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  • posted a message on The Official Cube Discussion Thread
    Yeah, Moxes are busted. I reccomend a cycle of myr (Leaden Myr and friends). Those have always been good for me, and even Copper Myr gets played despite the existence of Llanowar Elves.

    I get the banding, and I get Dash Hopes. I just don't get why you wanna play One With Nothing when it's one of the least cubeable cards of all time. Putrid Imp is the way to go. The only reason to play one with nothing is to say "look at me, I'm playing one with nothing!" But the obvious card you didn't mention for it is Hive Mind (another card that should never be cubed).

    Also, when you're blacking out card text, it's no surprise you get backlash. Why not play Sword of Dungeons & Dragons instead of Sword of War and Peace? The protections are no issue.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    I always thought Haunted Crossroads looked awesome, but would end up being bad. I remember the day I realized Gravebane Zombie was helping the opponent more than me. It was an important lesson.

    But hey, I believe your experience. Maybe I'll actually give that a shot.
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  • posted a message on [ELD][CUBE] Throne of Eldraine Almost Playables
    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I'll probably upgrade Witching Well out of the "Traps" section. It's true that scrying on turn 1 is pretty valuable. I do think it compares favorably with Hieroglyphic Illumination. I never liked that card, but maybe I've underestimated it.

    I knew Corridor Monitor had some combo potential. I don't know why I didn't think of Kiki/Twin. That alone makes it worthy of the list. But yes, Wall of Tanglecord is a more effective blocker, and I think an underrated card.

    EDIT: There was a glaring omission to the list.

    Faeburrow Elder
    This card is awesome for my big cube. Hopefully it won't be too expensive. Three color decks are very common here, and four-five color decks are not unheard of. Even as a 2/2 that taps for GW, this isn't bad, and when it's more than that, it's nuts. Scuttlemut is an old favorite of mine. If you have a larger than normal guild section, this looks like a really sweet card. I'm excited to try it.
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine for Peasant Cube
    Clockwork Servant seems worth it, but Henge Walker is a doubly strictly worse Cathodian. I see no reason to play it. Even if you don't have a Cathodian lying around, the payoff seems highly mediocre.

    But I might play Clockwork Servant myself. I love a good cantrip.
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  • posted a message on Monocolour Devotion Cube
    FunkyDragon has been saying a lot of useful things. Eldraine is definitely a boost with adamant cards (Slaying Fire) and a cycle of quad-cost hybrids (Covetous Urge). Most of the adamant cards are pretty mediocre, but some should go in. The hybrids are likewise not auto-includes even here. Elite Headhunter is super mediocre, for example, but they are still considerations.

    Heraldic Banner is perfect here. Everyone in this cube wants that card. I could even see playing two.

    Other random cards from recent sets: Dread Presence, Endling, Defile, Nissa, Who Shakes the World, and the M20 Cavalier cycle.

    Here's my theorycrafted monoblack cube, which might contain some ideas that would help, at least in black.

    If you want one planeswalker per color, I'd go for Liliana of the Dark Realms, Jace, Wielder of Mysteries, Koth of the Hammer, Nissa, Who Shakes the World, and Elspeth, Knight-Errant. The white one is the only one without a really obvious choice. It's up to the kinds of things you want white to do, but Elspeth makes sense with all of white's anthems.

    I would say that the best way to do it is to incentivize monocolor decks in all the ways that have been suggested, but not to be worried about people sometimes building two color decks, or frequently splashing a second color. As you say, in an 8 person draft, it's difficult to share only five colors in such a way. The biggest problem I see is for several people to dedicate to the same color early, leading to a major imbalance in the draft. Players will have to watch signals closely and jump out of colors aggressively.

    I also agree that you should have a larger than normal colorless section, since those will be played by everyone. As such, it would make sense to have an artifact theme in blue or maybe red. Maybe a little in both.

    Three drop white creatures- My 410 peasant cube has 9, so that's a fine number:

    If all your sections look something like this, it'll be hard to pay two color unless one is a splash. Use the single pip slots you have to include cards that feed into archetypes you want to feed into. Both Thalia and Stonecloaker do things that more color-intense options don't do. I'm not saying those are the cards you should play, of course.

