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  • posted a message on U/B Tortured Trinket
    Have been testing this a little bit and trying some different card choices. Just looking to get a second opinion and maybe hear some cards I may have missed.
    London Mulligan really helped this deck, TE is not much of a challenge to find nowadays and lots of people just aren't packing ways to deal with it maindeck.

    So, this is a Tortured Existence brew that aims to close the game by locking your opponents out of the game using Thoughtpicker Witch. It uses a variety of creatures as sac fodder, primarily Myr Servitor, Mulldrifter, and Trinket Mage. All of them mitigate or negate card disadvantage normally associated with repeated sacrificing. Mesmeric Fiend is another common sacrifice target that can be looped to both control the library and permanently deal with cards that are already in hand. A pair of Grave Scrabblers can really run away with the game with a sac outlet on board, and provide more natural card advantage and free blockers. Myr Servitor itself can wall out some decks with blocks that arent able to clear away enough copies, buying you time while you assemble a lock. Golgari Brownscale is also included to give us a way to simply loop Thoughtpicker Witch with itself every turn in tight situations, and can allow us to gain a lot of life to delay further. Forbidden Alchemy, Mulldrifter and Careful Study help us find cards we need while filling the yard with tutor targets. The shell has a lot of resilience, and dodges edict effects. It feels unique, and perhaps strong enough to take some games off of established archetypes. Trinket Mage itself brings a lot to the table, and being able to loop its effect to find more lands, removal, or hate is quite strong in a shell where one can cast almost as many copies as you can afford.

    Here's my current, albeit minimally refined, list;

    Probably going to be brewing this for a bit, would love suggestions, will update it as I go.
    I'd compare this deck to Lantern Control, but it's really a Tortured Existence deck at heart. You do close games with library manipulation, but the execution and tutoring are lacking compared to Modern's streamlined Ensnaring Bridge centric lists. Creature combat is important, and often a Thoughtpicker Lock is icing on the cake. This configuration does not play hellbent magic, and generally has a lot more access to potential utility cards, but lacks the speed and card selection of Modern Lantern. It's probably not something that could exist outside of the pauper environment, and personally I think that's really cool.

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  • posted a message on Unproven Cards To Brew?
    Thank you both for your detailed suggestions, Much appreciated.

    Quote from lujo86 »
    - There's VERY likely a functional black metalcraft deck out there that just needs someone to put it together properly. Dhund Operative and Salvage Slasher come to mind immediately, backed up by Tooth & Scale, and possibly Night Market Lookout and Springleaf Drum for acceleration.

    Went at this for a few hours last night. I tried monocolored for a while, played some games with a rough list centered around Glaze Fiend, Defiant Salvager, and testing some cute interactions with Myr Servitor. Stand out cards were Vault Skirge/Bonesplitter and Glaze Fiend, but the deck was missing top heavy threats, and lacking evasion otherwise, resulting in losses to decks with a lot of ground presence. It also had issues running out of gas, to which I tried Resourceful Return. Eventually I gave up on Monoblack for more artifact lands and better draw, and dipped into blue for Thoughtcast, Etherium Sculptor, Gearseeker Serpent, and Seat of the Synod. Etherium Sculptor lets you dump your entire hand for free or 1 mana basically, and fueled some really busted draws, I think it has potential. Salvage Slasher felt mediocre in practice honestly. I went down to 2 and played more games with the UB list, and think they probably should just be cut. Being an x/1 is a hard life with no evasion or trample in a world full of disposable blockers and Bird Tokens. I think the black creatures have promise, but they have mostly undercosted bodies, and when using nonartifact cards like Dhund Operative, Defiant Scavenger, Aether Poisoner, etc too heavily, it pulled some of the artifact synergy out of the mix and was a nonbo with other pieces. I think this deck has promise, and I intend to keep tinkering, but its sorely lacking another evasive threat and a creature with instant speed sac artifacts for relevant value (No thanks Rusted Slasher). I'd go into red, because that's where all those are at common, but I'm worried that would devolve into strictly worse Affinity. Any thoughts on these points?

