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  • posted a message on Mafia Hosting Sign-Ups & Hosting Rules
    Put me in the Micro queue for The Resistance (Mafia?) since there was a bit of interest on Discord when I brought it up a couple weeks ago.
    7 players; 2 factions.
    4 Rebels; 3 Spies.
    The Rebels know nothing; The Spies know their teammates and do not have a private chat.

    The Resistance isn’t really Mafia, but it shares many similarities. Here are the rules for playing The Resistance (shamelessly retro-fitted from Iso’s Avalon Mafia with inspiration from elsewhere):

    (1) There are no Day/Night phases. There is also no lynch or night kill. Instead, there are 5 Mission Phases.

    (2) At the beginning of a Mission Phase, a player will be selected to be the Mission Leader. Whenever a Mission Phase is completed, or a Mission Team (see Paragraph 3) is rejected, the player in the player list directly after the previous Mission Leader will become the new Mission Leader. The first Mission Leader of the game will be the player at the top of the player list (player list will be shuffled before the game begins in the interest of fairness).

    (3) After discussion, the Mission Leader will propose a Mission Team by making a post that contains "Proposal (Mission number).(Proposal number): Player 1, Player 2, etc." on its own, separate line. Bright colors are preferred but not required. The Mission Leader is permitted to put themselves on the Mission Team.

    (3.1) The number of players on the Mission Team depends on the mission number. Mission 1 requires 2 players, Missions 2 and 3 require 3 players, and Missions 4 and 5 require 4 players.

    (4) Each player votes on the proposed team via PM to the game host only. Votes for or against a Mission Team may be changed any number of times simply by PMing the host again until the deadline; at the deadline, all votes will be revealed simultaneously and the team will be confirmed or denied. Failure to vote will result in reduced majority requirements for that vote (and also an inactivity prod regardless of prior posting).

    (5) If the team earns a majority of assenting votes, that team is confirmed and attempts the mission; otherwise, that team is rejected and the next player sequentially becomes the new Mission Leader (see Paragraph 2). The fifth Mission Team proposed for each mission will be automatically confirmed.

    (6) When a Mission Team becomes confirmed, each member of the Mission Team will submit "Pass" or "Fail" to the game host via PM only. If all of the submissions are "Pass", the Mission will succeed. If 1 or more of the submissions is "Fail", the Mission will fail except for Mission 4, which will require two "Fails" to actually fail. In other words, the Fails required to fail will be 1/1/1/2/1. Failure to submit a "Pass" or "Fail" will be counted as a "Pass."

    (7) The Rebels win if 3 Missions pass; the Spies win if 3 Missions fail.
    I’m thinking 4 days/96 hours for discussion/proposal, 2 days/48 hours of voting, then a 1 day/24 hour mission which becomes an extension for the following proposal period if the team is rejected.

    The game thread will always be "open," even during mission runs, and posting minimums will be 1 content post every 48 hours. Also some quality of life changes from Avalon's game rules.

    I can fire with anywhere from 5 to 7 players but I'm shooting for 7.
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  • posted a message on Off the Grid Mafia IV Sign-ups Closed 9/9
    Ehhh. /Mentor?
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  • posted a message on Pirates Mafia Sign-Ups (Full! Still taking replacements briefly!)
    yeah, put me on the /replace list too.
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  • posted a message on 2017 MTGS Mafia Awards - Winners Announced!
    Is it proper for me to vote based off of only the games I've played in or should I abstain if I didn't follow enough?
    We're just nominating right now I believe, so if someone/somegame hasn't been nominated for a category that you think they/it should be up for, or if it has been and you just want to swap stories/add to the nomination/convince people on the fence about it, feel free to write stuff!

    To be perfectly honest, though I've read every game this year, I only actually remember a handful of them. :p
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  • posted a message on MTGS Mafia Votecounter v0.5 - New Year, New Update!
    Updated post 12 again for the syntax change.

