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  • posted a message on Delirium support in cube?
    Hey all, new cuber here. I am building my first cube, and looking for archetypes to support. I am going with some basic stuff for now ( :symr:/:symw: aggro, :symb:/:symu: control, :symu:/:symr: spells matter, etc). I am shooting for a 360 card list. So having been drafting a ton of SOI, I really enjoy the Green/Black/x Delirium decks that come together in the format. So, i was curious if anyone has been experimenting with these cards in their cubes?
    Other than some of the obvious includes Kindly Stranger and Autumnal Gloom, and even other graveyard mechanics (scavenge, dredge, threshold) im looking for other cards that would be awesome in supporting the archetype, don't break the bank and wouldn't show up on a cursory search of gatherer XP . Something like Executioner's Capsule from Shards, it just seems like the perfect support spell for Delirium.

    So, any cards hit you as perfect for the archetype?:)
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