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  • posted a message on Abzan Liege / Wilted Abzan / Liege Rhino
    I don't think you need to forgo Noble in order to run Chalice. You're not always going to cast Chalice on turn 2. And sometimes noble opens up such busted starts. It's important to have the speed potential when you'll be Sideboarding out the chalice, such as against Tron or Humans
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  • posted a message on The Rock
    Any thoughts on this particular list? Seems like the same player has seen success with a jund variant as well. Spawn of Mayhem is certainly interesting
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Ran through two leagues with the latest list, going 3-2 in both.

    Affinity 0-2
    This is usually a good match up for me. I drew poorly in game 2, none of my Sideboard cards.

    Monored Phoenix 1-2
    I think our chances here are better than regular RW burn. Their shenanigans are stoppable and the deck is overall less linear

    GB Rock 2-0
    I've had good luck against GBx in most encounters lately. Post board we pack almost as much interaction as them so it's a fair match up.

    UR Phoenix 2-1
    These games are always nail-biters. Main deck surgical is nuts here

    GDS 2-1
    These are battles of removal. Whoever draws more usually wins. I tried boarding in my stubs here and I would say it paid off because they play so low to the ground on mana. Force Spike was relevant more than once. I didn't bring in Fulminator

    Next league:

    Infect 0-2
    Game one we just threw threats at each other. He got their first. Then I took shapers sanctuary from his g2 opening hand, thinking I could play around the Become Immense. But I should've taken that instead because it killed me.

    Dredge 2-1
    Sideboard cards were Allstars here. Main board surgical is a house. I never needed Scooze because I was able to shut him down with a Jailer game 2 and then surgical +traverse for Faerie in game 3.

    UW Miracles 0-2
    I drew very poorly both games. This a very winnable match up. I board in all stubs and Fulminator mages.

    UR Phoenix 2-1
    Again surgical takes the win. Allows me to t1 Thoughtseize a drake and surgical to get the other drake from his hand. I drew a lot of removal in g3 which helped me take the win. But it should've been a 2-0 because in the first game I accidentally passed over an attack step with my Tarmogoyf on turn 3 which cost me the game

    Whir Prison 2-1
    I can't stress enough my love for the main deck surgical. So helpful in this match up. Even decks that don't care about their graveyard much. To be able to surgical their main out against you (in this case Bridge) is just such a blow out.


    Main deck Scooze didn't come up much but it's been helpful for me in the past against humans and spirits so I'll continue the same list for now.
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Is Yixlid Jailer a reasonable Cage substitute, that has the upside of being Traversable? I've had good luck with Faerie Macabre in the past because it's free and also Traversable. And it can fly for 2 in a pinch. I've actually lost every single match to dredge since I changed my anti-graveyard configuration. I used to run 1 Scooze main, 3 Faerie SB.. But lately I've been on 2 Surgical main, 2 Spellbomb SB. The Spellbomb has been doing my dirty lately by telegraphing my plans (or outs). I think I will go back to Faerie and maybe a single Jailer. I've personally loved Surgical in the main but I will also try adding a Scooze. I'll compare main surgical to your Kcmd, 2ITB. It's nice to have an instant you can fire off at will in the main deck, let alone one that's free and pumps Shadow. As far as I can remember, Surgical main has been relevant almost every single time I've drawn it. I rarely side it out against most opponents.

    I recently played against a Monored Phoenix who used Ground Rift and actually beat me 2-0 thanks to that card specifically.

    The Snapcaster configuration in my previous post is more of a pipe dream, and I'm really on the board with sticking to main deck jund. Stub however has been super clutch out of the board and I'm happy to have it. An update with Scooze back in my main board and the Jailer as psuedo-cage in SB.

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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Can anyone explain to me how Spellskite interacts with a fetch land? I've considered using it before against things like Burn but I can't imagine that you can legally redirect an effect from a land like that, can you??
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Ghor-Clan Rampager has won me countless games. It's a very reasonable threat to cast at times too. You can also double down with a TBR + GCR for insane damage out of nowhere, which I've actually pulled off twice in recent memory. I actually intend to test a singleton MB Snapcaster in that slot once I acquire one on MTGO. But it's like fate knows and is presenting me with these great situations where GCR shines. Casting it as a 4/4 Trample has been relevant in at least three games in recent memory. Once again GDS, once against Phoenix, and once against Dredge. That being said, I've had a strangely difficult time beating dredge in my last three competitive matches.

