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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    I just don't ever want to see that after turn 1 which makes it hard to include (I know vial is the same-way but vial is so strong). Catmix was on 3+ Copters at one point. So he could loot them away or use them as crew members which might help.
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  • posted a message on RG Titan Scapeshift
    Awesome to see such good results this weekend.

    I just put the standard r/g list together with the intention of splashing black once I get the pieces.

    First time running it at my LGS last week felt pretty good. I went 3-1 for 3rd

    The match I lost was to Blue Tron which felt pretty hopeless both games. Anyone have advice for it? It felt like they could just sit on counters for scapeshift and prime time until they had enough mana to cast wurmcoil without tapping out.
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    Quote from Fool »

    any reason you dont run scrying sheets?

    Only that I don't have them yet. They would have been helpful though.
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    Hello all. I haven't played magic for about 4.5 years but decided to get back into it so I put Skred Red together and headed out to my LGS to give it a shot. There was about 20 people playing and after I registered they informed me it was no ban list and 8 proxies today. I was kinda annoyed but at the same time I currently only have one blood moon so I got to play the whole set!!!

    Went 3-0 and split first! We played out the championship game for fun and he beat me with a miracle top deck in game 3 (only card in his deck where I don't win next turn).
    U/b kitchen table imps 2-0

    Preban Dredge 2-1
    game 1 he had a fast hand and just rolled me. Games 2 and 3 relic and blood moon kept him down and I killed my own scourge twice to remove bridges.

    Azban Company with an infante life combo: 2-1
    I didn't see/know the combo game 1 and he surprised me with it and lost. Games 2-3 I held onto relics and used pithing needle to keep him off the combo and won easily.

    Azban: 1-2
    Close match that came down to the final topdeck. Their creature value is amazing but skred packs so much removal I kept up pretty well. Flooded game one. Game two kept him off mana with blood moon and molten rain. Game three was back and fourth with him top decking green sun zenith for his fourth siege rhino with me having lethal on board.

    Overall the list felt solid, I would like a couple more threats. There were a couple games I flooded with removal and just sat around waiting to topdeck a threat. I thought no ramp was the way to go as turn 2 mindstone doesn't really get us anywhere. I'd rather be playing blood moon or sitting on removal than rushing a four drop a turn early. After playing it I was happy with the choice. I plan 2 fit a couple rabblemasters and roasts in somewhere and acquire 2-3 crying sheets.

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