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    I have cut Shambling Vent entirely. Now that we have more 1 drops we absolutely need the first two lands to be untapped. I also think cutting the 4th Talia for a 4th Giver of Runes is correct. Seeing as multiples of Talia is bad, and having Giver on t1 is good with all of our two drops (My list also runs Dark Confidant for this reason).
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    Quote from Kalanash »
    I really like that idea, as cascading into a dismember feels really bad. Cascading into a Domri would be awesome. Also thinking of replacing a cavern of souls with a Blast Zone. This is my list after adding the three cards: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/12-04-19-gruul-eldrazi/?cb=1558639272

    My list is very similar to yours, I decided to cut Kessig Wolf Run for Blast Zone instead of the Cavern of Souls, as I rarely used the pump. I also opted to play 2 Birds of Paradise over Mind Stones now that Domri can buff them to 1/1 flyers (which has come in handy a few times already).

    As for my testing with Domri, Anarch of Bolas; I love him a lot in this shell. He always feels really strong and cascading into him or hitting him with matter reshaper is usually a huge swing (fixing mana, fighting their creature or just adding that extra bit of punch to swing for the win).
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    I'm thinking about trying two Domri, Anarch of Bolas instead of the dismembers. It has pseudo removal with the -2, the anthem is pretty strong (allowing our dorks to get in there if needed) and uncounterable creatures seems great against uw control. Anyone have thoughts on this? (or an idea what other cards to cut instead of dismembers)?
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    I feel like trying this out, this is the list seen a lot on MTGO recently except I cut the 7th fetch for a Risk Factor. Does anyone have any insight on 18 lands? I saw a recent list on MTGO with 17, so I know low land count can work, but I also know we really want to have the second land to start the loam engine.

    Risk Factor seems super sweet in conjunction with creeping chill and bloodghast increasing our clock/reaching 10 life for haste even faster. Also giving value even after milling it by allowing us to discard a dredger or conflagrate later in the game seems great.

    I do fear that cutting a land will cause the 3 mana required to cast it become more of an issue, but once you start casting loams you should easily get there I think. So it really becomes a question of how viable 18 lands is.

    If cutting the land is not the correct cut, but I would like to try atleast one copy for a bit, what else would be a cut? I've seen people consider going to 3 Cathardic Reunion, 3 Shriekhorn or 2 Conflagrate. Did anyone do any testing in that regard?
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    Quote from Redink »
    New to dredge. Been testing the new creeping chill card out and loving it. I plan to play some competitive leagues on my twitch channel and upload to my youtube channel. If thats of any interest to any of you ill leave the links below:



    Thanks Dredge community

    Hey man, nice videos! I noticed a few 'mistakes'in your games. Especially not activating shriekhorn on your upkeep before your draw. (2 more chances at getting a dredger in there).

    I have recently started playing dredge and was wondering about the split between gemstone mine and city of brass or city of brass over mana confluence. Can anyone explain these choices in more detail to a dredge novice?
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