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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Belcher (Forest Belcher/Land Thinning Belcher)
    I’ve been brewing with Once Upon a Time and I’m running 4 lands. Also I’m tinkering with Irencrag Feat because it says you can only play one more spell being Goblin Charbelcher. It says nothing about abilities or of the mana can be used for abilities 4+3=7.
    I ran into a couple problems but I think they’re minimal now with Chromatic Sphere to swap spirit guide mana for green to traverse or caravan.

    I’m on mobile so I’m not good at posting decks but I don’t feel tags will be very needed here.
    Mountain 2
    Stomping ground 2
    Wild cantor 4
    Street wraith 4
    Simian spirit guide 4
    Chancellor of the Tangle 4
    Manamorphose 4
    Pyretic Ritual 4
    Desperate ritual 4
    Irencrag feat 4
    Ancient stirring 4
    Caravan Vigil 4
    Traverse the Ulvenwald 4
    Once Upon a Time 4
    Chromatic Sphere 4
    Goblin Charbelcher 4

    I can get a pretty consistent T3 shot, some times T2, some times T4 but if you don’t hit it, you lose.
    I had bauble in the sphere slot because it’s free info that draws a card but here is what happens.
    Guide or tangle mana for traverse or caravan, if you got caravan do that one 2nd but you always get a mountain and get stuck because you can’t tutor anymore.
    OUaT is really good because cycling wraith, guide, chancellor’s mana ability do not effect the 0 cost.
    It also has a high number of relevant targets:
    Spirit guide
    Street wraith
    Wild cantor
    Any land
    Some one earlier in the thread said something about 1 cost tutoring instead of 2 cost with Nissa’s Triumph.
    It’s not the cmc that makes it bad, it’s the double green part because I believe sylvan scrying is still pretty good.
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  • posted a message on [Primer]UG Counter Aggro
    i was at a MH1 draft last night and i was talking to one of my buddies about the infect MU and i mentioned Vapor Snag and blossoming defense for that slot to help fight bolt, push, path which both snag and string also can do but you would lose a swing. but the latter they would also lose a swing and thats pretty big imo. my build is primarily green but i'd like to try force of negation in my 75 because of trying to get the first contact.
    development on this is tricky with the lack of viable removal
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  • posted a message on [Primer]UG Counter Aggro
    i'm glad to see that my sword control idea isn't completely dated. Grin btw if you flash one in and have dupes, you can get DT on him by turn 3. i am running into 1 issue tho. infect and burn.
    you know, infect can get that T2 swing while you're on your way the turn after or people just bolting the dorks.
    the other issue i have is the T3 play. I can attempt 1 of these lines of play:
    A) equip target, if it lives past the declare attackers step, order is active for U.
    B) before attackers use the dork(not swinging with a 0/1 bird) for mystic snake.
    C) cry and play a 2nd dork

    Creature (24)
    4x Birds of Paradise
    2x Eternal Witness
    2x Glen Elendra Archmage
    4x Ice-Fang Coatl
    4x Mystic Snake
    4x Noble Hierarch
    3x Tireless Tracker
    1x Trophy Mage
    Instant (5)
    2x Admiral's Order
    1x Beast Within
    2x Cryptic Command
    Land (23)
    4x Breeding Pool
    1x Ghost Quarter
    4x Misty Rainforest
    2x Mutavault
    2x Polluted Delta
    5x Snow-Covered Forest
    3x Snow-Covered Island
    1x Waterlogged Grove
    1x Dryad Arbor
    Artifact (6)
    2x Sword of Feast and Famine
    2x Sword of Fire and Ice
    1x Sword of Sinew and Steel
    1x Sword of War and Peace
    Planeswalker (2)
    2x Vivien, Champion of the Wilds
    Sideboard (13)
    2x Creeping Corrosion
    1x Life Goes On
    2x Negate
    1x Phyrexian Revoker
    1x Reclamation Sage
    1x Scavenging Ooze
    2x Spellskite
    1x Thrun, the Last Troll
    2x Tormod's Crypt

    I'm still in proto-type stage b4 i start taking it to FNMs

    what does your meta look like to want echoing truth main?
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  • posted a message on [Primer]UG Counter Aggro
    hello! i'm a big simic fan so b4 this site dies i want to throw a little something here im working on.
    the best part of playing dudes with a control back is trying to go tempo! in other words i like to try and play as many things on my opponents turn as possible. a lot of ppl are doing that in simic nexus atm with splendid reclamation but i want to try Vivien, Champion of the Wilds in something like this from the value i used to get with Aether vial and eternal witness. so here we go with a sword control variant:

