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  • posted a message on Animar and Rhystic Study
    Rhystic Study's ability means, in relevant part, "...that player may pay 1. If that player doesn't, you may draw a card" (C.R. 117.12a) (and if the player does pay, you don't draw a card). Note that that player chooses whether to pay 1 when Rhystic Study's ability resolves, that is, after the spell in question is cast (C.R. 603.5). Animar's cost reduction has nothing to do with this; Rhystic Study's ability will trigger whenever "an opponent casts a spell", regardless of what was paid to cast that spell (C.R. 603.2).
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  • posted a message on Mangara of corondor, sacrifice, priority
    Quote from lynchy »
    Thankyou for your response,
    So, assuming he has no responses, and he passes priority, the ability resolves without allowing me to take any additional actions?
    If all players have passed in a row, yes, that is what happens (C.R. 116.4).

    So I take it I have to decide first if I want to save Mangara from exile by sacing him, if I do my opponent is free to sac his creature without consequences, if I don't he must make a decision to either allow his creature to be exiled, or allow Mangara to remain on the battlefield.

    Is this correct?

    In effect, that is correct in your scenario.
    And this is a multiplayer game, I assume it makes little difference
    If more than two players are in the game, the only difference is that more players than two will be required to pass priority in a row in order for a spell or ability to resolve (C.R. 116.4, 100.1b).
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  • posted a message on Mangara of corondor, sacrifice, priority
    Assuming this is a two-player game:

    If you activate Mangara's ability and then pass, your opponent will get priority (C.R. 116.3d). If your opponent then passes, Mangara's ability will resolve (C.R. 116.4). However, if your opponent instead casts a spell or activates an ability (C.R. 116.1a-c), that ability will go on the stack above Mangara's (C.R. 405.2) and get to resolve before that ability (C.R. 116.4).

    Note that in a sanctioned tournament, a player that adds an ability to the stack is generally assumed to have passed afterward (M.T.R. 4.2).
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  • posted a message on blood sun and lands that start play tapped
    Blood Sun's effect, just like Blood Moon's, takes away certain abilities, but in a different way (with Blood Sun, this happens just by making all lands lose most abilities, but with Blood Moon, this happens by making nonbasic lands Mountains and no other land types [compare C.R. 613.1f with C.R. 613.1d and 305.7, respectively]). Both effects take away from the affected lands abilities that make them enter the battlefield tapped, so they work the same way in this scenario:
    • Since the release of Ixalan, both effects "already exist and would apply to" Gruul Turf, etc., so they are "tak[en] into account" when "determin[ing] whether [those lands'] replacement effects apply and how they apply" (C.R. 614.12, 614.1d). That means that Gruul Turf would enter the battlefield without the abilities in questions, so would enter the battlefield untapped since nothing else states otherwise (C.R. 110.6b).
    • Before the release of Ixalan, both effects would be ignored for the purposes of C.R. 614.12 (as was in effect before Ixalan). This means that the replacement effects of Gruul Turf, etc., would still work and could make those lands enter the battlefield untapped in the given cases.
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  • posted a message on Zoetic Cavern / Possibility Storm
    I asked this question to Eli Shiffrin via Twitter and his answer agreed with my understanding.
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  • posted a message on Demonmail Hauberk and Yasova dragonclaw
    As you activate Demonmail Hauberk's equip ability, you can target any "creature you control", even if you don't own it and even if it's the creature that Demonmail Hauberk is attached to, and you can sacrifice that creature or any other creature you control to pay for the ability (C.R. 114.1c, 702.6a, 701.15a) — when activating an ability, you choose targets before you pay costs (C.R. 602.2b, 601.2c, 601.2h). See also this thread.

