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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    @mnelson; I visit the thread, but I do not play SS very much lately (or any magic).That being said, the new ranger of Eos looks good, and the Serra planeswalker is great. Also got some kitty cat lord support if you play that way. new set looks sweet.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    @ user-100010379

    All three are good starting options.
    The fetchlands of course will be the most expensive part of the deck.
    I would also suggest you consider Jeskai or Esper colors as these give you great sideboard options for cheap. You can transition out of White later.

    I think mono U or UR would be the cheapest on start up without fetchlands/shocklands.

    Good Luck with your choices and have fun
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  • posted a message on Eggs

    there are many more, alot in white. There is also a w/b uncounterable one control uses
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Stompy
    As long as the price does not skyrocket, I will be putting 1 Explosive zone in my deck.

    My current deck is a budget version

    FNM report
    went 0-3
    all matches went 3 games some were tighter than others. In the end misplays and over top decking lands lost me the matches.

    M1 vs DS u/b
    g1 w speed kills mulled 3 times to temple
    g2 Mulled 1 only got 2 mana
    g3 4 DS T3&T4

    M2 vs w/g value town
    G1 lost: relics ate his GY but he came back as I ran out of gas and his board got big
    G2 win: he sideboarded in against E-Tron kept a hand strong with artifact hate
    G3 Lost to worship conceede on time. misplayed my ratchet bombs too early

    M3 vr R/G Ponza
    G1 mulled 3 (2 serum pulls) top decked lands for most of the game when I needed gas, he resolves a dragon
    G2 T1 mimic, T2 Smasher 10 damage living the dream
    G3 I nuke elf T2, he Bloodmoons T3, I pithing needle Chandra T3, I was light on threats, and able to play around BM fine but he shut off my Seagate wreckage not allowing me to find my threats his Oozes brought him back and he finds the 6 lands he needs to cast the game finishers in his hand.

    overall I need more practice. Any advice or wisdom is appreciated TY.

    reason for the tron lands, I do not yet own the manlands. I put the Tron lands in to confuse my opponent as to what I am playing.
    2 Blinkmoth Nexus and 2 Mutavault, 2 Ratchet Bomb will be going in the main board when I play next time.
    working to buy into 4 Chalice of the Void (or selling my first born)
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    GL mrWickard
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    I agree with JulsSkogs, threat count is good. (18 giddeons+Colonnades)
    Electrolyze or Abrade depends on your meta and what you feel better with.
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  • posted a message on Modern Hollow One discussion
    I agree with Ninja.
    I would work to get into Black mana. I love the Phoenixes but can see the hesitation. They can be hard cast easy enough. I would try to get some lightning bolts, maybe a fatal push. There are a lot of nice new cards coming out that could change the way this deck works in the future. Dreadhorde Arcanist and Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion could be picked up when they release (they will probably shoot up in price first week out).
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Any Price speculations for the new cards yet? If snappycaster is 50$ what would red smashycaster be? I figure most of these planeswalkers will see standard play and fade into the 2-4$ range later. Commander will pick up a bunch. A lot of the other cards will greatly increase the other potency of deck styles. Tron with flash sounds scary to me.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    Naya Soul Humans looks very sweet.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    I agree with ulka. One advantage of SS is that you gain multiple ETB triggers off of cards like the spectral procession.

    Once your angel plan starts to get going I think the game will be over really fast.
    seraph sanctuary and windbrisk heights should go in

    I think serra avenger might be too slow, I would cut a few copy's down, add honor the pure instead (buff everyone). At 5 cmc lyra can be a 2 off or less. You would rather have The Archangel instead all games.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Quote from CurdBros ยป

    WickedApp- Yeah the only one that works for us is aven mindcensor. I really hope they print Containment Priest in modern horizons for our sidebaord. I am more excited to see the new cards than reprints. From your list you could play Abazan midrange and/or a big mana deck.

    What about Hallowed Moonlight works like a priest and hits tokens. a one time exile is still fair and can be a target for snappy plus it replaces its self.

    I am leaning towards a abazan midrange taxes/CoCo deck, if phoenix and dredge stay popular.

    @dzung ; I am still getting used to my 2 snappys, the play style of the deck does shift when you include them. baby Jace is not a valid substitute for this style of deck (if jace had haste). As for remand vs mana leak, I like them both but I have been leaning towards the Leak as it removes. There have been a lot of low mana CMC cards seeing play, sometimes remand is not effective late game.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    I have not been playing much since my LGS closed. I have been going though my cards and putting other deck lists together trying to anticipate the meta and build a deck that hoses it. None of them work well in a Jeskia deck. trinisphere , anafenza, the foremost, maralen of the mornsong , aven mindcensor, and leonin arbiter.

    Just thought I would share.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    Martyr for me has been either hit or miss. It does come up that you get a martyr & Ascendant in the opening hand enough times to make it decent in my testing. even off color. 3 white cards is still 9 life. which sets up your opponent for an early answer.
    I think that the lilys & bob's restocking the hand and re-pulling a spent Martyr might work. It works with the Sun Titan decks.

    I never consider the Ascendant to be the Win Con, I assume it is the first card to die. I play the Ascendant to be a viable threat that makes my opponent answer it or avoid playing creatures due to the sister triggers. Your deck is looking to trade life for card advantage which i think will work fine. In the SS decks I have played I rarely get past 30 life, usually staying near it. Either I win early and fast, or the game goes a bit longer and I win by out value. The life total acts as a trad-able shield. The match-ups I struggle with are the ones my life does not matter, like Turns, or Storm.

    Try out your deck. See how it works and what it does and wants to do.
    Your deck can play a quick game, martyr + ascendant, or sisters + Pridemate, or tokens + 2 honors, All can lead to T5 kills.
    your deck can play a mid game of disruption and then threats.
    The long game looks very spicy when you get a planeswalker out and get to recycle your best creatures.

    The hard part I think will be trying to accommodate the tempo and to hold cards in hand allowing the deck to play to the best strength at the time and to not force a direction.
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  • posted a message on Eggs
    the more I play tested the more the deck evolved into Prison Whir style deck. Which is not where I wanted to go. Also the salvage titan was only so so. 15+ games 2 wins 13+ losses. Only wins due to Thopter foundry + Grand Architect. I tested on MTGO so the decks I went against were non-meta and weak.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    Fetchlands are ok I use 4 in my W/B SS deck but I am only looking for swamps as an after thought. Your deck is looking for a swamp T2-3 & T4-5 your looking for 2 swamps. I think your list looks fine now. Remember that you can Path your own stuff to get the extra or the right mana (especially if it gets bolted or is chump blocking).
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