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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Quote from tokaok »
    Hmm i just shaved my last two Tuskers to go up to 12 one drops with hexdrinker addition.
    But only having 4x two drops that evolve E1 to 3 precombat does suck. The trolls synergy with Avatar + his ability to keep him self safe does both things we want to do. Playhard and fast, or be hard to kill.

    I feel that the right curve might be to drop down to 11 one drops, and Shave Steel leaf to 3, making room for 2x Barkhide Troll.

    Maybe something like this:

    thats looking pretty solid the only difference i would make is - 1 eone for +1 hexdrinker (top decking eones is horrible and apart from turn 1 eone which is still the decks best opener, hexdrinker is a better cretre)

    i would also be tempted to drop either 1 rancor or aspect for +1 vines, but that's personal preference

    have you tried Force of Vigor out yet? if so hows it playing? (i've yet to trial it)

    Quote from thatmarkguy »
    I think this pushes scooze out of main deck. Sure, keep some in sideboard, but damn - adding resiliency and counters synergy to Kalonian Tusker really flips it up a few notches.

    the meta at the moment is very very gy heavy and scooze is essential to win in a number of matchups, if the meta ever switches back to jund, burn, mardu pyromancer then will be the time to mb troll over scooze i think.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Quote from Rumpy5897 »
    Hm. Barkhide Troll is too cute? I mean, it is Kalonian Tusker with upside, but that's been phased of the deck, no?

    trolls a strict upgrade on tusker, so 2 of in devotion builds that still run it. but i dont think its included over anything else.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Quote from BRWPox »
    How much does Blightbeetle affect the deck?

    like not at all, it will never never see play in modern
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  • posted a message on Burn
    i think the new leyline makes the mirror into a lotv against dredge decks, if you start with it and your opponents first spell isn't to immediately kill it its going to be a very short match. the only real defence againt it is your own leyline (or turn 2 rev)
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  • posted a message on Mono Black Devotion
    thanks for the input
    Abyssal Persecutor really isn't great, ive found in lists that what in spawn is generally better

    night hawk has always need on of the weaker elements of the budget deck. he was alright if you went with a vampire sub theme but dieing to bolt and with the rise of spirits that ca trade one drops for him has made me start to look elsewhere. soul flayer tends to do a very solid impression of nighthawk but with the upside of being bolt and push proof. i agree feaster is an odd choice but he can come in turn three as a 7/7 flyer push/bolt proof flyer which is something a lot of decks in modern still struggle to deal with pre sb. (although its made me hate turn three karns with a vengeance

    with 20 bodys under 3 mana i've found moon to be particularly good as long as your not facing bridgevine.

    ive found dreadshade to work better in a much more control focused version of the eck (turn 1 discard turn 2 removal ect)

    yeah i had considered champion if he had a single keyword or cost a little less to reanimate i would probably be running him, but as is hes still not quite the fit i what for the deck

    i would probably run kitesale/brain magot over rat due to the targeted nature of the spells but they all return the spell later, this might just be something i have to except with the deck.

    i think in the currnt meta with a creature based deck, ashiok is a tad slow, so will probably stick to bogs and spell bombs for now

    so current list now updated to

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  • posted a message on [Semi-Budget] Esper Control
    been playing around with a more budget $80 version of this for the last week in proxy form

    the snow synagys help iron out some of issues the more budget versions of the deck have.

    the reson im posting it is that i've found Kaya's Guile to be constantly the best card in the deck, every mode is basically something you would sb in rounds 2-3 anyway, and having its versatility is extremely useful in the current meta.

    ive was also pleasantly surprised by how often Silumgar's Command is relevant, having a way to mb deal with planeswalkers is extremely usfle. it's only a shame one of its modes isnt card draw
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  • posted a message on Mono Black Devotion
    ok so this is a very different beast from normal mono b devotion builds, i really heavily on newer sets. im open to ideas for improvements, im building this as a deck to help teach a friend at fnms as i want to keep the deck fairly simply but with opportunities and room to be more complexe if they think about there plays and gain experience. i'm trying to keep the total budget under $60 where possible

    the idea is to use some fast value creatures, to get in a little damage and value befor they die/become ineffective. they tidy up with one or two finishers (feaster, soul flayer, merchant)

    feaster and soul flayer work well together, merchant is a little less syagetic with them but also gets a pay off from the enchantments

