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  • posted a message on [C19] Mothership Spoilers 8/05 - Volrath, Gift of doom and Vesuvan Shapeshifter reprint
    Volrath might make infect a valid strategy in Edh
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  • posted a message on [RUMOR] The Commander 19 decks will be based on keywords
    Quote from Gashnaw II »
    Quote from Wizmin »
    Hopefully the populate decks have at least 2 of the token doubling enchantments in them since they're all way over priced

    If anything it will most likely provide Parallel lives. People do not want a another G/W deck so i doubt they will do that (Even if populate is a G/W keyword.)

    As for brawl, only thing that will get me to buy the decks is if it contains enough card i feel hold value, and hold a brand new PW. I got the global series for the Pws. I bought three of teh four c18 decks (two were for the PWs and a few interesting cards inside)

    I'm pretty sure they'd have to include white in a populate themed deck because right now there are only two nonwhite cards with populate and there's only a limited number of new cards
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  • posted a message on Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Modern vs Legacy
    I'd say it has a lot to do with the non interactivity of modern. There isn't really a Uxx value deck where Jace can shine. In a draw go counterspell deck you don' really want to tap out on turn 4 and playing a regular midrange deck leads to loosing on turn 3.
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  • posted a message on “Boros sucks” is a culture problem.
    I think really aggressive decks tend to be generally worse in multiplayer because you have to invest a lot in killing someone while the others tend to set up (similar to why infect is so weak in Commander). Also aggro players could often have problems with their opponents'threat assasment since many people will focus more on someone with big beaters in play who's hitting them even tough the green player with 15 mana on turn 6 could potentially be a bigger thread.
    And of course you don't have to play aggro in Boros but there are nearly no viable Boros options for other strategies and if your commander doesn't encourage what you're doing (like eg stax or Ld) you can probably find a better one in other colours.
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  • posted a message on Teysa Karlov
    Quote from Spaz350 »
    Well, she's just bound to be best friends with Judith, isn't she? Mardu token aristocrats?

    Judith sadly doesn't trigger of tokens dying
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Mechanics ( Spectacle, Afterlife, Adapt, Riot, Addendum)
    I really hate Addendum, not because the cards are necessariely bad, we'll have to wait for more spoilers to evaluate that, I just think it's a terrible idea to give a control player additional effects for doing stuff on his own turn. Gaining two life isn't worth not being able to counter your opponent's spells
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  • posted a message on Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer
    Ok someone please tell me I am wrong here. If I have Brudiclad and Precursor Golem on the field, and enough mana to play Cackling Counterpart twice (once before and once after Brudiclad turns all my tokens into copies of the copied Precursor Golem), I can attack with 108 golems. If I calculated this correctly, I will need to start building this deck immediately.

    I don't think this is correct: You start with 1 precurser and two tokens. You use Cackling Counterpart and get two additional tokens and one precurser wich makes two more -> you have two cursers and 6 tokens. Brudiclad turns all into precursers so you'll have 8. You cast Counterpart again to make 8 more precursers wich create 16 tokens -> you end with 16 cursers and 16 tokens
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  • posted a message on Najeela, the Blade-Blossom - Resource Guide
    Storm the Vault doesn't work well because it says: one or more creatures, so you will get only one treasure.
    The Song of Freyalise/Cryptolith Rite combo works still without vigilance if you have 5 attacking creatures and WUBRG: Attack with all 5 creatures, activate Najeela's ability wich will untap your attackers so they can be tapped for mana to activate her ability again.
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  • posted a message on Packaging for Dominaria and M19
    Quote from Marquisd »

    Much more at the link

    Things of Note Teferi and Chandra are the two Planeswalker decks for Dominaria, Chandra's is R/G and Teferi's W/U that doesn't meant the planeswalkers are those colours neccessarily, but they could be.

    Also Tezzeret's PW deck for M19 seems to be mono blue. We could be looking at another Tezzeret pre Bolas

    The art we got of Tezzeret is definitly not pre Bolas since he already got his tattoo on his forehead wich he got after being defeated by Jace at the end of Agents of Artifice when Bolas took care of him.
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  • posted a message on Jace's manablade
    I really hope he'd use it in future stories since I'd really like references to the planeswalker novels. The characters had been a lot deeper in them than they're in the weekly stories. But unfortunatly I doubt there will be many references since new players wouldn't understand them.
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  • posted a message on Best Duels: Origins decks?
    I enjoy most playing 5c superfriends. I put in most of my pws + the owths and mass removal. It's a bit weak against vehicle decks and some who run Fevered Visions but wins most of the other matchups. Apart from that I play Grixis and Dimir control.
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  • posted a message on Is Nicol Bolas a clockworker?
    WATCH OUT SPOILER! (for "Test of metal")

    In the novel "Test of metal" Nicol Bolas creates a clone of himself which is able to do clockworking. In order to figure out wether it's impossible to defeat Bolas or if he's just way too powerful for the Gatewatch I wondered wether the real Bolas is a clockworker, too or was it just that clone?
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  • posted a message on 5 Color Planeswalker Proliferation
    Quote from DementedKirby »
    Well, EDH is all about blowout plays so I'm glad that Deepglow Skate and Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder share the wealth. As for Skyship Plunderer, I guess that it's main purpose is to double energy counters on a player. Now, it could also be used in an infect deck in order to double the poison counters on the opponent. So I guess it's not entirely awful. However, in a proliferate deck it's not that appealing. It is a pretty good uncommon, though for other formats.

    I think Skyship Plunderer doesn't double counters, doesn't it say for each kind of counter not each counter?
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  • posted a message on What's your opinion on 'The Gatewatch'?
    I hate the Gatewatch. Like AlabasterLight said it's much lass likelier to have one of its members killed the longer they keep being the protagonists of nearly all stories. The story will lose a lot of suspence until there will be an event like in Marvel's Civil war or members start dieing.
    By the way I was so disappointed after wednesday's story for Chandra not killing herself. Until the end the story seemed so good :(.
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  • posted a message on The Gatewatch, Nicol Bolas and Amonkhet
    Quote from Charlito »
    I'd be fine with a partial victory, never a total victory on Amonkhet. I understand Bolas is supposed to be the ultimate villain, with virtually no way to defeat him, but wasn't Ajani already partially victorious at the end of the Alara block? Also, we know for the sake of storytelling, someday, somehow, someone is going to take Bolas down. Its the fate of every evil villain in a story that involves heroes, and all we are doing is complaining about who actually gets to do it. Does it matter if the Gatewatch does it, perhaps after many more years of experience? I personally feel that all the Gatewatch will do on Amonkhet is figure out what Bolas's aims are and that's it, maybe slow him down a bit, but no further.

    Also, Emrakul being trapped really really can't be considered a victory. Sure Innistrad is temporary safe in a sense, but consider the losses. There were thousands of deaths, the loss of Avacyn, Sorin's entrapment, Thraben's possible destruction, the fates of many main characters (Thalia, Sigarda, Arlinn, etc.) mostly unknown, Emrakul's brood possibly being still active, werewolves making a comeback, the flight of nightmares coming into being and the loss of the majority of angels, the murders caused by the Lunarch inquisition, plus a lot more. Yep, a total victory I'd say. Furthermore, from Emrakul's perspective, she got everything she wanted. The world wasn't ready for her, so she wanted a place to wait, and the Gatewatch provided her with the perfect way to do it. From the Gatewatch's perspective, a possible victory, but they have no way of knowing.

    I think Ajani didn't win on Alara. Bolas aim was to create the conflux and he did it. After the fight with Ajani he planeswalked away and wasn't harmed.
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