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  • posted a message on [Let's Brew] Azor the Lawbringet
    Make a bunch of treasure and play a bunch of rocks. Then play a ton of land wipe effects. Now you are drawing tons of cards and your opponent is struggling to play the game.
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  • posted a message on The Color Identity rule is the biggest problem with Commander
    Removing commander color restriction would be really bad for the game. A number of people at my lgs already just run 5 color good stuff using progenitus or child of alara. Removing that restriction would just let them play a hyper utility commander AND their 5 color goodness. I don't need to see a kiki jiki resto angel combo deck piloted by something like Azusa. No thank you. Removing restrictions would just punish people not willing to play 5 or 4 color decks that just run all the best cards. It just promotes the wallet arms race.
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  • posted a message on Help with Wolf Deck
    Would a cryptolith rite into a wolfbriar elemental be out of the question? Also the metallurgic mimic or w/e his name is from kaladesh would be funny. Name wolf with your robot and now you have a wolf robot that pumps other wolves.
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  • posted a message on Consign // Oblivion
    Imagine the tempo 4 of these can give. 4 bounces that late game allow you to directly hurt their hand. This seems like the kind of card that ends up forcing your opponent to end up playing top deck only magic.
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  • posted a message on 6/22 Mothership Spoilers - Rhonas's last stand
    And it was about that time my opponent cast unbridled growth on a card just so they can make black mana for fatal pushes.

    Edit got my growths wtong initially
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  • posted a message on Gathering Magic Spoiler - RAZAKETH
    Watch them throw everyone for a loop and print the last one in the anounced "UN" set coming up. He just ends up being a 9/9 for 9 1/2 Grin
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  • posted a message on Nest of Scarabs + Blowfly Infestation does it make a loop?
    Just put a hapatra on field problem solved.
    "I put a neg counter on a scarab now I make 1 million snakes by killing 1 million scarabs" then put a counter on hapatra or an enemy to end the cycle. Bonus points for parralel lives(not even needed) and something like kaladesh's green instant give my stuff hexproof and indestructible (bonus if thats on an iso sceptor :D)
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  • posted a message on What will be the God-Pharaoh's Gift?
    Jokes on us...it's a one drop artifact that automatically places Nicol Bolas on the field with double loyalty counters!
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  • posted a message on Oketra's Monument Combo
    New crop mate exert guy that fetches 2 cmc creatures to field from grave is fun with a selfless spririt. Especially if you can make him vigilant for cheap. Then you just have a selfless spirit every combat phase to sac out and make the field indestructible.
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  • posted a message on Oketra's Monument Combo
    What about Sram's expertise? Three 1/1's and play another three drop or less seems like an okay spell.
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