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    posted a message on The Rock
    An awesome primer. Many thanks. Love having a place where Rock enthusiests can get together and ask questions, debate, and improve. Rock, Jund, Abzan.., all part of the same family.

    I would recommend both new and experienced to tune into Mtg Grim Flayer on Youtube and watch the matchups and play patterns. It is incredibly good content for the Modern Rock player.
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    posted a message on Abzan
    It appears to me that many of these deck lists are built believing that is the only deck running assassin's trophy. Running fewer lands, and fewer basics, may mean that when you meet someone whose deck has more you will lose. For instance, playing path, seige rhino, etc. and not having a basic plains will open yourself up to land destruction from your opponant. This is one reason why BG may have an advantage.
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