    Note that the rule numbers I cite are from the most recent version of the comprehensive rules at the time of this writing.
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  • posted a message on Zoetic Cavern / Possibility Storm
    If you cast Zoetic Cavern using morph, it will be a creature card and no other types, and you will thereby cast a creature spell on the stack (under C.R. 702.36a, "[y]ou may cast [Zoetic Cavern] as a ... creature [with certain other qualities]" for 3; see also C.R. 702.36c), so due to Possibility Storm, you exile the resulting spell, then exile cards from the top of your library until you exile a creature card (the word "it", where it appears in "exiles it" and "shares a card type with it", refers to "a spell" earlier in the text), so what is relevant here is what card types the spell had when it was exiled, not the card types of the exiled card it becomes (C.R. 608.2g).
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  • posted a message on Platinum Angel and Torment of Scarabs
    Torment of Scarabs's second ability means, in relevant part, "... that player may sacrifice a nonland permanent or discard a card. If he or she doesn't, that player loses 3 life" (C.R. 117.12a, 603.5). Thus, the enchanted player may choose not to sacrifice a nonland permanent or discard a card, and will lose 3 life if he or she chooses not to, even if he or she has 3 or less life (C.R. 117.12, 107.1b, 118.3) (compare Torment of Scarabs with Blood Clock, where a player can't choose to pay 2 life if he or she has less than 2 life [C.R. 118.4]).
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  • posted a message on Morphing and Putting into Play
    Any cards put onto the battlefield with Warp World enter the battlefield face up, since Warp World doesn't specify otherwise (C.R. 110.6b). Thus, since Willbender will enter face up, you can't turn it face up by paying its morph cost (under C.R. 702.36e). Neither will Willbender's triggered ability trigger when it enters the battlefield (C.R. 603.2).
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  • posted a message on Oath of Teferi
    No. The effect of Oath of Teferi's second ability changes only how often, not when, a player may activate a loyalty ability; it doesn't change the fact that a "player may activate a loyalty ability of a permanent he or she controls any time he or she has priority during a main phase of his or her turn" (C.R. 606.3), but not normally at any other time. Under C.R. 101.1, the effect modifies merely the phrase "but only if no player has previously activated a loyalty ability of that permanent this turn" of C.R. 606.3, and makes conforming modifications elsewhere in the rules.
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  • posted a message on Banding
    In general, if you're attacking with a band, all the creatures in it assign combat damage to the band's blockers (C.R. 702.21h, 510.1c; see also C.R. 702.21c). However, you "take into account [in part] damage from other creatures that's being assigned during the same combat damage step" to determine whether lethal damage is assigned to a creature (C.R. 702.19b; see also C.R. 510.1c). Therefore, if the remaining creatures combined assign lethal damage to all creatures blocking the band, you may assign the excess combat damage of the creature with trample to the defending player or planeswalker (C.R. 702.19b). See also this thread.
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  • posted a message on Enrage triggers on MTGO?
    Abilities that say "Whenever [this permanent] is dealt damage" will not trigger—
    • if something has dealt damage only to a player (as is possible with Shock or Lightning Bolt), or
    • if something has dealt damage only to a permanent other than the one where that ability appears (C.R. 603.2).

    Note that the enrage ability word, like all ability words, has no game mechanics inherent to it (C.R. 207.2c).
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  • posted a message on an animated Glacial Chasm equipped with Assault Suit
    Quote from DementedKirby »
    Yes, I understood that from my previous thread. However, (I think it's a new, different question, which is why I made a new thread) if I don't hand control of Glacial Chasm to an opponent, what does Assault Suit do? Does it prevent me from sacrificing Glacial Chasm when I don't pay its cumulative upkeep cost?
    Yes; this is the case even though Glacial Chasm is not normally a creature (C.R. 101.2, 702.23a). Assault Suit says "Equipped creature ... can't be sacrificed", and that applies here to Glacial Chasm, which Assault Suit is attached to (C.R. 611.3a, 301.5e).

    EDIT: Corrected one rule citation after I saw comment 4.
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  • posted a message on an animated Glacial Chasm equipped with Assault Suit
    Effects that make a permanent a creature, as Noyan Dar's ability does, doesn't remove any abilities from the affected permanent unless the effect states otherwise (compare Noyan Dar with Titania's Song; see also this thread) (see also C.R. 205.1b). Therefore, Glacial Chasm would still have cumulative upkeep (and its other abilities). And a cumulative upkeep ability will trigger only at the beginning of its controller's upkeep, and only if its source is on the battlefield (C.R. 702.23a, 109.5, 603.4; see also your previous thread).
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  • posted a message on Varchild's War-Riders equipped with Assault Suit
    Varchild's War-Riders's cumulative upkeep ability will trigger only if a player controls Varchild's War-Riders at the beginning of his or her upkeep (C.R. 702.23a, 109.5, 603.4). Although Assault Suit's second ability can make another player gain control of the equipped creature during the upkeep, that doesn't change whether the cumulative upkeep ability will trigger.

    If Assault Suit is attached to Varchild's War-Riders (and the latter is still on the battlefield [C.R. 608.2]) when the latter's cumulative upkeep ability resolves, the controller of that ability (not necessarily the player who now controls Varchild's War-Riders) (C.R. 112.8, 109.5) chooses whether to pay the cumulative upkeep cost. If he or she doesn't, then he or she would sacrifice Varchild's War-Riders (C.R. 702.23a) — but can't do so in this scenario, so the instruction to do so is ignored (C.R. 101.2, 101.3).
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