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  • posted a message on Noob UWB Control deck looking for feedback
    The deck look much closer to tempo that control. Tempo plays a threat then protects it with control spells, control nope stuff and out value your oponent till they are running on empty then slam a big flash game ender or a planswalker they can slowly alt for leathal.

    If your looking for a effective esper control list then hears mine
    (Placed 4 time in top 3s and 20+ people fnms with deathshadow, jund, burn, Tron and coco decks and jank meta.)

    For upgrades first place is replacing wilds and a couple of basics for 4 vista and 2 fabled passage

    Also avoid pact of negation unless you are a combon deck. As the price is very steep.

    Add some creature lands

    I would also add some pure card advantage cards and some card filters to help when digging for answers
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  • posted a message on Temur Dragons
    Agreed on wren being a solid addion. It's a shame it's a bit pricy Frown

    As for small srkan I think it depends what your ramping to. If your trying to hit a 4 or 5 drop then he's not worth in, if your running any 6drop dragons then it's a different story. As a turn 4 niv or kolagrim are pretty game ending plays unless they they have an answer right then.

    If your going for wren and smaller dragons then I agree that 5 CMC sarkant is the way to go.

    It's just a shame scions doing give haste in there -

    There may be a build that goes all in on the ramp and works with 7 mana drakuseth. As if want a game ending dragon he's the man.
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  • posted a message on Black Burn
    Been trialing Regie in mardu midrange alongside souls and Smiting helix. And he's pretty solid but he is a do nothing the turn he comes down. In midrage there are alot of targeted discard ect to make help him stick for a turn but in burn where you what all the cretures to do stuff the turn the hit he may be a little less reliable. If you decide not add him it might be worth keeping messager in and adding a couple of flings/thuds?

    Also for consistant card draw have you considered Stormfist crusader?
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Defence is a solid vine replacement. No narnams but between millantant, eone, pelt and prowler we should be fine. That's the thing every deck archtype porting from other formats is going to be worse we just come off alsot better in this exchange that almost any other deck. Especially considering that the power level is going to be gernely lower that modern. I suspect that aspect based mono g stompy is going to end up being one the if not the main aggro archtype. (Probably along side mono red and mono w)
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    So not strictly modern relevent but new format (pioneer ) looks like this deck is a direct port, with the exception of strangleroot and vine (and with the most recent sets both have viable alternatives.) We also loosing village which hurts and hexdrinker but thats only just been added so easy come, easy go.

    Stompy in every format!!!
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  • posted a message on Grixis Control
    i think on into the story its best compared to fact or fiction in a mill build, but i think i still prefer f&f for the fact that it can still function through some hate and just general clunkiness from the deck.
    i think 6 6 drops is a little much and also not having due effect spells for gearhulk to hit could be an issue.
    i think i'd still include tasugar as is main job is mid game blocker against aggro, early pressure against control while still having mana up for counterspells and providing a card advantage engin when needed.

    although i do like the serpent. and think 1-2 of is the right number for it hear.
    i think i'll personally be continuing with the kess build (i proxyed up and tested with some friends, its not refined yet but its pretty solid, and late game kess is basically a gearhulk that gets multiple uses

    after a little testing i've found that i really like Chandra, Acolyte of Flame as a 1-2 of in the deck, as its pressure, it doesn't die to bolt and can use the gy pretty effectively. the list feel like i wants k command but that a bit pricy

    its still only a ruff out but id be interested in thoughts
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  • posted a message on [Semi-Budget] Esper Control
    i really like Lochmere Serpent, i think the its more competing against Torrential Gearhulk rather than chromium.
    i think it comes down to the build of the rest of the deck. if your using planeswalkers and other proactive controlling effects like soc based board wipes etc the i think that serpent is now the stronger option as gearhulk need the targets to be relevant. but in a reactive build using fact and fiction i feel like gearhulk still holds the crown.
    the other downside to serpent in a snow build specifically is that the deck wins fairly often with the threat of a marit lage token and sacing lands is something the deck whats to avoid at all costs.
    in other news ive finaly sorted out my SB


    for a burn and aggro heavy meta 2 dovin baan (using almost exclusively for is -1)
    control and vial heavy meta (and this may well end up in the recommended sd)1 mb and 1 sb kaya usurper.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Control
    you sir read my mind.
    i've been trying a kess control list for a couple of weeks (mines a little more snow based but similar) i've found that kess needs a more proactive controlling strategy than deck like esper as she doesnt have much synergy with counterspells
    some cards i've found that work well

