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    posted a message on Coalition Victory
    Quote from Taleran »
    The problem I have with the blanket way people talk about that card and the ban list in general is illustrated well right there.

    You seem to have built in your head a conception about this boogeyman of a card that will only ever be in every single deck that plays five colors or in none them and are falling into the same traps about reality and not that you accuse others of.

    Why isn't every white deck in Commander running Approach of the Second Sun if we are going to play on theoretical nonsense parameters of how people build magic decks.

    Or the idea that a game ending at the resolution of an 8 mana spell is a negating effect on the rest of the game of magic to that point is an weird way of looking at a multiplayer game played in a social setting.

    The problem with you using Approach of the Second Sun as an example is that it telegraphs itself(assuming we're using it by itself). If you're not using it by itself, guess what? It's not Coalition Victory anymore.

    Approach, like Felidar Sovereign, Near-Death Experience, Helix Pinnacle and more, require work beyond 'doing what your normally do in an EDH game.' They require you to reach a state, and with Felidar and Near-Death, stay there for a bit. You EARN that win, just as certainly as the infect player gets someone to 10 poison counters.

    The RC has summed it up pretty well as to why CV isn't coming off: "Do what you do in the course of an EDH game, and at some point, unless someone has an instant speed response, win."

    Quote from Impossible »
    Quote from LouCypher »
    You, on the other hand, never managed to counter this.
    God forbid someone gets enjoyment out of casting a sweet, thematic spell. It is literally the culmination of the Legacy being used to kill Yawgmoth and secure a Coalition Victory. The only way it could be sweeter is if it had the Vindicate art instead.

    Just because YOU don't see the fun doesn't mean it isn't there.

    Perhaps not, but the definition of 'fun' can only be stretched so far. I think in your case, it's beyond being stretched, to outright ripping.

    Coalition Victory may have come out before the advent of EDH, but having seen what happened with OTHER cards that didn't get insta-banned like Worldfire(Prime Time, Griselbrand, Sylvan Primordial), I feel that the RC has made the right call, and (rightly so) called what would happen. It's not a 'boogeyman argument'...it is the very nature of people to utilize the big plays they can use. As games degenerated into control over Prime and Primo, so too would enough 5C decks devolve into racing to a CoVic win. It's the way people, by and large, are. Of course it's fun and thematic for the person pulling it off...but do you really think you'll get a round of "Good game, did NOT see that coming" at the end? Is the fun just supposed to be for the winner?

    To turn the phrase back around, "Just because YOU don't see the rationale in keeping CoVic banned, doesn't mean it's not a legitimate concern."
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    posted a message on How do you feel about taking back gameplay mistakes (undo button)?
    In terms of triggers, the general rule at our LGS is, If it's a MAY trigger, you lost out. If it HAS to happen, we roll back and deal with it.

    Most others are dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and we've had no real problems whatsoever thus far.
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    posted a message on Neheb the Eternal
    To help out in hasty matters, consider Hammer of Purphoros or Urabrask the Hidden as well. Adding Purphoros himself is also not a bad idea.

    Blood Moon or Magus of the Moon can also keep people off-balance, but they might be too much of a danger to you. In that case, consider Blood Sun; sure, that will also hurt some of your lands, but not critically so. Still, it's something to be aware of.

    I'm not sure how many were in the red wedge, but you would also be well served to look back in the Zendikar block(the original Zendikar/Worldwake/Rise of the Eldrazi): the Rebound mechanic is worth visiting. While the damage may not be that great on those spells, getting them cast for free the next turn plays right into your gameplan.
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    posted a message on Vampiric Bloodlust for Commander 2017 2.0
    No Viscera Seer? No Havengul Vampire? Those should be auto-includes, friend(one for sac and deck manipulation, the other due to insane counter ramp). Also, with all this card draw, unless you intend to be very careful, I would recommend utilizing something like Reliquary Tower or Thought Vessel to avoid getting backlash from your own Necropotence.

    I would also suggest that Edgar Markov works best with cheap vampires. Dropping bombs isn't bad, but if you need bodies, and you can only draw up bombs that take up most of your mana, you can find yourself in a bad spot. To that end, my suggestions for cuts are:
    - Kalitas, Bloodchief of Ghet is too slow. Assuming he even survives a round to take his shot, all it takes is one intervention of regeneration or indestructability to ruin your plan and his use.
    - Butcher of Malakir, I feel, is overkill since you have pact and dictate in this deck. But I can see the value of making people think twice about attacking into chump blocks too.
    - Guul Draz Assassin, like most other levelers, are FAR too slow to justify, even as cannon or sac fodder the turn they ETB. Pitch him.
    - Necropolis Regent is dangerous in how much you must commit to B. You can have enough mana to cast her but for one more black...I would eyeball her for pitching.
    - Vizkopa Guildmage can be easily replaced by Basilisk Collar. Granted, the collar can only be placed on one creature at a time, but with its 2 for 1 package, wouldn't that be enough? Plus, Vault of the Archangel does the same effect for all your dudes...
    - Tymna the Weaver is on the list only because I think there are enough vampires that you might want to go straight tribal(a few deviations...Athreos is too good to discount, for example). She may provide good card draw, but you're playing black too...card draw should rarely be an issue.
    - Cover of Darkness is nice, but the menace effect you'll get from Iroas will often be enough, especially with your deathtouchers. YMMV depending on your playgroup, though.
    - Crypt of Agadeem should also be on your watch list, given your concerns about Vampire Nocturnus(valid concern, btw); perhaps even moreso, as it relies on a full graveyard of black critters.

