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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    Im currently looking for a GB elf list that has the craterhoof win con, could someone point me in that direction? I know it might now be the best but I seems to be the most fun to me.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    FNM report

    First Thoughts I feel like I want 4 Skullcrack in the deck. Think I'm going to trim 1 Grim Lavamancer to make room for 3 in the main.

    Round 1 vs UR Kiki (2-0)
    It was a pretty budget list, I didn't see any fetches at all. There was very little interaction on his part. Game one t1 Goblin Guide all I saw was land off the top and he only played lands. Easy free win. Game to I just ran it back, not knowing what I was playing against. Pretty much the same as game 1.

    Round 2 vs Heartless Value Town(2-1)(Gave the win to opponent as I didn't pay for FNM and he did. Also we are close friends)
    Game 1 I wasn't sure what I was playing against as he played Ramunap excavator and The Gitrog Monster. So he pretty much just played lots of lands and drew a lot of cards. Eventually killing me with Ob Nixilis, the Fallen. Not before I drew the game out as long as possible to get information on his deck, so I could get the best options for sb. I took out some number of Searing Blaze and the Grim Lavamancers for Rest in peace and Deflecting Palms. I had a fast start for game two, with goblin guide and a plethora of burn spells. Then it all came down to game 3 where I ended up locking him out with Eidolon of the Great Revel and we were in a stalemate until I topdecked a burn spell.

    Round 3 vs Tron (2-1)
    Game 1 he got down a turn 3 Wurmcoil Engine followed by a turn 4 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon I scooped it up after that. Sb went as follows -4 Searing Blaze -4 Lava Spike -2 Grim Lavamancer +3 Path to Exile +2Stony Silence +3Destructive Revelry +1Deflecting Palm +1Skullcrack. Game two went a lot better for me. I was able to land Stony Silence on t2 which hindered him enough to not assemble tron. Game 3 I ran it back, he mulled to 4 with a 2 tower hand. It was a quick game.

    Round 4 vs Jund (2-0)
    Had a fast start and was able keep him from really doing anything significant. I sided in Rest In Peace and Path to Exile Didn't even see any sideboard cards but was able to get there fairly quickly with Monastery Swiftspearand burn spells.

    Round 5 vs Storm (2-0) (Also conceded to him, being a friend and he also paid for FNM, netting him 6 packs)
    I saw 5 Eidolon of the Great Revel in the 2 games, need I say more!

    Conclusion I feel that the deck does really well. I can't wait to continue to play it and hopefully be able to make it to an open this year.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Love the primer. Great job! I used to play nacatl burn a few years ago, finally went back to the RWg version. I love it. Now if only I could finish foiling out the deck I would be happy. With the RWg version I have been unsure on what creature to play first between guide or swiftspear. With your awesome script now I know always jam guide down first!
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    Quote from spec.ops »
    I just wrapped up GP OKC. The competition was tough. I was not able to make it to day two, but Gobots drew a lot of attention from judges and surrounding players. Everyone was shocked with the speed and violent intensity goblins brought to the table. From seeing people whistle when they cast IoK to sweat rolling down foreheads turn two to free wins with 15 damage turn three. But, the hate was EPIC. The whole format was midrange to control. I played one real aggro deck and crushed it (merfolk). But, literally, having every...single...goblin...die turn after turn after turn just grinds out the deck.

    So, after a painful lesson I've come up with a new sideboard to combat the meta; however, it will require a Gruul splash.

    The first two choices are quite simple to understand. But, the bottom three will require some explanation. All of these "gas" cards can help us out pace the card advantage midrange to control decks net. The only thing is knowing which one is best and how much of one to throw in. For example, for more pure control decks with sweepers side in both Fecundity and Genesis Chamber. For decks that run light on creatures but high on removal side in Genesis Chamber and Shaper's Sanctuary. Note, Tron is a tough one as they have so many different ways to kill us its a hard one to say. But, had I had Genesis Chamber early in every post game one I can say I would have won all my matches. GC was the single most abused card in my SB.

