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  • posted a message on M19 Suncleanser: Did Wizards Goof?
    Quote from DonRon »
    I bet MaRo (or his advocates) fought hard for this to target opponents only. You know how he loves Infect!

    I believe there is an older card that removed infect. I have a couple of the mono white amonkhet card that stops all counters period on everything, (but existing counters remain in place), There's also a card coming in the new Ravenica set that directly removes infect. So keeping this card opponents only seems odd since that Ravenica card is on the way, and I doubt it will be the only card in the set that cab deal with infect.
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  • posted a message on M19 Suncleanser: Did Wizards Goof?
    The ability in question is the choice of: "Target opponent loses all counters. That player cant get counters for as long as Suncleanser remains on the battlefield."

    It specifies "OPPONENT", but the only counters I can think of that players can get are like infect counters, which you would want to block from yourself. The only thing I can think of that you would want to keep off opponents is energy counters, if Suncleanser is applicable to those type of counters. So how does it make any sense for this ability to only target opponents? Is there a counter type I'm missing?
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  • posted a message on 5-Colour Partner Commanders?
    I've been looking at the various Commanders that have Partner, but I haven't been able to find a pair of partners that cover all 5 colours. Is this not possible, or am I just missing the mythical 5-coloured partner commander team? Weird
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  • posted a message on Jodah Archmage Eternal Command Zone
    I'm unable to find a definitive ruling. If Jodah, Archmage Eternal is in the command zone, can you use his alternate mana cost ability? I have seen a rule that says it can be used on himself, but I can't tell if you can use the ability to pay the alternate cost for other spells.

    As was told to you already, you have to use card tags in this forum. Card tags added, formal warning issued. -MadMage
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  • posted a message on The Rules Of Mirage Mirror Stacks?
    As I understand it, the rules for Mirage Mirror's ability dictates that to stack it, you must stack immediately as it loses the ability once it starts copying things. Furthermore, at the end of the stacks resolving it ends up being a copy of the last legal permanent it targeted.
    What I don't fully understand is the full effects of stacking the copy ability. Can you end up with a creature with indestructible/flying/double strike/unlockable/etc type abilities? Do all "enter the battlefield" abilities trigger?

    This card certainly has one of the longer lists of rulings on Mtg Gatherer. Smile
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Acceleration Cards?
    Ok but what about reducing mana costs? Is Oath of Ajani the only card that makes Planeswalkers cost less?
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Acceleration Cards?
    As someone who collects Planeswalkers, (and plays them), I could use some acceleration cards. By acceleration I mean in terms of both lowering mana cost and boosting loyalty counters. I'm not sure what's out there and exactly what card types I should be searching. About the only accelerator cards I have are Oath of Ajani and the one Planeswalker I know of that can accelerate: Ajani Unyielding

    Could anyone point me in the right direction? I'm not terribly concerned about format legality, I have Modern,Standard, and a few Commander only Planeswalkers, I even have the only un-Planeswalker: Urza, Academy Headmaster
    Thus I've got practically every format covered. (Except maybe Legacy/Vintage since Planeswalkers didn't exist in pre-Modern sets)
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  • posted a message on Managing Multi-Colour?
    It occurs to me that this format has a little problem in terms of lands. If you're limited to only one copy of a non-basic land, and only ones that are standard legal, that doesn't give you a lot of options to facilitate multi-colour decks. Two colour is fairly manageable, but 3 or more I'm not so sure. To be fair, we got a lot more dual lands in standard thanks to Ixalan, but even alot of those have to come in tapped. This slows your deck down a little when you have to rely on those.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalkers & Indestructible
    I've read conflicting rulings on this matter, perhaps someone can clear things up.

    I read a ruling that when a Planeswalker becomes an INDESTRUCTIBLE creature, (ie. several different Gideons), damage can still deplete loyalty and as a result be sent to the graveyard. This doesn't make sense to me. What point would there be in making it an indestructible creature if combat can still kill it? (You can use symantecs and say it's not actually being destroyed, but that exact process would still be happening.
    You're just applying different terminology, which is absurd.)

    Furthermore, I present an opposing ruling from the official site:

    Any loyalty counters on Sarkhan when his first ability resolves will remain on him while he’s a creature. Because he’s not a planeswalker at this time, damage dealt to him won’t cause those counters to be removed.

    Shouldn't this bolded bit be applicable to all planeswalkers?
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  • posted a message on The Tag Team Of Ajani & Tibalt
    Quote from TBuzzsaw »
    - Play Ajani turn 6 (if your game even makes it that long in Modern).

    Turn 6? I take it you've never heard of mana acceleration; and there are cards that make planeswalkers cost less, (though you only need 2 mana for Tibalt.)