    Defile adds a solid new removal spell and adding snow lands means we can add dead of winter to sb as a board wipe(even after adding the cost of 17 snow lands and 3 winters is still seems to e the cheapest strong option.

    now the big questions i have with the deck
    Cabal Therapist, he works well with spawn as hes normally able to deal damage, hes also a solid way to get stuff to gy for soul flayer, but he himself doesn't add anything to soulflayer (as menace is a newer key word) and he can miss. im not shore if i just what to add in 4 duress or add is either Rimebound Dead as an unkillable blocker/ Carrion Feeder as a sac outlet and beat stick

    field of ruin may or may not be added going forwards, i'm currently on the fence

    Dreadhorde Invasion, i've yet to be truly sold and could be convinced to try a different card in this slot, (this is normally the card advantage slot, instead of card draw im thought this make also add the advantage needed.)
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  • posted a message on [Deck] UBx Mill
    Quote from Dosequiguy »
    No point in trying to brew with Altar when the Vengevine Altar shell is already tier 1. The card has already been solved.

    Your right if it's in a teir 1 deck there no other way to use the card effectively, I suppose we should also better ditch those fetchlands, surgical and and thoughtsizes then ow well :/

    On another note (and the reason a came hear) I got milled yesterday buy a janky build splashing green for Voracious Wurm after casting a Crypt Incursion, the sacing to alter without passing priority, I have no idea what else he was running (as I was discarded, milled then this turn 5 both games) it seemed pretty interesting so I thought I'd share.
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  • posted a message on budget mono u wizards tempo obsession
    You seen to be trying to go both Wizards and fairy's but without any of the wincons for either.

    I would suggest you either go more fairy's and run mistbind clique (it's not cheap but it not to expensive)
    Or drop Scion of oona and run favourable winds, instead.

    The deck also has 0 removal, in standard this is kind of workable but in modern you'll loose and really struggle.
    I suggest 4 vapour snags and 2 dismembers.

    Another direction that would work well is looking more at Wizards pay off cards like
    Naban lists

    There are also some solid mono u Wizards devotions lists floating around.

    Using Master of Waves, as a wincon.

    Alot of your Wizards have powerful etb triggers. Maybe looking at ninjas or Familiar's Ruse would be very solid attions.

    Also Sage's Dousing is just a bad card in modern as alot of decks win with combos and powerful synergies without combat so it's really just a 2 mana cantrip most of the time.

    I would also consider both remand and smugglers copter, and maybe chart a course as card draw.

    I would run 1 more land and add 2 fairy conclave and 2 feild of ruin to your mana base. And maybe 2 lonely sandbars.

    Good luck
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  • posted a message on Bant Reclamation Control (200$)
    Also if you ran snow basics and maybe upped the basic count very slightly the On Thin Ice, may be a part lid removal options.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Quote from tokaok »
    Quote from MagicYio »
    Can you tell more about which decks you played against, and how Hexdrinker performed? Every bit of information is useful!

    Mostly played out as expected but just better and smoother.

    Played against Tron, UW-non miracles version,dredge, Infect, Boros burn, Rock, Mono R pheonix,Izzet Pheonix, Grixis Shadow, humans

    Vs burn and Infect, its super nice having another one drop in your opening hand that you can block and trade off until your beef comes online and overpowers.

    Vs Tron, 12 one drops > 8 one drops, in addition to rancor, and you just have more opening hands where you are dropping 6 power by end of turn 2 and able to race them out.

    Vs UW control, wow just super sexy, on the play, its similar to Tron, you just have a higher chance to nut and win before they sweep. on the draw, it was an amazing late game draw and i was able to get him to Progenitus mode twice.

    Vs G/B Rock, Similar to UW, great draw later on.

    Vs humans, still a bad match up for us, but was able to win a game that became a board stall by getting hex up to progenitus mode and swinging past blocker for 2 turns.

    Vs mono red, and izzet pheonix, dies alot since they have alot of cheap removal, but acts a lightning rod protecting,ooze, avatar and steal leafs

    The key is that you don't want to play him turn one and spend all your mana turns 2 and 3, trying to level him up with out advancing the rest of your game plan. Treat him like a Savannah lion first and foremost and keep turning him sideways.

