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  • posted a message on Coiling Oracle too good?
    Quote from ultratog1028
    It's funny, because when designed, Solemn Simulacrum was UG. It was changed because Mirrodin.

    It didn't have a name when I started. "Tempo" is a fairly recent term. The term didn't exist in pre-Zendikar as far as I'm aware.

    No, I have been using the word tempo since I started in Ice Age and ravnica was no exception.
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  • posted a message on RTR confidant
    Quote from Zoomsoldier5
    Well wildfire, if they do reprint it this year, then it would have to be this set because it is the last one this year. And do you think the price will go up because of it being in standard or down because of it being reprinted? Also, what do you mean by some form?

    You are asking Wildfire this question but I figured I would answer the pricing question. If Confidant is reprinted as a rare it will go down in price drastically, if it is printed as a mythic it may go down a little bit but it will prolly stay close to the same.
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  • posted a message on Bonfire of the Damned too powerful?
    Quote from priminator
    When casted from miracle at the proper time, it is incredibly powerful. However when hard-casted, it is under par to other sweepers and spells (regardless of it being a one-sided sweeper). It has become acustom that if you want to consitently see it hit the board, you need to play a 4-set. it's an extremely risky spell to play with, as alot of the time it becomes a dead card in hand never to be played, especially in aggro where the mana curves out at around 5. But these are the risks you take as a red mage. The last blocks of standard have not been doing much for red, the spell is needed for red mages.

    I personally hate being bonfired, but I love casting it, as does anyone. I do not think it is overpowered, it just feels that way since competitive meta's are filled with them. I think after rotation when the meta changes, we may see some less of the bonfires.

    why do you love casting it? I sincerely doubt you planned to miracle a bonfire. there are very few decks that run ponder with it. In reality you get lucky when you draw it later in the game. While I do realize and consider the miracle cards their miracle cmc you can't really plan around an insta-gib like that. Everytime I miracle RotH i feel ****ty but take my win anyways. Miracle Bonfire is even more of a blowout.

    Cards like these are not good for a healthy format. The miracle effect is a horrible idea imo and I almost exclusively play brainstorm/ponder decks where they are best.

    I wouldn't be suprised if bonfire is the first standard red banned card ever (or at least for the last decade). I also think that it should be banned.
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  • posted a message on Competitive Decks on a Budget
    You can probably get away with control lists such as grixis control and Esper control. These decks don't really play the most expensive cards and on mtgo I built a grixis deck that looks pretty good for like 70 tix.
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  • posted a message on [Primer]Get'er Dungrove
    Quote from aZn.FlipStar_650
    right now for my lands i have 24 total - 18 forests, 4 sunpetal grove, and 2 gavony township; they pump my creatures/make mana dorks more useful when i dont need mana.

    do you notice it affecting your dungrove? i don't think it really would too much but it may be a problem
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  • posted a message on [Primer]Get'er Dungrove
    I was thinking of adding in oblivion rings for the wurm coil engine, put a couple of em in the sb with like 1-2 sunpetal groves and the birds would probably do it. or maybe 1 borderland ranger 1 plains and the rings.

    Any thoughts?
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  • posted a message on [Primer]Get'er Dungrove
    Quote from herkamurjones
    wow that is a good thought..and it can be a 3cmc if need be. dang, i should have thought of that. it can legend-rule too, which is relevant in some matchups. how many is the right number in most decks since its not green sun's zenith-able?

    I really like 2
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  • posted a message on [Primer]Get'er Dungrove
    So, I have been testing this deck on mws quite a bit and I liked it enough to build it on modo. it has been running nicely, going 3-0 in a couple 8 mans and winning almost all of my 2 mans. I am going to start doing dailies tomorrow since I don't have to work for the next 3 or so days.

    I am fairly happy with the list that i have right now. The main thing that I seem to lose to is Wurmcoil engine... and I would like some help with that. I'm not sure if there is anything that i can run to deal with it effectively.

    Outside of dungrove I would consider metamorph the mvp of the deck. he is so good at either making your beatings more consistent or abusing the cards that your opponents are using. he also kills legends and with giest he becomes even more taxing. Typically he is dungrove 5-6 but on aggressive draws he is geist as well.

    I started at 8 dorks and 4 rancors but found that these cards just didn't match up to what i wanted to do. they are extremely good and I would consider a necessity in the deck but I have not missed the 4th rancor, nor has 1 dork hurt me.

    Thrun is in the mb because he does everything i want him to do... literally. he outranges most decks that we have problems with and he thrashes control decks. a rancor on thrun against control is typically gg, turn 2 dungrove into turn 3 thrun is also gg, most aggro decks cannot deal with him at all and he does a fair job at everything g1. Against aggro decks i side him out g2/g3 for silverheart.

