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Dominaria Spoiler Digest - Who's Who and What's What from the Release Notes
  • posted a message on Glissa, the Traitor - pros, cons, what works and doesn't
    Quote from Narvuntien »
    Marionette master is better than Dire Fleet Ravager.

    I used to have a lot more non artifact good stuff cards and I slowly removed them for more artifact based threats. A lot of my money cards I just used something else until I got lucky and opened them in a pack.

    Pernicious Deed was plague boiler (or even gaze of granite at one point)
    Sylvan Library well its a unique card I opened in eternal masters, I had Pharika, God of Affliction before that I was comboing with Curse of Death's Hold.
    Damnation, Opened it in a modern masters pack. I was using Life's Finale and then Crux of Fate in its place.
    Batterskull I did actually go buy this but it was for a modern deck, Loxodon warhammer is a good budget alternative.

    I have 35 lands which is kind of low for a commander deck.

    I feel like with the only way of making Marionette Master large being Panharmonicon she's on the fence. I guess there's plenty of equipment to pump her. Bonehoard or Cranial Plating or Loxodon Warhammer would do fine. Repeated triggers is strong.
    All of the other choices listed here I don't have at the moment, but they can mostly be substituted for similar cards.
    I'm happy enough with how the list looks thus far - I guess I just need to decide whether I pick more control cards, add some combos (not my first choice), or more artifact/creature spam to fill the rest of these slots.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    Awesome preview. Very secret policey.
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  • posted a message on Glissa, the Traitor - pros, cons, what works and doesn't
    Quote from Narvuntien »
    That looks like a nice playable start, you can slowly improve it from there. It takes a long time to work out what works and what doesn't.

    No Myr Battlesphere?

    See if you can find the Mono Red Darretti commander precon somewhere.

    Thanks! I did figure it would be a trial and error thing, although there really isn't a lot in my boxes to flesh out the deck which is frustrating.

    Don't have a spare copy of MB unfortunately. It is a good idea trying to track down the Daretti precon. It's probably the only way I'll afford a Wurmcoil Engine, and at least some of the junk rares will give me some trade credit back. Although being 3 years old now, I'll probably struggle.

    There's a few bits and pieces I'll either have to buy or pull out of other decks - Dictate of Erebos would be nice and is far preferable to Butcher of Malakir, I'm tossing up whether to grab another Pernicious Deed, and Marionette Master would be nice, although with Dire Fleet Ravager in the deck she might be a little redundant.

    The current count is 59, with 13 lands. So I'll be looking at about 24 more lands of various description, and 17 non land. I'm not sure what I want those to be. I like the idea of some answer cards, I'm just not sure what specifics I want.
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  • posted a message on Nissa's Spanish Inquisition!
    Quote from weltkrieg »
    My Yeva list had a problem of too much utility and not enough ways to actually finish the game. My solution was the goat, and a few others besides like multani,maro sorcerer. I think keeping the goat is the bare minimum, and maybe another big guy or two. Wolfir silverheart isn't bad, but could be any number of other creatures as well. What makes it an attractive slot for you?

    I guess it's quite often people forget its on the field and that it applies to other creatures. It's good value meat. And it plays really nicely with Pathbreaker Ibex, making sure the goat counts. That being said, I'm not averse to switching it out, I just don't have any preferential cards to swap it out for. Otherwise, I'm really struggling to see where there's fat to trim, all of the other cards here are earning their spots for the most part.
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  • posted a message on Arahbo - please help cutting down/improve
    Quote from derMike »
    I like the idea of control with tribal flavor/threat, but i fear, that such a deck will run out of power during the late game if it makes it that far (our games last about 2 hours, but often on player is killed very early)

    I think WGContRol with cats is possible.

    Essentially, with Arhabo at the helm, you're looking at locking the board down to some degree and dominating during combat. It should be easily doable, and it should be strong. Selesnya has access to some cool soft locks and control elements. I can help to some degree with the bare bones of a deck like that (bear in mind this is all opinion, others may vary, this is how I'd play it out). I may not be able to entirely flesh it out, but it should get your brain juices stewing.