    Only if the game slows down and you have a spare mana or two (accounting for protection mana) do you start pumping into him.

    found the same in my testing, i would also add that there are a few decks that if you can level up drinker early against (and want to) if they are tapped out. the big ones are rock and jund, if they tap out turn 2 (on the draw) or turn 3 (on the play) and you have 2 extra creatures to absorb a lilly sac, your pretty much locked in for the win.

    also played a lot against deathshadow decks, and hexdrinker rule in this matchup, an early attacker but again if you can get him with 3 counter on him shadow just cannot deal with him. and sticking him in progenatus mode is auto win in this matchup as theyre normally bellow 6 life to use shadows.

    @Marl Karx
    in question to why white splash over say red or black (blues really really not worth it)
    the main reason is SB teck. (i think a lot of my posts about sb tec got deleted when they wiped all european users with the GDPR law change last year) so ill start at the beginning

    the deck struggles most in 2 matchups, Tron (really badly to eldrazi but still pretty bad to the other versions) and u/w control
    now both of these matches are made hugly more winnable with the use of Gaddock Teeg he also shuts down a lot of other decks but his main purpose is these 2 deck. (he also stops, coco, cord, cryptic, Ad Nauseam, tooth and nail, chalice, explosives, gifts, past in flames, scapeshift, all played board wipes save 2 and plenty other spells and jank wincon.)
    the second is path to exile, while there is a arugumnet for bolt and push, realistically if we carnt fight it bolt winot kill it, and the really difficult to deal with stuff for us, can shrug off pushes (gurmags, hollow ones, eldrazi, primal titan ect) so path is the best option (it is not mb because of the ramping effect, as ramping our opponent to a board wipe can be particularly reckless for this deck, hence placing them in sb.
    Knight of Autumn was almost built for the deck, as she works in in multiple sb slots, (solid life gain, solid artifact and enchantment hate, or just a +1 counter holder for avatar) she very relevant and allows more dedicated slots to trouble matchups

    (historically, rest in peace and stony silence. both were big parts if the sb when KCI was still meta, (they also did solid work against other decks) but you needed to hit one of these turn 2 against KCI or just loose (and you lost sometimes the next turn anyway)

    stony has been replace with collector and ive drop rest in peace completely, with the shift back to tribal statgerys and away from all in gy strategies

    with the down shift in cmc and more focused on all out aggression ive also added 2 Selfless spirits to add another aggressive creature that can act as protection.
    this is my current SB

    ok now why MB Dromoka's Command?
    first and foremost all its modes are relevant to the deck, the fight for minor removal, the counter for pump, and avatar, the sac a search for azcanta, harden scales, pyro ascension (and more recently wilderness rec), and finally, the strain up bolt protection, but also damage based boardwipe of anger of the gods or sweltering suns protection (also gutshot and lightning axe are becoming more popular targets.) the spells versatile and is very very rarly a dead draw.

    my mb has changed a little since my last post to include a little more W in the mb

    really liking loam lion, its nice that it continues to stay a 2/3 with active blood moon around and that it can be played by a canopy without need a shock. trialing a single Kytheon, as hes easy to flip and is another 1 mana creature that becomes a 4/4 to attack with turn 3.
    dropped one eone (as hes consistently the weakest one drop to play past turn 2) and one scooze (this may change with the uptic in bridgevine alter decks)

    nacatal is bad for this deck, as it requires going into 3 color, and becoming much more vulnerable to bloodmoon, (as is even with a turn 3 moon i can still play a strangleroot the turn after without to much worry) it's also very shock heavy meaning instead of maybe shocking once a game im shocking at least 2 times and that can be pretty painful in the current meta.

    both brawl and thrash are both very very inferior to dro command,

    the reason to not just play naya zoo,
    there is a lot of tempo decks with alot of removal in the meta currently, and fair aggressive creature decks need either huge tribal payoffs of unfair advantages (like affinity) to be faster. we can not speed up and we cannot add super synygy to win, so we need to protect instead, vines and blossoming are the reasons to stay heavy green, (along with strangleroot as i feel strangleroot is an extremely underrated card) this also get around a lot of the tradianl hate (like bloodmoon) while minimizing life loss form the mana base. lastly staying heavy green means that trample is much more common, and trample is surprisingly relevant atm against decks like humans, spirits and thing in the ice.

