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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons (Updated)
    Quote from doc.brown »
    Quote from mapccu »
    What do you guys think about a birchlore rangers reprint. I think it would breathe some consistency in elves (weaker heritage druid for current builds) or variety in sideboard cards. I don't see it vaulting the deck up to the top tables anytime soon, but it would be a welcome addition. It seems like one of the weaker legacy pieces that could port over.

    I'd rather have symbiote

    Wirewood Symbiote would play rather well with Dwynen's Elite, a card that's done a lot of work for me alongside Heritage Druid.

    Personally, for my Elves, I'm hoping for any of: Wirewood Lodge, Priest of Titania, Wirewood Symbiote, Quirion Ranger, and Elvish Spirit Guide. Especially Priest and Guide, and maybe Lodge. But I'll settle for anything that helps buff up the Elves.
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  • posted a message on War of the Spark: Foil Planeswalker in Every Prerelease Pack
    Quote from AtraxianShade »
    Quote from Faruel »
    The picture with Ajani in the front and Jace in the background is interesting. They are getting some kind of a power up. Maybe Niv-Mizzets doing or some kind of released Guild pack magic. Could lead to some kind of Emblem mechanic that enables Planeswalker ulti/loyalty abilities?
    Unless it is the other way round: planeswalkers lending energy to whatever is on top of the Steam Vents building genkidama style.

    That'd be pretty cool!

    Spirit Bomb
    Legendary Sorcery
    Suspend 7 - 4GWR
    While this card is suspended, any player may pay X any time they could cast a sorcery. If they do, add X charge counters to this.

    This spell can't be countered. Damage can't be prevented this turn.

    Spirit Bomb does X damage to target player and all creatures and planeswalkers they control, where X is the amount of charge counters on it.
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  • posted a message on Challenger Decks 2019
    Quote from remathilis »
    The white deck is an obvious combination of the precon pile you get in Arena and the Tier deck. They just didn't want to give value and that was that.

    They didn't build it, they just took the tier deck and stripped it down.

    The irony is that compared to the various decks they based it on, the way they stripped the value out is to remove the red/Boros elements (shocks, checks, Aurelia, Heroic Reinforcements, or Lava Coils). They could have stripped the red out if they kept some of the better rares, but replacing a Legion's Landing for a Hunted Witness? C'mon.

    The white deck is only good two histories and four marshals. Everything else is pennies on the dollar. The good news is that mono- decks should be cheap and everywhere as everyone chases the shock and archlight decks...

    What's the tier deck list, if you don't mind my asking? I have not been keeping up well with the lists, but I am looking for some inspiration.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons (Updated)
    I'm gonna try as hard as I can to create an effective themed shell for Serra. Something turbofog-ish with Luminarch Ascension and Lyra, possibly.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Spec/Predictions/hopes
    Quote from pinkmex »
    I wouldn't even feel that bad about no counterspell if memory lapse got to the printers.

    btw, does anyone know how do link the card image, but with an specific priting, and not just the latest (which is default)?

    Not quite the same thing, but Lapse of Certainty was fun for a long time for me! I had built an Angel deck that used Quicksilver Amulet to help cheat in big legendary Angels, and a variety of countermagic and wraths to slow the game long enough for me to get there. Chancellor of the Annex was good in that regard, but I tell you what, no one expects Mana Tithe! You could slow people up quite a bit between the three of those, and then Dawn Charm in any of its modes was helpful, too. Ahhh, those were the days! I used the likes of Sunblast Angel as a big body/wrath effect (you could flash it in and keep your opponent wanting to hold back), Angelic Arbiter (flashed in via Amulet) to disrupt the opponent's gameplan, landed some Chancellors, and tended to let Akroma, Angel of Wrath, Iona, Shield of Emeria, and Reya Dawnbringer help me close out the games.

    Wish I could build something close to that, hoping Modern Horizons gives me some tools to reinvent my Angel deck. Already considering Arbor Elf plus Utopia Sprawl to help speed things up. Maybe returning to the likes of Quicksilver Amulet, since being able to put it out on 2 and use it on 3 seems pretty strong. I've considered doing so with a Time of Need/turbofog-style shell; stall, dig for legendary Angels to answer the battlefield's needs (Linvala, Basandra, Iona, Sigarda, etc.), use their power and some removal to take the game over?
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  • posted a message on Changes to Evergreen? I.E. Where is Prowess?
    Quote from RSSR »
    Quote from RSSR »
    Except casting a creature would use magic too.
    I think it's pretty well established within Magic that "summoning" spells are very different from "arcane" magic like conjuring lightning or enchanting things.