    With this hedge of protection our new SB gives us, at least me, I feel confident enough to take any goblin deck to any tournament setting.

    The only question I have now is to Burning-Tree Emissary or to Hope of Ghirapur.

    I like the idea of green splash. And I can see the GC being really good against board wipes. What kind of mana base were you thinking for the green splash?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    Quote from ascribe »
    I think we should start with the lists that have been performing online:


    This is the list I am considering for my next modern foray. As an old Legacy goblins player, I miss the aether vial and Goblin Ringleader, but understand the plan is to go wide and pump. This looks like an excellent mix it up deck for a week or two.

    After years of playing exclusively modern I have finally found a deck that is exciting to me and consistent. I have played goblins in legacy and am super excited to start grinding out this list. The sb seems a little lack luster to me. I haven’t tested it a whole lot yet. I feel there should be some number of blood moon in the sb. Only time will tell what will be the final list I end up with. ROI spoiled a new 2/2 goblin bear, giving hope that maybe we can get that next piece to finally take this deck to the tier 2 threads. I won’t have it in paper until next week but expect to see fnm reports in the future.
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  • posted a message on Maze's End in Modern?
    The idea seems good, I’m just not sure about the aggressive mining plan with so much graveyard hate.

    I would love to get a tournament report on this list.

    I plan to play my list this Friday for fnm and post a report Friday night after I get home.
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  • posted a message on Maze's End in Modern?
    Here is a version that I have come up with. I have taken this deck on as a new project to expand my magic iq. Meaning that I want to try and make the best version of this deck possible, main goal for this is to go 4-0 at an fnm. Any criticism would be appreciated.

    4 x Fog
    4 x Holy Day
    4 x Dawn Charm
    4 x Batwing Brume

    1 x Boros Guildgate
    2 x Azorius Guildgate
    2 x Selesnya Guildgate
    1 x Golgari Guildgate
    1 x Gruul Guildgate
    2 x Plains
    4 x Maze's End
    3 x Forest
    1 x Island
    2 x Simic Guildgate
    2 x Izzet Guildgate
    1 x Orzhov Guildgate
    1 x Dimir Guildgate
    1 x Rakdos Guildgate

    1 x Elspeth, Sun's Champion

    3 x Azusa, Lost but Seeking

    1 x Thing in the Ice
    4 x Sakura-Tribe Scout

    4 x Amulet of Vigor

    4 x Explore
    3 x Ancient Stirrings

    1 x Pulse of Murasa
    2 x Supreme Verdict
    2 x Abrupt Decay
    2 x Negate
    1 x Crackling Perimeter
    2 x Ashes of the Abhorrent
    1 x Engineered Explosives
    2 x Kor Firewalker
    2 x Tireless Tracker
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    What are your guys thoughts on ashes of the abhorrent???
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Living End
    Choke might be OK but with my experience the red trap seems to be the best against control. I have tried both out of my local game store and the red trap seems to perform better.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    I am looking to build a version of this deck. I am just not sure at the moment which one I should build. The mono white version seems like the cheapest, while the mardu one seems the most fun.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Living End
    I'm getting the feeling that this deck is far more underrated than people expect. I have went 11-1-1 the past 3 weeks at my lgs. I don't think people really know how to play against it. I plan on grinding the hell out of the deck until the modern open in Cincinnati in October. My hopes are to at least cash. So top 64.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Living End
    Quote from Listlik »
    Hey, guys. I really need your advise. Recetly i changed kari-zev expertise with 4th demonic dread and i felt that it was a right move. But suddenly our meta has bacome full of remands and now my living ends are usually in my hand and i can not play it (suspend is pretty slow and crazy). So, what do you think about having in main deck 8 cascade spells as well as 1 copy of expertise (for example, instead of 1 beast within)?

    I've been experiencing the same thing, I think the best solution is to up the count of ricochet trap in the board and not combo off until you have one in hand. I'm currently going from 2 to 3. Depending on how the meta continues might go to 4.