    as for the cycle land, as someone whos tested it in both this format and in others, i think it is a lot better that people give in credit for (just like narnams, blossoming defences and more recently hexdrinkers) in a fetchless build, but i also think people are going to have play it them selves to find this out. (highly recommend you play 8-10 games with it in and compared to how it runs with and without, yes you dont what to play in turn 1-2 but thats why i upped the land count, and laying a tapped land is better than laying no lands (something treetop village taught us a long time ago)

    i also agree
    BUY YOUR HEXDRINKERS NOW! the priced has already spiked in the last day (this is from europe price spike is from £6.14 to 9.48 for a per card when buying a playset via card market the european TCG Player) (and most most other uk venues are now out of stock for preorders ) from the amount of play its seeing online in jund and rock decks (along with all the zoo- delver- tron decks its being run in) it's also turning up in every commander deck that runs green and is seeing some fring legacy list (not sure if its good enough to be a legacy staple), the price may go down about a month after release but it may also do a phoenix (although probably not to that level) and go up and stick at the $15-18 price range (it is a mythic in a supplemental set after all). and if worse come to worse it is a auto EDH staple now, 18 months after release it will hit the 10-12 range just from that. so money back and then some.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Quote from MagicYio »
    There are still a number of relatively new cards that have not been added to the primer yet.
    Damping Sphere (sideboard, maybe good enough?)
    Hexdrinker (fetchless builds)
    Savage Swipe (sideboard, maybe mainboard removal?)
    Tranquil Thicket (I don't think it's good enough)
    Collector Ouphe (sideboard)
    Weather the Storm (sideboard)
    Scale Up (also don't think it's good enough)
    Force of Vigor (sideboard)
    are all cards I'd like to have implemented in the primer before this site shuts down in July and I'll (most likely) be unable to edit the primer anymore. Are there anymore newer cards that I need to implement, either to show its appeal or to explain why it shouldn't be used?

    i've tested most of these cards and hear my take on the
    damping sphere, the big downside of sphere is we only need it for tron, a dryad militant is as solid anit storm teck as it gets. but the main disadvantage of sphere is that on turns 3-4 we are waiting to play both threats and pump spells every turn, this (with our land base) limits us to 1 spell s turn which is a big downside as against tron (the matchup where we need it most) its slows u down enough for be boardwiped even through tron.

    hexdrinker is solid in both fetchless and fetchbased mana bases (i may well become a staple 4 of in the deck. its probably worth waiting to see how this pans out before adding it to the primer)
    savage swipe, strick upgrade on prey upon for super budget builds and maybe mb playable going forwards in fetchless mono builds

    Collector Ouphe solid hate against tron, affinity, scales. but it doesn't hit bridge or chalice so its good but we need other hate specific to chalice and bridge.

    weather the storm, is only better than feed the clan and life goes on in specific circumstances, its definitely suboptimal when facing burn and, zoo, hollow one, dreadge, and about even to clan vs mono red phoenix. (for now, if storm, eggs, or something similar breaks out this may be a huge advantage.)

    scale up, agreed, to slow and sub optimal

    Force of Vigor, i think in most situations this isn't a upgrade on existing tec, we dont worry about blood moon, and we are fast enough against affinity with other removal to be competitive, the only place this is better than rec sege, manglehorn and return to nature (which probably dose deserve an entry in the primer) is against mono red prison or enchantress both of which are exceedingly rare in modern.

    Tranquil Thicket
    and the reason i think this a auto include as a 2-3 of in mono none fetch/non canopy builds
    first president on there use. mono cycle lands of there respective colors are extremely heavily used in one format in one type of deck and that is pauper in aggro decks, and lightly in mono colored midrange and control decks. there are exception to this rule and most of the time they happen in blue and green, and that is because historically in pauper there has been a over abundance of spells and effects that interact with basics, either with bouce effects (like daze) or ramo effects like Quirion Ranger and Land Grant .ect but the point is that these cycle lands are played in hyper aggro decks with 17 lands as three ofs, the reason is yes they can slow you down a turn but they also substantially increase consistency of mono color decks. as without fetchlands, powerful utility lands we are at a disadvantage and are very very vulnerable to flooding, (in contrast to things like control and aggro that can use the large amount of mana later on. cycle lands are very much like slow horizon canopies, yes they are inferior to fetchlands, fast duels and canopys (and yes creture lands) but they are better than basics.
    creture lands are better hands down but they are bad in multiples as they cannot be used in multiples fast so these fill a similar role.