    Bedlam Reveler, as the list tends to have a lot of proactive control spells (i also run 3 inquisitions and 2 brutalities as they both work really well with kess) reveler is easy to turn on and is solid for refilling hands and adds another wincon to the deck.

    iva also become a Angrath's Rampage convert, as being able to hit planeswalkers as well as killing swords and batterskulls has been pretty useful (i do run more proactive removal so the sac is creature is a bit better than i would be in a more counter based strategy)

    a card im really interested to try is Drown in the Loch as it a counter spell when you first use it and the a removal spell when you get down a kess or similar. they also seem to need some turn 1 targeted discard spells and possibly another thought scour type effect to be able to deal with tron a titan decks. (trying to avoid out right mill spells for now until i've had a chance to properly test it.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Restore Balance
    id also point out that karn happened to the border post version as he's basically a lattice lock by himself against us.
    although adventure cards like Brazen Borrower and Merchant of the Vale do alot for the deck (early dig and disruption and later alt wincons while not taking up card in hand)
    not to mention Emry, Lurker of the Loch, The Royal Scions

    on a related note im looking to upgrade my border post version in to a free spells version and i need some advice on some core 20 cards and opinions on eldrain cards

    Chandra, Acolyte of Flame: is her -2 that allows you to cast elecrodominace and Finale from the gy make this worth considering?

    Thrill of Possibility? worth going back to a more gy direction with dreads horde arcanists?

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  • posted a message on Stompy
    historically i would agree about dropping rancor, for a long time it has been only a 2 of, but with the meta shift to fair creatures (most of which tend to be fairly small) rancor is becoming more important as evasion and between narnam, hexdrinker, and now syr faren and Yorvo i do think that 3 might not be such a bad direction. although is dose depend on how big burn ends up being

    i also agree that syr faren is a 2 of, as he is legendary but also opponents need to remove him if he hits which may make him a 3 of in future depending on meta, as a not unreasonable curve with him in had can be
    turn 1 a one drop,
    turn 2 syr
    turn 3 savage swipe on syr (with protection held up) and the add a rancor to and attack for huge amounts of damage (12 after removing a blocker with mana left for protection and if that protection is defence and you use in response to a push at at beginning of combat with the pump on the stack, its potencaly 16 damage swing which is normally ggs in modern if you on the play.

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  • posted a message on Dredgevine
    a little excited by Thrill of Possibility which when paired with izzet charm and merchant provide a decent instant speed discard packages again. it feels like the decks being pushed towards tempo rather than combo-aggro especially with all the flash creatures in simic that have been printed over the last couple of sets. ill be interested to see if a new vengevine build is possible after thrones release
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Syr Faren, The Hedgehammer is another of those 1-2 of, as hes great 1 of but terrible in multiples. i do think he makes savage swipe even better and i can't wait do use him in the deck.

    i don't think we are quite at the stage of needing granddaddy's temple as we don't quite have enough legendaries to justify it. if we get a second leg 2 drop then maybe.

    i don't think the serpent is quite there either, as it doesn't do as much as any other card for its mana cost.

    the adversary could be good vs jund but i feel like questing beast and discard beloth both do a better job in the matchup.
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  • posted a message on [UPDATED] Impact Tremors Deck Idea
    Oops Thanks
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    I think for decks running three drops he replaces 1 steel leaf, if you have a high +1 counter synagy maybe 2 but no more. Not having evasion or native protection is a big downside. But the native counters make him at least a 1 of.
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  • posted a message on [UPDATED] Impact Tremors Deck Idea
    The decks premise is solid but I think that there are three things you need to do to make it more viable.
    First choose a direction, tokens, cretures with multiple Triggers or blink

    And then lower the mana cost and find more effective ways of doing things

    and finally add a plan b incase you don't draw impact tremors

    If you decide on a direction and what some suggestions feel free to ask Smile
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