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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    @Xarnithru Yeah, I didn't mention Plains count because I haven't started putting them in yet. I just noticed that I had way too much in the mainboard that 21-23 lands would not have fit. I'm still in the process of building it, that is to say.

    And yeah, it definitely hurts to have to chop them out, especially since I'm not sure where they would fit in my sideboard since that's pretty well-stocked with necessary tools against my local meta. I guess I just don't know what I should prioritize; what kinds of decks Soul Sisters doesn't find quite as threatening to the point that it could handle them without much sideboard presence.

    But yeah, you have a point. I suppose I'll have to dump the Abolishers, Crusader, and Mindcensors, as useful as I thought they would be. But if it wrecks the deck's mechanics, I may as well not do so. That leaves me at 19 land; so I wonder what I should drop to fit a few more in?

    Also, what are your thoughts on Rune-Tail? I thought he could be useful, but wasn't sure. I'm already concerned enough that I don't have Auriok Champions to boost the Sister count, so the more defensive I can be, the better, right?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    Hi there, pretty new to MtG, only been playing a few months now.

    I finally decided I'd splurge on a deck, and I had played a budget version of Soul Sisters when I started, so I decided I was fond enough of it to make the full thing. Problem is, I'm not quite sure what to do-- I've built the core of the deck, but I'm not sure what to add/remove so I can fit enough land in. Here's what I've decided on so far:

    My local meta is very heavy on control, combo, and affinity players, so I figured loading the deck and sideboard thusly worked best. Grand Abolisher and Aven Mindcensor are mainboard for that reason, after all, and the sideboard is stuffed with artifact, combo, and Snapcaster hate. Eerie Interlude is one I'm not totally sure of, but it's one of my new favorite cards due to its sheer versatility (anti-boardwipe that also lets me reap all the ETB benefits? Yes please), so I threw some in (and would love to add more). The Witchbane Orbs and Orbs of Warding will likely be replaced with Leylines of Sanctity if I decide they're necessary enough to get.

    As for the stuff I'm undecided on:
    Fiendslayer Paladin seems great due to being able to do a lot while being immune to burn and kill spells, but he doesn't have protection, which didn't seem like a #1 choice.
    Kor Firewalker would be a sideboard card at best, but I don't know if I can drop anything to fit him in.
    Brave the Elements would be fantastic, but again, can't fit it anywhere.
    Suppression Field and Pithing Needle are merely on standby in case my local meta starts using activated abilities more (and this is not super common-- if it is, it's done by artifacts, and Stony Silence/Sundering Growth shuts those down).
    Victory's Herald is a win-more card at best compared to Archangel of Thune, but I considered it.
    Rune-Tail is one I'm super torn on. It's so easy to get over 30 life, and if Serra Ascendant can make use of that life, so can this. I figured it'd be great against Infect?

    But my biggest problem is that my deck is too stuffed full for me to fit enough land in.

    What would be advisable, from those of you who've been using Soul Sisters for a long time?
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