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  • posted a message on Experimental Frenzy - MTGGoldfish Twitter
    Would you really want to go creature-heavy with this, though? Seems like the real value would be in throwing out instants as fast as possible. Each creature you hit off-turn would just stall you as much as a land, flash aside.

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  • posted a message on Experimental Frenzy - MTGGoldfish Twitter
    Quote from thatmarkguy »
    So in burn deck it's pay 4, wait a turn, draw, shoot all the spell on top of your library until you hit a land?

    Pretty much until you hit two lands. The first land you hit, you play as your land drop for the turn.

    As mentioned above, you can also use fetches to trigger a shuffle when you might be otherwise locked up.

    Also works nicely with the old Lantern buddies, Pyxis of Pandemonium and Codex Shredder (I suspect standard combo with this is why they printed Wand of Vertebrae). Don't like your top card? Mill it away.

    It'd be three lands, though - the first land would actually be your draw for the turn.

    On top of that, multiple copies of this would effectively also be lands, as there's no real good reason you would ever want two of these in play at the same time. Still, looks like it could be fun in the right build, if you have enough manipulation.
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    Quote from Perkunas687 »
    This storyline seems ripe for planeswalkers to die. I feel like this would be a decent vehicle to knock out some walkers we see all the time, and give us a bunch of new walkers to follow. Kind of taking up the mantle of the Gatewatch, in memoriam.

    But, Wizards is also really into merchandising and love their main five walkers and Bolas. How likely is it that more than one long-term walker dies by the end of this story?

    My guess is at least one, possibly two - Jace and/or Vraska. I know people will disagree with that, but the promo for the upcoming Chandra comic book puts it after Ravnica and describes it as Chandra dealing with the "recent tragedy" that happened there, or something to that effect. This would indicate to me someone she cares about is killed or hurt in some way. And with Nissa out of the picture at the moment, that doesn't leave a big list of possibilities. It could also be Liliana or Gideon, but they still have Stuff To Do storywise.
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  • posted a message on Who are the Guild Leaders for Ravnica Allegiances???
    Ral isn't brainwashed. He just doesn't know who's manipulating him.
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  • posted a message on Citywide Bust (First Strike Podcast preview)
    Are you effing kidding me? I JUST built mine a few days ago.
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    Dovin Baan isn't the only UW Planeswalker we've seen recently. There's also Azor, whose mind was crushed by Jace and left behind on Ixalan. It wouldn't be too far-fetched for Bolas to have gone back there to take a look once the Immortal Sun was gone and undo enough of that to make Azor a useful pawn. Especially given how motivated by revenge his actions seemed to be in the M19 story.
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