    What is your SB strategy with the updated list Defish? With so much Anger and also Stub, I'm curious how you're landing ask your colors early enough to matter. Also, I've been shaving Fatal Push after g1 but maybe this is a mistake. And as big of a blowout as I'm nailing sometimes with Spellbomb, it's still usually not enough.

    While useless against humans (I've beat them in my last two most recent matches without any sweepers anyway) could we consider something like Cry of the Carnarium? It doesn't hit Amalgam, Supreme Phantom, and a few others, but it is much easier on the mana base. I feel that I want to fetch conservatively against decks like Dredge and Spirits (and also humans / affinity) that will quickly pressure my life total.

    On the subject of conserving life totals, if I'm on the draw and I need to fetch-shock in order to play a turn 2 Tarmogoyf, is it always a good idea to do so (assuming against hyper-aggro)? My Tarmogoyf is randomly getting blown out by unforeseen cards like Lightning Axe, Dismember, Conflagrate, or even double-bolt (this happened TWICE both games 1 & 2 against a UR Phoenix). But they can't always have it and it feels wrong to not put pressure on the board turn 2 (assuming I don't have more interaction to deploy first).


    Another route I'm considering is to take a page from GDS and start playing something like 2x Snapcaster main board. Dial back on red, probably only TBR main with something like 2x K-cmd Sideboard. Then for blue I'd run only the 2 Snaps MB, and only 3x Stun in the side. For threats and removal I'd rely solely on B & G so I'm wouldn't worry terribly about fetching an off-color early in any game. The snaps could play well with a 2/2 split on surgical MB/SB effectively just surgicaling someone to death post SB if the match called for it (such against Dredge). This is all just brainstorming for now but I'm speculating something like this:

    Theory crafting Sideboard ideas
    Against midrange or otherwise highly interactive decks
    -2 TBR
    +2 K-cmd
    (probably bring in some number of Fulminator and Atrophy, depending on the opponent)

    Against dredge
    -2 Snapcaster Mage
    -2 Inquisition of Kozilek
    -1 Dismember
    -1 Street Wraith
    +3 Stubborn Denial
    +1 Cry OTC
    +2 Surgical extraction
    (I think I've been wrong to board out Push against dredge so this is a new idea)

    Against Affinity & Scales
    -3 Street Wraith
    -2 Surgical Extraction
    +2 Assassin's Trophy
    +2 K-cmd
    +1 Cry OTC

    Against Tron
    -4 Fatal Push
    -2 Dismember
    -2 Snapcaster Mage
    +3 Fulminator Mage
    +3 Stubborn Denial
    +2 Assassin's Trophy

    Against humans & spirits
    -2 Street Wraith
    -2 Surgical Extraction
    +2 Assassin's Trophy
    +1 Cry OTC
    +1 Collective Brutality
    (this is where I'd really want a stronger sweeper)

    Against UR Phoenix
    -2 Street Wraith
    -1 Traverse
    -1 Snapcaster Mage
    +2 Assassin's Trophy
    +2 Surgical Extraction

    Against Burn & Monored Phoenix
    -4 Street Wraith
    -2 Dismember
    -2 Snapcaster Mage
    +2 Collective Brutality
    +3 Stubborn Denial
    +2 Assassin's Trophy
    +1 Surgical Extraction (leave in SB against traditional burn)

    Against Primeval decks (Scapeshift & Amulet)
    -4 Fatal Push
    -2 Snapcaster Mage
    -2 Traverse the Ulvenwald
    +3 Fulminator Mage
    +3 Stubborn Denial
    +2 Assassin's Trophy

    Against Whir Prison
    -4 Fatal Push
    -2 Dismember
    -1 Snapcaster Mage
    +2 Assassin's trophy
    +3 Stubborn Denial
    +2 K-cmd

    Against Ad Naseum
    -same as above
    +2 Assassin's Trophy
    +3 Stubborn Denial
    +2 Fulminator Mage

    I'm starting to have very different views about Sideboarding. Rather than including generic hate cards I'm trying to build different 60-card decks that work well together, and then figure out which pieces are most situational or highest opportunity cost.