    the reason up changed the land base up in my new budget list is that, first the deck is vulnerable to land flooding and screwing and the deck needs to get to three land drops turn 3, and that requires a higher land base than what we have (yes we have been making do for a while but we now doesn't need to) and yes if we get one of these as a land drop we play it like we do the man lands, but this means that if we draw them mid/late game we have something for the deck to do in increase our chance if that action card, in essence they provide a more consistent mana base as well as a late game mana sink and card draw ability.
    yes my reference to pauper decks may be a little off as pauper is a slightly slower format than modern, but mono G stompy on a budget is a slower deck due to its lack of ramp and fetchlands than the rest of modern, so if we are going to be a turn 5 deck might as well make it so we can win turn 5.

    so in a higher land base deck using three of cycle lands- no fetchland and no horizon canopies.

    mana sink
    card draw
    makes a colored mana
    increases consistency of land drops

    if used as one of first three land drops slows mana base (but your still making the land drop)
    in very rare cases makes opening hands unkeepable (you have 2 tap lands and lots of aggressive action)

    to me the advantage slightly outways the disadvantage but only time and testing will truly tell.

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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Quote from omer301 »
    @AmicDeep What do you think the best non-fetches deck would look like? Also, you cut Steel Leaf Champions?

    ok this would be my go to

    i've uped the land count slightly in the mono-budget version of the deck (sits around $80 on tcg)
    the resons for this are 4 fold
    first Tranquil Thicket is a really good card, and being able to cycle instant speed in the late game or having a tapland in the early game is pretty solid.
    second the deck can play the better pump spell in vines over blossom (blossom is better in hyper aggro but vine is better with a larger manabase)
    third playing steel leaf constantly is much less of an issue
    forth Hexdrinker provides a very good way to sink mana in the mid-late game, soloing as you have the mana to make it work

    1 eone, with the meta how it is dryad militant is needed and is the best turn one play, hexdrinkers are both one drops early and huge wincons late game. while eones are solid turn 1-2s but terrible top deck late game.

    pump spell for another savage swipe. basically swipe is a slow pump spell that also acts as removal for a lot of the meta with your onedrops without loosing them (bob, snapcaster, thalia, meddling mage, spell queller, goblin guilds ect, are all now solid removal targets off of our pump spells.

    you could probably drop a cycle land or oasis for another of the other, or another forest without much worry, (its something that will have to tested to be shore of )

    but this should be a pretty optimal budget build.
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  • posted a message on White Weenie Wallop
    Quote from magic geek »

    It feels rong to be playing goyf, but, the card is just strong.

    Of interest :
    Tomik, Distinguished Advokist
    Ranger-Captain of Eos

    I am sure I am going to continue playing W/g instead of pure white.
    My opponents will play a targetted creature kill, a Wrath effect, and then a second of both.
    Or, they will play an Ugin on turn 4
    Or, they will combo win on turn 4.
    Or burn me out on turn 4.

    The 2 pure white decklists above play less land, are less reliable, are more vulnerable to discard, slower, have weaker land bases, have less surprises, less recovery, fewer fliers, much fewer creatures, are vulnerable to Wrath/Anger, and almost no testing.
    Sure, they will win games, and matches.
    They have 2 different lands, and 5 different lands. (Emeria? - really?)
    My decklist is the result of hundreds of games, and has 10 different lands.

    As you planning on going a little more into g have you considered hexdrinker, it's been testing extremely well in a super agressive version of stompy and is now a 4 of in temure delver list (some times over goyf)
    Is meh but ok as a one drops but if you get to three lands it's an extremely solid "three drop". It also tends to be a removal magnet meaning that your better stuff stays safe (I would require a bigger splash into g for a consistanty being able to play it by turn 2 but it may work.
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  • posted a message on Can we brew Snow.dec in Modern?
    my apologies i'm tired and snarky today (YAY insomnia :/ ) also you get a double helping of incoherent rant as yes im dyslexic so parts may just be random collections of letter rather coherent text. (double YaY)

    ok time to back to deck building principles with this i think

    reasons to run snow
    Ice-Fang Coatl: solid tempo card
    Dead of Winter: solid board wipe
    Marit Lage's Slumber: an ok wincon, not having haste is a big downside and ledgendy type means multiples are bad.

