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  • posted a message on [Semi-Budget] Esper Control
    been revisiting the deck a little, and came across Punish Ignorance. to me it seems viable but i'm not sure how optimal. do you recon its worth trying as a 1-2 of?
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  • posted a message on U/B Rogues Tribal
    i think the biggest addition to the deck was in modern horizons in the form of changeling outcast. he has been a bomb in both my main mono b list as some u/b list i've been trailing.
    ive had alot of success with this mono b build

    i suspect that changeling outcast- Fallen Shinobi - Ingenious Infiltrator may well be a solid package to add. outcast is duel types and infiltrator is a ninja of the deep hours at worse and a insanely powerful card draw engine at best. and fallen shinobi adds a nice wincone and hard to deal with threat that generates card advantage that cares about our rogues evasion.

    im not yet solid on borrower in the deck, it feels like a better fit for fairies or control rather than rogues, which tends to be a little more aggressive, but i could well be wrong.
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  • posted a message on Budget cards
    there are loads, it just depends on what is popular in the meta to the price of the cards. currently some solid decks with a max card price are
    mono g stompy (pure old fashioned 3 cmc max aspect of hydra aggro deck. scooze is the only + 5 card and its only a 2 of)
    mono r goblins (same but with embercleave being the +5 card)
    feather prowess with budget land base
    wizards burn
    mono u spell slinger tempo (petramander, cryptic serpent ect)
    rakdos dragon tribal
    populate bant and G/W
    heroic decks
    golgari deathmist raptor reanimator

    are a few places i would look
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    For something this much of a glass cannon you really need more defensive spells. You seemed to have mashed up an infect list with a stompy list built around Syr farren but missed the core cards to make this strategy work.
    The main points.
    You only have 3 protection spell, a will placed path or push kill the deck, if your running the deck this way you need 4 blossoming defences and the vines.
    Without curving out aspect is pretty useless and ground swell is inconsistent at best without fetches. Might of old Korsa and scale up would serve better. Yorvo need cretures to make him big. You don't run that many cretures. He also has no evasion, try steel leaf champion as it at least has evasion. How do you plan or crewing heart of Keiran? You want to be attacking with your cretures, Syr, elf, birds cannot crew it and you really don't what to crew it with a groundbreaker and you only have 2 nissas.

    These are the tip of the iceberg. Please read through the decks primer on pages 1 of this thread ( I also recommend reading through the infect thread)
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  • posted a message on Looking to Build $200ish UW Control
    basically yes, anything with flash. personally i would run a mix of gearhulk and angel as gearhulk is a good snap caster effect but 6 mana can be significantly more than 5. angel can do a lot of work vs things like burn, and having a big evasive flyer can do alot for your chances of winning. but in your specific build i would do something a little different
    i would run

    card choices
    resto angel: it has 7 solid deck targets, (walls for card draw, gearhulk for value, gideons for resetting counters or using twice in a turn) it's also a solid flash flyer with an easy casting cost and sits nicely in the 4 drop slot.

    Detention Sphere: with walls and restos card draw should be fine, these tend to act as excellent catch alls, much better than the jaces

    Fact or Fiction: why play the jace that pretends to be this whey you can actually play this! also best gearhulk target.

    Marit Lage's Slumber: budget search while also being a very solid wincon.

    ice/path balance: with slumber caring about snow stuff uptick ice to make more effective and save on budget

    passage and colonnade this is where the budget went, colonnades are cheap atm so 3 seems like a solid number, Strand (or passage if they easier o get) is a solid option due to the fixing of mana while finding a snow permanents, the ability shuffle your deck can also be relevant at times.

    Secure the Wastes: good when your winning and good when your behind

    Field of Ruin: 4 is a lot of colorless mana in a deck with some fairly mana intensive spells, so down to 3 and have some more land hate in sb if needed.

    cards i would strongly consider
    aven mindcensor: flash flyer, able to block ore beat down, while denying opponents land drops is pretty powerful in fetchless decks.
    Spell Queller: if you ever decide to go for a more tempoy style of control auto 4 of.
    a 4th colonnade: they are very good and probably never going to be much cheaper.
    brazzen borrower: if you ever decide to go in much more draw go control style of play and drops the walls etc these would be a very solid inclusion
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  • posted a message on Efficient/Animation UB
    Ok so the decks wants 3 things
    Artifacts with abilitys (flying, industrctable ect)
    It wants Ensoul effects to make the artifacts into undetcosted cretures
    Then it wants artifact synergies to gain value and win.

    At the moment the decks a little all over the place so let's start with these three categories

    Artifacts that have good abilitys tacked on
    Darksteel citadel (land, industrctable artifact, add 4)
    Smugglers copter (still keeps flying and looting abilitys)
    Ornithopter (flying and free)
    Heart of Kieran (flying and vigilance but legendary so only run 1 or 2)
    Darksteel relic (free industrctable)
    Gingerbrute (haste and sudo unlockable)
    Vault Skirge (one mana flying and lifeline is very good when turned into a 5/5)

    Now Ensoul effects
    Ensoul artifact (best at what it dose, would be saved for indestructible targets as you dosnt what to get 2-1ed)
    Skilled Animator (Ensoul on a creture, but a little vulnerable to bolts ect)
    Tezzeret's Touch ( more expensive Ensoul with a irrelevant upside)
    Animating Faerie (expensive ensoul but combos well with other ensoul effects)
    Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas (solid Ensoul on -)
    The Antiquities War (Mass Ensoul)

    Other cards to consider
    Grand Architect lord and ramp
    Illusory Angel with any free spell it's a turn 3 4/4 flyer
    Cranial Plating make an artifact big!!!
    Springleaf Drum budget mox
    Salvage Titan works well with free artifacts and is unboltable and unpushable.

    Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp, (4 mana huge flyers are offen pretty game endingSlightly better than it looks)

    sai master thopterist (makes a toother for every artifact played)

    Spire of industry is a budget multy colored lands for artifact decks

    Shrapnel Blast, sac an artifact and deal 5 is solid.

    Steel Overseer ( more affinity style but very solid)

    Vapor snag (as removal would really help. ) As your pretty aggro and taking away a key blocker for a turn could well mean game for your opponent

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  • posted a message on help with golgari dredge
    What's the goal. Dreadge and self mill dose something a little different. (Dreadge has to draw and discard stuff to get free stuff back) and self mill play cretures mills some cards for value but doesn't nessasraly rely on free spells to win.
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  • posted a message on Looking to Build $200ish UW Control
    And on the snow mana base, there's a reson why it got banned in pauper for making 3-4 color decks viable. Especially with a 4 duels and 4 basic fetches
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  • posted a message on Noob UWB Control deck looking for feedback
    The deck look much closer to tempo that control. Tempo plays a threat then protects it with control spells, control nope stuff and out value your oponent till they are running on empty then slam a big flash game ender or a planswalker they can slowly alt for leathal.

    If your looking for a effective esper control list then hears mine
    (Placed 4 time in top 3s and 20+ people fnms with deathshadow, jund, burn, Tron and coco decks and jank meta.)

    For upgrades first place is replacing wilds and a couple of basics for 4 vista and 2 fabled passage

    Also avoid pact of negation unless you are a combon deck. As the price is very steep.

    Add some creature lands

    I would also add some pure card advantage cards and some card filters to help when digging for answers
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  • posted a message on Temur Dragons
    Agreed on wren being a solid addion. It's a shame it's a bit pricy Frown

    As for small srkan I think it depends what your ramping to. If your trying to hit a 4 or 5 drop then he's not worth in, if your running any 6drop dragons then it's a different story. As a turn 4 niv or kolagrim are pretty game ending plays unless they they have an answer right then.

    If your going for wren and smaller dragons then I agree that 5 CMC sarkant is the way to go.

    It's just a shame scions doing give haste in there -

    There may be a build that goes all in on the ramp and works with 7 mana drakuseth. As if want a game ending dragon he's the man.
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  • posted a message on Black Burn
    Been trialing Regie in mardu midrange alongside souls and Smiting helix. And he's pretty solid but he is a do nothing the turn he comes down. In midrage there are alot of targeted discard ect to make help him stick for a turn but in burn where you what all the cretures to do stuff the turn the hit he may be a little less reliable. If you decide not add him it might be worth keeping messager in and adding a couple of flings/thuds?

    Also for consistant card draw have you considered Stormfist crusader?
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Defence is a solid vine replacement. No narnams but between millantant, eone, pelt and prowler we should be fine. That's the thing every deck archtype porting from other formats is going to be worse we just come off alsot better in this exchange that almost any other deck. Especially considering that the power level is going to be gernely lower that modern. I suspect that aspect based mono g stompy is going to end up being one the if not the main aggro archtype. (Probably along side mono red and mono w)
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    So not strictly modern relevent but new format (pioneer ) looks like this deck is a direct port, with the exception of strangleroot and vine (and with the most recent sets both have viable alternatives.) We also loosing village which hurts and hexdrinker but thats only just been added so easy come, easy go.

    Stompy in every format!!!
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  • posted a message on Grixis Control
    i think on into the story its best compared to fact or fiction in a mill build, but i think i still prefer f&f for the fact that it can still function through some hate and just general clunkiness from the deck.
    i think 6 6 drops is a little much and also not having due effect spells for gearhulk to hit could be an issue.
    i think i'd still include tasugar as is main job is mid game blocker against aggro, early pressure against control while still having mana up for counterspells and providing a card advantage engin when needed.

    although i do like the serpent. and think 1-2 of is the right number for it hear.
    i think i'll personally be continuing with the kess build (i proxyed up and tested with some friends, its not refined yet but its pretty solid, and late game kess is basically a gearhulk that gets multiple uses

    after a little testing i've found that i really like Chandra, Acolyte of Flame as a 1-2 of in the deck, as its pressure, it doesn't die to bolt and can use the gy pretty effectively. the list feel like i wants k command but that a bit pricy

    its still only a ruff out but id be interested in thoughts
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  • posted a message on [Semi-Budget] Esper Control
    i really like Lochmere Serpent, i think the its more competing against Torrential Gearhulk rather than chromium.
    i think it comes down to the build of the rest of the deck. if your using planeswalkers and other proactive controlling effects like soc based board wipes etc the i think that serpent is now the stronger option as gearhulk need the targets to be relevant. but in a reactive build using fact and fiction i feel like gearhulk still holds the crown.
    the other downside to serpent in a snow build specifically is that the deck wins fairly often with the threat of a marit lage token and sacing lands is something the deck whats to avoid at all costs.
    in other news ive finaly sorted out my SB


    for a burn and aggro heavy meta 2 dovin baan (using almost exclusively for is -1)
    control and vial heavy meta (and this may well end up in the recommended sd)1 mb and 1 sb kaya usurper.
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