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    posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from Hermes_ »
    Well folks have asked for a Serra PW...and I almost missed the comma on her ultimate lol

    If you control a creature damage. lol
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    posted a message on Set (P)review - My top 20 Ravnica Allegiance cards for the cube!
    I'm personally a bit disappointed about the power level of this set all in all
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    posted a message on Iona question
    So here's how it works:

    Suppose you say "I reanimate Iona using Unburial rites". When thats on the stack, your opponent has a chance to respond by pathing one of your creatures etc

    After unburial rites resolves, Iona is going to come into play. Naming a color is part of a resolution, its not a trigger on the stack. Once you name a color, the ability applies (therefore the opponent cannot path Iona)
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    posted a message on [RNA] [CUBE] Rix Maadi Reveler
    I like the card. Seems nice in Red Aggressive strategies where you want to bin a land or re animator style strategies.
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    posted a message on [RNA] Leaked promo card
    Quote from Chalsis »
    Rakdos... have really gone to seed. In the original Ravnica, they were thrill-killers, assassins, slavers, and miners, doers of unsavory tasks and truly felt like a murderous cult of psychopaths. Their carnival aspect was second-fiddle to all that, but now that side has been flanderized to the point where it's their main shtick, they're "Ravnica's entertainment" and essentially just a mad circus, and "Spectacle" is their keyword.

    Here's what I want to know - how does a murderous demon cult make it as "Ravnica's entertainment"? How is that mainstream? They're vermin who are only allowed to exist because the Guildpact needs 10 guilds, and no amount of clown makeup is ever going to cover that.

    Look at this new art for Golgari Grave-Troll...

    Wizards has made alot of this demonic/ undead stuff alot more PC. Similar to Diablo 2 to Diablo 3 where World of Warcraft took over development and you get this "cartoon horror"
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    posted a message on [RNA] Leaked promo card
    Quote from void_nothing »
    Quote from einhorn303 »
    I don't think they'd actually do this, but in my wildest dreams, Spectacle is "You may cast this for it's spectacle cost. If you do, each other player puts a copy of this spell onto the stack. They may choose new targets."
    Call it a hunch, but you may not be as far off as you think. After all, this makes a lot of sense with the exact design we see in the promo.

    I personally see two issues with a card like this:

    - This is way too complicated for a format like commander where there are 4 people and everyone gets triggers. This opens up a giant stack issue. Suppose Player A casts this. Player A Light the stage is on the stack, Then Player B, Player C, Player D. Player A resolves. Then Player B Resolve, picks up his 2 cards, then decides to respond to the stack while Player C's trigger is still on the stack. Player C responds to Player B's trigger with his own Spectacle card that adds 4 more triggers to the stack. This is just a disaster waiting to happen.

    - my second issue is that Wizards prints alot of these supposedly balanced cards, i.e. Balance, heartbeat of spring, etc that is suppose to seem like both players get the "same" effect but the casting player can break the effect a bit more. The problem with spectacle is player A would be able to cast anything, while Player B would be only able to cast instants. That really doesn't sound like a "balanced" card that is meant to be broken by the casting side

    *EDIT: Void_nothing pointed out the card says "until the end of your next turn". Issue #2 is invalid

    I will speculate, given that rakdos was originally about having no hand

    Spectacle X (If this is the only card on your hand, you may cast it by paying it's Spectacle cost)

    - I think this makes a lot more sense to be honest. Play the top 2 cards really is really weakly costed for a 3 mana ability.

    - This would be a pretty good effect that could be used in a non-storm deck,

    Quote from H3RAC71TU5 »
    Seems like Rakdos traditionally make a spectacle out of sacrificing creatures. "You may cast this spell for its spectacle cost if you sacrificed a creature this turn" would be pretty balanced but require sacrifice outlets. Alternatively, "you may cast this spell for its spectacle cost if a player discarded a card this turn" which is mostly weaker than madness but enabled by lots of common black and red effects and also jives with jump-start.

    I don't think it has to do with sacrifice for this reason:

    Selesyna and Boros (and pretty much any white guild) is pretty token heavy. Sacrifice a creature is best used in white based archetypes. I don't think it is a good idea to create a mechanic that is best used in other archetypes

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    posted a message on Set (P)review - My top 20 Guilds of Ravnica cards for the cube!
    Do you think Collected Company will be playable in the cube?

    What I really like about Preview cards 1, 3 and 4 is it makes combat alot more interesting. I've noticed alot of creature mirrors devolve into who has the bigger creature. Adding decisions to combat step, without narrow/ weak cards like Giant Growth seems like a huge plus.
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    posted a message on Ultimate Masters & Box Topper Promos + PSA regarding sealed Box Topper Boosters
    They gave out box Topers as an apology for the horrific hasbro website for the exclusive return to ravinca online order.

    Are they going to give out the next promo from Ravinca part 2 as an apology for the box toper issue?
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    posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Quote from ktkenshinx »
    Quote from alanyuan0408 »
    I personally think Dredge is fine. I think it should be fine to play 3 maybe 4 dedicated gravehate for the graveyard based decks. The more fair midrange decks such as Jund, UW control, GSD etc all have tools and enough sideboard slots to fight these matchups.

    its becoming more common now that these sideboards are usually a combination of this:

    3 Gravehate - Rip, Cage, Surgical
    3 Cards for big mana decks, i.e. Fulminator/ Disdainful Stroke/ Ceremonious Reject etc
    2-3 Sweepers, Anger, Verdict, Staticaster etc
    2-3 Cards for Grindy matchups. (Kitchen Finks overlaps with the second)
    2 Anti- Combo/ burn cards like Dispel, Duress, Brutality etc.

    The fair decks need to have good tools to fight these matchups. Terminus for example can really help against the dredge matchups, the new Assassin trophy/ Damping sphere were also good prints to help with bad matchups.

    Like I said and GK mentioned above, it's not just that SBs have 3-4 GY hate cards. That's probably fine on its own. The problems also include MD GY cards, as GK noted, and if those GY hate cards are disproportionately affecting the outcome of the game. I'm not sure if we're there yet, but you can compare to games and lists in late 2016 to check.

    I personally see the need to main deck GY cards in some cases as a side-effect of having a diverse metagame filled with Combo, aggro etc. Every deck by nature has bad matchups post board. I believe being weak to certain archetypes is a concession fair decks need to make in their 75; By nature, you cannot expect to go 50+ in every single matchup.

    If you want to talk about cards that disproportionately affect the outcome of the game, you could make the case that terminus is also a giant issue because it seriously hinders creature based aggro decks. You could make the case that thoughtseize is too powerful as it breaks up combo decks like ad nauseam too much.

    If you take dredge say out of the equation, then the Jund/ UWx players will complain about how they don't have answers to stuff like Tron or creature from Cavern of souls or Blood Moon etc.
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    posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 16/04/2018)
    Can we split the State of Modern Thread into:

    1) State of Modern Thread
    2) Twin Unban/Ban Argument forum?
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