    1. I can have 6 mana on turn 2 or 3.
    2. You want to wait for this combo anyway, because you get control of all creatures only for the turn, thus you want a lot of creatures on the field when you play this. The deck I run this in can bring out multiple big blockers each turn for free. (not tokens)

    Other notes:
    Insurrection isn't legal for modern. Not sure what Karn & Ugin have to do with this.
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  • posted a message on The Tag Team Of Ajani & Tibalt
    Seems like there's a lot of hate around for Tibalt. Let me show you an epic combo I pulled off featuring him. I did this in a commander game, but I imagine one could pull this off more consistently in modern format:

    Our dynamic duo:
    Ajani Unyielding Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded

    You can probably make this harder to stop by including Mirror Gallery , so that you can have multiple copies of these gentlemen on the field.

    The setup for my specific scenario: I was running a dino deck against a token creature spamming deck. Suffice it to say, at the point I busted this combo out, there were a crapton of creatures on the field. I had enough big blockers to create a bit of a standstill in terms of combat.

    The combo: First we bring Ajani out onto the field. It will take 3 turns to buff him up to be able to use his final ability. I personally keep Tibalt in my hand until the very last second. (He only costs 2 mana so this isn't hard.)

    On turn 4, with Ajani now sitting with 11 loyalty counters, (assuming he hasn't taken any damage or anything--in my scenario I had blockers to protect him until the time came.), it's time to bring Tibalt onto the field. Fun fact, Tibalt's final ability only costs 6 loyalty counters--he comes in with 2. Once he hits the field, we use Ajani's -9 ability to put +5/+5 on all creatures I control and more importantly 5 loyalty counters on every other planeswalker on my field. This instantly puts Tibalt up to 7, allowing me to use his final ability on the very turn he has entered the battlefield. This ability grants control of ALL creatures until end of turn. I don't know if this includes creatures in graveyards, but the card doesn't specify, it just says "all creatures." In my scenario this was moot because there was more than enough power on the battlefield to serve a deathblow--and my opponent was over 80 life at that point. Because it's only for the turn, timing is crucial. You get one shot, so make it count. Cool
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  • posted a message on Best Place To Buy Your Fat Pack?
    Rivals of Ixalan drops tomorrow, which means it's time once again to buy fat packs. I was planning to go to my nearest Walmart, since the game shop I'll be playing at charges $45 USD for fat packs. (I usually preorder online for much cheaper, but was unable to do that this time around.) At present Walmart doesn't even have a listing online for the Rivals of Ixalan fat pack yet, but I've heard that they charge $45 as well.
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  • posted a message on Question About Dismiss Into Dream
    1. Creature outside of the battlefield is not a creature. it's a creature card. So with the additional wording of "control" it certainly the ones in the battlefield.

    So it doesn't affect creatures that enter the battlefield afterward?
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  • posted a message on Good Sets For Angels & Dragons?
    Quote from Melkor »
    ok......are you just asking about what good creatures there are, or are you looking to try to get them out of boosters? because it's said a LOT, but in this case it's extremely, EXTREMELY true, just buy singles. Most angels and dragons are dirt cheap to buy. if you took the cash to buy even a fat pack or whatever they call it now, you could probably get playsets of most of the dragons and angels in Modern. Avacyn, Baneslayer, Thundermaw, there are really only a handful that cost above bulk.

    Well, Avacyn Angel of Hope, (the one that I want), is over $30 as a single. Granted, the odds of actually pulling it are extremely low, but it would be fun to try. That aside, I wanted to get some angels and dragons in bulk so to speak, not just for the creatures but there are also spells that work specifically with dragons and angels that I would do good to get as well.

    I gather that a set like Avacyn Restored would feature a lot of angel centric cards, and the same with something like Dragons of Tarkir for dragon centric cards per booster that I would get a lot of useful cards per booster. Do I have it wrong?
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  • posted a message on Question About Dismiss Into Dream
    Dismiss Into Dream

    This card came up recently in some casual play. I tried to look up online the exact scope of its effects but I found very little in terms of rulings. So all opponent's creatures become illusions and become destroyed when they are targeted by a spell or ability.
    Two questions:

    1. Does this only apply to creatures on the battlefield when the card is played or all subsequent creatures as well?

    2. Exactly what constitutes being "targeted by a spell or ability." The player using the card took it to mean, any time one tries to attach equipment to the creature, any buff enchantment, (be it aura or not-- ie nimbus wings would be applicable), and all manner of creature abilities that would buff other creatures in any way shape or form. Apparently while the general rule is the card must specifically use the word "target", there are a number of abilities that are supposed to be implied to be targeting without using the actual word--of which I couldn't begin to recall what all these abilities might be. So exactly what is the scope at play here?
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