    Vivien, Champion of the wilds x3

    Coiling Oracle x4
    eternal witness x3
    Noble Heirarch x4
    Birds of Paradise x4
    Glen Elendra, Archmage x2
    Tireless Tracker x3
    Trophy Mage x2

    cryptic command x2
    admiral's order x3
    beast within x2

    Sword of light and shadow x1
    Sword of fire and ice x2
    Sword of feast and famine x2

    Forest x6
    Island x3
    Breeding Pool x4
    Misty Rain forest x4
    Polluted Delta x2
    Mutavault x2
    Field of Ruin x2

    it is very based on a U/g Faeries list Frank Lapore posted in 2014 but the meta has changed a lot. were i do like spellstutter sprite and mistbind clique i felt as tho giving dudes flash with Vivien would be better with casting threats.

    coiling oracle with tireless tracker came to mind. tireless is never tired of getting 1/1 counters.

    i put trophy mage in because of the flash getting swords is like a weaker version of stoneforge mystic and thats banned for a reason. this might work.
    you could put scavenging ooze here for more scaling and help with phoenix and dredge i guess the new combo with suntitan and kaya's ghostform and the like.

    glen elendra just sounds good. triple evasion and who doesn't like negate for 1?

    having a few witness let you have chumps for days but you can also loop it with cryptic command for turbo fog or getting in with combat.
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  • posted a message on G/u Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner
    Hall of the Bandit Lord, untap with Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner, pay 3: gives big guy Haste.
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  • posted a message on G/u Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner
    alright so we're still making a combination of whats proven, i get it. big cheap dudes dot deck. death's shadow does it with street wraith and Death's Shadow, Delves the wraith with Germag Angler, tada. what about taking that and adding goyf and that dino...Ghalta, Primal Hunger?
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  • posted a message on G/u Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner
    @metatog201 Last night at FNM one of my MTG career friends told me this really wants Hydroid Krasis because it comes in with the counters already on and it reminded me of the Standard in which esper was strong because Supreme Verdict and Sphinx's Revelation had just came out. what it did was play pillow fort until you slowly taxed your opponent with Tamiyo, the Moon Sage, Elixir of Immortality, and a counter that exiled; all that and a Thragtusk or 2.
    When you cast an (X) spell you declare the value then pay for it and cost reduction can see that much like Logic Knot and Delve. Heartless summoning and Krasis for 2 would be a Baleful Strix with Trample instead of Deathtouch. yes I know its not the same unfortunately.
    If we're ramping to make Tammy's high cost viable, this could be a strat. really my biggest concern with the delve mechanic is how do you fuel your yard fast enough? Life from the Loam and Gifts Ungiven normally do the trick in U/G/x and I feel this gets away from abusing the draw triggers.
    Do we need to abuse the draw so much as her untap? Untapping tron lands sounds reeaaallllyyyyy good too. I like the way BUG sounds though, shoot you could turn the ramp into a big Death Cloud and even though Tasigur, the Golden Fang and Hooting Mandrill with Heartless Summoning falls short Gurmag Angler does not. Really any of the old BUG list built like that do not and that was pre Carnage Tyrant.
    I had said that I was going to Play test some of the Azusa build this weekend but I forgot it was Mother's Day so every one is busy. Oh the person that said Hydroid Krasis also said Vexing Devil that has me thinking of Huntmaster of the Fells.

    @VidarThor I could I just try to build stuff while I keep my tiered decks together to go to FNMs with. This is some of my extra stuff I'm trying to build into a good jank for lulz when I go. Sometimes they end up a pretty good conversation piece and inspire the newer players if I do well because its not proven. Sure I already have a players set of fetch/shocks to help the consistency but I don't tell them that.
    If I talk about this stuff on salvation the whole net can see it and it may become a developing thread for a lot of people to play or even better.
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  • posted a message on G/u Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner
    I guess the way to combine the 2 is something. Using 4/x creatures to stabilize and then a big boom.
    She fits in a lot of things but maybe heartless summoning with sky swallowers, wurmcoils, carnage tyrants and what not to trigger her draw because the older list would loop myr retrievers.
    Sounds fun.
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  • posted a message on G/u Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner
    Terastodon? man, that's a card I haven't used in a while but he did wonders back in the day! I don't own him anymore but hes cheap, and I like big mana so iI'll pick some up. 9 Mana is also the Entwine on Tooth and Nail so it could combo like crazy or get into a few 4/x creatures at once.
    With her being G/U naturally I chose those colors but she could be just green and I'm not looking at her full potential. this could be a way to abuse Imaginary Pet as well.
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  • posted a message on G/u Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner
    G/u Ramp 1.4

    Repeal x2
    Thought scour x4
    Sylvan Scrying x1
    Growth spiral x4

    Spreading seas x4

    Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner x4

    Azusa, Lost but Seeking x4
    Hooting mandrills x4
    World breaker x2
    Sundering Titan x2
    Tarmogyf x4

