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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] U/B Faeries
    Time for a newbish question. I've been running a budget fairy deck for a while now, and I'm about to upgrade to the expensive one (With blossoms and vaults). Despite the cheapness of my deck (Well, it wasn't -that- cheap, but half of it is about to rotate out, so..), it still won pretty fast and was good at denying aggro decks. So I was just wondering why builds don't run:

    Oona's Prowler



    Especially Pestermite. I've always been a big fan of that card. Flash it in before combat to tap one of their attackers, flash it in EOT to tap their flying blocker, or flash it in during their main phase/draw phase to tap their single source of a particular color (For example if you know they're playing G/W and they're stuck with 3 forests and 1 plains, tap the plains).

    I also thought that Oona's Blackguard could be interesting when combined with Bitterblossom, but I think that's probably situational.

    Also, just want to clear something up (I should know this, and I feel stupid for not knowing). When someone is playing a spell, they reveal it and then pay the mana cost, or do they tap the mana, -then- reveal the card? I was just trying to figure out why Vendilion Clique is such a favorite in fairy decks. At first I thought it was to deny people when they were about to play something big, but now I'm not sure. Thanks for the help.
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  • posted a message on Thoughts on mono-white? Could it work?
    Hm, well I'm not looking for aggro or mill. Maybe it is a bad idea, but there are so many tempting cards.
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  • posted a message on Thoughts on mono-white? Could it work?
    I'll start by saying that I'm pretty new here. I read the rules, and I know it says for deck help, you're suppose to post in one of the two forums, but I don't have an actual deck list, just an idea that I need help with and opinions on.

    I've always been a fan of such decks, and since this formal is almost strictly aggro, I was wondering how successful a mono-white control deck might be. Just a random shot here, please help me with suggestions for useful cards and let me know what you think about how viable this deck could be, especially against decks like RDWs. There are a lot of cards that interest me, especially Unmake, Archon of Justice, Oversoul of Dusk...but I don't know what to do for early plays. Most aggro decks have a first turn, second turn, etc. drops. I can tell that this deck will be expensive, so I'm wanting to figure out how viable it is before I waste the money. Here are the cards I was looking at:

    archon of justice
    Duegar Assailant
    Godhead of Awe
    Kitchen Finks
    Oversoul of Dusk

    Mirror Weave
    Wrath of God
    Oblivion Ring
    Prison Term

    Anyone have any opions, thoughts, etc?
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