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  • posted a message on Abzan / The Rock
    Quote from Velthov »
    It seems like we all forgot that many modern decks don't even run all that many basic lands (data from mtggoldfish).
    • Humans is on 2 basics
    • Burn is on 3 basics
    • Bant Spirits is on 3 basics
    • Hollow One is on 4 basics (when even being a 2 color deck!)
    • Storm is on 3 basics
    • Most BGx decks are on 4 basics, excluding BG Rock
    The point I'm trying to make is that they sometimes naturally draw their basics or fetch actively for them. Making the draw back of Trophy sometimes less relevant the more copies you play. Obviously I expect the meta to adjust and play more basics if Trophy is a 4-off in every BGx deck.

    This is pretty shortsighted as i think the new modern meta will adept to cards like this. I.e. make decks run more basics and be more aware of the casting restrictions of spells.
    I've played the extra Island in humans when path became more popular again and trophy will be even worse for us humans players.
    In Abzan i'm allready on three basics, but we have to arm ourselfs for the "upside" of facing Trophy too.
    I think traverse will become more popular for its fixing ability too.

    Another thing that has struck me about this card is that it's just so very powerfull, WotC must be planning to put something new, or something powerful back into modern that warants an answer like this. Twin or SfM spring to mind.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Midrange/Energy
    I feel you, it's Grixis or Sultai for my "big deck" too.
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  • posted a message on Prerelease kits will have a seeded booster
    Excellent. But the same primer also writes "Golgari Swarn" which leds to believe this is a hasty job and there will be an edit soon.

    Nonetheless. If the statements about the contents of the pack are true, we will actually get more for our money. Which is a good thing Smile
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  • posted a message on Wizard burn
    Quote from Narvuntien »
    Okay this has to be still possible

    I don't want to play a million 3 drops because otherwise I can't curve out and I'd have to play more lands.

    I'd put all the counterspells in the sideboard because a deck like this needs to just be able to cast their cards to keep up momentum. I can't build a sideboard until I know the format, but disdainful stroke and fight with fire are likely to be there, maybe ionize. I kind of want more jump start since they have so much synergy but most kind of suck (or are 3 mana). Unlike the cantrip heavy version of the deck (which I'd build around guttersnipe instead) I have leaned heavily on burn and I not going to play much card draw of things like blink of an eye unless testing shows I need it.
    I don't like playing one drops in both red and blue, I might have to play some izzet guildgates.

    Edit: I just noticed other than sonic assault I could put this deck together right now
    Edit2: dammit forgot opt

    I'm having second thoughts about Guttersnipe since it might be to slow and i really want to be reactively burning face from T3 onwards after i hit 1 out of 8 two drops for either discount or extra burn.
    I see no way of curving out with Guttersnipe for maximum result. And the risk of letting something slip is probably not worth it.

    Sonic Assault is actually looking better in the slot to keep the big beaters in check later on in the game while also progressing my gameplan.
    The more i think about the Jump Start ability, the more i like it. The ability also gets better if you include more of it. Just pitch another jump start spell to it and you get virtually no disanvantage from it.
    It's also a great use of topdecked lands, firebrands and opts.

    I'll be including the full set of Risk Factor for max burn, a couple of Sonic Assault for a little board control and will probably round out the top with 1-3 Enigma Drake for some finishing power.
    Going down to 20 lands seems possible too since i dont really have to hit 3 mana on T3 most of the time.
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Don't forget to check if the opponent has red mana open! This changes a lot.

    You can be pretty sure they boarded in Damnation for this matchup specifically and it is the stronger card vs us.

    If you've dropped your freebooter to gain the info you just shared and the opp has no mana open, take the bolt first and name Damnation with the mage afterwards. This way, they need another removalspell to eventually get both back, but probably won't be able to use Damnation right away.

    If he has red mana open, the freebooter will get bolted right away and mage will probably name Damnation anyway.

    In the unlikely scenario where you vial in freebooter EOT and they don't have mana open, take Damnation and call Bolt on mage Smile this is the very best but very unlikely option for you.
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  • posted a message on Atraxa, Praetor's Planeswalkers (guilds review)
    I'd add two of the undergrowth cards as possible playables in Atraxa counters. Since it's a creature heavy deck they could help rebuilding after wrath effects in a similar way Genesis Hydra does.

    Hatchery Spider has a very similar cast trigger like Genesis Hydra but on a bigger butt at the same cmc rate AND has reach, which can be a good thing since we are very grounded most of the time.
    Downside is, you need to have a lot of guys killed to have the best effect. Like the Hydra, this could be the best way to regain a stong board after a wrath.

