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  • posted a message on Battlegrace Angel vs Archon of Juctice
    It comes down to the cards purpose in your deck.

    Angel is better as a finisher. You establish control than drop her, and beat the crap out of your opponent. Angel works great with another beater, eg another angel. Angle's weakness is that if you drop her too early, or when your board is not secure, it's a waste of a good finisher.

    Archon on the other hand, plays the role of a stabalizer (for lack of better word). YOu drop him to force your opponent to remove him, resulting in the lost of one of his permanents (most of the time). Archon works great with reanimation tricks such as mannequin, profane command etc. Archons weakness is GY hate, or removal like O-ring or unmake, or another archon.

    So Angel = finsher
    Archon = stabalizer (for lack of better word)

    in case ppl mention other cards that are better then these 2: of course there are better finishers and stabalizers available in T2, but we are comparing these 2 cards
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  • posted a message on Austere Command vs WoG
    even if it had a one mana difference, the effect is severely different.
    for example look at counterspell vs cancel.
    Both counters a spell, and both have UU in their casting cost. cancel costs 1 more, but counter spell is clearly the better counter amoung the two by a mile
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Reveillark
    Quote from CWS
    Just out of curiousity, what does Lark lose when rotation comes up? I`m not a Lark fan but my brother is and he keeps on harping about how Lark is dead after rotation. Like I said, just curious.

    Body Double
    Greater gargadon
    Rune snag (for those who use it)
    Riftwing cloudstake (for those who use it)
    aven riftwatcher (for those who use it)
    Coldsteel heart (for those who use it)

    Mainly the loss of BD and GG hurts the deck the most.
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  • posted a message on Quick Lark Question
    reveillark is removed form the game when O.ring's trigger resolves. thus it 'leaves play'. SInce it does leave play, lark's ability will be triggered
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  • posted a message on Dramatic Entrance- neoGW & RG RAMP
    i would suggest some harmonize
    Yes i know it will rotate soon, but regal force is just too hard to cast if you dont get dramatic entrance when you need it. if not harmonize, maybe osme other form of cards draw
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  • posted a message on Quick n Toast ??????
    Quote from Kage Inazuma
    ok im not sure where to of put this, so yea.

    in most deck concept threads all i hear is 'oh you need to turn the mana base into that of quickntoast' or trying to force other decks to conform to that of quickntoast.

    I think what people were implying is that you should change your mana base to that which consist
    1) 5 to 8 vivid lands of the main colours you are playing
    2) 4 reflecting pools
    3) many filter lands of the colours that you want to splash.

    This is basically how QnT's manabase looks like. the advantage of this manabase : very versatile and can allow you to play all 5 colours. disadvantage: vivid lands CitP tapped and filter lands alone only produce colourless mana. never the less this mana base is relatively strong. i would imagine this was suggested because :
    1) the decks being discussed use, can use, or should use alot of colours
    2) the people suggesting it REALLY love the QnT manabase and want to apply it to all decks, which is not a good idea
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  • posted a message on The Goat Archetype
    wow i'm really surprised that this deck did as well as it did. Never the less it does seem like a lot of fun.

    i'm sure this has been mentioned before but have u tried mirrorweave? it could replace divinity if you find the God not effective enough as a finisher. or maybe it might prove to be a good 3-of in your maindeck?
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  • posted a message on Commons only deck ideas
    Quote from Alakazen
    What a coincidence. I'm the one organising it! 'Sup Shift-red, do I know you in real life? Zhen here. Wink

    Haha. nick here. hopefully i'll make it for the meeting this week

    alright. looks like i will be sticking to U/W or maybe grimdrifter

    @LostSymphonies : could i get a link for a Grimdrifter and the StormCOntrol decklists pls?

    Thx for you help guys.
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  • posted a message on Commons only deck ideas
    I can't believe i forgot about red deck wins. looks like a solid plan and i may consider going with it. Just worries bout life gain critters like aven riftwatcher and pesky auras like shield orf oversoul.

    a multi colour deck will be hard to pull of, imo, seeing as how i won't have access to filter lands.

    oh and just found out that timeshifted cards are not allowed aswell
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  • posted a message on Commons only deck ideas
    Hey, so my Uni is organizing a small Commons only tournament. the purpose of this is to get ppl interested in Magic etc. so anyway only Commons form T2 are allowed, and i was thinking of participating just for the fun of it.

    So what do you guys think i should build?
    i was thinking of the following
    - mono-coloured
    - abuses the god-auras (Sheild of oversoul, steel of godhead etc)
    - packed with removal and efficient creatures

    my initial idea was to go mono white because
    - it has oblivion ring and unmake
    - it has steel of godhead and shield of oversoul (best auras IMO)

    what do you guys think??
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  • posted a message on Mono White - 1 Man Army
    my suggestion would be:

    - 4 rustic clachen (seeing ashow you only have 8 kithkin, you may to play them as a tapped land sometimes)
    + 3 horizon canopy (for draw)

    25 lands is a little too much imo

    - 4 crib swap
    + 3 light form within
    + 2 strong with cards (Could be reveillarks but it may not be so good for your deck in particular, or could be rune halo? Or something funky like armoured ascension?)
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Reveillark
    Quote from DonPrezo
    coming back to BD:
    -when do i choose the creature it should become - at resolution?
    -if so, the opponent isnt able to respond (with macabre) to my choice until it actually becomes that creature, right?

    lets make it clear and obvious once for all Smile

    You choose when the creature resolves. if your oppoenent wishes to stop you form copying a target, he has to use FM while BD is on the stack. once BD resolves even if he uses FM, BD has already chosen its target and will be what ever you have chosen
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  • posted a message on W/B Goats are really good...seriously.
    wow this looks like a really fun deck! i like it. maybe not super competitive but its fun!

    here are my suggestions.
    - take our the pools and put in mutavaults if you can afford them.
    - remove the 2 profanes, 2 couldrons, 1 divinity, 3 flickerwisp, and add 3 mirrorweave, 4 stillmoon cavaliers, and maybe one more mirror entity or a reveillark? just for kicks. haha.

    this will make your deck more alpha strike-ish, beat early with efficient creatures, make lots of goats, then alpha strike with mirrorweave/entity.
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  • posted a message on Mono Red Burn`
    Hmm... no need for the splash. really.
    - 2 forest -4 firelit thicket
    + 4 ghitu encampment + 2 mutavaults

    youe shouldnbt be playing board sweepers. what you need to do is lowe ryour opponents life quickly in the 1st 4 turns so that you can burn them to death.
    - 4 pyroclasm - 4 firespout

    YOu probably need just a few more quick hitting creatures too
    try + 4 spark elemental

    If you are going burn heavy maybe browbeat would be good. so + 4 browbeat

    Spiteful visions seems rather unnecessary you are better of running 4 boggart ram gangs. they hit hard and fast.

    But of course you can keep the sweepers, (sulf blkast puro etc) in SB agianst aggro
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  • posted a message on B/G Quillspike deck needs speeding up!
    i would think wall of roots are better than midnstones. it stops aggro assaults and is a mana accelerator.

    You might want to consider 'search' cards like summoners pact or beseech the queen to help you get the combo out faster.
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