    From above:

    I'd still stick with these cuts (I've removed the cards I was a bit precipitate with - Alms Collector, Aura Shards, Regrowth - I still think Krosan Verge is too slow).
    In addition, I'd look at cutting some of the equipment. Not ALL of it. You could do without Behemoth Sledge, Door of Destinies, Lightning Greaves, c[]Sword of Fire and Ice[/c], Sword of Light and Shadow, Hammer of Nazahn. They're good cards in the right place, and you're swinging with big numbers, but the benefits you get with these are marginal. I'd also think about whether Akroma's Memorial is really necessary here, I think its expensive for the keywords it gives you.

    In your spells, I'd trim some of the fat, too - I'd lose Mana Reflection, True Conviction, Open the Armory, Life's Legacy, Momentous Fall (don't worry, I've got better draw in mind). Creatures, I'd lose, in addition to the above suggestions, Chameleon Colossus, Leonin Abunas, Leonin Shikari, Stoneforge Mystic, Taj-Nar Swordsmith, Nazahn, Revered Bladesmith, Jazal Goldmane.

    You were a little above 100 before I made any suggestions (133), so with all of the suggested cuts here (41), you're now down to 90. You're going to need to pare down further, probably, but this at least removes most of the equipment tribal, and leans the list down to value cats mostly.

    The control elements I'd look at adding are mostly around combat - I'd recommend Dueling Grounds, Crawlspace, Silent Arbiter. Your creatures are going to carve in combat, so with these, a)you don't need a lot of them, b)you're more likely to connect with face, c)you don't need to run every cat under the sun. You've already got Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist here too - it'd be fun times to tap her down with Glare of Subdual to shut off any attacks coming your way. This doubles as a soft lock - knowing you're attacking with maybe one or two fatties per turn, you can use your auxiliary cats to lock other creatures out of combat for favourable results.

    You're going to want to slow everyone's board position down, and you have some of the elements you'll need to do that - Grand Abolisher is a great card for a great CMC, you could also look at Dragonlord Dromoka for the same thing with evasion, uncounterability, and a fatty to swing with if needed. I don't think it's entirely necessary, but it's an option. I'd want to see Leonin Arbiter in the list - it won't stop people from tutoring, but it makes every single ramp spell or tutor spell expensive and less advantageous.

    You already have Linvala, Keeper of Silence here - how nasty do you want to get? If you have the money or your group allows proxies, there's a really mean lockout involving her and Living Plane. Once all lands are creatures, they're no longer able to be used for mana. It's cruel and brings the salt, but if your group games hard, you could think about it.

    You've got some good options to make your creatures large - Beastmaster Ascension, Sublime Archangel, tribal buffs. How would you feel about sacrificing cats for profit? Probably among the strongest draw engines around, Greater Good is worth playing in here to my mind. Given you can make a token and still have it attack for a reasonable amount, use Arahbo's eminence and 1WG ability, be enormous, survive combat and obliterate face, why not sac it once you've used to refill your grip? If you're worried about what you're tossing you could always add Hunting Grounds. It's pseudo control for cheap. Every time your opponents play something you get a stronger board state - you could also consider Lurking Predators to take advantage of your opponents' spells. The other pseudo-draw option I had in mind was Abundance - strictly speaking it replaces draw,, so it basically gives you whatever card type you want for each card you draw. It came with the precon, so you definitely should have a copy, and it should definitely still be in here.

    The other areas I'd looked at were spell reduction and locking creatures down. The first involves either or both of Eidolon of Rhetoric or Rule of Law. The second involves Kismet, Crackdown, Marble Titan, Thalia, Heretic Cathar - any, all, a combination, whatever might work. In order for it to be unilateral, you really want vigilance or a way to untap any or all of your permanents. You could look at Seedborn Muse, Paradox Engine, Vitalize and so forth. I don't think you'd need to stray too far down this avenue anyway, so I really only mention it as a possible option.

    In terms of maximizing Arahbo's benefits, have you considered adding Illusionist's Bracers? I guess it is a little difficult, as one of his abilities is triggered and the other is activated. I feel like the second is stronger - you could add Strionic Resonator to take advantage of the first, but the second seems stronger. If we're talking triggered abilities, Panharmonicon could be fun to take advantage of Qasali Slingers and Aura Shards, with Temur Sabertooth to recur them and spam the ability - the sabertooth is a strong card here, as he enables this and gives himself indestructible, so he's your ideal piece to pump and take into combat.