    My personal top picks for this archetype:
    Etherium Sculptor
    Glaze Fiend
    Vault Skirge

    While playing the above, I was inspired to build something else with some of the pieces. Experimenting with Myr Servitor and Glaze Fiend produced cute results, cute enough that I wanted to build with it. Glaze Fiend itself was more strategy specific, but Myr Servitor seems like a creature that's honestly lacking play in Pauper. The effect is very powerful, providing 1-4 free recurring sac fodder creatures at the risk of removal blowouts. Obviously the card is a natural fit with sacrifice outlets like Brine Shaman, Plagued Rusalka, and Thoughtpicker Witch. I'm surprised to have not seen it at all yet. A search through the pauper forums yielded minimal results, though I did find a thread that attempts to use Servitor and Witch to close games, it was housed by a very fragile part U/B Control part Wizard Tribal shell. What the engine really needs is a way to counteract or become resilient to removal based blowouts, and a lot of redundancy. Tortured Existence brings all that to the table and a lot more. Here's what a morning of tinkering put forth:

    A lock can be assembled quickly and efficiently, with Stinkweed Imp, Forbidden Alchemy, and Trinket Mage digging out the Myr Servitor copies needed. Tortured Existence provides needed pseudo-redundancy and naturally blanks most removal-based answers. It can loop Thoughtpicker Witch by itself if need be, and Trinket Mage can even help bolster TE's natural rough times making land drops, by being looped to find Artifact lands while still controlling the opponent's library. The list closes games with Horror of the Broken Lands or simply by milling them out. There's also no shortage of card advantage with Mulldrifter/Grave Scrabbler, and solid lifegain to recover from aggressive starts with Golgari Brownscale. Mesmeric Fiend takes care of possible answers permanently thanks to stack+trigger manipulation and a sac outlet. Think it has any promise? Might post this in its own thread.

    Quote from einhorn303 »

    The Eidolon cycle from Dissension, ala Verdant Eidolon. Could be an awesome card advantage engine with looting, Last Rites/Delirium Skeins, or Tortured Existence. Also can have a bit of a combo kill with Vampire Hounds/Wild Mongrel and cards like Manamorphose. With Torex, they make a Putrid Leech or other gold creatures infinitely unkillable.

    Spent a few minutes on the train scouring scryfall about this, I think there's a an aggressive build here with some combination of cards like Wild Mongrel, Naya Hushblade and friends, Shield of the Oversoul, Basking Rootwalla, Lightning Axe, etc + Verdant Eidolon. I'm having trouble getting the pieces to fit together, but the concept feels solid. The ratio of multicolored to monocolored is the biggest issue I think, Pauper's creature-base is a little limited when it comes to efficient playable 1-2 drops that are also Multicolored. Black might just end up being a better Idea with Putrid Leech and Tortured Existence, but I think the aggro plan could be more fun.

    edit: card tags, wording
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  • posted a message on Unproven Cards To Brew?
    Decided I'd like to brew a bit more in the Pauper environment after thoroughly enjoying my first serious endeavor in crafting something playable that wasn't Delver. I'm seeking a little inspiration, my knowledge is mostly restrained to well established cards. I'm pretty familiar with the meta and conventional card choices of today's Pauper, and I think I've read every Modern legal card ever printed, but I didn't start seriously playing Magic until around Alara/Lorwyn period, so a lot of the more fringe build around cards from the Richard Garfield/Early Rosewater eras are unknown to me.

    Any suggestions? I'd love to see some of the cards you think have potential, but haven't quite found a place.
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  • posted a message on [WAR Spoilers] Keanu Reeves, Dinosaur Cowboy
    Makes sense. Isn't there a UG split card of some sort that digs 5 deep for a dude? I can't remember the name. I agree with your arguments though for borborygmos over storm. I can also see why you just straight up don't need Mandrills especially since it doesn't do anything with Neoform. Like I said, my list was literally me in 5 minutes just coming up with a really rough draft. Is summoning trap worth it? Also Zacama? Is he better than Wurm? I guess the land untap ability is important to be able to Neoform again? I'm just not sure why I want to get him over borborygmos ever unless I need to beat like a revoker or needle effect

    You're thinking of Incubation // Incongruity. Probably at home here, Removal casting mode is relevant sometimes as well, and unconditional removal that exiles is a healthy thing to have in any maindeck.
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  • posted a message on Your Modern Horizons Wish List
    As a spoiled Modern player myself, I'd like some better lands honestly.
    I'm of the opinion Cabal Coffers is a shoe in for MH1, and could be downshifted.
    Sol Lands are also probably something Pauper and Modern don't need imho, but if it were to happen Crystal Vein seems perhaps tame enough for both, and would again, be a likely include for Modern to appease people who've been whining for a Sol Land. Could see a downshift there as well.