    Another thing I'm considering but haven't gone back to yet is the re-addition of Manamorphose. It's another way for us to lean heavily on B & G for fetching but still give flexibility when playing 4 colors.
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    So I've gone back to the drawing board and started with your recent list, Defish. I've made a couple small tweaks, mostly to the sideboard. But I've had a lot of success in my last few leagues. Last night I actually went 5-0 by all rights but in my last match (against Tron) my game 3 had a dynamite opening hand but I accidentally clicked mulligan and ended up losing that game/match. Opponent durdled so much in that final game and my opener would've had Stub, Tarmogoyf, Fulminator. For reference, here is the list with a few afterthoughts.

    Monored Phoenix 2-0
    Dredge 2-0
    Jeskai Midrange 2-0
    Bant Spirits 2-1
    Tron 1-2

    First anecdote - I absolutely love Surgical in the main. I spent a few days testing the Prowess version and I really liked Mutagenic Growth as an additional way to instant-free pump shadow (besides Wraith) because it allows for more combat tricks. Surgical fills a similar role even against opponents that don't care about their graveyard. Or even have no cards in it! (I once surgical'ed my own Bauble just to get lethal damage)

    Another nod to your list Defish is the 3/2 split on Traverse/Looting. Just enough Traverses to have it turned on every time I drew it with one exception. My opening hand had 2x Traverse and only 1 land so I first cast Lay of the Land which allowed my turn 2 Tarmogoyf, and then being the only sorcery in my graveyard it enabled the second traverse with delirium in later turns. Looting came up just often enough to pitch cards I didn't need. TBH I think I only cast it twice in all 5 matches.

    I understand that Liliana shines most against GDS which the meta is theoretically littered with but I haven't ran into it in any of my last three leagues with this list. The maindeck LOTV cost me game 2 against Spirits (compared to if it was a 1cmc removal) but I ended up winning that match anyway so I'm not sure how important it is. She's irrelevant enough against most of the field so I might demote my singleton to join the other in SB. Against GDS I think I still want 2x just because she's such a blowout. Maybe I can drop to 1x K-cmd in the board since that is also a card I would use against GDS. I just like having the extra artifact removal with rise of Whir prison.

    The only change I'll make is -1 LOTV, +1 Tarfire. I didn't have any issues hitting delirium, even without tarfire, but my Tarmogoyfs were smaller than I'd like. I've become accustomed to a minimum 5/6 goyf over the last few months running minimum 2-3 Tarfires, with goyf usually hitting 6/7 or even higher.
    Then SB I'll likely try -1 Kcmd, +1 LOTV (up to 2x SB)


    Some serious thoughts about the Prowess version as well. It's a bit too glass-cannon for my taste. It felt like playing GB infect with a transformative-interactive sideboard. I made some tweaks, played another league, made more tweaks - and before I knew it I had this amalgamation:

    My first takeaway from testing the original list is that losing Traverse is just not smart. The card is so good and so easy to enable in this deck. It is THE reason to play Jund over Grixis. Another opinion is that the stock list (if you can call it that..they've had what? 3 recent finishes?) is way too all-in on the combo. I had so many hands with just pumps and no threats. Topdecking two TBRs in a row at times, when all I needed was interaction. 4/3 split on TBR/BI felt ridiculous so I dropped to 2&2 with a GCR for tutoring when needed. My tuned-up version is a list I could really see Surgical MB, but there's just no room to cut anything. Plus I think Surgical main really goes well alongside the full 8x discards.

    I found a lot of the SB came in for a lot of matches because I just wanted that muscly feeling of the midrange version. I will say that I beat UW control 2-0 and 2-1 back to back in a league and it felt great. The extra threat density and increase chances of "oops, I win" were definitely to thank for these wins. Burn still proved to be a difficult match, and I randomly lost to tron once with the deck as well. Really getting annoyed with turn 3 natural trons lately... Or even worse is when I trophy a tron land and they topdeck another of the same piece. Overall I'm not dissatisfied with this version of the deck either. League results with my latest updated Prowess version.