    On Thin Ice: honestly not worth running, putting ourselves into 4 color when trying to function of basics seems silly and no one runs chained to the rocks for a reason

    Snow stuff is new, cool and trendy again: yes totally agree, im hear right Wink

    so if we include the first three we have a tempo shell with a possible combo wincon
    we need snow permanents which means mostly lands, we need to draw out the game so counterspells and board wipes with a land ramp package while avoiding cards with heavy mono color commitments.

    so in the order i think of them

    4 Ice-Fang Coatl: pure tempo advantage and maybe sometimes removal
    3 Dead of Winter : its dead in a control matchup and we have blue for snap casters if need be, solid board wipe Smile
    2 Marit Lage's Slumber: its a legendary permanent and without haste so should be used as a alt wincon and card selection engin.

    3 growth spirals: does everything we what the deck to do, except chump block
    4 Sakura-Tribe Elder, chump blocks!!! , ramping and fetching needed colors

    more filteringing
    1 Search for Azcanta: card selection and ramp
    1 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy: snapcaster that doesn't die to board wipes

    2 Fatal Push: stuff needs to die
    1 Abrupt Decay: along with everything else
    2 Assassin's Trophy: even lands

    other tempo auto includes
    2 Snapcaster Mage: beautiful graveyard value!!!!
    4 Remand : stall + cantrip Grin
    2 Cryptic Command: very high color requirements but its the best
    2 Tasigur, the Golden Fang: because awesome and a wincon

    my hatred for humanity
    1 Tamiyo, Collector of Tales: value engin, hate survives board wipes.... also i hate 8rack
    2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor: what can i say, i hate everyone else two Smile

    and 24 lands
    3 frost march: yes they are bad but where control we can a few tapped land
    4 Prismatic Vista: come to mummy Smile
    2 Verdant Catacombs: just two more fetchland
    1 Breeding Pool: and a shock
    1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth: The best dual land of all Smile
    2 Field of Ruin: Hate Tron, Fetches snow... YAY!
    5 Snow island
    4 Snow Forest
    2 Snow Swamps

    notable omissions
    White, personally i think the deck either runs White or Green, White is basically esper control with a much worse wincon and a much more clunky land package

    bitterblossom: really tempted and they may well work in the deck.

    wilderness rec + Teachings package: another solid direction for the deck, but i felt the inclusion of so many socerys and cretures made it a tad to clunky
    red/scred definite maybe in if the deck needs more spot removal

    more cryptics: guys casting cost, i feel like 2 might be a little to optimistic

    Scrying Sheets: ok maybe i could make room for one or two but i think the deck needs the colors and interaction

    frostwalk bastion: again maybe, but it would need to be only a 2 or 1 color decks as we need those colors and this is no colonnade or tarpit

    either/both snow rocks: no they are bad, if they where not snow permanents this wouldn't even be being discussed

    Abominable Treefolk: NOOOOO... like really

    Ohran Viper: the only other snow creature that i would consider in a tempo deck, if it had flash, maybe but as is its a stinkweed imp and ninja of the deep hours, but worse that either so no.

    Glacial Revelation: only in a wilderness rec list, as tapping out three mana to get a couple of lands is pretty bad, Into the North is better as the land goes into the battlefield an its a true tutor effect for sheets or the color you need. i also think that using glacial hoping to mill eons is a little cute better just to use......
    collective brutality: ok im on the fence about this one and i'm totally willing to have my mind changed, its superbe in all ist modes and works in most situations

    the deck may end up wanting some more counter spells and answers, and i think the planeswalkers and tribe elders are the best place to look for changing things out
    its not a great deck but please when brewing guy don't play bad card just because they are new,

    the deck could also fit a eons, narset combo quite well and that could be very fun. but im waiting to see how that works out before adding it hear.

    lastly hoping for some more snow support in future standard sets, if this dose come to pass this deck may well get a large power boost.

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