    Other Lands that I think would be balanced and fun for Pauper, but I think are unlikely to be printed in MH1:
    Ghost Town
    Terrain Generator
    Riftstone Portal
    Archaeological Dig
    Seaside Haven
    Wirewood Lodge
    Forbidding Watchtower
    Karoo Cycle
    Thalakos Lowlands Cycle
    Arctic Flats Cycle
    Tainted Peak/Tainted Wood, and not the others.

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  • posted a message on Hexproof Bogles Vizier Neoform Combo (faster, seems crazy even)
    I'm almost certain you're trolling about at least a little bit for laughs based on your click-bait header and erratic, mostly incoherent, explanations backed with claims of impending bannings. But, jokes aside, this isn't a horrible idea, here's what i'd suggest;

    I understand what you're attempting, and the combo itself has already proven itself in plenty of other shells. U/G isn't a bad color combination with access to a dig 5 with Incubation // Incongruity. We all know how powerful Ancient Stirrings is, this is as good as its going to get for a creature combo deck, though the lack of ability to hit lands does make it less powerful turn 1. The second mode is relevant interaction, and could actually be useful if you need to answer threats.

    The hexproof creatures are insignificant, and could and should be a different one drop, probably 8 dorks, probably some combination of Noble Hierarch and Birds of Paradise. I assume they are here because you want to be able to drop them on t1 as sac fodder and not get bolted for your turn 2 setup. However, this is absolutely not worth running 8 creatures that are otherwise total bricks and provide no other value whatsoever.

    White is doing minimal things for you with this list, could cut Vizier of Remedies entirely for Melira and focus on a better protected U/G plan with Spell Pierce/Dispel backup, similar to Infect. Eldritch Evolution is also worthy as Neoform 5-8, and is easily castable on t2 with dorks. Disrupting Shoal and Mutagenic Growth can answer removal while tapped out if need be.

    edit: card tagging
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  • posted a message on An Enchantress Evening
    I think an Idyllic Tutor package with Enchanted Evening and Ajani's Chosen has some sort of promise as a janky closer, but the cat's ability is not a may. You can use the combo to end the game on the spot, but will need something to abuse the ETB triggers, a-la Impact Tremors, but in whatever colors you choose.

    More generic wincons for enchantment prison decks might include:
    Heliod, God of the Sun
    Luminarch Ascension
    Sigil of the Empty Throne
    Enduring Ideal
    Starfield of Nyx
    Myth Realized

    All of these should be effective in non-creature builds as well. Special shout out to Heliod for preserving your Porphyry Nodes indefinitely even if he's the only creature in play. Note that if you decide on a Nodes build, some creatures are high value enough that they should be played, such as some number of Eidolon of Blossoms or a similar effect.
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  • posted a message on An Enchantress Evening
    Perhaps something like Idyllic Tutor may be at home here? Its a staple in more traditional white pillow fort strategies. You could play Enchanted Evening as a 1 in this case, if you intend to go the prison route you aren't strapped for time to cast it. That would enable you to use it without diluting the probably more conventionally effective pillow fort strategy. The biggest issue with Enchanted Evening, and what you'll have to overcome to make this work, is that I feel its an inherently winmore card in nature for this shell. You never want to see it in your opener, as its a dead draw until deep into the game, and even when cast, its not an effect than ends the game on the spot or helps you further stabilize. In a lot of ways its a direct nonbo with typical enchantment prison cards in general. Another direction you could take is a creatureless prison with Porphyry Nodes over "heavy duty" 3 drops like Ghostly Prison, just to put it out there. Runed Halo is also another card typically heralded as solid in these decks.