    UW Control 2-0
    UW Control 2-1
    Burn 1-2
    Tron 1-2
    GDS 2-1

    The Grixis match was very close and I feel I won just because I had much better draws. I don't think that it's a favorable match-up for this version by any means.
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  • posted a message on Tatyova and Gitrog Monster deck

    I really like Commune with the Gods in this kind of deck because it can find Heartless Summoning, Utopia Sprawl, or whatever other Enchantments you want to include. In multiplayer games Pernicious Deed is always a great inclusion. To be fair, this is my attempt at a budget brew. I've suggested non-budget alternatives to improve the deck's performance as you can afford the pieces.
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  • posted a message on Sultai Midrange
    Quote from Scissors x »
    Hey everyone Smile Little local fnm report with my take on sultai midrange. Went 4-0 (8W-2L) and played againts MonoR phoenix, Abzan rock, UW control and Bant spirits.

    The deck :

    Some card choices :
    Mishra's Bauble : The main reason why this card is in the deck is to grow Tarmogoyf some and to activate Grim Flayer more consistently. It also randomly helps "scrying" for Nissa's 0 activation and acts as a pseudo-opt most times. Im not too happy about this card, but it is not too bad.

    Grim Flayer : This card also seemed underwhelming when I was building the deck, thus why only 2 copies. In reality, the fact that this is a 2 drop is relevant. It also felt way more oppressive seeing how my opponents always wanted this card off the battlefield. I could see switching these and dropping the baubles with them, but they've been good beaters and the surveil 3 is the real star here.

    Ancestral vision : AV was good when it came up. This is my way of getting card advantage without big money planeswalkers like Liliana OTV or Jace TMS. I've had this on turn 1 maybe 3 out of 10 games, mostly because I've sided it out against some faster decks. It was great against Abzan and UW and, according to my opponents, the reason why I won those matches. More on that later.

    Yahenni's Expertise : Guys, read this card. This is like a worse version of what we sometimes want in this kind of deck. I feel like this deck has trouble once it's a little behind againts aggro decks, so this card helps alot. It also tags along a 3 mana card which can be awkward sometimes, because of how tapout empty handed most games end up to be. The big deal here, though, is the fact that it can cast Ancestral Vision! It has helped me a few times and merits its spot in the deck especially playing AV, but it also restricts the creatures that see play; there are no Scavenging Ooze in the main and only 2 Tireless Tracker in the deck for that reason. Those 2 creatures are really powerful against most matchups so I'm still unsure of the numbers.

    Creeping Tar Pit & Field of ruin : I want more of these, they were great. Tar pit was great against Liliana, since she's mostly always obligated to tick down. Field triggered tracker a few times and was very useful in the grindy matchups killing Celestial Colonnade and Treetop Village., very nice! Not having to use removal on lands against another rock deck is very precious. I'm not sure the manabase can handle more Field of ruin though, considering the amount of double colour cards this deck plays (the removal, flayer...).

    Nissa, Steward of Elements : This card is in where Liliana of the Veil and Jace, the Mind Sculptor would be. This is mainly a budget reason, but the card did do some work. The scry is really nice and putting a creature in for free with some scry and baubles is really good as well. But then again, this card is very little immediate impact. I'm not sure if it would be better just as Tireless tracker #3 and 4 or maybe some Scavenging oozes.

    The sideboard is a mess, please send help.

    Tournament report :
    Round 1 vs MonoR phoenix
    Game 1 I kept a standard hand with inquisition, Tarmogoyf and a mostly painless land suite. My opponent quickly sends me to only 4 life dealing with my Goyf. The game ends a few turns after I cast Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet and kill their Monastery Swiftspear.

    Game 2 I kept a hand with 2 Goyfs, Feed the clan, some discard and a Mishra's Bauble. My opponent played Soul-Scar Mage, bolted and Gut Shotted my goyf to oblivion. I played the second goyf followed by gain 10 in response to another deal 3 to my goyf. My opponent was never able to catch back up, ever after dealing with my creatures and swinging with 2 prowess creatures. The bauble was key in this game for ferocious.

    The manabase was great both games, 5 basic lands really helped and I drew the right half of my deck for the matchup.