    To answer your maybeboard questions:

    Anguished Unmaking is a great choice. The life loss would be negligibla(especially in a lifegain deck), and exiling is always worthwhile. Consider TIE fighters as well. EDIT: Utter End would help in the instant category if you prefer.

    The only comparison to Mana Echoes that I can think of is Braid of Fire, but I don't know if you need other colors as well or not. Ah,
    I forgot; Phyrexian Altar may be another option(if you can afford it).

    Consider Sulfurous Springs before Talisman of Indulgence, or even Boros Signet.

    Can't argue with the cauldron.

    I would prefer to use Living Death over Rise of the Dark Realms, personally. While the obvious alpha strike is euphoric, played right(i.e., with a sac outlet of your own), Living Death is a one-sided boardwipe. Creatures may not be a concern, but it feels just as euphoric to have the only (threatening) creatures on the board either.

    Harvester of Souls would work well with just single use sac effects, given that you will be popping tokens or saccing. Cauldron would just make him more bonkers(that's not to say it wouldn't be a good plan for it). Wraths are where you see some serious value, though.

    I've pointed out the concerns about Nocturnus and Agadeem earlier...most people say this(a deck run by Edgar, Licia, or Mathas) is not the deck for him, and I tend to agree. I would say that Iroas should provide the evasion you need for SOMETHING to get through.

    The exterminator would not be an easy critter to fit in; you either play him early by ramping into him(thus swinging for counters before your opponents have a defense up), or you play him late with a huge counter engine so he only needs one or two swings(maybe none). If you do use him, he should always have Blade of the Bloodchief on, which leads into the next point(out of order, I know)...

    Blade of the Bloodchief can't get enough 'yes'. You ABSOLUTELY want to play it in a deck that focuses on vampires. End of that point. Smile

    Serra Ascendant is too busted, IMO. You either run away with the game and paint a huge target on yourself for the rest of the night, or it doesn't show up soon enough to make a difference. Without tutors, I wouldn't justify it.

    Zulaport Cutthroat loses out to Falkenrath Noble if you want to combo with Blood Artist and other pieces in your deck.

    Reconnaissance can be good if you use it on creatures that only need the attack trigger, not necessarily the damage(Edgar is one such example). It may be worth looking at if someone focuses on blocking and killing the right creatures.

    Divinity of Pride doesn't add anything, as you say, though more lifelink isn't wrong, and having a better chance of it ETBing as a 8/8 isn't bad. Still, I can't find a place for it in my Markov deck either, so you're probably right to just toss it aside.

    Hope that wall of text provided some help!
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    posted a message on [Dominaria] Legends discussion
    Muldrotha, the Gravetide could be interesting as a superfriends commander. Ult the planeswalker with Doubling Season and the like, cast it back, ult it again...my God, that's scary as ****.
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    posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Welcome to the party, CasualCalamity1! Glad to have you.
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    posted a message on Most annoying keyword ability

    Hear me out: first off, EVERYONE will ask "What does that do?" So, you'll be explaining it a lot. Secondly, chances are you're gonna explain it wrong(because you forget something). So you gotta go back and double-check yourself, and 90% of the time, explain it AGAIN, correctly.

    My pod has a bunch of old farts that like using old cards to show it off...but God help us, when cards with banding come out...

    Beyond that, I would say Annihilator as well. I try to run Sigarda or Tajuru Preserver in every deck I can just in case...nothing like watching your board get wiped clean every opponent's attack phase. :\
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    posted a message on Are you a MTGO multi player? Your choice for BAN list for the future
    1. So, nerfing mana types = fun. I just checked Gatherer, and got up to 30 different cards CMC 4 or less that can target or mass remove artifacts(mind you, this is on the first page). While yes, I'm sure there are MANY more cards that remove creatures, limiting where the mana comes from to prevent 'explosive plays' does not have the effect you virtually assert. Last night at FNM(free casual night), a guy whooped me with not one, but TWO explosive hands that had NO 'broken mana'. All that will change is that the plays will come from different areas.
    2. That figure (99% of people online) only sounds impressive if A)it's true, and B)if you have the same amount of people playing Commander on MTGO that you had before this banlist shenanigan started. If the figures have dropped, 99% of 5000 sounds a lot less impressive if you lost 6000 people beforehand.
    Listen when it's all said and done 99% of the people online are loving the games without these cards. Its a better format. We are play testing it for you. We have the most knowledge now about the pros and cons of these cards. No virtual opinions please.

    Clearly Wizards of the Coast couldn't care less about these cards being a "staple" as they are quick to remove them when given the opportunity, so just evolve people.

    ...Really? That's all I'm going to say to those statements.
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    posted a message on Crazy Plays in EDH.
    Because legalities matter so much in a casual game of EDH at every LGS.

    Look, I get that every table is different, but apparently some background is needed here, which sums up to one thing: priority means d*** at our casual games. General plays go as follows: "I cast X." Now, at that point, they will either ask for responses, or someone will call out "Response...I play Y." I have seen other plays go EXACTLY the same way I was intending to go with my Reforge, and no one raised a stink about it...because, you know, it's EDH, and not a tournament.

    I'm sorry for your experiences, but I am not that player. Please don't make me out to be. And that's the end of this side discussion.

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    posted a message on Random Card of the Final Day: Maelstrom Nexus
    I can agree with the points made here, but forcing the countered player to pay the extra mana is still a big win, and could be the difference between having them machine gun their combo or fart out one more little cantrip. And being unable to really bait it out for your advantage is also points in its favor as well...

    Still, it's not nearly as powerful as the hard counters, and almost necessitates a ramped pool to draw from in order to make it good...Simic decks?

    Additionally, I can't resist posting the rough draft art for Power Sink...(second panel)
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