    Happy New Year!
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  • posted a message on Pirates Mafia Sign-Ups (Full! Still taking replacements briefly!)
    An Iso game? The day after christmas?

    I can't really commit at the moment but it's veeeery tempting.

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  • posted a message on The Mafia Council & Helpdesk Thread
    Iso requested that I post all of the information about an incident that happened in my game, so, here it is:

    Summary: Osieorb18 posted a screenshot containing private communications with the game host (me). The screenshot did not contain messages that were directly game related, but they were used in the game thread to explain a thread absence. He had asked me if it was okay to post it prior and I agreed it was okay due to a misunderstanding.

    The post in question.

    And here's our chat log:

    After this I attempted to contact council members and more experienced game hosts. I chose to issue a warning rather than a modkill because it didn't appear to have a large impact on the game, and Osieorb18 was ultimately lynched during the same phase.

    I'm not requesting council action or anything since it's partly my own fault, but Iso wanted a record of it... so here it is. :p
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  • posted a message on It Was a Dark and Stormy Night; [Game Over - Mafia Victory!]
    Votecount 4.Final
    Jenna Tolaria - 4 (DoTArchon, Anaklusmos, Reaverb Tau, Killjoy) (L-0)
    Killjoy - 1 (Tubba Fett)
    No Lynch - 1 (Jenna Tolaria)

    Not Voting - 0

    Jenna Tolaria was lynched. She was Megan, Town Vanilla.

    The Mafia team of Grapefruit21, Killjoy, and Reaverb Tau has won the game!

    Random thoughts:
    My eternal thanks to the many replacement players: Grapefruit, Killjoy, Pizza, Megs, and Anak.

    VoteCounter was great other than a couple of hiccups.

    As far as the set up goes, there were a couple of things. I wanted to try the Clairvoyant role, it's basically the reason the game existed lol. Tubba's use of it wasn't bad, and its optimal use is probably as a psuedo-rolecop which requires people to actually claim. While Reaver is correct that it /could/ be used to break the game, the role isn't guaranteed to exist and convincing other players to mass claim on D1 because you can totally break the set up /should/ be a hard sell in a closed set up game. That said, I probably underestimated the extent to which people trust claims here, but it didn't really come up. Over all the role didn't have quite as much impact on the game as I expected, but, c'est la vie.

    The Thief role worked basically the way I expected, though that was probably helped by Voxx randing it since he's basically a night action magnet.

    The mafia were probably a /bit/ over tuned set up wise, but that could also just be lucky night actions. Killed the tracker N1, got the Vig lynched before he shot someone, spot on role blocks, Clairvoyant asked questions that ended up being irrelevant, etc. I'm not trying to diminish their play here, their in-thread actions, presentation, and narrative control were great, but it seemed like the town didn't really have any way of actually using their night actions for most of the game and I'm not sure if that's just down to luck/skill on the Mafia's part or if the Mafia were over tuned.

    If I were going to run this game again, I'd probably just axe the Clairvoyant entirely, make the Roleblocker a 1- or 2- shot, and either make the backup a watcher-only backup or a regular goon.

    I really, really wish I'd had time to write flavor for this too, but, I've had a lot of life stuff getting in the way unfortunately. It had a lot of potential. Frown

    We should talk briefly about flaming and toxicity. Calling people "toxic players" and such isn't something that the forum mods have punished in the past, but, it's borderline at minimum and isn't fun for the player receiving it, for the other players and spectators reading it, or for me to have to decide if it's over the line or not. And I don't really have tools at my disposal as a game host other than modkills/force replaces which are really heavy-handed ways of handling problems between two players. In the future, if you feel a player is being toxic or flaming, report the offending posts and ignore the parts of their posts you feel are over the line. I know it's hard, and I've been guilty of engaging in heavy appeals to emotion and getting wrapped up in toxicity and stuff too in the past, but it makes for a better game experience over all.

    There were a couple of game rule violations around real life excuses and stuff. It's not a standard rule around here but I think/hope those players understand why I implemented it and that it becomes more of a thing.