    Round 2 vs Abzan rock
    Game 1 went as most Abzan matches go : we trade resources for the first few turns of the game. Eventually we trade blows with manlands; their Shambling Vents meant that they were winning the race (I was at 5 at some point with them at ~10). I eventually find Nissa, Steward of Elements and start scrying for cards. The shambling vents was never able to really put pressure on my planeswalker and I end up scrying over 20 cards of my deck, with occasional 0 activation to put a goyf and some other creatures with the help of bauble. My opponent somehow deals with my Nissa, but I drop the 2nd one to seal the deal.

    Game 2 : I don't remember what happened this game, but I got run over I think.

    Game 3 I have Ancestral Vision on 1. My opponent played Liliana of the Veil and Liliana the Last Hope which were both dealt with by Creeping Tar Pit. Eventually, I resolve the Ancestral Vision which finds me another AV and Yahenni's expertise. Another AV off of the Expertise next turn gets me the game.

    After this game, I felt pretty medium about Nissa and very highly about Tar pits. Nissa did scry me 20 and occasionnaly put some creatures into play, but a JTMS or LOTV in her stead would've just won me the game in a few turns.

    Round 3 vs UW control
    Game 1 : I have a good hand with 3 discard spells and lands. I tag most things in my opponent's hand and deploy some creatures. My opponent played 2 Search for Azcantas which were met with abrupt decays. The game goes on for a little while with them killing my stuff and eventually deploying Jace, the Mind Sculptor. I deal with the planeswalker with some form Tar pit attack I think? I then resolve AV and drop a goyf with both of us on topdeck mode for a while. The goyf was a 7/8 due to them playing planeswalker and enchantment. Celestial Colonnades were also not a problem here thanks to Field of Ruin

    Game2 : I think I went AV on 1 followed by discard + AV on 2 with my opponnent on a mulligan to 5. I also cast Unmoored Ego to name JTMS. Through discard, I know they have Teferi, Hero of Dominaria in hand, which they decide not to play on 5. Great move, since I have negate in hand. They're eventually forced to do it when I Thoughtseize their Cryptic Command.

    After the games, my opponent tells me they don't think they can win with my version of the deck playing AV and how their deck was built. They were not playing the big card drawing spells so could not keep up with the card advantage AV provided.

    Round 4 vs Bant spirits
    Game 1 : I keep a great hand with discard, Fatal push, tarmogoyf and a mostly painless lands. My opponent plays Mausoleum Wanderer on 1 followed by Selfless Spirit on 2. I push the Wanderer in response to try and stay on par with them as much as possible. I decide to kill the wanderer here to preserve life but also to be able to play my spells when things matter more in the later turns. One could argue that killing the Selfless Spirit and letting them sac their Wanderer is the right play, but I would rather not let them choose which spell I get to cast. The game goes my way with a 4/5 goyf and a Kalitas in play and a lot of removal for their spirits. They play Collected company as a last ditch effort with lethal on my side of the board and them at 1 point from lethal. They don't find anything particularly relevant and we go to game 2.

    Game 2 : I keep an ok hand with 2 tarmogoyfs and some removal. They play Mausoleum Wanderer, Selfless Spirit and Drogskol Captain. I deploy goyf and some removal. They then play Rest in Peace and I never am able to catch up with my baby tarmogoyf. Creeping tar Pit did get them to ~5 life but their Collected Company beat my already dead sultai deck.

    Game 3 : This game was interesting. The game goes as usual : spirits into removal. I Collective brutality twice on 2 different Drogskol Captains. They get to hit me a few times with a Rattlechains (if I remember right...) for 3 off the back of a Noble Hierarch and deploy a Rest in Peace once again. This game though, I saw no goyfs and deployed my Grim Flayer and a Tireless Tracker. We trade resources with my still at a low life total, but tireless tracker draws me some sweet sweet gas and I get there.

    Final thoughts :
    This deck was real sweet. The Ancestral Visions we're super sweet and the creature package also felt reasonable. I think I got to play against a good spread of decks and the deck showed that it can grind properly as well as deploy a lot of disruption against creature strategies. I think going on, I would test more Assassin's Trophy if the Tron matchup is miserable (which it certainly might be) or if more planeswalkers and Gurmag anglers show up. I don't think this deck plays well when behind, so overloading on answers is very necessary with how I play the deck.