    Spells will be done a little differently than creatures. You might want to play the more standard card than the more color heavy one. For example, you might want to play Oblivion Ring over Stasis Snare (or play both). You can also do things like play Sundering Growth instead of Disenchant, but there are gonna be places where it's best to just play the basic option, like with Doom Blade.

    Note: if you don't already know this, Scryfall is the best place to search for cards if you are looking for things like the number of colored symbols in the mana cost.
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  • posted a message on [ELD][CUBE] Vantress Gargoyle
    It's the coolest Ghoulcaller's Bell ever!

    I've learned not to trust fundamentally inconsistent cards like this, regardless of how awesome they look.
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  • posted a message on [ELD][CUBE] Throne of Eldraine Almost Playables
    Hello again, and welcome to what has more or less become my signature thread. The goal here is to scrape the sides of the barrel and point out any cards that have cube applications but that may not deserve their own thread. The biggest reasons a card goes here is either that it is an archetype card or that it is solid, but not A-list playable.

    Please post any cards here that you think deserve mention if I missed them.

    Corridor Monitor
    This isn't blowing anybody's socks off, but in an artifact cube, it's really not bad. 1/4 for 1U are very reasonable defensive stats, and the ability to untap the mana dork or mana rock that tapped for the Monitor is quite respectable. It's pauper legal, and synergizes with a lot of cards, even if the synergy only amounts to a small bonus. Artifact cubes have much use for colored artifacts.

    Don't laugh, it gets the job done. As far as blue removal goes, this is better than people would probably have you believe. I played Fowl Play for a long time, and it was never great, but it did the trick. This is solid tier 2 removal in a color that is light on actual removal. It's also an enchantment-- I've wanted "enchantments matter" to be more buildable cube archetype for a while, and enchantment based removal is the core of the yet underserved archetype. My Mostly Peasant cube wants the card for exactly that reason.

    Copy Artifact + Copy Enchantment = Playable in both archetypes. This strikes me as a legitimate card in a format full of either card type. Enchantments really might become more buildable after Theros II. The issue is that you need to be able go guarantee there will be a target at least 85% of the time, and not every format can do that. Free tip: speculate on this card. Copy Enchantment is $10.99 on Cardkingdom. This card is gonna be there too, although it may take a few years.

    Mystical Dispute
    This isn't one of the very bestest counterspells ever, but it's not rightly awful without the upside, and it's rightly fabulous with it. If most cube decks are 2-3 color, the odds that you will be facing blue cards in a given match are pretty good. Probably the best place to use this card would be something like a modern frame or frontier cube, where you don't have access to all the best counterspells of yesteryear.

    Stolen by the Fae
    This is a B-Lister for sure, but it's by no means a bad card. It's a scalable token generator spell that produces flyers and has a pretty damn good upside. The problem is that you target something with CMC X, not CMC X or less, and you need a target to cast it. That weakness kills it for most players, and might just kill it for me too. Nevertheless, I warrant the card is better than it looks.

    Epic Downfall
    This is sorcery speed and miss a lot of targets, but it does exile, which isn't true of other 1B options. Getting rid of gods can matter (although the Ilharg, the Raze-Boar cycle laughs at it). I'm not personally interested in this, even at my cube's great size, but I thought it was worth a mention.

    Piper of The Swarm
    Okay, so it's slow. Sue me, I like durdly cards. If you are like me and you favor a slower format to one overrun with every possible Savannah Lions variant, this is not a bad card. It gives you plenty of sacrifice fodder, grants a tribal bonus to a mediocre, but omnipresent tribe, and gives you something to do if the game goes on forever. The stats aren't special, but they also aren't bad. 1/3s are great against those same Savannah Lions variants.

