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  • posted a message on Nationals Invites to Yu-Gi-Oh Players?
    Quote from Surging_Chaos
    Consequently, Yugioh is extremely easy to learn if you've played MTG. A friend of mine who works at my local card store and judges the weekly Yugioh tournies hooked me up with his deck since he couldn't play (he had to judge obviously) and he needed one more person for an even bracket. With my decent knowledge of Yugioh I managed to take 2nd out of about 22 people which isn't bad considering a few of the players there have played since the game started Smile

    I will say this however, Yugioh has somewhat of a weird banned/restricted list. I can understand why cards such as Raigeki are banned (free Plague Wind? WTF?) but it's funny how a card like Graceful Charity is banned.

    Well, Graceful Charity deserves to be banned. You have to remember that practically everything in Yugioh is "free". Imagine if Magic had a 0 cost Draw 3 discard 2 spell. Makes it way to easy to get card advantage over your opponent or set up crazy combos (Most Yugioh decks rely on the Graveyard a lot, similar to some older format Magic decks). So even the discard 2 cards clause is more of a plus than a drawback. XD

    I'd suspect that all of the big name Yugioh players play or have played Magic at some point. I'd also wager that a lot of them have been learning Magic with the recent uncertainty of the Yugioh TCG. Sort of a back up, I'd suppose.
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  • posted a message on [ARB] Ardent Plea speculation
    Hm, the art depicts a scene of destruction and despair. Gray skies filled with smoke billowing from distant burning structures, ruins in the foreground, and a planeswalker on her knees, presenting her sword, which is enveloped in a ray of golden light which penetrates the grayness, signifying hope and divine intervention, and pleading for help from an unknown entity. (My interpretation of the art, anyway. XD)

    The card is also an uncommon. Granting exalted to all of your creatures or a Glorious Anthem effect with card draw seems better suited for a rare IMO, but I could be wrong. However, the art does seem to suggest some sort of blessing or empowering, and Elspeth was known for both (With her ability to Angelic Blessing creatures and make your stuff indestructable). So granting exalted wouldn't be out of the question, I suppose. .
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  • posted a message on Cruel Ultimatum
    I checked the rulings on this card, but they didn't answer my question for sure. I run a single copy in my 5 Color Planeswalker deck, however, this deck runs no creatures. So my question is: Do you have to meet all of the requirements for the Ultimatum? Basically, if I cast Cruel Ultimatum and I don't have a creature in my graveyard to return to my hand, does the spell effectively 'fizzle' or will that not matter? I'm thinking that since the rulings on the card say that you don't return a creature until it resolves and that it only targets a player, I can still cast itand have it resolve even with no creature to return (the card doesn't say you may return a creature. I guess that's why I'm so unsure).

    You need card tags in future posts - the wording on Cruel Ultimatum is VERY important to answering this question correctly. Read the Forum Guidelines.
    - Woapalanne
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  • posted a message on Phyrexian Dreadnought?
    Quote from Shrubby
    NM ones for 26-28ish, EX ones are closer to what Memnarch said. You probably won't be getting more than 30 for it, and it'll drop down again after Chicago is over.

    I can dream, right? Grin

    But in all seriousness, I was just hoping I could trade it for a Reflecting Pool plus something else or an Elspeth.
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  • posted a message on Phyrexian Dreadnought?
    Quote from Memnarch
    I'd probably do about 22-23 on an EX one. They're really good, especially with GP Chicago upcoming. Legacy staples will increase in price, and who can argue with 1U for a 12/12 trampler (sure, it's two cards, but one of them can be used to nix other things)?

    See, I only play T2, but I've seen the combo. I traded for this thing long ago when it wasn't worth anything. I'm sure I overtraded for it back then, but now with it's price increase, I think I finally got my money's worth. =P

    Well hopefully some more people will be interested enough in it to offer some of my bigger wants soon. Thanks. Smile
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  • posted a message on Phyrexian Dreadnought?
    I've had this card for quite some time. Looking around, I've seen it selling around $25, and even all the way up to $40+. I've even seen ones with play wear sell for over $30. I've had a lot of trade interest in this card. Mine is in 'Excellent' Condition, based on the guides I've seen. But whenever I tell people the price, they act like I'm nuts. What -should- I value this thing at? What would you let it go for?
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  • posted a message on Nationals Invites to Yu-Gi-Oh Players?
    Quote from Zaphrasz
    So people who did not qualify for Nationals get an invitation to Nationals? I like that it may give Magic more players, but really?

    Yugioh is just such a different game than magic. The decision making process in Magic is so much more involved. Yugioh, from what I remember, doesn't have a "stack" system, and instead uses some "spell speed" system, which is non intuitive and doesn't allow for as much interaction. Design is all over the place, spells are not all templated the same way, and rulings are made that simply don't fit the card. Take one card I remember, Wave Motion Cannon. During your main phase, you could sacrifice this card to deal damage equal to 1000 times the number of the standby phases (think upkeep) you have had since the card was in play. Another called called Solomon's Lawbook says target player skips his or her next standby phase. According to the ruling, when you sacrifice the cannon, it counts the phase you skipped. That would be like a ruling that says you can remove time counters from suspended cards as normal even though there is an Eon Hub in play. Granted, this may not be the current ruling, but it matches the absurdity of the others I encountered.

    There is also no R&D to make sure broken things stay relatively out of the game. The fact that their version of Standard is "whatever isn't currently banned" should tell you something.