    Some advice; Its a hard road to make the Evening work here, but im certainly no stranger to pet cards, dont give up if its really something you find interesting.

    edit: porp smorp nodes is hard to spell honestly
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  • posted a message on An Enchantress Evening
    I feel you're missing a way to really abuse Enchanted Evening. Frankly the card is not worth paying 5 for unless you are getting a lot of value out of it as a prison deck. Lands cantripping in the late game if your eidolons aren't removed is nice, but why not include some sort of more motivating reason to play the clunky 5 drop? Every other card in your deck for the most part is already an enchantment and receives no benefit, and you aren't using it to dissuade your opponent from doing anything by packing enchantment hate. As it stands, your namesake could be removed with minimal, arguably positive impact on success.
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  • posted a message on Metamorphic Alteration + Spell Queller
    Cheers, thought so. The jank brewing moves forward unimpeded!

    Thanks for your help!
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  • posted a message on Metamorphic Alteration + Spell Queller
    So, I'm reasonably sure these interactions work as I am envisioning it based on my knowledge of the rulings surrounding them and clone effects in general, but I'd like to make sure. Would really appreciate a confirmation from a more rules knowledgeable person.

    Scenario 1:
    I cast Spell Queller, exiling a spell from the stack. It resolves normally, exiling the spell.
    I then cast Metamorphic Alteration, enchanting the aforementioned Spell Queller.
    I choose any other creature, and my Spell Queller becomes a copy of it.
    My opponent removes the Spell Queller, which is now copying something else, using, lets say Path to Exile.
    They are unable to cast the spell originally exiled by Spell Queller due to Metamorphic Alteration.

    Scenario 2:
    I cast Spell Queller, exiling a spell from the stack. It resolves normally, exiling the spell.
    I then cast Metamorphic Alteration, enchanting the aforementioned Spell Queller.
    I choose to have Spell Queller copy itself when prompted to choose a creature by Metamorphic Alteration.
    My opponent removes the copy of Spell Queller, using, lets say Path to Exile.
    Due to the rules surrounding copies and paired abilities from the original cards not linking, they are unable to cast the spell originally exiled by Spell Queller due to Metamorphic Alteration.

    Scenario 3:
    I cast Spell Queller, exiling a spell from the stack. It resolves normally, exiling the spell.
    I then cast Metamorphic Alteration, enchanting the aforementioned Spell Queller.
    I choose any other creature, or Spell Queller itself.
    I cast Mark of Eviction on my copy. During my upkeep, the Spell Queller, Mark of Eviction, and Metamorphic Alteration are returned to my hand simultaneously.
    They are unable to cast the spell originally exiled by Spell Queller due to Metamorphic Alteration.
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  • posted a message on Flux Channeler
    Quote from Heskatet »
    Hi there, the concept of this deck is quite established in another thread called "dice factory". If you want to take a look, we also have a discord server where we discuss all the possible cards for our deck.
    Here is a link to the disord if you want to:

    I've graced the thread before, and I don't think these two decks have the same goals. They utilize similar cards to generate mana, but end the game in completely different ways, and Dice Factory as far as i'm aware has never entertained any Infinite/Pseudo-Infinite backup plans outside of Paradox Engine. I would say that this was inspired more by Channeler/Karn + Dig Spells than the mana. The proposed build leans heavily on two cards that don't exist yet, and aren't discussed in current DF builds, so I felt it appropriate to give it its own thread. I think it would be incorrect to categorize all big mana artifact decks as dice factory, considering its history of mostly just building to abuse Wildfire. However, I think a bigger community with more ideas is a better place to foster brews, and would be more than happy to take builds there if welcome to.

    Quote from Naifu Neko »
    Magistrate's Scepter seems quite good, Honestly I dont even think you'd need Paradox Engine to power it. The deck produces so much mana, and is more than capable of casting 3+ spells a turn that if we keep the Thoughtcast + Gambit +(?) Ancient Stirrings package. I think using smaller redundant artifacts we can find and drop for cheap that accelerate us like Voltaic Key might have the upper hand, but the engine can do some crazy things too. Engine would enable maindeck Walking Ballista to randomly win games by itself, not that it doesn't already in this shell. I just think it needs some generically powerful payoff cards that we can slam with our mana and always get value if we cant "combo". The new Karn, The Great Creator, Ugin, Old Karn, and big Eldrazi all seem like reasonable payoffs. Especially new karn with his ability to fetch Ensnaring Bridge from the board game 1, or Mycosynth Lattice to lock them out of the game, as this deck can often pay the 10. There's also that new land that proliferates for 4 which i could totally see being good here

    Paradox Engine helps maximize Flux Channeler's ability to proliferate by meshing so well with not only Master Transmuter, but practically every other card in the deck. I generate the majority of my mana with nonland permanents and my wincons(magistate's scepter/myr turbine/any tezzeret) are nonland permanents, being able to untap them by casting a spell makes my chances of pulling off a game-winning combo(infinite turns, infinite myrs, infinite mana, infinite proliferation)/combos higher and more consistent. My version is more all-in on infinite turns, as i can continue digging for one of my main wincons.