    This fits the classic wizard archetype quite well as they are thought of far more as being spellslingers and enchanters than summoners.

    Not relaly arguing for or against prowess being evergreen, just vouching for the high fantasy flavor of prowess.

    Show me examples in classical world mythology where distinctions like this care that a character/creature becomes excitable with nonsummoning magic, than I’ll soften my stance that prowess never made sense to be an evergreen ability in a game called Magic the Gathering, that you know draws from world mythology.

    Magic has little to do with world mythology these days, guy. Just like D&D wizards are vastly more godlike than most actual gods in our mythology, magic in Magic is a lot more overt and powerful than anything we have in mythology. "Prowess" being an ability whereupon the creature in question powers up by focusing magic into itself, much like chi or simply super-charging via magic, is so easily explained this is a non-argument. All the actual source material that inspires Magic, which is far, far more than just mythology, has loads of examples.
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  • posted a message on War of the Spark: Foil Planeswalker in Every Prerelease Pack
    I am hoping that Narset is full Jeskai colors this time. I liked both her creature and Planeswalker forms, but I was hoping as a 'Walker she'd be RWB. Here's hoping she's gained back the red!
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  • posted a message on Every booster will have a planeswalker in WAR
    Quote from Cainsson »
    He was upset that Liliana left the beast rotting from within body and soul instead of just killing it. And yes he's stupid, he's a traumatized child raised by baloths who distrusts civilization and society so much he resents language itself. He was pretty well written in the webcomics, you just don't like or understand his character.

    I understand him fine, I just don't think he's very well-written. Most of their story stuff isn't. I'm sorry, I just don't agree. The beast attacked something, Garruk couldn't even live by his own rules, and threw a planar tantrum when he got bested by something he ought not to have provoked in the first place. Sorry. He deserved what he got. Lili will deserve her demise along with Bolas (though his is much more likely to be fake or transitory) if she gets it. And that's the last I will say on the matter.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Spec/Predictions/hopes
    I'd also like to see some support for Elves. I know that Saffron thought maybe Quirion Ranger some other Elf support stuff might make it. I'd love that. Priest of Titania, or even something like Wirewood Lodge (too good?) might help take my Elf deck to something competitive.
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  • posted a message on Every booster will have a planeswalker in WAR

    Yeah because caring for wildlife and trying to stop, or at least get explanations for a demonic/necromantic ritual is moronic and childish Rolleyes
    And yeah, those weren't his beasts. They were wild beasts, because the story is set on shandalar, the home plane of thragtusk and similar beasts.
    He was totally the victim, Liliana acted like the classic chaotic evil character, mocking and not caring about others at best and well, trying to mortally curse them at worse.

    I'll respond once, but your disrespectful use of the rolleyes emote is, itself, childish at best and as far as I am concerned makes me unwilling to engage you until and unless you can do so with maturity. Please reconsider your posting style if you want people to take you seriously in the future.

    The beast attacked Liliana. She killed it in defense. I'm tired of the character, too, but in this case, what was she supposed to do, let it kill her? Garruk is so poorly written (or simply so stupid in-universe) that he doesn't even respect his own rules. Rather than "survival of the fittest" and "red in tooth and claw," he gets upset at the superior predator which killed a beast in self-defense, chases her down, and gets rightly cursed. It's all his own fault. He's not an intelligent character, and a poorly-written one, and generally deserves all the bad stuff that comes his way. So does Liliana. Doesn't make Garruk some innocent victim here. He 100% brought all of it on himself. I personally am hoping they both get the axe, and take Mr. Bland Jace with them.
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  • posted a message on Every booster will have a planeswalker in WAR
    Quote from leslak »

    In all seiouly wizards is on a hiatus with Garruk because redit users think Triumph of Ferocity is ofensive and the character should be killed to never be remembered again. I don't want to start a controversity but outrage about minimal and ridicule things is a thing in the "mtg community" even Jin Davis and PewDiePie can't escape the outrage.

    I like to know how this rumor started.
    It's pretty clear that Garruk storyline was a mess even before the outrage. He was supposed to be cured by Avacyn. But suddenly they decided to make him even more corrupt.
    "hey we have a problem, you know that character that was supposed to be cured by his curse? We have a backlash because he's too violent and embodies toxic masculinity"
    "i know what to do! Retcon his cure and make him even more violent and unstable!"

    it's clear that they changed Garruk's destiny abruptly and not because of the backlash.

    Now he's in a limbo because they retconned Liliana into some sort of tragic heroine and you can't bring Garruk back without showing that Liliana was actually a big, chaotic evil bitch without any good or anti-heroic intention.