    2 thragtusk and no silverheart mb. I was originally running the 1/1 split and it was doing fine; but I came to the conclusion that the mu's where silverheart wins you games are already in your favor and then he is either win more card or a mediocre draw after bonfire or other wrath effects. Thragtusk is almost always worth playing, the only reason why he doesn't have a higher count in the main is because the deck really doesn't want to be sitting until turn 4/5 to cast the multiple copies in hand. The mu's where thragtusk is bad are not really made better by silverheart in g1 (like infect).

    Garruk, primal hunter- I was extremely sceptical of garruk at first. Typically a pw that costs 5 is hard to get over for me but garruk puts work in. He creates a huge board swing with a 3/3 every turn, they can't let him get to ulty unless they have like 2 great sweepers and he draws you a ton of cards. I have done a 180 on him and he is probably the last 5 drop i would cut.


    I started off running 2 crushing vines and no naturalizes, then I went to 3 crushing vines, then 2 crushing and 2 nats, and then 4 crushing and 2 nats. There are not that many decks that crushing vines isn't worth using against. there are a lot of decks where crushing vines is just a better removal than dismember and then there are mu's like tempered steel and trading post and birthing pod where a lot of the targets are either artifacts or flying. siding in 6 great removal spells vs these types of decks and then riding thrun/dungrove to victory has worked really well for me.

    I moved revenge of the hunted to the sb after starting with 3 in the main because of the amount of times i either opened with it, or topdecked it and didn't have creatures or didn't have 6 mana. It is such a powerful effect that it is worth using in mu's like tokens or on huge boards that it still has a spot in the 75 but I hate the inconsistency of it. I added corrosive gale as secret tech vs miracle and to bring in vs various delver/flying dudes. I am still testing it and I am not sure if it deserves the slots.

    Wolfir silverheart, rachet bomb, dismember should all be obvious.

    Like I said above, I am not sure what to do against wurmcoil engine apart from crushing vines and naturalize. I don't know if there is anything I can do.

    I don't know if it is bad luck on modo or just a problem the deck has but I seem to get land flooded way to often.
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  • posted a message on Question on allowed cards in Standard
    ok ty
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  • posted a message on Question on allowed cards in Standard
    along that note, Is rancor already legal online? Or do I have to wait for jul 30th
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  • posted a message on Mono-G budget help
    So I am looking to build a budget deck for online and after a while possibly FNMs as well.

    I have looked at quite a bit of stuff and would like to start with Mono-G

    Starting from the top-
    I am trying out a playset of garruk's companion, I was reluctant to add this card, only recently deciding to try it out after testing spined thopter and porcelain legionare. I really want a good 2 drop, The deck is already heavy at 3 drops with the elders, metamorphs and most of the time gsz for 3. I need value creatures, something that can put a clock on my opponent but only cost 2, the real creatures that I could find in green are the spined thopter, legionare and companion. Hopefully there is something else but he will have to do.

    I tried prey upon, I actually enjoyed it but it sucks drawing prey upon when the entire time dismember would have worked so I went back to prey upon. Revenge is just too good of a top deck to not play, I would like to be playing t2 strangle off of t1 dork but when you draw the revenge you get to hit for 7... and possibly kill their stuff.

    wolfir- Aggro mu's
    thragtusk- zombie
    crushing vines- Delver and decks with lots of artys (swords)
    Thrun- almost good enough to MD regardless of MU
    ratchet bomb- tokens
    beast within- pw, it also has an interesting line with geist on their turn
    Garruk- if you expect games to go long, getting garruk down is almost priceless.

    I was looking at this list, a WW deck and possibly some variation of G/R Aggro with stromkirk nobles and stuff. I like this deck the most though.
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  • posted a message on Dark Confidant in RTR block ?
    Quote from MichMash
    Keep in mind that WoTC doesn't really care for second-market value of specific cards (from an economic standpoint), even if those cards are staples for certain formats.

    However, I could see a reprint of BoB, but he should be Mythic, right?

    no way, he isn't a mythical creature... Reprinting him as a mythic would be a horrible idea and would go against what wizards has said they want mythic to do.
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  • posted a message on (RTR) Bird of Paradise
    I expect that birds will come back in ravnica, it will help ravnica block decks and follow suit of the last time they played. I also would like to see them go back to A/B/ birds... that picture is so nostalgic for me.
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  • posted a message on sharuum combo be Arkaniss
    Bump, I have made a couple changes to the deck but it is still goign strong.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Current Modern Ban List Discussion (12/2011 - 6/2012)
    Quote from Torm
    Yeah, i mean i'm not saying top sucks, but I'm pretty sure i remember the explanation literally being 'because it makes games long'. You should have a big sticky locked thread that has that article in it, since it gets brought up so much :D. And it is a pretty huge problem in Legacy. Especially when countertop gets popular; you'll notice a LOT more 1-1 draws. I remember watching LSV talk about Legacy tournaments and he was saying how Legacy specifically needs longer match times, because of a lot of the things that happen, including Top.

    Yeah, the reasoning behind the ban of SDT was because of the time constraints at bigger events. Obviously Countertop was a strong combo but it wasn't he reason they listed for the ban.
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