    The new karn is definitely testworthy. Have you tried it out yet with a silver bullet/prison sideboard to abuse?

    It's been hard to test due his lack of printing as of yet, but i have plugged a few games with friends on Cockatrice with him. Really feels like a powerhouse. The Mycosynth combo is backbreaking and being able to get hosers game 1 against Phoenix and Dredge is really helpful. I think Paradox Engine and Master Transmuter are interesting pickups, but would worry about their consistency. How do they feel goldfishing? Any Idea what your turn average is undisrupted?
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  • posted a message on Cheap blue removal and strange anti-tron tech
    Quote from lujo86 »
    I've seen Curfew in Anti-Bogles sideboards, but i'm reluctant to go all-in on it since it doesn't really do the trick against go-wide, and my local meta is infested with it. I've seen Edicts do nothing against Bogles, too, since they often have a token or simply a non-pantsed Bogle to bounce. The only way edicts work is if you have a lot of them and use them as follow-up to a mini-boardwipe, and a mono blue deck doesn't have a mini-boardwipe. And too many decks which aren't even aggro have something to sac/pick as a curfew target (think Thraben Inspector in Boros and Tooth & Claw, Augur of Bolas in blue decks, hasty and ETB critters in Red and Green, Gary and Chittering Rats in black decks, Basking Rootwalla and Grave Scrabbler in madness / Tort/Ex, Icatian Javelineers in Rebels, or even just random undecosted dudes), and at the same time there are may matches where you really want to pick your target / targets for bounce (Atog , Gurmag Angler , Tireless Tribe , Wild Mongrel , whoever the goblins pump up with sledder/raider, Ghostly Flicker targets, Spore Frog, the Infect guy who's about to receive the pumps, etc.)

    Withdraw, however, has been hilarious against most things, and Rushing River is there to step in when non-creature permanents are what's giving you trouble / you need more bounce. With Faerie Miscreant, Ninja, Spellstutter Sprite and Faerie Duelist in the deck, there's just no end to shennanigans with those two. You can even use either to save 2 guys from a Crypt Rats activation.

    Sure if your local meta is rife with go wide, id agree, though i'd say you're overselling Curfew's downsides. The card is more than just a Vapor Snag, and if i wanted that effect i'd run Snag, and I do, snag is good. Being likely a blue tempo list and running creatures that minimize downside for a spell with both broad defensive, removal, and effect recursion applications for U is a nice package. The flexibility and cost are hard to beat, and i'd actually say its easier to maintain an empty edict prime boardstate playing blue-based Tempo against most decks that dont go wide. If you're using the card to recur a Spellstutter Sprite, Ninja of the Deep Hours, or Faerie Duelist, or save a dude, who cares what they're bouncing in some matchups? Its free tempo as long as they dont have etb payoffs.

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  • posted a message on War of the Spark spoiler discussion
    Kasmina's Transmutation / https://scryfall.com/card/war/57/kasminas-transmutation

    Maybe good enough for some monoblue lists. Minimalizes the impact of resolved cards like Gurmag Angler, Tireless Tribe, Stormbound Geist, Ulamog's Crusher, etc.
    Overall a downgrade to Journey to Nowhere, but being in blue has its advantages with the strained manabases of pauper.
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  • posted a message on Cheap blue removal and strange anti-tron tech
    Faerie Duelist is a strong card i've had my eye on. Really makes Spellstutter Sprite shine, I agree.

    Have you tried Curfew for bounce instead? At only U it seems extremely strong in Spellstutter lists, but really havent seen much of it at all. Its a pseudo edict effect in monoblue against decks like bogles, and a huge tempo positive play a lot of the time.
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