    Syr Konrad, the Grim
    If you're like me, the wording makes you cringe, but the ability makes you giggle in anticipation. There's been a decent amount of discussion of this guy on the Peasant forum, and that is his natural home. Nevertheless, he could find his way into any cube with both a gravyard and an aristocrats theme. These are the kinds of cards that make a B-List cube worth building.

    Claim the Firstborn
    You can't argue with the mana efficiency. This is another one that has gotten some attention from the peasanters. It's not one of my favorites, but it's definitely worth a look for B-Listers and Peasanters everywhere, particularly with aristocrats being such a prominent archetype nowadays.

    Fervent Champion
    I can see equipment matters being a major theme of red and white in an artifact cube. This guy attacks early, and then picks up an axe to get proper dangerous. It helps that aggressive red 1-drops are not as powerful as one might imagine after over 25 years of red being "the aggressive color".

    Merchant of the Vale
    The instant is great for sculpting your hand early (especially if you have a discard/graveyard theme). Unfortunately, the guy is mediocre everywhere. Nevertheless, this is still a solid play in the early game, and you might even activate the merchant's ability once or twice. It's certainly no Faithless Looting, but it does make your hand easier to keep. I might play this in my Mostly Peasant, since I do have a discard and graveyard theme.

    Opportunistic Dragon
    Most people probably looked right past this card, but it's a pretty good Manic Vandal variant. Dragon stats are a great base, and stealing + disempowering an artifact is better than destroying it. This hits artifacts with indestructible, and gives you free sacrifice fodder (though you probably can't take advantage of that outside of an artifact cube or if you get an artifact creature). That's all ignoring the human-stealing upside. There are LOADS of humans to steal in virtually every cube. It's not something to plan around, and I'd certainly never advocate for Human Frailty, but stapled on top of artifact hate and a dragon-body, it's far from irrelevant. This card is absolutely playable in an artifact cube, and I think it might even be a sleeper for normal cubes.

    Keeper of Fables
    I don't suppose people with rare cubes will be interested in this while Ohran Frostfang exists. Nevertheless, I thought it was worth mentioning.

    Once and Future
    It's not all that hard to cast this for 1GGG, and 3G is a decent backup plan. But once again, I don't think most people will be moved by this outside of Peasant.

    Rosethorn Acolyte
    The mana fixing doesn't cost you a card, so it can hardly be terrible. However, the card you get out of it is one that nobody would play otherwise. In such a way, this is very similar to Merchant of the Vale. It's more universally playable than Merchant, but it's less apt to fit into a single archetype very well. There are many better ramp cards after all. Nonetheless, the card is fine, and I might play it in one of my cubes.

    Wildwood Tracker
    Everyone is so in love with 2 power 1-drops, I was surprised nobody made a thread for this. That said, it's clearly neither great nor terrible. The odds that it attacks for 2 on turn two are quite good, but the odds that it doesn't are pretty good as well. This is playable for a green aggro package, but it's also a fine card to pass up on if you have access to rares. I'm personally fine passing up on this everywhere, but it's a worthy consideration.

    Lochmere Serpent
    Yeah, I know it's a guild card. Yeah, I know cards like The Scarab God exist. Still, flashing this in at the end of their turn and then getting in for 7 unblockable seems pretty good. At least it would've been pretty good a few years ago (to say nothing of the reanimation). I guess everybody is spoiled now.

    Maraleaf Pixie
    Booooring! Okay, yes, it's boring. It still fulfills two useful functions in a guild that is considered very shallow. It's vaguely worthwhile, at least in peasant.

    Outlaws' Merriment
    I gotta wait for my upkeep to get value? What is this, 2008? This is a B-List card if ever I saw one. You don't get to choose which outlaw you get, but they're all pretty decent, and it's gonna be a fun card to play. This is the kind of card for which my Mostly Peasant cube is only mostly peasant, as that is the ideal home for it. The card is completely fair and pretty slow, but if you can get over those hurdles, I bet it'll be surprisingly powerful.

