the RG lists, I'm not sure it is necessary in all the other color combinations. RG doesn't have a card like Dark Confidant to gain a ton of card advantage and inevitability, and the fact you need to have a large number of green sources to use twister effectively doesn't help. Naya may like it as the ability to transform and play Rest in Peace postboard is great. Jund, Temur, and 4C builds probably would rather have better threats.

    PS: Haven't been posting lately because I've been busy building an updated primer. Currently writing matchups for all flavors of RGX Loam. Hopefully the new primer can get some new eyes on the deck.

    Edit: Neglected to mention just the inevitability Living Twister gives to the deck. In RG this is very much needed, with the extra tools in the other colors, not so much.
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    posted a message on Liliana dies in War of the Spark
    The incomplete Raven Man arc is what really tells me she's not gonna die, unless they give the arc so someone else to carry on her legacy or make the Raven Man a big villain to have his story arc be fleshed out.
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    posted a message on Living Twister
    RG AssaultLoam loves this card in modern, it’s like Wizards designed it just for us.
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    posted a message on An Enchantress Evening
    You could play Trace of Abundance over Fertile Ground. Not sure how hard getting turn 1 G, turn 2 W is for your deck, but the shroud makes it so you don't have to worry about an errant Ghost Quarter or Assassin's Trophy.
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