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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from ppkitty »
    Silent clearing doesn't need to replace a colorless source though. It can replace a plains or a concealed courtyard. I would test it both ways but start with 4 and work my way down to find the right number.

    You can certainly replace concealed courtyard by Silent Clearing but i woud hesitate to take out a basic land since we dont have any "real" fetch lands and Blood Moon hit us very badly. However, you are right to start from 4 and take some out to find the right number. I woud be interest to know how it ewnt down!
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    For an Eldrazi Taxes deck, here's how I woud try to build a newer version of the deck.

    Silent Clearing,
    Our deck is allready very mana demanding. We want to be shure to be able to activate the Displacer ability since it's how we (or at least me) win a lot of the games.
    Event if the ability to draw cards is one of our bigest weekness, we shoud be carefull of not loosing too much life beacause of our lands.

    Because of that i woud play only 3 Silent Clearing

    Giver of runes
    Yes i woud play it. However, playing 4 of them takes a lot of place in our maindeck often at the cost of potential grave hate such as Kaya, Orzhov usurper. I woud like to play at least 3 of them in the 75, i'm not shure about all 4 in the maindeck.

    In my case, since the BW eldrazi taxes version can't really rely on the mana denial package as much as the mono W version, I will try go down to 3 Leonin Arbiter

    Sorry for my bad english
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    I understand why Cryptic is not a good choice, but why the discard? it's one of the strongest thing to do in magic and we have two very strong options at 1cc.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver

    I'm currently thinking about having a second modern deck and from all options I found Grixis Delver very interesting for his potential to improve over time. However, since it's not a cheap deck, i want to start with a budget version. Wich version de delver deck you think I shoud start with considering the amount of cards in common, the price and how competitive it is?

    I see three options : Mono U Delver, UB and UR

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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    I'm playing at two different places because i move a lot between two town. At one place the meta is very competitive and the other it's super casual. Do you think that Kaya is only strong because of the competitive metagame or it can be usefull in other environnement?

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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes

    I play this BW Eldrazi Taxes popularised by penips. The list is strong but there is 3 Shambling Vent wich, i think, is too much. Have you tried Fetif Heath in Eldrazi Taxes? Have you liked it?

    There's the list that I use
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  • posted a message on Comprehensive Peasant Archetypes Article (Beta)

    I'm currently making a peasant cube with my friend and i want to include the Viscera Seer combo. However, i want it to be reasonably playable so i need more than one card for each parts of the combo. Can you help me to find the different cards that i need? Have eyou try it in your cube? Is cards that alllow to search deep in the deck mandatory?

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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Hey fellows,

    i'm a dedicated Eldrazi and TAxes Player.
    Lately the deck disappointed a bit as the format is brutally fast.

    In the past i also played various Spell Queller decks (Bant Knightfall, UW Hatebears), so i've decided to switch to UW Death and TAxes for now.
    Here's my list:

    Polymorph's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    4 seachrome coast
    3 adarkar wastes
    1 celestial colonnade
    4 hallowed fountain
    4 ghost quarter
    3 field of ruin
    2 island
    2 plains

    4 aether vial
    4 path to exile

    4 mausoleum wanderer
    4 spell queller
    4 thalia, guardian of thraben
    4 leonin arbiter
    4 flickerwisp
    3 restoration angel
    1 geist of saint traft
    3 militia bugler
    2 reflector mage

    What's your guidance towards improving the list?
    It tries to out-tax the opponent with FoR, Quarter, Arbiter, Thalia, Wanderer and Queller to get ahead with reflector mage and militia bugler.

    I have never play UW D&T however i always found thoses list a little bit strange.

    The problem that i see is ether you play mausoleum wanderer and a lot of spirits (and so it's a UW spirit deck with thalia and leonin) or you play reflector mage and maybe Meddling Mage. Either cases have their pro and cons but if it was my deck i woud go all-in in one direction or the other.
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