    Arcanist's Owl
    I like this a lot. Part of it is my unnatural love of hybrid mana, and part of it is the fact that it supports both artifacts and enchantments more effectively than anything else in Eldraine. Shinechaser can't compete. If you are playing a lot of enchantment based removal in white and a few artifacts, the card is usually going to hit something good, and at worst it's still a Phantom Monster that is itself an artifact for related synergy. I want this in both of my cubes.

    Covetous Urge
    I'm really on the fence about this one. It's not too far from being good, but that might be just a little too far from being good. When hand disruption is no longer relevant, you can eat a great card out of their graveyard to recast it yourself, which is a pretty sweet upside. I really don't know about this, but I expect it'll be playable in Peasant or in a B-List environment, but ultimately cuttable simply because it's a guild card.

    This is solid filler, but that's really all it is. That said it's still pretty hard to top for Raging Goblin variants.

    Chittering Witch
    This is for multiplayer cubes. I think it's a lot more worthwhile than Silverwing Squadron, Gluttonous Troll, or Embereth Skyblazer. One opponent makes the Witch okay...ish. Two or more makes it a really fine card that'll be worth more than its mana while still being completely fair.

    Alela, Artful Provacateur
    Nothing special here, just support for skies, artifacts, and enchantments on a body that trades for anything and gives you life. Nothing special at all.

    Chulane, Teller of Tales
    Blink does it for free, whereas Chulane makes you pay to recast cards for their ETB effects. Nevertheless, he gives you a whole lot of upside on top of that. You have to have a really big cube before you have multiple tricolor slots, so most people have no room to even consider this, but it's a cool card that will be fun to play with while rewarding skillful play.


    Into the Story
    This might be playable with in peasant with a mill subtheme, but I still find it pretty questionable. Requiring something of your opponent is always risky business, and even in your mill deck, you'll often be better off with a basic Concentrate.

    Witching Well
    Mayyybe this is okay in a pauper cube that cares about artifacts, but even there, I foresee Foresee being better. This looks like a card that could have been good, but it falls short at every level.

    Clackbridge Troll
    If this is a trap, I might walk willingly into it. And yes, it is a trap. You wouldn't pay 5 to draw a card and gain 3 life every turn, so you shouldn't do this. Sure, the goats are weak, but they still get to keep them after they inevitably remove the troll. But even though I know all that, I still want to play it. It's just cool.

    Specter's Shriek
    This one is so close to being decent it hurts. But there's just no way around it being a two-for-1 in your opponent's favor most of the time. I think this card is generally slightly better than Unmask, but Unmask just isn't a cube card.

    Steelbane Hydra
    Eugh. In the same set as they have the audacity to overpush a card like Stonecoil Serpent, they make this card so far behind rate as to make it utterly unplayable anywhere. This card is awful, but it could've been really great. Cube is the perfect format for a card like this, but this build isn't even good enough for Pauper. What a waste.

    Feel free to point out anything else you think is worth mentioning. It's weird that there aren't any white cards here. Only Glass Casket even looks worth pointing out, and Silkwrap was never so much of a cube card. Nevertheless, white got an instant staple in Charming Prince, so I suppose it's doing just fine.
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine for Peasant Cube
    I really don't like Epic Downfall. I feel like it misses more targets than Terror, or Go for the Throat, or Doom Blade, or Soul Reap, or Ultimate Price, and most of those are instants. I feel like I might even be able to rely more on Murderous Compulsion to kill the thing I need dead.

    I guess it's about the same level as Smother, but that's nowhere near the top. I guess exile is good.

    Am I missing something about the card? It doesn't seem worthwhile at all to me with all these other great options. Even for my 1600 cube, I feel like it's near the back of the line.

    My peasant cube is so small that I'm not even playing Vendetta, and that card is miles better than this.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] 2 cards from a twitch steam (theAsianAvenger)
    Six mana for three guys that make food when they die. Wow, that's bad. Four tokens would've been okay, and 3GG would again have been okay, but neither would have been amazing even at instant speed. The food barely helps.

    It's just weird to me that they would pair this extremely efficient common with this unplayably inefficient one. If the three little pigs are too weak for limited, they're too weak for anything, and I wouldn't draft that in any green deck.