    I would also try to find the correct threat suite. Some have talked about Dark Confidant instead of Grim flayer and I see how that can be a good idea; most matches came down to a grind in topdeck mode and I think bob serves the same role in those games - it is a 2drop must answer threat that draws me gas if it "connects". The difference is the power/toughness and the fact that it randomly loses life. I was really happy with the lowpain manabase so I don't think shelling $$ for Dark confidant is a good idea. Especially since JTMS would be a better upgrade path for the deck I feel.

    I would maybe also go up to 24 lands if I drop Grim Flayer and bauble, but for now it felt reasonable.

    Thanks everyone Smile
    Congrats on the 4-0! Nice job.. Interesting take with the Ancestral Vision. It's a card I would've thought to try in this archetype. I've been brewing sultai again recently and I've really liked Nissa actually, even alongside the more traditional PWs

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  • posted a message on RG Super Vengevine
    I'm back with a spicy brew for RG Vengevine

    Evoke still counts as a creature being cast so it works with Vengevine. Also Faerie Macabre out of the SB works with H1 discard requirement. The Artifact creatures make it super easy to hit delirium to Traverse is usually turned on no problem.

    So far I've beaten UW Control and Mardu Pyro, still testing and tweaking. There are a lot of tricky lines of play and I've by no means mastered the deck yet.
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  • posted a message on Goryo's Shadow
    I think you're into something here but you have a couple nonbos here. Gurmag is awful since you typically need your graveyard for mausoleum secrets, Snapcaster and also Goryo's itself. You miss out considerably on the discard effects. I would start somewhere like this

    Lazav seems really awkward for your list also. What is he copying besides Shadow? Doesn't seem worth. I've opted for no red in my main deck because I don't think it's worth the trouble. I used to play a similar deck with Smallpox also since it's a great way to cut your opponent off from resources but humans is not as popular as it used to be so I'm not sure about that now.
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  • posted a message on Sultai Death's Shadow - BUG Shadow
    You should take a more GDS approach. You can cut 10 cards to add 4 Mausoleum secrets for consistency... And still be able to find instants or sorceries instead of lands. You can change bauble's into architects.

    You can trade 4 goyf's for 3 casters. Which makes it easy to double down an anything in your black or multi-colored black toolbox.

    Wanna astro a Tron land and then surgical it? Sure. Wanna Mausoleum a shadow when yours gets pushed? Sure. Want to double down with snap on just about anything? Sure, you can do that too! While still having a large toolbox to deal with anything.

    I threw in unmoored ego just for fun as an 8th tutorable answer. It's not even necessary. I'm having success on the 2nd draft of a deck as an okay player with slotS open, without even using a sideboard... and you guys are still making enormous changes because a 1 cmc sorcery find a creature/land that requires 4 types in your yard IS NOT better than a 2 cmc instant find anything in your deck besides snap or a land that requires 1 type in your yard.

    Struggling with decisions on cuts? Why... Because traverse is bad. You probably have 20 cards devoted to your yard. I have 7. God forbid you play a deck that can drain your yard, repeatedly, and discard your denial.

    Try it. At least do that. You might have then gone through the same process I did.

    Why run 4 goyf's at all when your tutor can clear a threat, protect your shadow, and Still tutor a shadow. Not to mention, less copies of great strong OR versatile cards finding consistency, and much less restrictive deck construction.

    I can tutor for countersquall when ahead. I can tutor an answer when behind. I don't depend on 8 copies of discard so topdecks aren't an issue. I can TS to find out if it's safe for shadow. You guys are trading too much versatility for consistency. I'm actually cutting cards to make my tutor twice as strong and easier to activate. I can even tutor a Lili if need be.