    Sanctum of Ugin x1
    Radiant fountain x3
    Ghost Quarter x1
    Field of ruin x3
    Simic growth chamber x4
    Forest x3
    Misty rainforest x2
    Island x1
    Botanical sanctum x3
    Bojuka bog x1
    Breeding pool x1
    Oboro, palace in the clouds x2

    Choke x1
    Tormod's Crypt x2
    Dismember x2
    Obstinate Baloth x3
    Ceremonious Rejection x1
    Chameleon Colossus x1
    Pithing Needle x1
    Engineered Explosives x1
    Disrupting Shoal x3

    Since I only need 1 Kiora, Spiral, and Azusa to get to 9 mana on T4 all the other copies are just draw consistancy to make it go boom. Its defiantly tapout play until that happens so being able to stop a big lot of the counter/removal/discard for 0 mana is nice! I decided to keep shoal at 3 with a ceremonious rejection to fight trons T3 bomb and it stops some other stuff as well.
    I went with the sylvan scrying to tutor Sanctum of Ugin to just end the game after the 1st WB or ST but i haven't got a chance to play test it since I've made the change.
    I know the mana base needs to be reworked because with Azusa i can end T3 with ghostquarter and that works very well with the limited amount of basics people run now or to even stop Ink/Blink nexus

    this weekend I will be testing vs burn, fish, sultai control with thopter combo, blue tron, and green tron.
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  • posted a message on G/u Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner
    I’ve gone down to just 2 copies of each, although they let me see a lot of cards quickly like you said, they don’t have any impact and I cut quicksilver almost instantly. I had the oboro/fountain combo from a U/B control with bloodghast but I had finished it while jund midrange was still in the top meta %
    Now that I have more copies of Azusa, getting to 9 mana T4 is pretty consistent although I do miss 3/10 ghost and have 7 mana.
    The leylines was to help vs discard and burn so I tried the Baloths with good success with an additional threat that triggers the draw.
    I’ll post a newer version once I get home today.
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  • posted a message on G/u Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner
    also @megatog201, if you have some favorite creatures that would help draw or abuse the abundance of mana I would like to see. tyvm for showing intrest.
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  • posted a message on G/u Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner
    tbh im looking for something to kill them with. the design is to fight mana resources early with the spreading seas and possible WB on T4 to set them back 1/2 their lands. once you get there what does it do? I'm also thinking of Platinum Angel in the 75 because it triggers Kiora, fits the T4 7mana.
    I've also seen that Esper control is trying to make a rise in the meta using Thoughtseize and Esper Charm, would Obstinate Baloth be worth?
    Its really tap out play and that itself is a problem because if some of the "combo" gets countered/destroyed it will fail. seeing as though i'm trying to capitalize on that setup I only need 1 of each piece so mayb Disrupting Shoal and Pact of Negation would help.
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  • posted a message on G/u Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner
    So shes hype right? I've seen people talking about "Simic Growth Chamber, Twiddle, ? Profit!", maybe I figured it out or found something to laugh at. I have 4 copies of Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner from the prerelease weekend and wanted to try to break it with like Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx but found out that the cards needed to survive the current meta are mostly 1 green and I haven't seen a green stompy deck place in a while but I could use an elf build approach. I'm tired of playing elves.
    After browsing Legacy decks for a day or two I found a U/G Post deck and it was doing Eldrazi wincons. "Ok", Nykthos and I believe World Breaker(I'm calling him WB from here on) does effect Devotion, not enough but I like what he does. I also found older Turbo Muclh decks and thought that would be a great way to fill my hand/thin my deck. This also gets to abouse WB's ability "Seems great."
    Now I have this problem where I can't use Candelabra of Tawnos or Cloudpost, fml. I ask myself what lands that are legal actually produce more than 1 and ofc Tron and Simic growth Chamber(SGC).
    Simic Growth Chamber comes into play tapped and it also bounces a land. Inorder to over come that you can flash them in with Growth Spirial as early as T2.
    On T3 you can now untap with 4 mana up but only 3 lands. Kiora, untap SGC, Land for turn and you now have got 3 mana open still. At this point I had a few choices and I really liked the Turbo Mulch Idea so I went with it and seen an interaction with Thought Scour because of the blessing loop but also Hooting Mandrills triggers the Kiora and can be cast for 1 mana. I used 1 on scour and 1 on Mandrill so I still have one up, bluff Dispel or is it Dismember?
    Anyway I ghost a few times with some of the cards that resemble the post build like Pithing Needle and Engineered Explosives because I've seen these cards do work in all formats and they are very Flexable in this deck. My buddy comes over 1 night to help me with the build and the only things we had to test against are Burn by Brandon Dempsey (4th SCGC 2/3/19) and an esper control he had that involved Kaya and Teferi with Esper Charm. We break the deck down to after to see what makes it tick. He tells me it mocks Amulet Titan and I should use Amulet of Vigor so I get instant mana. With only a few CIPT perms I kinda disagree but I liked that Azusa, Lost but Seeking fills that 3 cost hole instead of a bunch of cantrips and get some benefit from Mulch. I also like Primeval Titan(pt) and he triggers Kiora too so lets keep trying this.
    I end up with a bunch of mana search but nothing to dump into or huge to cast unless I keep the Eldrazi approach. Devotion isn't working and I have a lot of mana anyway. I don't even need PT at this point because I'm getting like 7-9 mana by turn 4-5 without him. I'm just short to cast the big big Eldrazi but WB still fits and once you see the filler atm along with my mana base Sundering Titan sounds good too.

