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    hi, thanks for the quick answer
    I used to be in the faerie discord but I had the feeling it was dying a bit too, good to hear/see that's no longer the case ;-)
    What do you cut for the fact or fiction? (jace of cryptic command I assume)

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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Hi all! It's been a while since I posted anything here. I played in a tournament today and went 3-2. Far less good then I had hoped. Still I wanted to share some of my thoughts about the matches I played and the new cards I tried. Also I wanted to comment on some of the posts I've read here today.

    I have been playing with 1 force of negation in the main and 1 force of despair in the sideboard. I've changed the deck somewhat to try to make these cards better:
    - cut murderous cut and liliana's triumph for 2 tyrant's scorn. The scorn is UB which makes it so you can pitch it to force of negation, also in a noncreature matchup like UW control the card can be used to protect your own creatures. I was pretty happy about that change.
    - I played 2 ancestral visions since I think that if you play multiple cards that give you card disadvantage like force of negation that you need to mitigate this somehow. Visions was ok but a bit too slow (I cut 1 jace and 1 mana leak for them, I really felt like I missed that Jace, gonna add him again somehow)
    I was very happy with the maindeck force of negation, i'll keep that one, but the force of despair is getting cut again for a damnation.

    Thoughts on mistbind clique: don't underestimate this card! A 4/4 flyer is pretty darn good against UR phoenix. An flash giant blocker is good against many creature decks. Also it's our best card to beat tron. (especially if you can bounce it back with cards like jace or tyrant's scorn). It's also a way to get rid of our bitterblossom when we're close to dying from it. I think you need at least 10 other faeries to make the card work (spellstutter/bitterblossm/vendilion clique and mutavault)

    With bridgevine running wild in modern right now you need a decent amount of graveyard hate if you want to beat this deck. I play 1 nihil spellbomb main (since it can "cycle) and in the side 3 leylines and 1 surgical. Maybe the spellbomb main should become a surgical too. Keep in mind that sometimes killing your own creatures to get rid of their bridges from below might be the right play.

    UR Phoenix: when this deck rose to power I thought it was a nightmare. However after playing against it a few times I've realised it's actually a pretty good matchup. They only have 8 threats (phoenixes and thing in the ice), thing in the ice often flips and bounces snapcasters/spellstutter sprites. I sideboard in the surgical but you don't need the leylines. Spellstutter might be the best card in the deck against them. It counters so much of their stuff and it ignores spell pierce and dispel.

    In my opinion liliana the last hope is still far superior to liliana of the veil (and ashiok). Hope: crushes creature swarm decks and returns your counterspells and removal to your hand(spellstutters/snapcasters). I want to keep as many cards in my hand as possible, keep my options open. Lilana of the veil does the exact opposite by have to discard and play empty handed.
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