    In terms of evasion/flying, you have some options here - Tornado Elemental is strong, and it's great to see you have it here. You could also look at Gravity Well or if you're feeling especially nasty Humility or Overwhelming Splendor. I sort of feel like if you put enough pressure on in terms of bottlenecking combat with the options listed above, it won't be much of an issue - you already have Maze of Ith, you could also run Mystifying Maze and Thaumatic Compass if you think it's a big issue. You're in colours for fog variants too if you really think you need them.

    So this really blew out into a ramble of a post. Sorry about that. What I'd do is look through for some of the suggestions here, pick what you like/can afford/have, and make some switches based on the bits that most apply to you. In the end I think this will end up being a pseudo-voltron control deck, but I think it'll end up being tough to deal with.
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  • posted a message on Nissa's Spanish Inquisition!
    The decklist on page 1 does not seem to be actual, so it's a little hard to offer additional advice. Having said that, see if you have any creatures left in your deck who's only purpose is to beat face - they can probably be cut. Then see wether you can add some larger reset buttons like The Great Aurora and Bane of Progress. They hit your stuff too, but obviously you only play them when the outcome favors you or when you are behind. I also like Reverent Silence, as it's free (6 life is negligible in commander).

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'actual'. The list on page 1 is definitely the latest iteration.

    You have a point though, although there really aren't many simple beaters in the deck anymore. The only one I can think of is Wolfir Silverheart, maybe Pathbreaker Ibex. I'm hesitant to lose the goat, though, it's very strong in combat.

    I have considered The Great Aurora in the past, and Wave of Vitriol too. I guess it's hard to see how they get me ahead.
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  • posted a message on Competitive Commander
    There's definitely competitive groups out there. It's probably best talked about with your local LGS's, as they'll have more of an idea of who's building what. At least, that's where I'd go to find a group, my LGS guy is a decent guy who has a good idea of what people like and tries his best to cater for it.
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  • posted a message on dealing with salty players
    This sounds like a pretty good resolution - ideally it'd have been nice to resolve at the time of course, but better late than never.
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  • posted a message on The Bolas dilemma (LOTS of help needed)
    You've sort of hit on some of the issue yourself, so it sounds like you might be on the right track.

    Control, essentially, is enabling a board state it which you're gaining more advantage than your opponents. This means you're building for a lot of synergy, cards that either work well together, create a value engine, or provide more bang for their buck than their initial cost to cast. Perfect example is Baleful Strix - UB to cast, cantrips, has evasion, takes down attackers. For UB you're getting a ton of value and a ton of advantage. How it looks in terms of synergy is a little different. Harvester of Souls and, say, Demon of Dark Schemes. You're nuking token swarms, refilling your hand, getting energy counters, and clearing the board for your further advantage. A lot of the time this is netting you advantage by reducing the advantage you opponents have - an example off the top of my head, Sadistic Hypnotist and Dictate of Erebos - you're shredding their hands and their existing threats. How control looks in your build is up to you - but at the end of the day it comes down to making sure every card in your list gives you value on its own, and more value in conjunction with the rest of your list.

    1) Draw power vs tutors. This is not a combo deck, so tutoring is not as urgent, but there are times when mere draw power just won't get me that answer to a specific board state which I really really need, like, right now. So I'm having troubles figuring out the correct ratio here.

    I don't run many tutors at all in my builds. They're far from necessary, and you have plenty of card draw options in Grixis, so run as many or as few as you like. The more you play around with it, the more you'll find a sweet spot for draw that gives you the answers you need and keeps your grip full. I guess it depends how much you rely on one or two specific cards to control the board.

    2) Counterspells. This is the big problem I'm finding with adapting to EDH-style control. Carrying too many and going for a "counter everything that even remotely threatens you" means ending up with a highly inefficient deck that isn't really any good whenever careful threat assessment is required, but carrying too few means not drawing them when the combo player goes off. In most games I just find more powerful and more enjoyable to go for spot removals and wipes, but there are those times when you really need to stop a combo, and only counterspells can do that. So once again, the main problem here is finding the proper ratio.

    There's a real sweet spot, again. It's probably rare that you want a grip full of them, and in a game as long as you play in EDH, they're not good value - as an answer, they're good, but your trading spell for spell in a vacuum, which gets you no further ahead. The best counterspells in the format are ones that give you bang for your buck or are cheap or free. Granted, a lot of those are expensive, but the days where Counterspell is getting you ahead are long gone. There's a lot of things stapled to counterspells these days; Creature Theft, Free mana, Untapping, Card draw, Modal options, and more. To my mind, it's really a case of assessing how many situations you need answers for - this is best done with playtesting, and then deciding which specific answers you need.

