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    posted a message on Despark
    Well, you know how those 'all-powerful' egomaniacal supervillains are..."This plan is perfect in every way! NO ONE can undo my schemes now!"
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    posted a message on [POLL] Planeswalkers as playable generals

    Quote from Carthage »
    If your deck is so narrow in it's focus that a single hate card shuts it down, it is probably teetering on the non-interactive itself.

    Academically, there's a point there. But there's a difference between someone running Vampiric Tutor, Demonic Tutor and a Razaketh, the Foulblooded shell, and someone who just wants to pop Evolving Wilds to colour fix. The former is shutting down a likely lethal combo deck, the latter is stopping a generally innocent interaction and stopping a deck from being able to interact with the game whatsoever.

    Stopping fetch lands is not stopping the deck from interacting.

    It certainly won't help the deck to interact if they're already color screwed. Not everyone has a bomb hand from the start, but they keep a so-so hand because they have a fetch land to get that color. Oops, Ashiok says **** that, so have fun 'interacting' until you get the color you need. It may not be the definition you're referencing, but I see what toc is getting at, and it's a valid point. There's also the strategy(such as it is), of just getting the shuffle...but again, Ashiok doesn't like that, so I hope you're confident in how your deck was shuffled to start, because you're not doing anything with it.

    On a side point, everybody's kind of fixated on Ashiok(which is legit...I see trouble ahead if that got to be a commander), but now we have Narset 3.0, which is at LEAST Leo 0.5. If Leovold was banned because it was oppressive, how would Narset be any better(I will find it interesting to see if she stays legal even in the 99, personally)?
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    posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Lethal Vapors
    Wow, so that popped

    I used this EXTENSIVELY back when I played in Fallen Empires; I felt it was so important to know what my opponent had. Obviously, it still is, but I'm not so fixated on that.

    To that end, I too would have to disagree with Dirk's assessment. Telepathy was a centerpiece in my early Wrexial build(I don't know why...I think I just liked forcing everyone to 'bare it all', lol). I've seen a lot of people since play it as well. My takeaway(and obviously Dirk's mileage has varied) has been that the person who plays Telepathy better win fast, or get hated out fast. Sure, the table will gang up on someone trying to combo, and shenanigans have to be more stealth shenanigan-y, but by and large, people like keeping secrets, and Telepathy rubs people that I've interacted with the wrong way. It's only human.

    Now, glasses have a bonus in that YOU are holding all the cards. Sure, it only works on one guy at a time, but let us remember that EDH is a social format, yes? A sudden Tim Taylor "Uh-oh...!" provides some amusing distraction and redirection...all without you having to play suit.

    It's asymmetrical, but not unfairly so in the eyes of your opponents. Though I admit I'm biased...I still have a playset, in fact. I should put one into one of my decks just for crits and giggles.
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    posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Lethal Vapors
    I dunno...5 is a lot for ONE R. I'm sure it helps building your storm count, or other straight burn spells, but that seems too lopsided to me. Ran it in Niv wheel, wasn't impressed. Ran it in mono-red burn, wasn't able to see it work enough to justify its slot.
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    posted a message on I Need More Zombabes, People (Scarab God Mill/Zombie Inside)
    I know where it is(I even utilized it to avoid suggesting zombies you already have), and most people will too. But there are some who PREFER it be posted here in the thread...I'm just giving you a heads up.
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    posted a message on I Need More Zombabes, People (Scarab God Mill/Zombie Inside)
    I'm going to operate under the assumption that, amidst all this background of why certain cards are in your deck, and what you're planning on getting next, you're asking for suggestions. Feel free to ignore me if I'm wrong.

    First suggestion is that you might want to post your decklist here. I handle it just fine, but some people are a bit picky about not having the decklist right in front of them on this site. [deck,][/deck,](without the periods)is how you do it; then just enter each card's name with a number(most people use 1).

    As you can see in my signature, I stretched a bit further, and made a Grixis zombies deck, as opposed to Dimir. Not saying one's better than the other, but it may play into how heavily you want to take my suggestions. So, here are some of the missing pieces(those without price tags following are less than a couple of dollars):