    Would you mind sharing a list? I'm very interested in the Mausoleum Secrets plan, but I think it's wrong to cut Tarmogoyf. If you look a page back in this thread, I was heavily brewing some Mausoleum Secrets variations. Hopefully we can work together on this via constructive criticism
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    I definitely did. I ended up still running the blue splash for GP LA which was also a mistake. The amount of times Stub was in my hand but I needed a removal spell was pretty frequent. Granted I didn't play against any of the opponents I was lacking the stubs for anyhow. I went 3-3 and dropped, playing against :

    Izzet Phoenix 2-1
    Izzet Phoenix 0-2
    Storm 2-0
    Infect 2-1
    Izzet Phoenix 1-2
    Prowess Shadow 0-2

    I have a history of losing to mana flood with this deck during some pretty high stakes matches at PPTQs and IQs in the past, I really try to play only 17 lands if I can get away with it. But it definitely cost me a few games this weekend. Three individual game losses took place with only one land on my side of the table. Lost game 2 to Phoenix #2 when I keep a one-lander and fetch Stomping Ground first to Tarfire his t1 Swiftspear (I wanted green mana because I was holding a Tarmogoyf and praying for my second land drop. I drew a basic forest and no other land for the game. Thing makes clean work of my Tarmogoyf and kills me with a drake. All three of the Phoenix matches I played against didn't see much Phoenix action at all. In online leagues I've always been able to deal with the deck via graveyard hate for Phoenix and pushes for Thing. The Drake is interesting third angle of attack that makes me more interested in Trophy main deck. I've traditionally liked Trophy SB but Decay main because I don't like giving them a land in the dark and Decay hits most everything anyways.

    I feel there were only two critical missplays I made during the whole event. Mostly I had terrible variance with my draws, seeing red cards after I fetch Watery Grave, or drawing my basics when I needed to hurt myself. I think it's usually safe to keep one-landers with this deck as long as you have a cantrip or two but almost every single opener for me this weekend had only one land and at least half those games I missed my turn 2 land drop. I think I'm retiring the 4th color for now, at least until spell-based decks are back on top. Right now I just want more removal.

    I'll say again that I feel the Prowess Zoo Jund Shadow abomination definitely outclassed me. I might have to start testing that version. Against heavily interactive decks it might be worse off, but I think it's better against most of the top decks right now.

    I'll also add that there were a lot of storm players in the GP. It seemed like everywhere I looked there was some playing against our piloting storm. I saw more than 15 players easily. Anyone have a link to the results for the finals?
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Here is my shot at a blueless list. The problem I've noticed with blue lately is that against burn I can't really be aggressive with my fetches so I can't get the mana I need in a reasonable amount of time. I haven't tested without blue against Scapeshift or Amulet, and those match-ups worry me too.

    I've beat burn twice in two recent leagues without drawing a single stub or Brutality, so I'm feeling confident. But I played another league this morning and lost horribly to Burn, Affinity, and GDS. Beating another Affinity player and also beating Phoenix.
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    I don't think Threads is particularly scary for us, because Shadow is only useless for them if their life is low. Targeting a Tarmogoyf with threads is awful for us, but like whocansay mentioned - we have plenty of outs.

    I'd like to share some interesting results I've had over the last two leagues.

    Burn 2-1
    Lanternless 0-2
    Spirits 1-2
    Humans 2-1
    Merfolk 2-1

    The only puzzling thing is the loss to Whir decks. I've also played against it a few times during pick-up games and literally haven't won a single game against them in the last 3 matches. I'm considering adding trophy to my Sideboard just so I have more outs for ensnaring Bridge. What are other's experiences playing against the deck? I used to beat up on Lantern control all the time, but this new version just seems more consistent at jamming bridges and protecting them with welding jars. I really feel I should be beating this deck. I also made a bone head play during g3 against spirits which likely cost me the game. So then i ran through another league

    Affinity 2-0
    Prowess Shadow 0-2
    Prowess Shadow 1-2 (same opponent)
    Grixis Shadow 2-0
    G Tron 2-1

    I was much happier with these results, even though still went 3-2. Fulminator was awesome against GDS, keeping them on only two lands effectively shut down Snapcaster they were holding. But this other Shadow deck was so strange. I wouldn't call it Shadow Zoo because he had no white or Wild Nacatl. I'm guessing the list was something like:

    Admittedly I have zero experience playing against the deck so maybe I'd do better with more practice. But I felt seriously outclassed. I'm convinced I didn't make any misplays. He had just enough interaction to hamstring me and take over the game by turn 4 or was brutal. Very interesting list to say the least.

    Any thoughts?
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