    Well, Yugioh has "chains" which work the same way as the stack in Magic. First in, last out. The last card in the "chain" resolves, and it works backwards from there. Yugioh also has priority like Magic does. Yugioh was bad and chaotic in the beginning, but in recent year, Konami and UDE really have done a great job with fixing things. Most ruling conflicts come from slight translation errors (Since the cards originate in Japan and must be translated into English. It doesn't happen often though).The only other major problem that Yugioh tournaments tend to have is that often times, when the ban/restricted list is updated (This is Yugioh's version of 'rotation'), the TCG often gets Japan's ban list, and since our metagames are much different thanks to the card pools, it often doesn't hurt the problem decks enough that are being used outside of Japan.

    I've played Yugioh since the beginning. I do admit that Magic is far more complex, offers great tournament play, and is generally more fun, but Yugioh isn't without fun or strategy of it's own.
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  • posted a message on [CON] Gateway kits (Promo Path to Exile and Hellspark Elemental pics)
    Did Rebecca Guay do the art for that PtE? If so, that's going to make me very happy. Also, maybe this will make them easier to obtain? I really don't like the thought of having to trade high-end rares for uncommons. =/
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  • posted a message on Nationals Invites to Yu-Gi-Oh Players?
    This seems like a brilliant move to me. UDE (The ones who have distributed Yugioh in North America since the beginning), just lost the right to Konami, the original creators of the game, apparently because UDE authorized the distribution of "counterfeit" cards (Cards NOT manufactured with Konami's authorization). Now that Konami has taken over, many of the players, especially the pros, are worried. They fear that Konami will screw up the game because Yugioh in Japan is not as competetive (As in, not as many large tournaments, not as much prize support. The players are still really good) as it is over here. They fear the game will die and all of the money (it's a LOT) that they have invested in their decks will go down the drain. With cancellations of events and push-backs of product release dates, it does seem like an opportune time to sell off some of your Yugioh stuff and start finding a new hobby incase Yugioh does tank. WOTC is simply taking advantage of this situation like Upper Deck did with their Upper Deck Day (Their last hurrah before Konami could take complete control, where they gave away a lot of good Yugioh prizes to lure in the players and let everyone try out -their- new TCG for free, in hopes of converting the Yugioh players to their new game).
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  • posted a message on [CON] underwhelming
    Quote from Veslfen
    I hate mythic rares. Hate them hate them hate them hate them hate them hate them hate them HATE THEM. Wizards finally found out how to suck even the kitchen-table players dry of their cash. Now, instead of being something like 5$ and 15$ respectively when they come out, Maelstrom Archangel and Nicol Bolas (the two cards I want the most from the set) will likely cost around 15$ and 30-40$. All thanks to their new mythic rarity. **** you, wizards. And I truly mean that, from the bottom of my heart.

    EXACTLY! My local card shop owner STILL tries to sell Sarkhon Vol for $35 each, and wants $10 for a stupid Hellkite Overlord, which I need for my Dragon collection, and that card would normally be in the .50 rare box at any other card shop if it weren't a Mythic Rare. Oooooooooooooooooooo~

    Anyway, I also agree with Monopoman's statement about saving money. That's good at least. I wish there were more interesting commons/uncommons, because I love buying booster packs. I guess I'll just be spending all of the money on a single playset of Nicol. x.x
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  • posted a message on [CON] underwhelming
    Hm, I'm not sure about this set. At first I considered buying a box, but the most recent spoiler updates have disappointed me a bit. I've gone from competitive player to casual player, but I'm still somewhat disappointed. Don't get me wrong, some cards do peak my interest (Namely Nicol, the hydra, the card with protection from Everything, and the ooze with the built in Underworld Dreams effect). I really, really hate mythic rares, though. That's just a lame excuse for people to sell jank cards for high prices.
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  • posted a message on 2009 GP Promo foil is Chrome Mox; PT Promo foil is Treva, the Renewer
    For all of you people who hate it, send me your copies. I want one for my dragon collection. XD
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  • posted a message on Random Hopeful Crappy (probably Improbible & Impossible) PW'er Speculation.
    I hope they don't use that art. I liked the old Nicol art better, where he actually looked like an anthro, sentient dragon as opposed to just another generic dragon. Slant

    Can't wait to see what he does, though.
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  • posted a message on Grave Pact Husk Token Deck
    I run a deck like this, without the Grave Pacts.

    Mine has Board Sweepers with creatures that replace themself in one way or another: Sprouting Thrinax, Kitchen Finks, Murderous Redcap... Some other cards I've used:

    Garruk Wildspeaker: Makes tokens, wins games, and I can protect him with all of my board sweepers.

    Makeshift Mannequin: For Broodmate Dragon, Redcap, or whatever. It's a nice surprise.

    Puppeteer Clique: Probably better for sideboard, but it's a lot of fun, especially if you have Nantuko Husk on the board.

    Jund Battlemage: Eh, may be too slow, but it makes a dude every turn, and can drain away your opponent's life. It's not terrible, is it? There may be better options, but I like it.

    Springjack Pasture: Stalls, makes tokens to sacrifice, and provides colored mana+life gain in a pinch.

    Profane Command: Great finisher, resurrects dudes to abuse CIP abilities... I don't see why not.
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  • posted a message on [CON?] new art on interactive multiverse thing
    Quote from Tadjinya
    Since I didn't read the conflux spoiler, I was convinced the ooze was a Dark Heart of the Wood reprint. I'm glad it's not so. Maybe I'm the only one, but one of my favorite creature types are oozes, simply because they're so friggin weird.

    The artist could have put a little more detail on the jello. The background is beautiful, but the way he/she colored it, the ooze doesn't look like it oozes at all. It looks like a cocoon, to be honest. Maybe their some kind of cocoon/evolution mechanic? *hopeful* Though, that would be more of a Naya thing, wouldn't it?

    Anyway, thanks for the finds!

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the ooze was Mannichi, the Fevered Dream.

    I'm really interested in the Gargoyle. I hope it's more than just a vanilla flyer like Tower Gargoyle was.
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