    Thanks for being great players! I hope everyone had fun.

    Congratulations again to the Mafia!

    Edit: I've had a request for the set up to he added to this post.

    Vaimes - Tracker
    Askthepizzaguy r. Voxxicus - Thief (Jack of All Trades)
    Meggido r. King Torg - 1-shot Vig
    Anaklusmos r. Colin - Bodyguard
    Tubba Fett - Clairvoyant
    DoTArchon - Vanilla
    Osieorb18 - Vanilla
    shadowlancerx - Vanilla
    Jenna Tolaria - Vanilla


    Grapefruit r. A Bear - Watcher
    Reaverb Tau - Roleblocker
    Killjoy r. Empoof - 1-shot Backup

    The Jack of All Trades has the following abilities: 1-shot Commuter, 1-shot Jailkeeper, 1-shot 30 word message

    The Clairvoyant can ask the host a question about the set up each night (i.e. "how many members of the mafia exist?") and it will be truthfully answered at dawn.
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  • posted a message on It Was a Dark and Stormy Night; [Game Over - Mafia Victory!]
    Mfw there are actually five town roles.

    I'll post the set up later, but suffice to say that enough of the town roles are unconfirmable and their overall power level was weak enough that I didn't feel it was especially town sided. Maybe slightly due to site claiming meta, by which I mean people here tend to trust claims more than distrust them in my experience.
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  • posted a message on Mafia Hosting Sign-Ups & Hosting Rules
    It Was A Dark And Stormy Night; Mafia has ended in a Mafia victory!

    Empoof, A Bear, King Torg, and Voxxicus were replaced on request.

    Colin was forcibly replaced after failing to respond to a prod.
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  • posted a message on It Was a Dark and Stormy Night; [Game Over - Mafia Victory!]
    Jenna Tolaria was lynched as of post #894.

    Because there are no remaining roles that can fully prevent the night kill, the mafia team of Grapefruit21, Killjoy, and Reaverb Tau have won the game. Congratulations!

    It is technically twilight until I post the votal + Jenna's actual flip, but, post game starts now for all intents and purposes.

    Scum chat and spec chat will be posted by me with the votal post, though anyone with access to those chats may feel free to link them first.

    You may continue posting. Spectators, dead players, and other nonparticipants may also post.
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  • posted a message on Haiku Mafia Sign-ups (12/12) - I am the walrus
    I'll have to /out,
    I am so very sorry,
    but life is important.

    If it takes a
    while to fill still there is
    a chance I can return.
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  • posted a message on It Was a Dark and Stormy Night; [Game Over - Mafia Victory!]
    Askthepizzaguy has died in the night! He was Jett, Town Thief (Jack of All Trades).

    1. TubbaFett
    2. DoTArchon
    3. Reaverb Tau
    4. Jenna Tolaria
    5. Anaklusmos r. Colin
    6. Killjoy r. Empoof

    With 6 alive, it takes 4 to lynch. Day 4 deadline is 11:59 PM Eastern on 1 December.

    It is now Day 4. You may post.
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  • posted a message on It Was a Dark and Stormy Night; [Game Over - Mafia Victory!]
    Hihi. First, a bit of housekeeping:

    Effective immediately, Anaklusmos replaces Colin.

    Vote Count 3.Final
    Grapefruit21 - 5 (Askthepizzaguy, DoTArchon, Colin, Reaverb Tau, Killjoy) (L-0)
    Askthepizzaguy - 2 (Jenna Tolaria, Grapefruit21) (L-3)

    Not Voting - 1 (Tubba Fett)

    Aaand here's your flip:

    Grapefruit21 was lynched as of post #843. He was Rowena, Mafia Watcher.

    It is now Night 3, please do not post. Night Actions are due by 11:00 PM Eastern on November 19th.
    Unaddressed errors in this vote count? PM me on MTGS or Discord, I'll get it sorted.
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