    Simic worldbreaker deck 1.3
    Repeal x3
    Thought scour x4
    Mulch x4
    Spreading seas x4
    Gaea's blessing x3
    Growth spiral x4
    Azusa, Lost but Seeking x3
    Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner x3
    Hooting mandrills x4
    World breaker x3

    Radiant fountain x3
    Ghost Quarter x1
    Field of ruin x3
    Simic growth chamber x4
    Forest x4
    Misty rainforest x2
    Island x1
    Botanical sanctum x2
    Bojuka bog x1
    Breeding pool x1
    Oboro, palace in the clouds x3
    Choke x1
    Tormod's Crypt x2
    Dismember x2
    Leyline of Sanctity x3
    Ceremonious Rejection x1
    Dispel x1
    Chameleon Colossus x1
    Pithing Needle x1
    Engineered Explosives x2
    Negate x1

    I was just playing around with Quicksilver Fountain is the reason for Oboro, Palace in the Clouds before I realized that the T3 Azusa trick followed by Spreading Seas is the set up for T4 WB. Lower duels and Islands also helps Choke. This is my reasoning for Sundering Titan that you can pick their Island over your own.
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  • posted a message on Sultai Midrange
    I know the pain of being on the other side of the table from Blood Moon. My buddy I test with had Sun and Moon and we put our cards together for a Rakdos prison just before Hollow One was printed. The cool part of Demigod of Revenge is that he doesn't care about Blood Moon and that is card that has kept Sultai down for a long time.
    I'm going to talk about an idea i have rattling around in my head so i've been trying to make a 75.
    I seen a post on this thread talking about Ancestral Vision and Yahenni's Expertise and wanted to try to touch on the 3 or less for free part. So it resembles Cascade because whatever is cast for free resolves before Yaheeni's -3/-3 all so creatures x/3 are kind of mediocre with that sequence. Snap seems ok because the etb lets you do something from the yard.
    I want to talk about a few cards i found that somewhat synergize together but I haven't tested yet.

    Pulse of Murasa: great card with Yaheeni's even though you have to pick before the wipe. it gains 6 at instant speed which is great if you've ever seen the clocks on phoenix builds, affinity, zoo, burn.
    Snapcaster Mage: pick a card, any card.
    Liliana of the Veil: protects, discards, boom
    Liliana, the Last Hope: protects, yard to hand, umbrella corp
    Collective Brutality: the rules on Escalate allow you to pay additional cost so you can pick multi modes which is nice.
    Bloodghast: hard to kill. annoying.
    Fatal Push: the free part is optional. But if you choose snapcaster and target this thing, it works.
    Assassin's Trophy: Looking at you Elspeth, Sun's Champion, or whatever else is in the way.

    Now for just some good cards with the recurring things from above.
    Demigod of Revenge: This guy is just fun to build with imo. Protection from Fatal Push and Blood Moon. Not that hard to get into the yard with either Lily, Brutality, Gifts, Loam. 20 you.
    Gifts Ungiven:
    The packages here kind of split into situations but you can pick like-
    Demigod of Revenge, Bloodghast, Snapcaster Mage,Collective Brutality
    Field of ruin, Ghost Quarter, BloodGhast, Life from the Loam

    here is what i've come up with:

    I was thinking about how you can use Gifts for "silver bullet" cards and with my ghosting at home i noticed you can destroy a lot of lands mainboard and Bloodghast ability LftL is awesome. It gets 3 lands. Azusa! field, field, gq as early as T5.
    Tron MU and "No pressure" MUs like U/W control.

    phoenix MUs can get you really low as early as T2. my original card was Thragtusk because its funny with Murasa but after the luls its not fast enough. Life Goes On

    EE for clears but you can get the Yahenni's cast for 0 vs token strats. Young Pyromancer, Lingering Souls.

    spell pierce is just kind of a catch all vs Dispel even though i had combo based decks in mind for Aether Vial, Cranial Plating, and more annoying things like Worship. that thing is pro decay, natural state, and EE for this build.
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