    The wolf on the other hand is first-pickable in a mediocre pack.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] [CUBE] Inclusions & Testing Thread
    As always, my list is a lot different from others. My adds are predominantly selected by fortune, since I don't just order every card I want. Sometimes I end up with them much later, but generally I add the best cards that I open. Most of them come from drafting. Unlike most people, cuts from my cube are generally easy to find, as there are still a lot of old holdovers. I have a lot of my weakest cards already marked to await replacement.

    *: Cards that cannot be opened, but that I would like to play if I somehow end up with a copy
    !: Cards I'm particularly excited about
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  • posted a message on [ELD] What's with all the creature creep?
    We all know creature creep has happened. A lot. A lot a lot. Cards like Carnage Tyrant have been coming out for some time that just shatter precedent. I never like cards like that, but Edraine has a ton of it. Sometimes it's fine. For example, Order of Midnight is easily the most efficient version of that card ever printed (compare to Vampire Interloper), but it doesn't seem excessively creature creeped (at least to me). Other places, I'm just looking for the downside on the card, and it doesn't ever come.

    Stonecoil Serpent: four times strictly better than Endless One if you count artifact as an upside. Endless One was already a solid card. Trample alone is a massive bonus on a card like this.

    Bonecrusher Giant: 4/3 for 2R with multiple highly relevant upsides. Geez louise, remember Centaur Courser?

    Robber of the Rich: 2/2 haste for 1R with multiple upsides.

    Questing Beast: All the upsides make my head spin.

    I don't hate Wildborn Preserver or Gingerbrute as much, but they certainly go farther than any card before them. Again, sometimes I think it's okay to break precedent.

    Personally, I don't like this. In fact I hate it. I really hate it. Generally, they keep the same power level at common and uncommon, and allow rares to have ridiculous stats. I feel like just making creatures more and more efficient for their mana cost doesn't do anything to help the game at all, and just pushes creatures to be better without pushing the design. Nevertheless, that's just my opinion.

    Does creature creep bother you, or are you just happy to see strong creatures?
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Stonecoil Serpent
    Too much creature creep!! Stop it! Reach was fine. Why couldn't they stop there? Soon they'll be printing 3/3s for two without drawback at common. I'm not happy.
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  • posted a message on [ELD][CUBE] Stonecoil Serpant
    Jeepers creepers, why are they pushing creature creep so hard in this set? I thought Endless One was a fine design, but this takes it too far. Where's the downside?
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine for Peasant Cube

    But in a 1600 card cube none of this matters anyway as it would be impossible to draft a streamlined aggro deck unless you used a very special drafting technique.

    This is true, I suppose. Aggro decks are more similar to a much more powerful booster draft. You can't expect to get more then two 2 power one-drops, though you can usually get a couple if you're trying. But the core of an aggro deck in my big cube is in 1-3 drops, not just 1-drops. Nevertheless, aggro is still omnipresent, and the easiest deck to draft.
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine for Peasant Cube
    7-8 turns??? You clearly don't understand the card. You don't have to mill the opponent yourself, they draw themselves to death, often well after the crab is dead, and they spent premium removal on your one-drop. It's usually an alt win-con, but it comes up all the time, and at the low cost of a one-drop that again amounts to a must-answer creature.

    Many many times have I seen a player use good removal on the crab only to get decked out by a control deck. It's not hard to do. And if they don't remove it, they'll just die. Remember, your opponent is playing Magic, which usually means drawing more cards than just the one a turn.

    But it's true that I favor a slower format. I've never understood why everyone is so in love with 2/1s for 1. Sure I run a few of them, but why run every single one? Nevertheless, Hedron Crab is a criminally undervalued card. No other mill required. I doubt the overwhelmingly positive experience I've had with it is due purely the kind of cubes I play. No one believes me, but they're wrong on this one.

    Psychic Spiral might be great. I prefer an engine to a one-off, but I have no reason to doubt the card. I've just never played it. I still doubt it's up to the crab. That card is awesome, and one of the best kept cube secrets.
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