    Dreamland scenario: After wrath, topdecked Hydra for X=7 into the spider into Zegana, draw 8. Smile

    Golgari Raiders is just a big dumb guy which should come in large and gets even larger. The lack of evasion though makes it a budget option in the allready crowded 4drop spot and nowhere near the T4 play.
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  • posted a message on Wizard burn
    Quote from kysg »
    Quote from SmauG »
    Of those, only Lyra seems troublesome but i could be wrong.
    I don't plan to control. I plan to burn face.

    It's not about control.

    This is not really constructive feedback.
    What do you mean and how would you purpose to deal with those type of threats in red?

    Blue brings countermagic, and Ionize brings the best of both worlds. With Electromancer out its basicly a better counterspell. Since i plan to play reactive from T3-4 it should be possible to stop most opposing threats (i.e. creatures that can finish us faster).

    Other answers can be brought in after sideboarding.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Midrange/Energy
    So, come rotation, how would you guys fill the gaps since obviously we need to part from the reanimation plan?
    I feel there are a ton of proactive discard options and a faster manabase to back it up from turn 1.
    We can discard cards while developing our board from T1 to T4.
    I'm working on a rough draft and will post asap.
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  • posted a message on Wizard burn
    Of those, only Lyra seems troublesome but i could be wrong.
    I don't plan to control. I plan to burn face.
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  • posted a message on Wizard burn
    Let me share my first rough draft on here.
    It focusses more on the burn aspect than tribal, but i think with all the shocklands going around this will surely be a viable strategy come rotation.
    If not, i will merge this with my current budget monoU fishwizards whoch plays a tempo game very well.

    The goal is to play the proactive game T1-3 and play payoff cards and start reactively burn and protect your payof from T3-4.
    The sideboard should probably include some more countermagic and alt wincons like the UR drakes and maybe some tempo stuff.

    Obvious strengths versus the greedy decks are obvious, but the weaknesses are plenty in selesnya and white based decks.
    Fumigate leaving should help a lot though.

    Curious to hear what you think and what you would include or exclude main and side.

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  • posted a message on Atraxa, Praetor's Planeswalkers (guilds review)
    Assassin's Trophy is the best removalspell ever printed imho and an obvious include in every deck that supports it across all formats. Only downside, I need a few Smile

    Knight of Autumn to me is an auto include in Atraxa +1/+1 too. It can grow, is on curve and It's great utility when needed.

    Furthermore, I agree with everything you say about the new cards and Atraxa decks. But for other builds, my own included, there are some true gems in there.
    Love the set
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Goblin Charbelcher
    Modern Humans became top tier and plays playsets of all multicolor triballands you named. Thats why it and the others spiked over the last 12 months or so.
    I don't feel there is a place in my creature heavy edh deck though. If it just tapped for colorless too it would be awesome but probably way OP.
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  • posted a message on Sultai Midrange
    Let's not forget, we still have Simic to come. I'm still waiting for command-like modular cards powerwise. While i don't think that will happen on Ravnica, a great split card would be very welcome.
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  • posted a message on Sultai Midrange
    Unmoored Ego will very likely be a sideboard staple in Grixis and Sultai decks and Assassin's Trophy a maindeck powerhouse in GBx strategies.
    I've found out that Abzan Traverse runs smoother than its Sultai counterpart, but after the release of GRN i'll probaby resleeve the big Sultai list to tryout the new goodies.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Zoo [Video Primer]
    This would probably be my choise too. But after some thought over night i'm not so sure. Let's break it down.

    Both Pelt Collector and Experiment One will both be 4/4 max in the typical bushwhacker list. So no real gains in the size department.
    My guess is that Pelt Collector will grow faster because of the die triggers, but slower on the ETB triggers and only on higher power creatures. So no extra gains from Narnam Renegade and Kird Ape.
    Then there is the situation with the surged Reckless Bushwhacker where the Pelt Collectors ability just doesn't trigger on deaths because its power is allready +1 ueot.

    Wild Nacatl and Ghor-Clan Rampager are both their best friends but i kinda like the combo with Vexing Devil in the same way stopmy guys are speaking of the interaction with Groundbreaker.
    Given the option to take 4 to the dome but grow Pelt Collector twice, increases the likelyhood of keeping 4/3 for one.

    Then there are the static/activated abilities.
    Pelt Collector needs to have three counters for the trample clause to have an effect whereas Experiment One needs only two to use its regenerative ability. Which is, quite easy to get to in comparison.

    So to conclude, the cards are very alike but differ slightly given the various situations. I don't dislike Pelt Collector all of a sudden but i don't think it's stricktly better in Bushwhacker Zoo as opposed to other options we allready have. I will test it though,
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