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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    I am still lurking. I am not playing modern at the moment, Instead trying out Arena. I have not found a good Jeskia build that I am happy with in that format yet. Nice primer Stevo.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    @Stevo solid white list, you had me at tron Grin
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    A few of the locals in my area have closed in 2019, a lot of the players went to online. I my self have tried other stores but I felt like the lonely duck. The crowd in one store is mostly young kids and teenagers. they play draft,standard, commander and now pioneer. the modern crowd in these stores are a smaller demographic last FNM it was 8-10 players and a few drop if they lose round 1. They play for prizes which makes them a bit competitive. Always top tier decks. with a make up of about 50% tron.

    I have been choosing to step aside for now and I play less. My decks need upgrades to stay competitive. The 2019 year saw so many essentials added to the format that every deck has to either change to handle it or fall out of tier play ability. And that is without the bans which nullified 2 of my decks (H1, soulflayer) hurt a few others.
    So in my opinion 2019 has been a bit toxic for modern in a LGS.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    nice list curdos
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    @ManDolphin; Congrats on the 3-1, and thank you for the write up. A lot of what you said is how I felt and thought, both about card selection and WOTC attitude moving forward.

    @StevomatUWR [q] I am now enjoying Divinity: Original Sin 2... [/q] thats funny I started playing Divinity Original Sin EE edition this december over magic.

    I have been playing a home brew Mardu Pox deck that is closer to jeskia tempo play, choosing to just play the best hate cards and not interact with my opponent.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    the card looks good. archon of sun's grace looks cool also.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    I have been off Jeskia for a while now. Not that the deck is bad but with out FoN I feel the deck is not as strong in the meta I play. I am not impressed with the theros block yet. Nice for limited, but blah for modern. Just thought I would post to let you all know my Holidays were good and that I am still lurking.

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  • posted a message on Sisterless Soulsisters
    silence in sideboard to counter boardwipes?
    Brave the Elements can also be used as an aggressive card giving your white creates a clear path to swing for lethal.
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  • posted a message on Sisterless Soulsisters

    Benalish Marshal
    Declaration in Stone
    Hanweir Militia Captain
    Authority of the Consuls

    Brave the elements is legal in pioneer
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  • posted a message on Pioneer White Weenie thread
    other 2 drops you might consider Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit or metallic mimic.

    these are some of my favorites Abzan Falconer Wingmate Roc Timely Hordemate
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    I played FNM
    played Jeskia mantis rider
    went 2-2 it has been a while since I played so I was a bit rusty and I was playing in a different game store.

    jund 0-2
    I had no answers to his golfs. (I had forgot to include Path back into the deck from last build) Match was good, his spells all target my things if I could have hit the burn side of the deck I think I could have had a better chance. game 2 I try for control and keep a hand of counters, he gets 2 golfs(5/6) on board with an ooze(4/4). I try to deflecting palm his ooze, he push's his ooze I veto his push, he push's again. I lose next turn. If palm resolved I could have boros charmed him for the win.

    steam kiln burn 2-0
    I staved off his creatures and burn, he gets me down to 5 life T4 I play geist, T5 I put spear of godhead on him. I hold up mana and blockers playing around burn spells (turns out he was only holding 4 land cards in hand) T6-7 I play Rider, and rider swinging in for win

    G2 he gets layline combustion out, and plays a more conservative burn, He kills off my delvers, I hold burn in hand only casting the helixis, I get the red mana in my deck when I really want more blue. This limits my plays and forces me to play opts and visions over creatures. I miss play and allow a scared mage to block a rider. I win a few turns later with Royal scions (this card is very good)..

    mono green control, liquid metal coating/artifact destruction 2-0
    both games were fun and interactive. game 1 I drew and played the burn side of the deck, killing his mana dorks and burning his face. He killed off my lands and creatures but had no answers for my burn. His creatures were tiny and were not a good threat. I kept drawing into lands and manipulated my fetchs to cover what ever mana I was losing.
    Game 2 he did not get Liquid metal online, so he could not shut down my creatures. he did get land destrution going which forced me to play draw and go style opting and burning as I lost lands. With such a variety of lands i was never off color for more than a turn. he pithing needled my geist (which I am not sure is legal, but it looked good). So I had to play a Rider next turn instead of godheading the geist. I start to go on the offensive with 2 riders and geist for the win.

    last match up Boggles 1-2
    he lands an early threat I play to disrupt his enchantments, he gains tempo as I have to hold up mana to counter. I disrupt enough to have 5 lands in play 2 riders and a delver(unfliped). boros charm in hand but no mana left to cast. I have to block a 10/9 boggle taking 3 damage, I forgot about the lifelink, my opponent was at 8 life post attack.
    game 2 boggles player keeps a hand with no creatures and a layline of hexproof. I kill him with geist and riders. Boggles loses to Boggles.
    Game 3 He plays another layline of hexproof, he is short on mana, I am able to counter a few spells keeping his board open for turn. I have to hold up mana trying to counter slowing down my plays.I play a rider t4, he paths my early rider. I think I am safe with a settle the wreckage in hand (I did not realize that it targets players) I play flooded strand but his attack next turn puts my life at 1.

    i had fun it was nice to play jeskia again.
    I will have to strongly edit my deck and sideboard for this meta. I am not going to post this deck because I plan to change it when I get a chance. I think more burn main deck and control sideboard. Delver under performed, I will go back to Ypyromancer or try Thing in the Ice.

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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    I do not mind the pain lands that much, they can easily be played around so they do not cause you that much damage in comparison to shock lands.
    Get comfortable with the deck and upgrade or adjust it as you go. no rush.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Mana base looks good. The rest of the core cards also look good.

    I play 4 heaths and rarely have trouble finding the right combo of lands I need.
    You are playing a lot of value creatures that love Instants or sorcery. Instants can give you a lot of value on your opponents turn. silence is cheap and fun to play. abrade is a good catch all. card draw is always good.
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  • posted a message on What Are you using for a Deck Box?
    What I will end up doing in reality is building a deck, convince myself I am going to play it, put it in a box and then store it for 3-5 years before reopening it. With this reality in mind I am going to have to avoid cardboard, and wood boxes due to the high acid content.

    "I do not find puddles, Puddles find me"
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  • posted a message on Eggs
    Emry, Lurker of the Loch
    jeskai ascendancy
    mirrodin besieged
    mystic forge

    this should give you close to an infinite loop into a win con.
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