    I know there's no specific card suggestions here, but it does seem like you have the right idea in terms of building for control.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Spring Cleaning
    Quote from tstorm823 »
    Echo Chamber

    Can be determined if they only have one creature. Can be used politically. Otherwise, you're probably not getting very powerful hits off this for the mana cost.

    There's a few things that make this suck more than it could. The cost of activation, the tap, the CMC, the fact that the opponent chooses, and the fact that it exiles. I like the effect, but I like it more on Minion Reflector.
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  • posted a message on Glissa, the Traitor - pros, cons, what works and doesn't
    So I've got a much better set of cards to draw from now. Had an LGS visit last night, and picked up a lot of stuff. See below:

    Thus far, artifacts number at 24, creatures at 17. It'd be nice to add Spine of Ish Sah and Salvaging Station but I haven't tracked copies down yet. It'd be nice to add Wurmcoil Engine too, as this is probably the one deck I can really milk it for all its worth, but it's just worth too much.

    It seems I've decided to go down the route of grinding value out of mine and my opponents' decks, and I'm pretty happy with how things are looking thus far. Otherwise, I'm not sure what else to add, and still just under 20 places shy, without basic lands. I'm happy enough with the curve, and everything at the top end of the curve justifies its place to a reasonable degree. So what else would you add around what's already here? Is there anything here that hasn't earned a place?
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  • posted a message on Masters 25
    I have a singe deck that could use them, Zedruu needs colours. And at the price they're sitting on at the moment, she can go wanting.
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  • posted a message on Nissa's Spanish Inquisition!
    Quote from weltkrieg »
    Uncage the menagerie seems difficult to use efficiently. Your best search much of the time is probably going to be cmc 3 at 3 of them. Before you add it in, you need to question what precisely does it find that something more modal like primal command wouldn't do better?

    This is it, really. I question its efficiency. I've heard strong reports, but there's enough pseudo-tutor here that it's not a shoe-in.
    Other than that, I am sorry to see you were having trouble against some of the decks (other than progenitus). I mean, to be fair, you're playing mono green control. If control requires setting them back a few permanents while you race ahead, so be it. It is how green controls, after all!
    I'm not too worried, really. I had a couple bad games, but once Nissa flips, I'm strongly in the game and hard to put down. It's just getting over the hump that's crucial.
    I mean, to be fair, you're playing mono green control. If control requires setting them back a few permanents while you race ahead, so be it. It is how green controls, after all!

    Of course, if its your wife, you can always let her win I guess? How has the deck been doing otherwise? Yeva is still my favorite deck.

    Yeah it's a weird area. She's fairly specific as to what she likes and doesn't like, so maybe land destruction is pushing it a bit too far. To be fair, this deck is one of my strongest, and her Progenitus is 75% tops. You have to be prepared that no one wants to see that hydra hit the board though, so I tried to talk her through it. I think it'll just take setting some ground rules for whats acceptable and what leaves bad feelings.

    Otherwise though, the deck is great - it's a lot of fun, has some really strong plays and synergy for days. I'm kind of at the point now where I don't know what to keep or cut to improve, though feedback is always appreciated.
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  • posted a message on Arahbo - please help cutting down/improve
    Generally, I agree with what toctheyounger is saying, but some of the cuts he suggested I question. Specifically, aura shards, regrowth, alms collector, and krosan verge are cards I would be hesitant to cut.

    Yeah, I struggled to pick, partially because I couldn't really get a good draw on where the decks wants to go. Aura Shards he already has on Qasali Slingers, Regrowth on Eternal Witness, Krosan Verge from playtesting is detestably slow. I'd use it in tricolour, but for WG I don't really see it as auto-include. Alms Collector, well yeah. Extra draw is good, this a strong control piece if OP decides to head that way.
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  • posted a message on Dralnu, Lich Lord - Control & Reanimation
    Small upgrades:

    Dimir Signet - coloured mana is what Dralnu needs mostly.
    Riptide Laboratory - The errata to wizard makes this tech.

    Pemmin's Aura
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