    Relentless Dead($8) - Arguably the best cheap, recurrable zombie you could ever ask for. If you've got the oodles of mana(and I imagine Cabal Coffers will do it for you), you can save your whole army from a boardwipe.(EDIT: I'm you have Relentless in your deck already, or is it one you're attempting to acquire yet?).
    Withered Wretch - I am not a huge fan of mill(GY decks abound, but your meta may vary), BUT...if you intend to stay on that route, it never hurts to have a way to take out the choicest pieces that you can't steal for yourself. On that topic...
    Coffin Queen{$6) - She's been errata'd as a zombie, so she fits VERY nicely into your plan. She also serves as a political tool, in various ways.
    Fleshbag Marauder - Sure, he's usually a one-and-done guy for the ETB trigger, but if you recur him, he gets REALLY nasty, really fast.
    Unbreathing Horde - More useful if your meta is damage dependent, rather than removal heavy. He can also get pretty stupid fast, and without removal, he can be hard to get through.
    Vengeful Dead - Punish them for killing your zombies. Every little poke helps.
    Havengul Lich - Another meta dependent guy, but he's oh-so-fabulous most times. Add in that the zombies you already have(plus some of the zombies I'm suggesting) have activated abilities, and it will rarely be a bad draw.
    Lord of the Undead($13.50) - Another Unholy Grotto(only straight to your hand) is never a bad thing. Add in the anthem, and it's a must have. That price tag, though...

    Suggested miscellaneous:

    Grave Pact($15) - Punish people even more when you cast Fleshbag Marauder.
    Dictate of Erebos($11) - Arguably better than Gravepact because of flash, but if you can, why not run both?
    Sudden Spoiling($3) - Few things are more hilarious than having someone swing their army into your zombies only to watch them turn into fresh meat for your rotted friends. Has saved me from lethal damage more than a few times as well.
    Army of the Damned - The cost is prohibitive at first glance, I admit that. But more zombies is still more zombies, and being able to flashback it is another plus. Give it a shot at least.
    Urza's Incubator($10) - Another way to reduce zombie costs, aside from Warchief. This and the Horn can be expensive though...
    Herald's Horn($14) - See above.
    Aetherworks Marvel - Saccing all those zombies should have an extra benefit, I would think. This is an underrated card for those types of decks, I think.
    Westvale Abbey($5) - Again, saccing zombies should benefit you in as many ways possible. There's also some flavorful cohesion in having zombies sacrificed to summon a demon, don't you think?

    That's just a few of the ideas I have, maybe something will tickle your fancy.
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    posted a message on Small yet satisfying EDH plays
    Nicely played, WizardMN. Admittedly, it's a niche situation, but it's amazing how many people don't realize that PT's ability counts as a mana ability, and thus, can't be 'out-prioritized'.
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    posted a message on Coalition Victory
    Dirk, you may hate the argument, but guess what? It's still a valid argument. And while I'm not a fan of it either, I can see the validity of it.

    You're absolutely right; most removal(land or creature) operates at instant speed, and ideally, one would wait until the casting of CV to fully neuter the potential threat. But surprisingly(not really), casual tables are FULL of sub-optimal plays. CV will likely exacerbate the problem of those sub-optimal plays, because people will primarily have 'gotta stop CV' on their mind. It is possible(even likely) that the problem will correct its course after a while as more people learn the right timing, but that's not a ship I'd want to be on in the meantime.

    Again, you assume that people are going to be completely open and honest about what's in their deck('they can just say they're not running CV), but not everyone will. The dishonesty of those few will leave a foul taste in the mouth of those who got snookered, leading to them not even caring if the next BUGRW guy does or does NOT have Coalition Victory. They've been fooled once, and d***ed if they'll be fooled again, you're going down! Yeah, there's generally no reason to conceal your deck because it's just a casual game, but by and large, no one cares: they like to keep surprises, fun or not.

    CV, overall, would be poison for the format because we're human. It'd be nice to play in a format where everyone was open about what's in their deck, played degenerate cards fairly, and there was no ban list(imperfect as it is), but here we are. You make points about EtI(I use T&N, so I'm biased on that), but those cards need more setup beyond 'playing the game'.

    And that's all I'm going to say, because you're not pushing for an unban like others.
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    posted a message on Question about Commander Damage
    I believe that since Mimie is a 13/13 copy of Skittles, the defending player you attacked is eliminated via infect damage. So, B.
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    posted a message on Balance is balanced
    I can't believe you can see Balance being a problem in superfriends, but not in artifacts, enchantments, or(as was noted by one of our comrades) a (mostly/all) creatureless control decks. It's too efficient, too cheap, for what it does and does not do, end point. And if it's not errata'd to include those three card types, that's a problem for considering an unbanning of any sort, IMO. Again, it's not so much building around what it DOES, it's building around what it DOESN'T, which is ridiculously easy to do.

    I would like to add that Magus of the Balance is a horrible comparison...not quite apples to oranges, more like Granny Smith apples to Crab Apples. Smile Magus is a creature and it has to survive a full round(outside of additional support) to be near the same level of threat...and as you noted, even with those nerfs making it more 'fair', it's barely played. At WW, its predecessor doesn't have that problem...most everyone will want to play it, for gameplan or to yank the table down. That it looks at everybody is something that would hold it in check, but not well enough.

    I'm sorry, but your petition to convince us that Balance is balanced is...well, very imbalanced. Smile
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