    I would say keep it 4 and 3 with cascade spells, and keep the kari, just shift your sb a little also just play more cautious.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Living End
    Fnm report.
    Round 1- faeries 2-1
    Game one got him tapped out early and jammed an early LE which one me game one. Game two I mulled to 6 and kept a hand with2 cyclers and lands. My opponent was able to establish a pretty good board state. Not being able to jam an LE before turn 5 pretty much wrapped this game up.
    Game 3- started off strong cycling creatures, waiting for the right time to strike. Blew up 2 of his lands with F mage, before the 3rd was countered. Waited for him to attack with mutavault, and cast a spell the same turn being me the best time to cast violent outburst. Redirected his negate with ricochet trap letting a lethal living end resolve and with me the game and match.

    Round two- Jeskai Nahiri 2-1
    Game one was pretty standard. Cycle on 1 and 2, also hitting 2 street wraiths. Opponent countered violent outburst, ha! After I explained to him that he should counter LE not the cascade spells. We go to game two and he does just that counters my. Game 3 two F mages keep him off white and I'm able to cycle and combo him out. Winning yet again with ricochet trap.
    Round 3- Gifts Storm 2-0
    Game one I got really lucky and cycled into 3/4 of my faerie macabre stopped him dead in his tracks for going off. Topped the cascade card gave him one more turn to put something together, he scoops. Game two he managed to get hit me with a grapeshot for 5 and then emptied for 6. Not killing me I topped violent outburst and he couldn't close it out. Giving me the match.
    Round 4- Counters Company 2-0
    Game one F mage strikes again! Keeps him off lands and eventually I was able to combo off, had to win on the second LE. Game two was a breeze. Was hardly no interaction.

    All in all what I took away from this FNM was F Mage is really good for keeping your opponent behind you. Also against decks that have counters ricochet trap is an all star.

    // Living End

    4 Verdant Catacombs
    1 Overgrown Tomb
    1 Mountain
    2 Bloodstained Mire
    2 Forest
    1 Swamp
    4 Blackcleave Cliffs
    2 Stomping Ground
    1 Blood Crypt

    4 Architects of Will
    4 Desert Cerodon
    4 Horror of the Broken Lands
    3 Simian Spirit Guide
    4 Street Wraith
    4 Monstrous Carabid
    4 Faerie Macabre
    4 Fulminator Mage

    3 Demonic Dread
    3 Living End
    4 Violent Outburst
    1 Beast Within

    2 Beast Within
    1 Anger of the Gods
    2 Pulse of Murasa
    1 Krosan Grip
    2 Ricochet Trap
    3 Ingot Chewer
    2 Shriekmaw
    2 Dead // Gone
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  • posted a message on Dredge
    My current sb, I feel like it's pretty good against the pro meta. I feel like Abrupt Decay is a great catch all, I also don't really care for nature's claim, giving them 4 life seems like it could hinder our beat down plans. Thoughts on the rest?

    2 Lightning Axe
    1 Gnaw to the Bone
    2 Darkblast
    2 Thoughtseize
    3 Collective Brutality
    2 Ancient Grudge
    2 Abrupt Decay
    1 Bojuka Bog
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Living End
    Quote from TomCourtenay »
    Thanks for the reply! I really like Pale Recluse : since Jungle Weaver is outclassed by Archfiend of Ifnir now, I think it's the best landcycling creature out there. I'd really like to have a single Twisted Abomination also, but I'm feeling comfortable with the spider as of now.

    Expertise is great to get control of another creature or to dump LE stucked in hand. I wouldn't play wihtout it. Also, the manabase is great, never really manascrewed.

    I'm still working on the sideboard though. Any advice? I feel that we need 4 lifegain cards, 2 Shriekmaw, 2 Faerie Macabre and 2-3 Ingot Chewer.

    Another card you could try is Pulse of Murasa it's really good life gain, also you can get back a cyclers out of your gy or keep your opponent from getting something back of LE.
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