    Except that it was Garruk's own fault that he was cursed by Liliana (whom I am tired of, myself, her and Jace) in the first place. His beast attacked her, was killed, and the moron chased her down and attacked her. As a result of her defending herself, via the Chain Veil, he was cursed. Then he is written like any thirteen-year-old's version of a barbarian badass who overpowers everyone he comes across with rippling sinews and bestial grunts and so on. He's just a terribly-written character whose own meat-headed idiocy got him cursed. I wish they'd kill him and Liliana off at the same time, and Jace, but unfortunately that's all a little too much to ask.

    Still, there's no sympathy to Garruk's story here. It's not like he was wrongly cursed or was the innocent victim in all this. He's just as big of a prick as Liliana is, so neither of 'em deserve much in the way of sympathy here.
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  • posted a message on War of The Spark Trailer
    Quote from Chalsis »
    This is supposed to be the end of the Gatewatch story for the foreseeable future.

    I've seen this assertion. Is there a source to go with it? I'd like to know, because all I know is that this is supposed to be the end of the Bolas arc.

    I don't mind though. I prefer a storyline that has a big ensemble exploring the relationships between all the planeswalkers without focussing on a small subset for too long. Understandably its more difficult to give all the characters individually interesting arcs and let them intersect naturally, but that's hopefully where we are heading.

    I believe I've read that they were going to focus less on the Gatewatch and pushing that particular story, but not that their story or anything would be coming to an end. That's about the closest I've seen.
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  • posted a message on War of The Spark Trailer
    I'm most looking forward to Narset and whomever the new female Planeswalker is with the auburn hair and the blue-and-white garb. Those are, like, all my favorite aesthetic things, so this should be great. Hopefully she doesn't show up just to get killed and is actually interesting!
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  • posted a message on War of the Spark: Foil Planeswalker in Every Prerelease Pack
    Dude... non-named planeswalkers kind of defeats the point of planeswalkers.

    They aren't like wizards or shamans. Every planeswalker is "special" and has a specific story to tell with where it came from, how it ignited, and where it went.

    Let's not forget that the framing device of the game for a long time was that the PLAYER was a planeswalker wielding tremendous power. Turning planeswalkers into something so commonplace that their individual identities don't matter would kind of be... trivializing it

    While I've heard people speculate they changed the planeswalker rule specifically to prepare for this... that doesn't make any sense, either. Unnamed planeswalkers wouldn't have a subtype or name and therefore wouldn't be affected by the old planeswalker rule.

    The closest thing that I could imagine to this is a possible planeswalker card for a walker who is actively hiding their identity (a la Blind Seer), in which case we may get a (still legendary) walker called "The Laughing Man" or something.

    I have to agree. Uncommons would probably be, what, two-ability Planeswalkers with some utility, but not more powerful than a given legendary creature? I mean, they're basically going to be red shirt Planeswalkers, but whatevs.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Spec/Predictions/hopes
    Quote from AtraxianShade »
    Hoping in angels... Lots of them...
    Possibly the fourth sister and/or a new Radiant and/or Feather and/or a new Selenia, but I'm not holding my breath on those.

    Quote from Manite »
    Voice of All could also be given some new Serra-related art and flavor text.
    Voice of all is already modern legal (10th edition print), so there is no chance for a reprint here and as uncommons, the single voices are downright a horrible choice: they are strictly sideboard cards with little to no gameplay value if you go against 4 of the 5 colors.

    As someone who has never given up on the dream of making an Angel-themed Modern deck really take off, I agree with this. Anything Angel-related and/or for white that gives it the little bit that it's missing to make this work. I mean, personally, I'd like a new Avacyn that was really good (the original is my favorite creature card in all of Magic, and I'm still pissed they wasted her story) to go with it all, but I'll take what I can get to make this dream a reality.

    Also, I am hoping for some or all of the following:

    Zombie Master: I have an Abzan Zombie deck that abuses Wayward Servant, Plague Belcher, and the usual Zombies to really hit the opponent coming and going, and Song of Freyalise to ramp into it or hit that third trigger, then swing in after a Bontu's Last Reckoning or the like resolves. I'd use Zombie Master with Urborg to just skip the middleman and swing straight in.

    Armageddon: I know this one won't happen, because they don't care for land destruction these days, but I'd sure like it. Stick some powerful threats like Lyra Dawnbringer and then blow up the world so they can't easily respond, and overpower them through the air.

    Serra's Sanctum (functional reprint): Sort of like they did with Cabal Coffers and such, I'd like to see a functional reprint of whatever power level is appropriate, so I can combine it with Enchanted Evening for a truly magical land...of world-destroying white spells. "This is our Universe 7 Spirit Bomb!"
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