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    posted a message on Theros: Beyond Death Elspeth
    If Gladiator World is the pop-culture version of Rome, wouldn't that be Battlebond?
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    posted a message on [ELD] - Deluxe Edition
    Quote from user-11102155 »
    guys, stop complaining please.

    wizards already introduced a 2 class way of selling magic products with the master editions. and people were more than happy to buy it. they wondered if thats the ceiling and tried the master editions with just 8 premium walkers and people were more than happy to buy it. ofc they go next level with these collectors boosters and this deluxe edition. the problem is not wizards, it is every single person that just buys cardboard for that price and all the others saying, yea, it is worth that much. that system only works as long as people support it.

    just look at the secondary market. investors artificially increase the price by limiting the supply on a more or less low, but stable demand. thats why the price goes up and some people still pay for it.
    and wizards notices people are paying 100's of dollars on the secondary market for rare stuff. so they say, lets make stuff rare and ask for the cash.

    There's a big difference between Masters sets and Deluxe Editions. There's a little less of a difference between Masters sets and Mythic Editions, but still a significant one. While I disagreed with the execution, Masters sets were created for the purpose of getting reprinted cards into the hands of people who wanted them. Do the unopened packs have value? Yes, but that wasn't the express purpose of the set - except possibly for Ultimate Masters, which is probably the product that started WotC down the road they're currently on.

    While Mythic editions had some desired reprints (the only real similarity between Masters and Mythic) Mythic and Deluxe editions were created to sell product to people who bought product in order to later resell product. Mythic and Deluxe are WotC's way of getting a piece of the secondary market pie, which they are otherwise unable to truly take advantage of. It could be argued that Mythic editions could be drafted, and I'm sure some were. But you can't do that with any of the Deluxe edition product, it's purposely not built that way. The Deluxe edition, and even the Collectors Boosters themselves, are truly not meant as a playable product, even on a single-card level. They're literally more valuable unopened, for the same reason (although not to the same extreme) that a sealed Revised booster/deck is valuable - the potential of what's inside. And WotC is pricing them accordingly. Yes, I know there's no MSRP but WotC *does* set the price they sell the product to distributors, who then have to set a price to make a profit while selling to stores, who also have to set a price to make a profit themselves, which is why the Collector's boosters are in the $25-35 range, depending on how much profit each LGS is willing to lose.

    You can choose to only blame the buyers if you want, but WotC DOES bear responsibility in that they are choosing to make a product that only exists to be bought and sat on, even if WotC will never admit that.
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    posted a message on Mothership 9/19 - happily ever after
    I don't think he ever said the card itself would breathe life into Mono-W in EDH, but that the ability (on future cards) would. Giving white some card draw will certainly do that.
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    posted a message on Not a spoiler but confirms that another errata wave is coming
    Honestly this will be bull*****. It will either be too much errata or not enough errata. Simple example: will the new mh Urza become a noble and Yawgmoth become a warlock?
    If so, they are errataing cards that aren't even 6 months old. If they don't, it doesn't make sense

    Urza won't become a noble because Urza was never a noble. Same issue for Yawgmoth, Warlock doesn't fit him. Yawgmoth was never an "evil magic-user".

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    posted a message on [ELD] Yorvo Lord of the Garen Preserve"
    I think this is backwards. I think it's if the creature's power is higher than Yorvo's, then Yorvo gets a second counter.
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    posted a message on [ELD] Witch's Vengeance- Masters of Modern Podcast preview
    I don't understand why they went with the Warlock creature type "because witch is a name for members of a current real-world religion" (per blogatog) but continue to put "witch" in the card names.
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    posted a message on New Judge Promo's Announced
    If the desire is for people to judge that have passion for the game, and the desire to simply be a judge, they have the Rule Advisor tier. It costs $0.

    As for the get woke, go broke argument... Well, there's this that leapt out at me:

    Quote from SpeedGrapher »
    But yeah when I'm selling a $3 booster pack and making less than .50 on the transaction

    You're not going broke for being woke, you're going broke because you're losing money selling booster packs for $3. If the neon-haired girlfriend in your example dropped MTG from that store because of that, she did the store owner a favor. Their margins clearly sucked.
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    posted a message on New Judge Promo's Announced
    Quote from fettpett »
    This is not much different than any other certification programs for other careers. Take for example Massage Therapy (mostly because I am familiar with it). There are two companies that provide certifications and insurance that several states require to practice. You have to pay for the membership it doesn’t get you a job, but helps to advance your career. If you think of this program in that same manor, this is a very good thing for the judging industry.

    That's how I'm seeing it.
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    posted a message on Comander 2019 preview schedule
    Quote from Xcric »
    when there's so many different websites, channels, and feeds getting previews that you need to publish an article to track them all, its time to rethink how you ******* preview things.

    sweet ******* jesus. no one is going to go to all that ***** to see some damn spoilers. they're going to just go somewhere that shows them all at once.

    their spoiler strategy sucks so much dick and is beyond obnoxious now.

    You're right, they should just go back to their original system of not publishing a schedule and just having people scour the internet looking for the previews on their own. That's how it used to be. The current way is much better.
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    posted a message on Throne of Eldraine speculations
    Quote from DJK3654 »
    Quote from fettpett »
    Sagas won’t be returning with this set. Mark said that they will return in the future

    MaRo specifically just said 'they will return'. He has also said 'maybe' about sagas specifically returning in ELD. It's not at all off the table.

    Mark says maybe to a lot of things, mainly because the asker specifically asks for a maybe. I wouldn't read too much into it, as the alternative is probably Mark saying no to a lot of things. And considering Sagas fall under the "Historic" banner and Eldraine is a new-to-us plane, it's unlikely the set will include much of its' history on the first go-round.

    Also, it's probably also unlikely they'd do two different alternate-layout cards in the same set.

    I do like the idea of the Storybook cards being a Monstrosity variant.

    My speculation for the set is that the timeline is concurrent with GRN/RNA/WAR. Not too significant, but it might explain the sudden change of focus and the lack of Gatewatch.
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