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  • posted a message on Dragon Tribal - What's needed
    IMHO, the dragon tribal lords are

    Scourge of Valkas and Dragon Tempest.

    This turns on the 1 and 3 drop dragons (Slumbering Dragon Dragon Egg ) and makes them useful beyond the small speed bump anti-aggro cards. Having even one Dragon Tempest or Scourge out can make Dragon Egg the best card in your deck, multiple can just be GG.

    I like Dragon's hoard over Sarkan as ramp. You only ever get to loot or get mana from Sarkan, and Hoard does both functions as well but you can also cast bolt off Hoard, you can have multiple Hoards down, and straight draw is better than looting.

    I've played a dragon deck along these lines several times at FNM and it performs reasonably well to quite good. It really trounces on creature based decks, excels in multi player, and performs very well as a midrange deck. Not top tier, but fun and my opponents have generally liked seeing a fun pet deck on the other side of the table.
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  • posted a message on Can we brew Snow.dec in Modern?

    Here is a conceptual deck. The more explosive draws can put down 5-6 snow permanents on turn 2 and power out a Marit Lage pretty quickly. Plan A is that every card can put down a permanent and a sizable amount of them cantrip. Glacial revelation is often a draw 4, and potentially draw 6. Can bin Maximize Velocity while you dig for your permanents. You want a heavy amount of mana so that you can keep the train rolling with those big draws. The sideboard is pretty effective as Marit Lage's Slumber helps you dig to your answers very quickly. Treefolk is under rated. A 10/10+ trampler that does a frost titan impression for 4 is actually really really good. Potentially better than Marit Lage good.

    Dead of Winter is so good in this deck, I'm not sure why you would run skred with this around. Can kill Ulamog, for 3 mana. In a one sided wipe. That's just nuts.
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  • posted a message on Modern URx Wizards (Wizard Tribal)
    Quote from Zerve »
    Twisted Image is a great idea, however I worry about its usefulness on an empty board. You can cast opt/scour/visions whenever you want, but say you are on a board with just a Stormchaser Mage and a twisted image in hand. You likely don't want to cast it since you can get 2-for-1'ed by having it die to path/push while on the stack, and also turns on your opponents other burn based removal (but you'd still get to draw in this case).

    You should not use it into a potential removal spell. It is best used with patience,tapped out in combat is best, but sometimes all you can do it cycle it on their creatures or yours when they are tapped out. I really like the card and have used it extensively to good effect in various prowess strategies. It does require more patience than other cantrips like opt and serum visions. When testing some wizards builds I found that it is pretty amazing with Stream of Unconsciousness. Even without a wizard on the board, the two together can give a creature 0/-4, which is enough to kill a lot of things. Kill hollow one for UU and it cycles itself? Yes please. Not to mention that either can give you very favorable combat arrangements.
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  • posted a message on Curiosity Field

    The principle engine in the deck is Electrostatic Field and Curiosity which the deck is named after. Which turns every spell into damage+draw. Firebrand Archer is field 5-7 that in some ways is better as casting the enchantments also triggers damage, but is much easier to remove. And Niv-Mizzet, Parun is Electrostatic Field (8) + Curiosity (5), who happens to go infinite with another copy of curiosity.

    Two copies of Pyromancer Ascension is present for a synergistic redundant card advantage/win condition that avoids most of the removal that might hit Electrostatic Field and company.

    The spell suite is focused around mana efficiency with an eye towards protecting our draw engine. Once the draw engine is established, the low general cost allows for the quickest and most efficient plays to both protect the draw engine and disrupt the opponent to allow the pilot to finish out the game in a couple of turns.

    Mission Briefing has been amazing at helping to dig for answers and combo pieces as well as reusing the more important spells in the match up as well as triggering Electrostatic Field. It combines very nicely with Pyromancer Ascension, It helps in charging it up by throwing spells into the gy, often even when you don't see any duplicates yet, with a charged Ascension it lets you chain multiple spells from the gy (value!). The mana base is built to be able to cast Mission Briefing + blue spell on turn 3 onwards with 19 blue sources. The more limited red requirements make that generally easy as well. The dig aspect to the card can't be understated, I've won whole matches based on putting new targets into the yard that finish games and matches.

    Izzet Charm is the less efficient spell that does most things we want to be doing.

    Game play varies, sometimes you have to try to slow the match down and keep key enemy pieces out of play while you try to find yours.

    Other times you jam the draw engine Turns 2-3 and hold your answers and play exclusively on their turn pinging away and drawing more answers until it's game over.

    Then sometimes you gets lots of Electrostatic Fields and just jam them and burn them out as fast as possible.

    It's some mix of tempo, control, and occasionally building the overwhelming draw engine to do even more tempo and control until the game is done.

    This deck does best against decks that do not interact with the board and tends to trip up these decks a great deal. It suffers against etb creatures that interact with our board (Reflector Mage, Knight of Autumn) - we have no defense against this except torpor orb in the side board.

    Against heavy interaction, especially in the form of creature removal (Especially Push and Path), you usually hope to stick a Pyromancer Ascension as an alternative to a creature and ride that to victory.
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